Wagon Train

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Wagon TrainAdventures of a wagon train traveling from Missouri to California.
"Wagon Train"Adventures of a wagon train traveling from Missouri to California.
S8, EP26 "The Jarbo Pierce Story"Charlie talks about his younger days in Pierce's Bend, when he worked for a rugged, God-fearing trading post operator (Rory Calhoun).
S8, EP25 "The Silver Lady"Coop tells Hawks the story about the famed Earp brothers and a lady who perished in the wreck of a stagecoach hauling a cargo of sliver.
S8, EP24 "The Indian Girl Story"Hawks refuses to turn an Indian girl over to Chief Crazy Bear, who wants to punish her for killing his son.
S8, EP23 "The Katy Piper Story"Barnaby kills a masked bandit and is then guilt-stricken when he learns that his victim was a boy his own age.
S8, EP22 "The Betsy Blee Smith Story"While visiting an old girlfriend (Jennifer Billingsley), Coop finds he's been recruited to pose as the husband of the woman's twin sister.
S8, EP21 "The Captain Sam Story"A female ferryboat skipper (Cathy Lewis) gets a pleasant surprise when the train brings her two visitors, her sailor son (Robert Stanton) and his new bride.
S8, EP20 "The Miss Mary Lee McIntosh Story"Refusing what she considers to be a ridiculous fee to join the wagon train, a willful spinster plans to follow along in her lone wagon.
S8, EP19 "The Bonnie Brooke Story"An expectant couple, already deep in debt, need cash for the wife's medical care.
S8, EP18 "Herman"Because the Indians are in awe of an old-timers' giant horse, a Clydesdale who is nineteen hands high and weighs three thousand pounds, the elderly man is able to pass safely through their hostile territory.
S8, EP17 "The Isaiah Quickfox Story"Charlie and Coop ride into a deserted town where it appears that everyone left in a big hurry.
S8, EP16 "The Wanda Snow Story"A woman traveler in the wagon train (Marta Kristen) has a premonition that Coop's life is in danger.
S8, EP15 "The Chottsie Gubenheimer Story"Hale breaks up a scuffle between a gambler and his former sweetheart (Jeanette Nolan).
S8, EP14 "The Echo Pass Story"After shooting Charlie, an outlaw gang whose members include two women force Coop to lead them to water.
S8, EP13 "The Story of Hector Heatherington"With the assistance of Charlie and Barnaby, a would-be inventor (Tom Ewell) works feverishly to launch the first flying machine.
S8, EP9 "The Nancy Styles Story"Despite Hale's edict that the train will bypass Denver, a wealthy young woman (Deborah Walley) is determined to get to the mile high city.
S8, EP8 "Those Who Stay Behind"The train doesn't have enough room for all who want to join, including an ex-convict whose life has been threatened by his former partner.
S8, EP7 "The Alice Whitetree Story"Coop becomes attracted to a half-breed Indian girl (Diane Baker) found wandering in the wilderness.
S8, EP3 "The John Gillman Story"An embittered outlaw (Bobby Darin) doesn't want any friends but he's stuck with one little orphaned girl.
S8, EP1 "The Bob Stuart Story"On his wedding day, an ex-lawman (Robert Ryan) gets into a fight with an old enemy.
S7, EP32 "The Last Circle Up"The wagon train reaches the end of the trail. Guest star: Tom Skerritt.
S7, EP31 "The Zebedee Titus Story"An aging pioneer (Neville Brand) heads to the wilderness to die when he realizes that his days of glory are behind him.
S7, EP30 "The Link Cheney Story"The wagon train becomes a casino on wheels after a famous gambler (Charles Drake) hops on board.
S7, EP28 "The Santiago Quesada Story"The townspeople fear an Indian uprising.
S7, EP27 "The Whipping"Barnaby runs away after Hawks spanks him. Guest star: Martin Balsam.
S7, EP26 "The Ben Engel Story"An elderly man (John Doucette) saves a criminal (Clu Gulager) from a lynching.
S7, EP25 "The Duncan McIvor Story"A lieutenant (Ron Hayes) investigates the theft of Army supplies.
S7, EP24 "The Trace McCloud Story"An overabundance of suspects and lack of clues make a murder investigation difficult.
S7, EP23 "The Pearlie Garnet Story"A mischievous young woman (Sharon Farrell) is forced to leave the wagon train after stealing Charlie Wooster's kitchen utensils.
S7, EP22 "The Melanie Craig Story"A battle erupts as four men compete for the same woman (Myrna Fahey).
S7, EP21 "The Andrew Elliott Story"The U.S. cavalry hauls Duke Shannon in on charges of criminal negligence and murder. Guest star: Dick Sargent.
S7, EP20 "The Grover Allen Story"A man kills his boss and joins the train to start a new life.
S7, EP19 "The Kate Crawley Story"A freight-line operator (Barbara Stanwyck) falls in love with Hale.
S7, EP18 "The Geneva Balfour Story"A frightened emigrant destroys the last of the food supplies on the train.
S7, EP17 "The Jed Whitmore Story"A newspaper man and two ex-convicts plan to expose a lawman as a wanted train robber.
S7, EP16 "The Michael Malone Story"Disguised as a layman, a troubled priest (Michael Parks) joins Chris Hale's wagon train in an attempt to forget his past. Guest star: Dick York.
S7, EP15 "The Fenton Canaby Story"An Army deserter turns himself in to leaders of the wagon train.
S7, EP14 "The Cassie Vance Story"While traveling with Chris Hale's wagon train, a young woman (Laraine Day) with a criminal past is blamed for the theft of a passenger's money.
S7, EP13 "The Story of Cain"While in the desert, Cooper finds a prospector who is lost and near death from exposure and thirst.
S7, EP12 "The Bleeker Story"A gang joins the train in the guise of farmers and plans to take it over.
S7, EP11 "The Sandra Cummings Story"A woman must protect herself and her daughter from a callous man.
S7, EP10 "The Kitty Pryer Story"A woman (Diana Hyland) faces a death sentence after her married boyfriend is found murdered during a cross-country journey. Bradford Dillman also guest stars.
S7, EP9 "The Eli Bancroft Story"The Bancroft gang robs a family of emigrants of all their possessions.
S7, EP8 "The Sam Pulaski Story"Cooper learns that his girlfriend Rose's (Annette Funicello) brother is a Brooklyn criminal.
S7, EP7 "The Sam Spicer Story"Two desperados bring an adolescent sidekick along to a bank robbery.
S7, EP6 "The Myra Marshall Story"A woman (Beverly Owen) tries to save her sister (Suzanne Pleshette) from a miserable life in a mining town.
S7, EP5 "The Robert Harrison Clarke Story"A British newspaper reporter (Michael Rennie) rides along on the wagon train to observe the Wild West. Brian Keith also guest stars.
S7, EP4 "The Widow O'Rourke Story"A Chinese princess offers to adopt Cooper Smith and provide him with a bride.
S7, EP3 "The Gus Morgan Story"A railroad tycoon and his younger brother (Peter Falk, Tommy Sands) trap Chris Hale in the middle of a family conflict.
S7, EP2 "The Fort Pierce Story"A captain's (Ronald Reagan) lonely and temperamental wife (Ann Blyth) is asked to leave the quiet atmosphere of the Army post.
S7, EP1 "The Molly Kincaid Story"Revenge is the primary mission for two people (Carolyn Jones and Fabian) who escape from Indian captivity. Barbara Stanwyck also guest stars.
S6, EP37 "The Barnaby West Story"Bill meets young Barnaby West, who is traveling to Sacramento to see his father.
S6, EP36 "The Jim Whitlow Story"Duke Shannon returns to his small ranch, Shannon's Glen, which he split with his childhood friend.
S6, EP35 "The Antone Rose Story"Rancher Henry Ludlow is determined that his daughter Judy not marry Basque sheepherder Antone Rose.
S6, EP34 "Alias Bill Hawks"Bill Hawks travels to a desert town to visit an old friend, an Indian who has a ranch there.
S6, EP33 "The David Garner Story"Hale is hired to deliver a box containing $8,000 to a bank, but David Garner has other plans.
S6, EP32 "The Clarence Mullins Story"Duke and Charlie visit an Army fort to see Duke's friend Clarence Mullins, a minister who was also a lieutenant at the fort.
S6, EP31 "The Tom O'Neal Story"Tom O'Neal and Ellen Howard want to get married, but their parents object, so Tom takes money from his father's savings and runs away with Ellen.
S6, EP30 "The Blane Wessels Story"Blane Wessel helps Duke and three women after Indians attack them.
S6, EP29 "The Heather and Hamish Story"Samuel MacIntosh picks farmer Hamish Browne to marry his daughter Heather.
S6, EP28 "The Tom Tuesday Story"While scouting in Wyoming territory, Duke is forced by outlaw Tom Tuesday to act as his guide to an important rendezvous in Ruby City, Idaho.
S6, EP27 "The Adam MacKenzie Story"The Perez family is run out of their town because people believe their daughter Juana is a witch.
S6, EP26 "The Michael McGoo Story"The four Hooper brothers are orphaned when their parents are killed in a wagon accident.
S6, EP25 "The Annie Duggan Story"The wagon train deals with a rash of typhoid fever.
S6, EP24 "The Emmett Lawton Story"Duke Shannon stops over in the town of High Times, and almost right away gets into a fight with, and accidentally kills, one of the gunmen who are essentially holding the town hostage.
S6, EP23 "The Sara Proctor Story"Suspicions of insanity and witchcraft abound when members of the wagon train discover several broken dolls among Sara Proctor's belongings, prompting Hale and Charlie to investigate.
S6, EP21 "The Lily Legend Story"Duke and Charlie come across a sheriff and his female prisoner, Lily Legend, a childhood sweetheart of Duke's who the sheriff is escorting to be hanged for murder.
S6, EP20 "The Hollister John Garrison Story"Alcoholic Southerner Stevenson Drake becomes angry with John Hollister, who never joined the Confederate Army, and suspects John of trying to lure away his wife.
S6, EP19 "The Naomi Kaylor Story"Hawks rides to the Kaylor ranch to buy horses for the wagon train; he finds that the owner John Kaylor has just died.
S6, EP18 "The Johnny Masters Story"A sergeant becomes torn between his Cherokee roots and his loyalty to the U.S. Army when he faces a 20-year prison sentence.
S6, EP17 "The Davey Baxter Story"When his wagon falls down a cliff, Davey Baxter's mother is killed, and his arm is crushed; the doctor is unavailable, so Chris Hale is the one forced to make the decision to amputate Davey's to save his life.
S6, EP16 "The Abel Weatherly Story"Bill and Charlie help a tormented sea captain search for a sailor he thinks is still alive.
S6, EP15 "The Sam Darland Story"The wagon train finds Sam Darland and a number of orphan boys in an old ghost town.
S6, EP14 "The Donna Fuller Story"After Charlie and a winemaker rescue a group of teetotal travelers from a runaway wagon, one of them falls in love with the winemaker and must reconcile her lifestyle with his profession.
S6, EP13 "The Orly French Story"A marshal joins the train and tries to coax his captive, a young bank robber, to abandon his criminal ways and divulge the location of his hidden stash.
S6, EP12 "The Eve Newhope Story"The team attempts to turn Patrick's saloon-owning daughter into a more traditional woman.
S6, EP11 "The Kurt Davos Story"Kurt Davos is badly injured while trying to save Florence Hastings, who is trapped in a runaway wagon.
S6, EP10 "The John Bernard Story"A woman on the wagon train is kidnapped by Indians, who say they will only return her when the chief's seriously ill son is taken to a doctor and cured by the wagon train.
S6, EP9 "The Levy-McGowan Story"Simon Levy and Patrick McGowan both consider themselves unbeatable at checkers, and when each loses to the other over several games their pride is hurt.
S6, EP8 "The Shiloh Degnan Story"Hale finds a gravely wounded Army officer; the officer is delirious, but before he dies, he says things that, if true, could seriously tarnish the image of a national hero.
S6, EP7 "The Lisa Raincloud Story"A Native American tribe prepares to execute Bill, believing he tried to rob a grave site, but plans change when the chief's daughter falls in love with Bill.
S6, EP6 "The Mavis Grant Story"In the midst of a dry spell and desperately in need of water, the wagon train stops at the only source of water for miles, but the owner demands an outrageous price.
S6, EP5 "The John Augustus Story"John Augustus wins a game of cards with a Chinese merchant; his prize turns out to be a beautiful Chinese girl, which the rest of the train takes issue with.
S6, EP4 "The Martin Gatsby Story"Wealthy merchant Martin Gatsby, a man with little compassion for the less able, wants the wagon train to keep rolling and demands that Hale leave an inexperienced rider behind.
S6, EP3 "The Madame Sagittarius Story"Charlie offers support to a new woman who joined the train after being kicked out of Beaver City under suspicion of staging cons.
S6, EP2 "The Caroline Casteel Story"Caroline Casteel, captured many years ago by Indians, is traded back to a man who brings her to join the wagon train.
S6, EP1 "The Wagon Train Mutiny"When the preceding wagon train falls victim to attack, fear that their train will be next results in a mutiny among wagonmaster Chris' team.
S5, EP37 "The Heather Mahoney Story"Upon reaching Sacramento, a young wagon man falls in love with an upper society lady from the train.
S5, EP36 "The Hiram Winthrop Story"Duke takes a job as a deputy under Hiram Winthrope, a man who wants to teach farming to the Apache.
S5, EP35 "The John Turnbull Story"Bill and Charlie help an old friend, John Turnbull, defend his reservation against local land sharks who look to initiate a range war.
S5, EP34 "The Frank Carter Story"Duke's resemblance to gambler Jason Carter makes him the target for a murderer's bullet.
S5, EP33 "The Nancy Davis Story"Flint happens to learn the whereabouts of a man he's been hunting for years to kill.
S5, EP32 "The Mary Beckett Story"A Frenchman arouses strong, and polarized, emotions among the wagoners; men distrust him, women adore him.
S5, EP31 "The Jud Steele Story"Bill Hawks shoots a horse thief and later discovers the man was already declared dead as a war hero.
S5, EP30 "The Teri Morrell Story"When an antisocial father and son join the wagon train, their problematic relationship leads one woman to believe the son is being abused.
S5, EP29 "The Levi Hale Story"Chris Hale is traveling to see his brother Levi, who's about to be released from prison.
S5, EP28 "The Cole Crawford Story"While crossing a sprawling ranch, trouble brews between two newlyweds and an interloper.
S5, EP27 "The Swamp Devil"Flint leads a fragment of the wagon train on a dangerous route through a swamp that supposedly contains mysterious creatures.
S5, EP26 "The George B. Hanrahan Story"An ousted medicine man predicts the future of a wagon train passenger.
S5, EP25 "The Baylor Crowfoot Story"A teacher traveling with the wagon train encounters conflict when he become attracted to the daughter of a preacher who has just joined the train.
S5, EP23 "The Charley Shutup Story"Chris and Duke try to rush a group to California despite inclement weather; Duke injures his foot, forcing him off the trail and into a cabin to heal up.
S5, EP22 "The Lieutenant Burton Story"A sergeant looking to kill two deserters drags a fresh young lieutenant along on his vendetta and mistakes Chris for one of his targets.
S5, EP21 "The Daniel Clay Story"A judge notorious for going strictly by the book in his effort to bring order to the frontier faces the ultimate test when his son finds himself in court.
S5, EP20 "The Jeff Hartfield Story"Jeff Hartfield fears his sister's new boyfriend, Dallas, a threatening man who believes Jeff knows the whereabouts of a hidden stash of money.
S5, EP18 "The Dr. Denker Story"After Bill comes across a boy who watched his dad die in a seemingly random attack, he meets a doctor transporting musical instruments to California.
S5, EP17 "The Malachi Hobart Story"In an effort to expose a swindler posing as a traveling preacher, Duke allows himself to be talked into one of his schemes.
S5, EP16 "The Hobie Redman Story"Duke is sent to guide back three wagons that fell behind the train, when he finds them however, he encounters resistance from three men with them.
S5, EP15 "The Dick Pederson Story"When a young man is found wounded along the trail, he claims that he was attacked and left for dead.
S5, EP14 "The Martin Onyx Story"A man finds a corpse that looks remarkably like himself; he takes on the persona of the dead man only to find he was a living legend of west and had made a lot of enemies along the way.
S5, EP13 "Clyde"Charlie adopts a buffalo after tending to its injuries and forming a bond with it.
S5, EP12 "The Bettina May Story"Bettina May leads three generations of her family across the plains; members of the train become concerned with her over-bearing nature towards her family.
S5, EP11 "The Traitor"Flint goes undercover to infiltrate an outlaw gang.
S5, EP10 "The Lizabeth Ann Calhoun Story"Lizabeth Ann Calhoun asks permission to join the train so she can avoid the advances of a young man she claims is in love with her.
S5, EP9 "The Bruce Saybrook Story"Lord Bruce Saybrook, London millionaire, takes his family out west on a hunting trip hoping to repair his relationships; they learn more about each other than expected.
S5, EP7 "The Artie Matthewson Story"A deathbed wish, Flint's foster mother sends him to find her son Artie, who Flint has struggled to get along with; when Flint finds him, he's been questionably elected mayor.
S5, EP6 "The Jenna Douglas Story"Jenna Douglas appears to have been a victim of a scavenger attack and is adopted by the train; shortly after she joins, other riders begin to have doubts about her story.
S5, EP5 "The Clementine Jones Story"Hale rescues Clementine Jones after the citizens of Cinnebar throw her out of town as an undesirable.
S5, EP4 "The Selena Hartnell Story"Selena Hartnell is a bounty hunter looking for a murderer on the run.
S5, EP3 "The Maud Frazer Story"Flint is scouting and meets an all female wagon train; Maud is the wagon mistress and she cannot be convinced that it isn't safe for them to cross Indian country alone.
S5, EP2 "The Kitty Albright Story"Kitty Allbright is a nurse who joins the wagon train; she soon becomes concerned about the people's poor sanitation habits.
S5, EP1 "The Captain Dan Brady Story"Chris Hale faces a dilemma, he must hire Capt. Dan Brady as a trail scout or lose his government mail contract, or love Flint, his right-hand man.
S4, EP38 "The Don Alvarado Story"A dying Spanish nobleman asks Flint to impersonate Don Alvarado to claim the inheritance for the rest of his family.
S4, EP37 "The Ah Chong Story"Charlie Wooster's cooking goes from awful to god-awful; Hale demotes him and promotes his Chinese assistant to the train's chief cook.
S4, EP36 "Wagon to Fort Anderson"Flint comes across four survivors of an Indian massacre, the two Ellison sisters and two Carder brothers.
S4, EP35 "The Janet Hale Story"After losing one of her children in an accident, a woman feels bitter over the wagon train and plans to turn back east, while her husband wishes to continue west.
S4, EP34 "The Chalice"Bill Hawks helps an Italian immigrant retrieve his village's beloved chalice when a couple of drifters steal it.
S4, EP33 "The Eleanor Culhane Story"Flint visits Elanor Culhane, an old flame of his once married to a notorious gunman.
S4, EP32 "The Jim Bridger Story"An Army general announces he is taking over the wagon train; he's requiring all members to act as soldiers in helping him rescue a trapped cavalry garrison of 120 men who are otherwise likely to be murdered by hostile Utes.
S4, EP31 "The Will Santee Story"Will, his mother, and his younger sister join the wagon train under a false surname after many towns forced them out due to the terrible actions of one family member.
S4, EP30 "The Duke Shannon Story"With his clever tall tales, old prospector Henry Shannon talks Charlie Wooster into coming with him to search for a gold mine; when Hawks finds out about this, he rides out after the two men, along with Shannon's grandson.
S4, EP29 "The Joe Muharich Story"Polish immigrant Joe Muharich tries to befriend and hopefully straighten out Johnny Kamen, a brash young man who doesn't take well to anyone giving orders to him.
S4, EP28 "The Saul Bevins Story"A blind man, his sister and young son meet up with the wagon train on the trail; they are trying to find a train that will let them travel to California; Saul is a qualified doctor and has hopes of starting a blind school.
S4, EP27 "The Nellie Jefferson Story"When actress Nellie Jefferson joins the wagon train, her incessant demands for special treatment grate on Hale and Hawks, but Wooster grows completely smitten with Nellie.
S4, EP26 "The Tiburcio Mendez Story"As Bill Hawks leads four wagons on the way to California, Tiburcio Mendez and his band of renegades abruptly stop them and demand they turn back.
S4, EP25 "The Christopher Hale Story"Flint returns to the wagon train camp to announce that their company has appointed Jud Benedict as their new wagonmaster, and it isn't good news.
S4, EP24 "The Nancy Palmer Story"Two travelers (Jack Cassidy, Audrey Meadows) run away with stolen bank money.
S4, EP23 "The Jed Polke Story"Men want to avenge a wrong done at the notorious Andersonville prison camp.
S4, EP22 "The Beth Pearson Story"A woman mistaken as the ghost of Seth's beloved captures his heart.
S4, EP21 "The Odyssey of Flint McCullough"Flint encounters lost children while on his way for supplies.
S4, EP20 "Path of the Serpent"A dying man's wish turns into betrayal of emotions for his daughter.
S4, EP19 "The Prairie Story"A troubled woman (Jan Clayton) traveling through the prairies with her husband, acts irrationally after he refuses to return home.
S4, EP18 "The Weight of Command"Maj. Adams and Bill Hawks fight over dealing with attacking Native Americans.
S4, EP17 "The Sam Elder Story"Bill Hawks allows Sam Elder and a group of orphan boys to join the train.
S4, EP16 "The Patience Miller Story"Flint guides a widow to the Arapaho mission where she will hold school.
S4, EP15 "The Earl Packer Story"A bounty hunter searches for a murderer who was once a lawman.
S4, EP14 "The Jeremy Dow Story"A brave teacher dies while saving his students from a burning dormitory.
S4, EP13 "The Roger Bigelow Story"An idealistic young clergyman tries to reform an outlaw.
S4, EP12 "The River Crossing"Comanches threaten to destroy the train unless it somehow makes it across a badly swollen river.
S4, EP11 "The Candy O'Hara Story"A widower with a young son looks for a new wife.
S4, EP10 "The Jan Hawkins Story"Flint discovers that Jane Hawkins is wanted for the murder of a rancher's son.
S4, EP9 "The Colter Craven Story"Major tells a former Armer doctor a story that sets him straight.
S4, EP8 "The Bleymier Story"Flint and his party get bogged down by heavy rain.
S4, EP7 "The Cathy Eckhart Story"Wagon trains vanish after going through a mountain pass.
S4, EP6 "The Princess of a Lost Tribe"Flint and three others find a lost Aztec city.
S4, EP5 "The Jose Morales Story"Three bandits kidnap Hawks and try to pirate the wagon train.
S4, EP4 "The Allison Justis Story"Flint discovers that he has been set up after he accidentally shoots an innocent man.
S4, EP3 "The Albert Farnsworth Story"An British colonel (Charles Laughton) becomes the source of friction on the wagon train.
S4, EP2 "The Horace Best Story"Seth's distant cousin wants to start his own wagon train.
S4, EP1 "Wagons Ho!"Mickey Rooney stars as a traveler whose journey West is filled with several mishaps.
S3, EP37 "The Shad Bennington Story"A medicine man and his performing lion join the wagon train.
S3, EP36 "The Sam Livingston Story"A man arrives with a pet pig, a fortune in gold and a plan of revenge.
S3, EP35 "The Charlene Brenton Story"A settlement's only occupants are an infant girl and her dead mother.
S3, EP34 "The Luke Grant Story"A group of Mojaves find a dying man in the desert.
S3, EP33 "The Dr. Swift Cloud Story"Swift Cloud returns to his village after studying medicine in China but faces resentment from both whites and his own people.
S3, EP32 "The Dick Jarvis Story"Maj. Adams becomes a father figure to a disabled boy.
S3, EP31 "The Countess Baranof Story"A Russian countess persuades Flint to leave the train and guide her to San Francisco.
S3, EP30 "Trial for Murder"The wagon train passengers put one of their company on trial for murder.
S3, EP29 "Trial for Murder"Evidence points to an unpopular passenger when one of the other passengers is found dead.
S3, EP28 "The Amos Gibbons Story"After being captured by a band of slave traders, Flint plots his escape.
S3, EP27 "The Jonas Murdock Story"Defying a Native American chief's ban against hunting in his territory, Jonas Murdock is caught snaring rabbits.
S3, EP26 "The Maggie Hamilton Story"A spoiled brat wanders off from the train and gets captured by outlaws.
S3, EP25 "The Joshua Gilliam Story"A con artist, beaten and left for dead, offers to teach school in exchange for his passage.
S3, EP24 "The Christine Elliot Story"A woman helps boys who have run away from an orphanage.
S3, EP23 "The Alexander Portlass Story"Portlass abducts McCullough in order to find Montezuma's treasure.
S3, EP22 "The Tracy Sadler Story"A convict joins the wagon train in search of her long-lost son.
S3, EP21 "The Tom Tuckett Story"A fugitive risks capture to see a youth who once helped him.
S3, EP20 "The Ricky and Laura Bell Story"A man becomes jealous of the attention his wife showers on their infant son.
S3, EP19 "The Benjamin Burns Story"The wagon train runs low on water and the passengers look for a new watering place.
S3, EP18 "The Clayton Tucker Story"A small band of travelers makes its way through the desert for a rendezvous with the wagon train.
S3, EP17 "The Larry Hanify Story"Flint brings a young boy to San Francisco to live with his uncle.
S3, EP16 "The Marie Brandt Story"A beautiful woman teaches her son to hold the weak and helpless in contempt.
S3, EP15 "The Colonel Harris Story"Flint finds friends locked in a senseless feud.
S3, EP14 "The Lita Foladaire Story"Maj. Adams searches for the parties responsible for leaving a woman near death.
S3, EP13 "The Ruth Marshall Story"Flint goes in search of a young woman who was taken by Indians as a child.
S3, EP12 "The St. Nicholas Story"On Christmas Eve, a young boy wanders off to find Santa Claus.
S3, EP11 "The Vittorio Bottecelli Story"An exiled Italian duke charms both the single and the married women.
S3, EP10 "The Danny Benedict Story"Adams meets a boy who is running away from an abusive father.
S3, EP9 "The Jess MacAbee Story"Flint meets a mother who wants him to marry one of her daughters.
S3, EP8 "The Felizia Kingdom Story"A strong-willed woman takes Flint prisoner when he asks permission to cross her land.
S3, EP7 "The Cappy Darrin Story"A determined ex-riverboat captain tries to keep his grandson with him.
S3, EP6 "The Martha Barnham Story"A major's daughter once involved with McCullough now detests him.
S3, EP5 "The Elizabeth McQueeny Story"Elizabeth McQueeny joins the wagon train under the pretense of opening a finishing school out West, but Major Adams discovers her true intentions.
S3, EP4 "The Estaban Zamora Story"When a young Basque is murdered, his father (Ernest Borgnine) searches for the killer to avenge his death.
S3, EP3 "The C.L. Harding Story"A reporter organizes a suffragette movement among the married women on the train.
S3, EP2 "The Greenhorn Story"Greenhorns board Adams' wagon train for a journey to California. Guest: Mickey Rooney.
S3, EP1 "The Stagecoach Story"Adams, Hawks, and Wooster learn that Flint is driving a stagecoach they plan to take from San Francisco to St. Louis.
S2, EP38 "The Jenny Tannen Story"A talented singer falls down a flight of stairs and disfigures her face.
S2, EP37 "The Steele Family"A woman hopes to find husbands for her daughters.
S2, EP36 "The Rodney Lawrence Story"A young, white man is found wandering with a band of Native Americans.
S2, EP35 "The Andrew Hale Story"The preacher Andrew Hale wanders off after accidentally killing one of his congregation members.
S2, EP34 "The Jose Maria Moran Story"Adams rescues a man staked and left to die in the desert.
S2, EP33 "Chuck Wooster, Wagonmaster"After many disappearances, Wooster takes charge and leads the train southward.
S2, EP32 "The Steve Campden Story"Flint and his passengers seek shelter in a cave when snow blocks a mountain pass.
S2, EP31 "The Kate Parker Story"A man threatens to kill his wife if she doesn't give him money.
S2, EP30 "The Duke LeMay Story"Flint is ordered to bring an escaped convict (LeMay) to the law.
S2, EP29 "The Clara Duncan Story"A woman heads west to try to find her missing artist fiance.
S2, EP28 "The Vincent Eaglewood Story"A school teacher tags along behind the train on his way to San Francisco.
S2, EP27 "The Swift Cloud Story"An Indian chief's son is injured trying to attack the train.
S2, EP26 "The Matthew Lowry Story"Members of the wagon train mutiny when Adams (Ward Bond) suggests assisting a group afflicted with cholera. With Robert Horton.
S2, EP25 "The Sister Rita Story"Three nuns hope to start a mission school for Native Americans.
S2, EP24 "The Conchita Vasquez Story"Flint McCullough is led into a trap by a young Indian woman whose tribe attempts to exchange him for rifles from the wagon train.
S2, EP23 "The Vivian Carter Story"Vivian decides to leave the train to marry her true love.
S2, EP22 "The Jasper Cato Story"A vengeful lawman claims that a town's hero is really a thief and needs to be taken back to Boston to stand trial.
S2, EP21 "The Annie Griffith Story"After suffering an injury, Flint is held hostage by a bitter woman who plans on surrendering him to nearby Shoshone.
S2, EP20 "The Old Man Charvanaugh Story"A band of three men attempts to swindle the wagon train.
S2, EP19 "The Last Man"Ellen is convinced that a mysterious man is responsible for her fiance's death on an earlier expedition.
S2, EP18 "The Ella Lindstrom Story"A very ill, pregnant widow travels west with her seven children.
S2, EP17 "The Ben Courtney Story"A sheriff mistakes an orphaned black boy as a slave and tries to free him.
S2, EP16 "The Hunter Malloy Story"A former gold miner heads back west to start a new life with his wife.
S2, EP15 "The Flint McCullough Story"Flint (Robert Horton) prepares for a duel with a former associate (Everett Sloane) who had disillusioned him during the Civil War.
S2, EP14 "The Kitty Angel Story"Kitty Angel (Anne Baxter) and her adopted child are abandoned by the train.
S2, EP13 "The Dick Richardson Story"When an epidemic forces Richardson to leave and bring back a new team of healthy horses, he is mistaken for a thief.
S2, EP12 "The Mary Ellen Thomas Story"A girl who has consumption heads to Colorado in hope of a recovery.
S2, EP11 "The Beauty Jamison Story"The wagon train encounters a feisty landowner who won't let the group cross her property unless they pay a toll to a sadistic foreman.
S2, EP10 "The Tent City Story"Adams and McCullough fight and go their separate ways.
S2, EP9 "The Sakae Ito Story"A samurai warrior (Sessue Hayakawa) fails in his efforts to bring the ashes of his master back to Japan.
S2, EP8 "The Millie Davis Story"Flint poses as his former girlfriend's husband so she can keep her daughter.
S2, EP7 "The Bije Wilcox Story"An unscrupulous frontiersman claims that, for a fee, he can lead a guilt-stricken man to his long-lost brother.
S2, EP6 "The Doctor Willoughby Story"An American Indian chief needs an operation after being shot, but won't accept help from the female Dr. Willoughby.
S2, EP5 "The Liam Fitzmorgan Story"Romance complicates the mission of an underground revolutionary from Ireland who sails for America to locate and kill a traitor.
S2, EP4 "The Tobias Jones Story"After Major Adams discovers a pair of outcast stowaways on the wagon train and allows them to remain, one of them is accused of murder.
S2, EP3 "The Jennifer Churchill Story"A railroad tycoon's daughter (Rhonda Fleming) runs away to join the wagon train and win Flint's heart. With Robert Horton.
S2, EP2 "The Juan Ortega Story"A boy sees his father lynched by three men.
S2, EP1 "Around the Horn"Wooster, Adams and Hawks are tricked into serving on a cargo ship, while Flint travels cross-country by himself.
S1, EP39 "The Sacramento Story"After a dying man (Harvey Stephens) is duped into buying swampland, Flint (Robert Horton) tracks down the swindler (Reed Hadley) who sold it to him. With Ward Bond.
S1, EP38 "The Monty Britton Story"Flint fails to return after Seth sends him in search of water.
S1, EP31 "The Major Adams Story"Adams proposes marriage to his former girlfriend Raine.
S1, EP27 "The Sarah Drummond Story"Flint gets involved in a feud between neighbors.
S1, EP23 "The Mark Hanford Story"A young Indian kidnaps his father's fiance and forces her to work as revenge against the man who treated his mother badly and caused her suicide.
S1, EP17 "The Jesse Cowan Story"A man returns from the Civil War to find his home and family destroyed as the result of a feud and heads West to seek his revenge.
Adventures of a wagon train traveling from Missouri to California.
Original Air Date: Sep 18, 1957
Genres: ActionTV Series
Rating: TVG
Playback: HD
8 seasons available on demand (239 episodes)
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