S3, EP16 "Bloodline"
Magnum and Higgins work a stalking case involving a man with a past in espionage; Ethan asks Higgins to join him on an extended trip for Doctors Without Borders just as Magnum starts to open up to other possibilities.
CBS • 60m
Before the Fall
S3, EP15 "Before the Fall"
Magnum's uncle visits and reveals a shocking secret about Thomas' mother; TC asks Higgins for help when he realizes he may have witnessed a potential murder from his helicopter; Higgins decides it's time to tell Ethan the truth about her past.
Original Air Date: Apr 30, 2021 • CBS • 44m
Whispers of Death
S3, EP14 "Whispers of Death"
A psychic hires Magnum and Higgins to prevent a murder she claims to have foreseen; Katsumoto questions Kumu when her information is found on recovered stolen jewels that once belonged to the infamous Imelda Marcos.
Original Air Date: Apr 16, 2021 • CBS • 43m
Cry Murder
S3, EP13 "Cry Murder"
As Magnum and Higgins work a case to recover valuable stolen truffles, they also must care for a baby left abandoned at the gates of their estate; Kumu tries to locate the infant's mother.
Original Air Date: Apr 09, 2021 • CBS • 42m
Dark Harvest
S3, EP12 "Dark Harvest"
When a Marine Corps vet's SUV is stolen with her service dog inside, Magnum and Higgins must find the car, the dog and the car thief who they believe may be an escaped kidnapping victim.
Original Air Date: Apr 02, 2021 • CBS • 43m
The Lies We Tell
S3, EP11 "The Lies We Tell"
When a married woman asks Magnum and Higgins to find her lover's killer because she doesn't want to expose the affair to the police, they find the victim wasn't who he claimed to be; Rick visits Icepick, whose health has taken a turn for the worse.
CBS • 44m
The Long Way Home
S3, EP10 "The Long Way Home"
When an Army Ranger goes missing after returning from deployment, Magnum learns of the traumatic news he received upon arriving home and must find him before survivor's guilt consumes him.
Original Air Date: Mar 05, 2021 • CBS • 44m
The Big Payback
S3, EP9 "The Big Payback"
When Higgins is abducted, Magnum discovers it's retaliation related to one of his first cases; Magnum, Rick and TC must break out an ex-client from prison in order to save her.
Original Air Date: Feb 19, 2021 • CBS • 44m
Someone to Watch Over Me
S3, EP8 "Someone to Watch Over Me"
When a young man in need of immediate emergency surgery goes missing with a bullet lodged in his chest, Ethan asks Magnum and Higgins to find him before it's too late; TC talks to a military recruit who may be enlisting for the wrong reasons.
Original Air Date: Feb 12, 2021 • CBS • 44m
Killer on the Midnight Watch
S3, EP7 "Killer on the Midnight Watch"
When an overenthusiastic neighborhood watch group asks Magnum and Higgins to investigate a shady character living on their block, they are shocked to find that they may have inadvertently stumbled upon a serial killer on the loose.
Original Air Date: Feb 05, 2021 • CBS • 44m
Tell No One
S3, EP6 "Tell No One"
When a wealthy man hires Magnum and Higgins to find his missing wife, they are stunned when a tragedy occurs as a result of their investigation; Kumu is suspicious of her stepdaughter's boyfriend.
Original Air Date: Jan 22, 2021 • CBS • 40m
The Day Danger Walked In
S3, EP5 "The Day Danger Walked In"
As a major hurricane hits the island, Magnum and his friends find shelter inside La Mariana, along with two armed killers who are also escaping the dangerous storm; Rick must confess to TC that he let the insurance lapse on the bar.
Original Air Date: Jan 15, 2021 • CBS • 42m
First the Beatdown, Then the Blowback
S3, EP4 "First the Beatdown, Then the Blowback"
Magnum and Higgins help a mixed martial arts fighter who is being pressured by a gang to throw an illegal fight; Kumu is arrested for stealing an artifact from a collector that should be returned to its original resting place.
Original Air Date: Jan 08, 2021 • CBS • 44m
No Way Out
S3, EP3 "No Way Out"
As Magnum, Higgins and TC try to pull one over on a Customs agent to get Higgins a green card, armed gunmen suddenly storm the federal building and start taking hostages.
Original Air Date: Dec 18, 2020 • CBS • 41m
Easy Money
S3, EP2 "Easy Money"
Higgins' job to repossess a plane goes south when a drug cartel opens fire at the plane, forcing her and Magnum to crash land in the jungle; Higgins has her first date with Dr. Ethan Shah.
Original Air Date: Dec 11, 2020 • CBS • 44m
Double Jeopardy
S3, EP1 "Double Jeopardy"
New clients hire Magnum and Higgins to find their missing brother, which results in Higgins getting shot and TC abducted; Higgins and Magnum are surprised when her surgeon asks her out.
Original Air Date: Dec 04, 2020 • CBS • 44m