Secrets & Sinners
S9, EP7 "Secrets & Sinners"
Airs: Aug 22, 2022
Bravo has one successful reality show about socialite women in Atlanta, so what's next on its docket? A second reality show about socialite women in Atlanta, of course. The difference with this show is that all of the women featured are either doctors themselves or the wives of doctors. Cameras follow the ladies as they try to juggle their careers with family lives and their social calendars. The cast of Georgia peaches includes busy mom Toya, feisty Quad, and a couple of OB-GYNs, Jacqueline and Simone.
Bravo • 60m
Viva Las Vegas!
S9, EP6 "Viva Las Vegas!"
Airs: Aug 15, 2022
As the fun continues in Vegas, the ladies play a game where Toya reveals a secret; Audra calls out Toya for questioning her skills as an attorney; the dispute between Contessa and Heavenly rears its ugly head; Toya faces her greatest fears.
Bravo • 90m
An Axe to Grind
S9, EP5 "An Axe to Grind"
On Demand
Still upset by Anila and Kiran's Halloween costumes, Eugene confronts Kiran; Jackie and Simone plan a trip to Las Vegas in an attempt to bring the ladies together.
Original Air Date: Aug 07, 2022 • Bravo • 43m
Party Foul
S9, EP4 "Party Foul"
On Demand
Heavenly grapples with changing her ways; Contessa must decide whether to let go of one of her closest friendships; Anila tries to juggle work and her children; a Halloween party stunt by Anila and Kiran goes awry.
Original Air Date: Jul 31, 2022 • Bravo • 43m
Heavenly Intervention
S9, EP3 "Heavenly Intervention"
On Demand
Simone and Cecil ask for advice about their book from an old friend; Dr. Jackie gives a patient very important advice; Anila says her final goodbye to Ms. Gomez and wonders what is next for her.
Original Air Date: Jul 24, 2022 • Bravo • 43m
The Beauty Shop
S9, EP2 "The Beauty Shop"
On Demand
Contessa reveals the reasons for her fractured friendship with Heavenly; Anila and Kiran receive some news; Heavenly opens a new business; Dr. Simone and Cecil start a new adventure together; Quad and Mason navigate their new life together.
Original Air Date: Jul 17, 2022 • Bravo • 43m
Bless This Mess
S9, EP1 "Bless This Mess"
On Demand
Dr. Jackie and Dr. Simone share quality time together; Toya reveals a surprising life change; Quad finds a new man in her life; Dr. Contessa puts her body to work; Anila throws a housewarming party.
Original Air Date: Jul 10, 2022 • Bravo • 43m
How They Got Here 2022
S9 "How They Got Here 2022"
Airs: Aug 22, 2022
Chronicling the highs and lows of holy matrimony from the past eight seasons.
Bravo • 30m