I Can Let You Go

S10, EP12 "I Can Let You Go"

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Sean O'Neal surprises Upton with a call from prison, revealing sensitive information; while Upton grapples with how to keep O'Neal at a distance, the team quickly mobilizes to stop a crime in progress before it's too late.

Original Air Date: Jan 18, 2023 • NBC • 42m
Long Lost

S10, EP11 "Long Lost"

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A shocking ambush at a funeral leads the team into a heated investigation to find the shooters; much to Atwater's surprise, he must rely on someone from his past to help in the investigation, dredging up old memories and revealing new truths.

Original Air Date: Jan 11, 2023 • NBC • 42m
This Job

S10, EP10 "This Job"

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A series of brutal home invasion robberies finds the team paired with Detective Borkowski, an old friend of Ruzek's, to work the case; things get complicated for Torres when it becomes clear Borkowski has a vastly different policing style.

Original Air Date: Jan 04, 2023 • NBC • 42m
Proof of Burden

S10, EP9 "Proof of Burden"

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After a shocking discovery, the team begins closing in on Sean O'Neal with every shred of evidence they can find; determined to keep his son out of prison, Chief O'Neal hires a lawyer.

Original Air Date: Dec 07, 2022 • NBC • 42m
Under the Skin

S10, EP8 "Under the Skin"

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To distract Intelligence from the investigation into his son, Chief O'Neal forces the team to handle a "dead fish" case; when that dead fish turns into a complicated heater case, Burgess is thrown back into difficult memories from her past.

Original Air Date: Nov 16, 2022 • NBC • 42m
Into the Deep

S10, EP7 "Into the Deep"

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When actionable evidence finally surfaces against Sean O'Neal, Upton and the team work relentlessly to build a case in secret; they discover Sean is more elusive and dangerous than anticipated.

Original Air Date: Nov 09, 2022 • NBC • 42m
Sympathetic Reflex

S10, EP6 "Sympathetic Reflex"

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Atwater's reactions during a tense arrest are called into question; the team must dig in to uncover key evidence that could aid in the ongoing investigation and clear Atwater's name.

Original Air Date: Nov 02, 2022 • NBC • 42m
Pink Cloud

S10, EP5 "Pink Cloud"

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Upton's dogged pursuit of a missing teenage girl leads the team into a dark web of human trafficking; chief O'Neal becomes involved with the unit's investigation when it becomes evident his son, Sean, has a connection to the missing girl.

Original Air Date: Oct 19, 2022 • NBC • 42m
Dónde Vives

S10, EP4 "Dónde Vives"

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A shocking murder pulls rookie officer Dante Torres into his own neighborhood; as Voight and Atwater help him navigate the case and manage tricky personal dynamics with wary neighbors, Torres realizes his life may be forever changed.

Original Air Date: Oct 12, 2022 • NBC • 42m
A Good Man

S10, EP3 "A Good Man"

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The team investigates a string of brutal pharmacy robberies, and Halstead connects with one of the victims about their Army careers; Upton suspects there is more to the story and confides in Voight.

Original Air Date: Oct 05, 2022 • NBC • 42m
The Real You

S10, EP2 "The Real You"

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When a convicted murderer hijacks a prison van, the team scrambles to find him and the abducted prison guard before it's too late; Burgess questions Ruzek's motives in a case, creating tension between the two.

Original Air Date: Sep 28, 2022 • NBC • 42m
Let It Bleed

S10, EP1 "Let It Bleed"

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Still reeling from the death of informant Anna, Voight faces a new threat as he tries to keep the neighborhood clean; new wrinkles develop in the Upton, Halstead and Voight dynamic; the team gets a new chief.

Original Air Date: Sep 21, 2022 • NBC • 42m