Who Can Forget?

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Who Can Forget?Peeks into the past's news stories from pivotal years.
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EP9 "1979"The year when General Lee rose from the dead, the president had a bad "hare" day, and a baseball game was called on account of disco.
EP7 "2013"Bridge traffic takes a toll, video gamers crush it and saving a city is child's play.
EP3 "1999"The year when a bass sang bass, fruit was a phone, and movie fans took 'the red pill'.
EP7 "2020"Favorite Fox personalities and comics, including Brian Kilmeade, Dean Cain, Joe Piscopo, Liz Claman and Tyrus, look back at one of the craziest, most monumental years in history that featured a pandemic, an election, unrest, Tiger King and TikTok.
EP5 "1980"It was the year when a mountain blew its top, a TV show took its best shot, and team U.S.A. put the Soviets on ice.
EP1 "1977"In 1977, a serial killer took orders from a dog, a king was laid in state, truck drivers spoke a foreign language and people could fly to London faster than the average Grateful Dead jam.
EP6 "2006"People go goofy over Pluto, a movie star doesn't stick to the script and more.
EP4 "2008"In 2008, a plumber threw a monkey wrench into a campaign, the president did some fancy footwork and something bad was very good.
EP2 "1987"In 1987, a politician should have said no, a starship captain said "make it so" and the film "Wall Street" delves into greed.
EP2 "1984"It was the year when a couple of detectives made the best-dressed list, Miss America showed too much talent and the Russians weren't rushing to the Olympics.
EP6 "2011"It was the year when people gave their phones a good talking to, Al-Qaeda's leader showed he could run but couldn't hide, and a sinner was a "winner."
EP4 "Christmas"The ten most merry, festive, magical, jolly, tales of the holiday.
EP2 "1997"The ten most provocative, disgraceful, laughable, shocking and compelling stories of 1997.
EP5 "2019"In 2019, the president returned to his real estate roots, the crown met the crib and people weren't chicken to fight over a sandwich.
EP4 "1989 at the Movies"Looking at the most iconic moments in film for the year.
EP12 "2022"Peeks into the past's news stories from pivotal years.
EP1 "1981"The year when people went gaga over a car, a new kind of shuttle went out really far, and video killed the radio star.
EP11 "1983 at the Movies"It was the year when Double O Seven had double vision, a Pittsburgh Welder was singing in the rain and Tom Cruise held an open house; the most violent, breathtaking, dramatic, danceable, scary, profitable, sequel-filled moments of the year.
EP1 "1969"NASA showed the world the sky wasn't the limit; Charles Manson showed his family values; the Beatles crossed the road.
EP3 "1994"In 1994, figure skating became a contact sport, the king of pop married a princess and the boys of summer canceled October.
EP8 "1968"The year when the Earth smiled and said cheese, Broadway saw the naked truth, and there was a very unconventional convention.
EP3 "2004"It was the year when a curse crumbled, a politician roared into retirement, and a talk show host drove her audience into a frenzy.
EP4 "1974"It was the year when show business showed more than usual, an old fighter learned a new trick, and the president said you can't fire me, I quit.
EP5 "2021"Looking at dynamic, outrageous, sickening, tragic, frustrating and seductive stories of the year.
EP3 "1986"A secret vault just didn't pay, rappers shouted "Walk this way!"and a mayor said "Make my day."
EP1 "1972"The Cold War was fought on a chessboard, and Life (Cereal) was good.
EP5 "1988"A nightclub fails "the rabbit test," a presidential candidate tanks and more.
Peeks into the past's news stories from pivotal years.
Original Air Date: Dec 26, 2019
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