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Hollywood WeaponsSome of the most thrilling weapons action sequences from TV and movies are put to the test, with weapons expert Larry Zanoff breaking down some of the most explosive action scenes in Hollywood history.
S2, EP3 "Just-Terry-Fied"Terry and Larry test two scenes from "Justified" where Terry, as Raylan Givins, finds himself in a bathtub and a dead body lying over top of him; a woman stands ready to end his life when Raylan shoots his service revolver.
S2, EP4 "Terry's Reindeer Game"Terry and Larry test a scene from "Reindeer Games" when Ben Affleck and Charlize Theron get trapped under a frozen lake; they shoot three shots with a 12-gauge shotgun underwater to blast a hole in the ice to escape.
S2, EP5 "Ex-Men: The Origin of Terry"Terry and Larry test a famous scene from an X-Men film; they attempt to see if one can split a bullet with a katana sword.
S2, EP6 "Pay Terry Back"Terry and Larry test 2 scenes from Mel Gibson's film Payback. Mel's character is in the back of a taxi when 4 bad guys pull up next to him in an SUV, they open fire and Mel uses a bad guy in the cab as a shield.
S2, EP7 "Paint Your Red River Stagecoach at High Noon"Terry and Larry will test different famous shots from westerns. Can you shoot a cowboy hat off the bad guy? Will a shotgun blast really throw you back through a window? Can a single shot from a colt revolver break shackles?
S2, EP8 "Terry's Underworld"Terry and Larry test a famous scene from "Underworld" with Kate Beckensale; Terry attempts to shoot a circle around himself in the floor and fall through to save himself from the pack of werewolves.
S3, EP1 "A Pirate's Life for Terry"Terry and Larry go on a swashbuckling adventure when they test two scenes from the 1920's film, The Black Pirate. Terry will see if he can knock down a ship's mast with a cannon, and then tests gravity as he slides down a sail with only a knife.
S2, EP1 "Terry Down Under"Testing one of the most requested films, "Quigley Down Under"; Terry will see if he can hit a 564-yard shot with a Sharps rifle and then we will attempt the Quigley; an 800-yard shot, trying to kill 2 bad guys with 1 bullet.
S2, EP2 "Bond, Terry Bond"Terry and Larry test the effectiveness of driving a vehicle with fully automatic machine guns mounted to the car, just like James Bond does with his Aston Martin DB5.
S1, EP2 "Terry's Criminal Minds"A murderer tries to kill his final victim as the car they occupy slowly sinks to the bottom of a lake; the only way to save the victim is to rescue her as the car continues to sink; test firing multiple handguns underwater.
S3, EP2 "Terry Loves 70's Cop Shows"Terry travels back in time to the 70's where he gets to relive his childhood dreams of becoming a 70's TV cop. Larry helps Terry test several scenarios, including hiding behind a car door for cover.
S6, EP9 "Terry Nobody"We're putting the action-packed film Nobody to the test. Booby Traps, Claymores and Riot shields make for an interesting day at the range.
S5, EP8 "Terry Alone at Home"Who left Terry Home Alone! Larry did. Terry and Larry test several scenes from the classic film series Home Alone.
S5, EP7 "Down Mexico Way"Don't mess with organized crime. The dynamic duo tackles scenes from the Mexico cartel series Queen of the South, but take a pitstop at the rest room to test a scene from The Foreigner with Jackie Chan.
S5, EP6 "Across the Great Divided Lonesome Mighty River"Everybody loves a great western -- except Larry. Terry gets Larry to test more scenes from classic western movies.
S5, EP5 "Bond-ing with Larry"Who is the greatest international action hero of all time, Terry Schappert? No. Terry and Larry get to test some scenes from James Bond films and other great action heroes.
S5, EP4 "Terry's Brave Heart"Terry gets to annoy Larry with his impersonation of William Wallace from Braveheart. He not only gets to wield Sir Wallace's sword, but also convinces Larry to build him a Trebuchet.
S5, EP3 "S-Mart"Give me some sugar baby! Terry travels through time where he will test the cult favorite, Army of Darkness. Terry not only gets to test several scenes, but also gets a sit down with the legendary Bruce Campbell.
S5, EP2 "Jean Claude Van Schappert"Terry enters the world of slow-mo and explosions trying to imitate Jean Claude in "Hart Target." Terry and Larry will be testing five scenes from the "Hard Target" films.
S5, EP1 "Terry's Lethal Weapon"Terry and Larry tackle the epic Lethal Weapon series testing 4 different scenes. Can a Surfboard act as a projectile going through a car windshield and killing the bad guy?
S1, EP8 "Terry vs. Gorn"Captain James T Kirk's battle with the Gorn alien; partnering with the Star Trek: Original Series set tour in New York, and testing the reality of making gunpowder by hand without actually blowing yourself up.
S1, EP7 "Scoreless"Using a unique method to crack a safe, Nick Wells (Robert De Niro) uses a blowtorch to cut through a safe, fill it with water, and blow the door off using a small explosive device; the show tests this, along with the effects of a 20mm antitank rifle.
S1, EP6 "Terry and The Minigun"Can you really fire a GE Minigun handheld with ammunition held in a backpack (also seen on Captain America: Winter Soldier). Additionally, for one of our larger tests - can you actually chop down a jungle forest with a minigun?
S1, EP5 "Schapbo"John Rambo's ability to decimate enemies all by himself has created some of the most incredible weapon stunts in Hollywood history; testing the reality surrounding these iconic scenes from this blockbuster franchise.
S1, EP4 "Dying Hard"John McLane (Bruce Willis) finds himself dangling from the side of a building and must shoot through the glass window to break through to safety; reconstructing the scene using the same Beretta 92 handgun and office glass.
S1, EP3 "The Good, The Bad and Terry"In a classic western, Clint Eastwood -- aka Blondie -- saves Eli Wallach from the hangman's noose three separate times by shooting and severing the rope that he hangs from; recreating each scene and testing the reality of those shots.
S1, EP1 "Shark Go Boom"In an iconic scene, Chief Brody hangs onto his sinking boat as a giant shark approaches him with a scuba tank lodged in its mouth; constructing a giant shark on a motorized platform to test if a person can hit, and explode, the tank.
Some of the most thrilling weapons action sequences from TV and movies are put to the test, with weapons expert Larry Zanoff breaking down some of the most explosive action scenes in Hollywood history.
Original Air Date: Aug 26, 2022
Genres: DramaTV Series
Rating: M 15+
Playback: HD
3 seasons available on demand (16 episodes)
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