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The Phantom Empire

A singing cowboy stumbles across an ancient underground civilization beneath his ranch.

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"From Death to Life"

The torpedo explodes knocking Gene unconscious; Queen Tika knows there is a traitor, and orders Gene brought back; Gene gets into a sword fight with guards; Frankie and Betsy are trapped by Beetson.

"The Thunder Riders"

Wanting everyone off Radio Ranch, Beetson frames Gene.

"Prisoners of the Ray"

The Baxters leap to safety but are captured, and brought to Murania; Gene is unable to help, as the door control is disabled; the Baxters switch the door control, but get hit by radium rays.

"Disaster From the Sky"

Gene tries to stop the radium bomb sent by the Queen to kill the riders on the surface.

"Jaws of Jeopardy"

After defeating the guards, Gene reaches the surface and takes Beetson's airplane; the Queen kills the engine.

"The Lightning Chamber"

In Murania, Lord Argo is planning a revolution while on the surface, Gene flees from the Sheriff in a car without brakes.

"The Singing Cowboy"

A cowboy discovers an advanced civilization living under his ranch. (Chapter 1)

"The End of Murania"

Gene is pulled to safety, and the Queen is rescued; the ray goes wild, destroying Murania; the Queen orders all to the surface, where everyone and the ranch are safe, while staying behind herself.

"Beneath the Earth"

(Chapter 5)

"Phantom Broadcast"

Gene is saved a second before his car crashes; Queen Tika searches for Argo, who is trying to destroy Radio Ranch; Gene makes his broadcast from Frankie's laboratory; the kids are in an explosion.

"The Rebellion"

The Queen orders Gene to tell her who saved him, but he refuses; after Gene sees the kids, he tells the Queen that it was Argo; the Queen is shocked, but forms an alliance with him and orders death to Argo.

"A Queen in Chains"

The Baxters find Gene in time to save him; Argo orders the death of all surface people; battling, Gene arrives to where the Queen is being executed, but is knocked into the path of death-dealing rays.

A singing cowboy stumbles across an ancient underground civilization beneath his ranch.
Original Air Date: Feb 23, 1935
Genres: DramaTV Series
Playback: HD
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