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Maine Cabin MastersThere's no shortage of work for Maine-based builder Chase Morrill, whose specialty is renovating rustic cabins and camps all over the Pine Tree State. Working alongside his sister, brother-in-law and best friend, Morrill contracts with clients to save and transform rundown cabins buried deep in Maine's remote woods. From century-old cottages to lakeside retreats in need of some major repairs, Chase and his team give these dilapidated properties the revivals they have needed for decades.
S4, EP8 "Ballard"An early 1900s cabin that's intimately tied to Maine's history and legacy puts the team to the test as they try to re-create its original look and feel.
S4, EP12 "A Home for the Cabin Masters"The team jumps at the opportunity to buy a friend's 100-year-old farmhouse in Manchester, Maine, and transform it into their headquarters; they plan to create a showroom, offices and a special space for designing and creating custom pieces.
S5, EP5 "The Shaw Camp Re-Imagination"Greg and Denise purchase a cabin on the shore of Messalonskee Lake; this is one of the largest budgets the crew has ever had to work with, so the team works hard to help the couple transform this picturesque diamond in the rough into a polished gem.
S2, EP8 "The Morrill Family Bunkhouse"Chase and his team restore the old army barracks, which has provided overflow sleeping accommodations for more than 40 years at the Morrill family camp; the guys strive to save the structure for their growing family and future family reunions.
S8, EP6 "New Cabin in Tree, Two, One"The Wheeler family enlists the Cabin Masters to renovate their old cabin to fit their growing kids.
S4, EP9 "Retro-Fit for the Whole Family"A couple found their own slice of heaven overlooking Lake Annabessacook, only to find out it needs more work than they could provide; the team takes the building out of its current 1950's decor and updates it with modern touches.
S2, EP15 "A Family Cabin Fit for a King"The Cabin Masters have a $50,000 budget to renovate a camp four-times the size of their usual builds; the client turns out to be a member of Ryan's favorite band; after weather delays, the crew asks for an extension on their deadline.
S3, EP6 "Hook, Line and Sinker"A couple buys a dilapidated cabin in Phillips, Maine, in hopes of keeping the area's fly-fishing traditions alive; Chase Morrill and his team pull out all the stops to fix a myriad of issues in just 11 weeks.
S6, EP10 "Two Bathrooms, No Bedrooms"After purchasing land in 2006, a man set out to construct a cabin within 72 hours, the resulting camp is lacking bedrooms, so the Cabin Masters create a main bedroom, sleeping areas and separate bathrooms.
S7, EP5 "A Family Cabin Reclaimed"A family that has owned land in Maine for over 100 years repurchases land they previously sold and calls on the Cabin Masters to refurbish an abandoned property; the team creates a new bathroom, bedroom and yoga space and add landscaping outside.
S4, EP13 "Roberts"A man and his fiance would like to see their rustic camping cabin without plumbing transformed into a place they can entertain, use the bathroom indoors and enjoy multiple seasons; they'd also like to pay homage to their funeral home business.
S2, EP11 "Pilsbury Family Rafting Cabin"Chase and his team take on a project along the Kennebec River in Caratunk, Maine; the team is challenged with taking a shell of a cabin and renovating it to create a small efficiency for family and friends to stay when they visit.
S3, EP11 "A Legacy Preserved"The team pays tribute to an entomologist by restoring two rustic cabins in her 113-acre Wakefield Wildlife Sanctuary; with a budget of $35,000, they restore the cabins by adding composting toilets, hand pumps, propane heaters, and cook stoves.
S5, EP3 "A Cabin for the Whole Family"It is a great opportunity for Chase and the team to rebuild and ultimately repair a cabin for a man and his family, but they will have to act quickly so they can finish before winter arrives so that the family can enjoy it for years to come.
S10, EP20 "A Friend in Need"A man enlists the team to make his tiny cabin on the water more comfortable; he wants to restore a vintage sink and honor his late friend, who was an electrician; when a storm threatens the build at the end, the crew must find a way to finish safely.
S10, EP19 "Outdoor Classroom at Gardiner High"Gardiner Area High School is in need of an outdoor classroom for their earth sciences program so they call on some of their notable Gardiner Tiger alumni. The crew builds the room to be an optimal learning space with plenty of storage.
S10, EP17 "Helping After a House Fire"The Maine Cabin Masters help out old family friends whose house suffered fire damage. The crew faces the challenge of working on the residence while Ashley makes a scrapbook and a one-of-a-kind bench to honor old memories.
S10, EP16 "Dilapidated to Debonair on Damariscotta"A Damariscotta camp has a nice shell, but Chase and the team have to redesign the floorplan from the baseboards up for the family to get the wonderful getaway destination they had dreamed about.
S10, EP15 "All-Star Camp on Cobbosee"Chase and the gang team up with all-star sports broadcaster Dan Patrick whose family compound is in need of a new bunkhouse; the project is starting from scratch, so the Maine Cabin Masters will need their whole roster to pitch in.
S10, EP13 "Great Things in Small Packages"The Maine Cabin Masters team up with the Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, a local nonprofit that develops business opportunities for disadvantaged youth, to create a tiny house for its participants.
S10, EP12 "Fred & the Bishops' Family Cottage"The Bishops' waterside cottage was built in the 1930s and is overdue for an upgrade; the crew powers through demo day, upcycles some of the original lumber and expands the place upward and outward.
S10, EP10 "A Twofer in West Gardiner"A family in Ryan's hometown has a pair of cabins right on the water in dire need of updates after 40 years of use; the Cabin Masters provide a facelift, including updated foundations and much-deserved creature comforts.
S10, EP8 "Overhaul on the Upper Narrows"This family camp was in great shape, considering its age, until a tree fell onto its roof; they choose to use the mishap as an opportunity, calling in the Maine Cabin Masters to facilitate an expansion.
S10, EP7 "Super Sweet Holiday Special"It's the holiday season and the Cabin Masters are in the spirit; Ryan and Ashley plot a stealthy, secret gift for Chase, while the guys team up with a nonprofit and put their woodworking skills to the test to create gifts for a local toy drive.
S10, EP6 "Dome Sweet Dome"The Maine Cabin Masters are here helping out a family with one of their most unique builds yet: a geodesic dome.
S10, EP4 "New Woodshop, Improved Headquarters"The crew acquires a retired lumber yard and builds out a new woodshop for projects; they also revamp their headquarters to improve flow.
S10, EP3 "Family Ski Cabin"The Maine Cabin Masters are heading to the hills to help the snow-happy Richardson family fulfill their dream of owning a slope side abode at the Black Mountain Ski Resort; the crew must overcome the difficulties of construction in a flood plain.
S10, EP2 "The Red Camp in Belgrade"The Red Camp has been in this family for 60 years and is in need of some modern upgrades; the crew combats copper corrosion, critter nests and the dreaded camp curse while raising the roof to give this waterside camp some well-deserved upgrades.
S10, EP1 "Legacy Camp on Maranacook Lake"A lake-loving family has outgrown their legacy cabin; the gang tackles the challenges of remodeling this mazelike layout as Ashley uses an heirloom for a special project, all in time for the family's annual 4th of July party.
S10 "A Growing Gem on Pocasset"A growing family needs more space at their camp on Pocasset Lake; while the crew handles the remodeling, layout revamp, wall replacement and dormer addition, Ashley and Ryan come up with a way to display the family's tradition of collecting rocks.
S8, EP15 "Hidden Trolley Family Camp"A family wants to turn their worn and cozy fishing getaway into a modern vacation retreat; the Cabin Masters come to their aid with a massive expansion, raising the roof and combating big plumbing problems.
S8, EP14 "Form, Function and Fun on Flying Pond"A family loves their cozy, hilltop camp even though it lacks some basic amenities that make year-round visits difficult; the Cabin Masters employ all their skills to transform this unfinished gem from driveway to dock.
S8, EP13 "Outdoor Accessibility for Everyone"The Adaptive Outdoor Education Center (AOEC) is looking to use their pond by creating a trail and elevated clubhouse overlooking the water, so the team must apply ADA compliant techniques to ensure that the path and structure are accessible for all.
S8, EP12 "Camp Over Troubled Waters"A family finds their camp flooded when they return after winter; as the team pull back what remains of the floor, problems compound as they find powder post beetles, dry rot and more.
S8, EP11 "A Penobscot Nation Preservation"A Penobscot tribe member summons the team for needed upgrades to her cabin; they have to work fast to beat the start of moose hunting season and to honor the land and Penobscot culture.
S8, EP10 "Mow the House Down"David and Bishop, owners of an uninhabitable cabin, ask Chase and the crew to get fun and funky with a new build with a roofline that faces the water, lots of windows to enjoy the view, and enough space to host their beloved gatherings.
S8, EP9 "Camp Lucky Seven"A group of brothers who inherited a rugged hunting cabin from their father and his friends enlist the team to restore it and preserve its legacy.
S8, EP8 "I Get by With the Help of Froggy Friends"A woman's husband suddenly passed away before finishing their family cabin; Chase and the Cabin Masters team up with some green friends to make this family's perfect summer cabin dreams come true.
S8, EP7 "Cabin Spice"The Wheeler family enlists the help of the team to renovate their old cabin so that it fits their growing kids; the crew removes a dead tree that threatens to fall on the property at any moment.
S8, EP5 "A Cabin for Karly"Kristin's family has owned this cabin for five generations, but now would like to add on to the kitchen and raise the roof to comfortably fit her husband and son, and add more space for their daughter to enjoy the space with ease.
S8, EP4 "Summer Camp Comfort"After nearly one hundred years in operation, some of the YMCA Camp of Maine's buildings need renovations, and the wish list includes new bathrooms, a bunkhouse for the cooks, a chicken coop for the camp's hens and a covered outdoor grill area.
S8, EP3 "Give a Dog a Camp"A man who recently inherited his dad's winter retreat wants to honor his father's memory while making the camp comfortable for year-round living for his family with a bigger bathroom, more inside light, a four-season porch, and space for their dogs.
S8, EP2 "The New Old Camp"A sudden severe thunderstorm destroyed the Palumbo family's beloved camp, but they're ready to rebuild; the team hopes to grant them a miracle in the wreckage, with a bigger bathroom and a sunroom that feels connected to the rest of the camp.
S8, EP1 "Seize the Daylight Basement"The Rooney family spends their summer with relatives and friends on Great Pond, but their camp is too small, and it's so dark that they can barely tell they're on a lake.
S7, EP17 "A Blank Slate Build for Mom"The McQuaids want to build a cabin for their family's matriarch across from their own cabin on David Pond; the build becomes a blank slate for the Cabin Masters, who work to design a camp that can work as her home away from home for years to come.
S7, EP16 "A Medieval Maine Makeover"The Cabin Masters are summoned to the medieval roleplaying community of Burgundar to repair their market, fire pit, and gathering inn; a ferocious rainstorm and winter weather threaten to thwart the team's grand plans for the camp.
S7, EP15 "A Container Conversion"A family purchases land on Sebec Lake and acquires an old shipping container they hope the team can transform into a dream cabin; the crew is challenged by the metal walls as they tackle the build offsite before transporting it to its forever home.
S7, EP14 "Camp 'Contee Going Up"The masters remodel a 1960s cabin that needs more living space, but there's a catch: they can't build outside of the original footprint.
S7, EP13 "Revamping the Cook's Beach Camp"The Cabin Masters tackle a cabin and bunkhouse that have been rotting for 30 years on Cook's Beach; With a 12-week timeline and a $50,000 budget for both structures, the team must design on a dime to transform the property by the deadline.
S7, EP12 "A Cabin With a Stream Running Through It"The Cabin Masters step in to rescue a family's camp that's sinking due to the stream running underneath it; with $60,000 and a tight timeline, the team must work quickly to winterize and lift the structure.
S7, EP11 "Updating at Lincolnville Lakeview"A family enlists Chase and the team to update their 30-year-old cabin, bunkhouse and boat house in Lincolnville, Maine; the team faces surprises around every corner as they race to finish the renovations in time for the family to enjoy the summer.
S7, EP10 "The Foster's Re-renovation"The team takes on a family's 1800s cabin that has a personal connection to Chase and Ashley; it was previously renovated by their dad, Eric; they follow his lead by refurbishing the landscape, adding a bathroom and making better use of the space.
S7, EP9 "A Cabin Built by Bampy"The team honors grandfather Bampy Hersom's memory by continuing renovations on his cabin and creating a bigger bathroom and kitchen.
S7, EP8 "The Manchester Post Office"Converting the first post office ever built in Manchester, Maine, into an off-the-grid cabin.
S7, EP4 "A Cabin Tribute to Mimi Eva"The Cabin Masters help Chase's wife, Sarah, restore her late grandmother's cabin to preserve her memory; with only 12 weeks to build, the team works fast to update the interior with a new kitchen, bigger windows, and Chase's decorating style.
S6, EP8 "It Takes a Village of People"Chase and Ashley rally the Cabin Masters to help build a new arts and crafts building; with no budget for the project, the Cabin Masters get help from the community to finish the build before the winter snow.
S6, EP5 "New Wife, New Cabin Life"Two newlyweds call on the Cabin Masters to expand the 1957 Great Pond cabin they inherited to include enough space for their family, which includes three children, their spouses and six grandchildren.
S6, EP3 "The Old Fishing Camp"Chase and the Cabin Masters team attempt to restore a family camp that sisters Charlene Andersen and Pennilyn Dudley fondly recall many stories of from the last 50 years.
S6, EP1 "Preserving a Passion That's "In-Tents""Allen Cornwall's cabin on East Pond in Oakland, Maine, needs major upgrades; a bedroom must be added for daughter, Anna, who currently sleeps in a tent on the camp's porch; the crew plans to add special touches that will last for generations to come.
S4, EP4 "Teaching an Old Cabin New Tricks"A family has created lasting memories of their cabin overlooking Harpswell Sound, but the cabin is in need of some work to see the next 20 years and beyond; Chase and the team expand it to accommodate the next generation.
S4, EP3 "Call of the Loon"Sitting on the shores of Moosehead Lake, the cabin known as the Call of the Loon has been reacquired by the original builder's great-granddaughter; Chase and the team update the amenities and add a second story to accommodate the large family.
S4, EP2 "A Lobster Legacy Shack"A couple inherited their quaint cabin from his grandfather, who originally built the cabin by hand in 1978. Chase and his team focus on transforming the former fish and lobster shack into a fun family cabin.
S3, EP8 "Past, Present and Future"A couple's Belle Island camp has a long, multi-generational history within their family spanning nearly 100 years, and they call on the Cabin Masters to bring it into the present day while preserving it for the next generation.
S2, EP12 "Family's Empty Nest"In Lincolnville, Maine, a family has the resources to give their cabin the love it deserves now that their children are nearly done with college; the crew has their hands full with this job because the cabin has been neglected for 25 years.
S2, EP7 "Oyster Farm Shack"Ashley Morrill and her team of builders find themselves rebuilding an old oyster shack for a working oyster farm in Edgecomb, Maine; forced into immediate action, the team starts its preliminary work with snow still on the ground.
S2, EP6 "Taking It to the Finish Line"Chase and the team are hired to finish a cabin for a homeowner who's been collecting materials for years but hasn't been able to finish the project; with a budget of $20,000, the crew hopes to make the homeowners' dream a reality in eight weeks.
There's no shortage of work for Maine-based builder Chase Morrill, whose specialty is renovating rustic cabins and camps all over the Pine Tree State. Working alongside his sister, brother-in-law and best friend, Morrill contracts with clients to save and transform rundown cabins buried deep in Maine's remote woods. From century-old cottages to lakeside retreats in need of some major repairs, Chase and his team give these dilapidated properties the revivals they have needed for decades.
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