Trouble the Water
S2, EP10 "Trouble the Water"
David has a new plan for the Ville, which ends his arrangement with Joe Padilla; Trenise returns home; JG and Shella share a charged moment; David has an emotional moment with his younger self.
Original Air Date: Aug 24, 2021 • OWN • 43m
S2, EP9 "Homecoming"
After a rough day, JG learns that Trenise is missing; David argues with his younger self about his priorities; Gloria hears some hard truths from Robin; after searching for Trenise, David is shocked by what he finds at home.
Original Air Date: Aug 17, 2021 • OWN • 43m
Chaos is Come Again
S2, EP8 "Chaos is Come Again"
David enters his therapist's office determined to have a conversation about his job, but Dr. Halloway instead pushes David to confront his past, leaving him raw and vulnerable.
Original Air Date: Aug 10, 2021 • OWN • 43m
No Atheists in Rabbit Holes
S2, EP7 "No Atheists in Rabbit Holes"
David's development project hits a serious snag, and David is shocked to learn who is behind it.
Original Air Date: Aug 03, 2021 • OWN • 43m
S2, EP6 "Vizcaya"
David and Seren revisit the past, and David announces his true plan for Homestead Village; JG reveals more about his perspective on the night he was shot.
Original Air Date: Jul 27, 2021 • OWN • 43m
My Own Best Friend
S2, EP5 "My Own Best Friend"
David creates a plan to shift negative attention away from his redevelopment project, and it involves his brother; plus, Nicole and David's relationship stalls.
Original Air Date: Jul 20, 2021 • OWN • 43m
Savage. Classy. Bougie. Ratchet
S2, EP4 "Savage. Classy. Bougie. Ratchet"
Shella and David discuss his plans for The Ville, and David grows more concerned about Mr. Elijah; David and Marissa cross paths again, and Shella and JG share a sweet moment.
Original Air Date: Jul 13, 2021 • OWN • 43m
Y'all Gucci
S2, EP3 "Y'all Gucci"
David is now a rising businessman in his 30's and has an opportunity that will change him and his community forever; the mounting pressure forces David to choose between following the instincts that helped him survive and finding a new way to live.
Original Air Date: Jul 06, 2021 • OWN • 42m
S2, EP2 "Hurston"
Young David gets suspended at Hurston Prep after an altercation with one of his friends, and he returns home to find his mother has changed for the better; adult David receives news about his brother.
Original Air Date: Jun 29, 2021 • OWN • 43m
Barrel of Oranges
S2, EP1 "Barrel of Oranges"
David pitches a renovation project for Homestead Village to Joe Padilla, a billionaire; tragedy strikes JG.
Original Air Date: Jun 22, 2021 • OWN • 43m