Wheeling and Dealing

S1, EP8 "Wheeling and Dealing"

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In Feb. 24, 1996, school bus company owner Frank Black Jr. goes missing; FBI agents must determine if he's dead; it's a mystery built on lies that can only be solved when someone is brave enough to tell the truth.

Original Air Date: Oct 10, 2019 • Investigation Discovery • 43m
Ex's and Alibis

S1, EP7 "Ex's and Alibis"

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After Louisiana Melton and her boyfriend, Phillip Brown, are found shot to death, Detective Harris faces a dearth of evidence, a large list of suspects and one huge lie.

Original Air Date: Oct 03, 2019 • Investigation Discovery • 43m
She Was Gone

S1, EP6 "She Was Gone"

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High school sweethearts Lisa and Jimmy Moore end their marriage, and Lisa goes missing three months later; fearing the worst, her family files a missing person report, but the police have no leads and no witnesses.

Original Air Date: Sep 26, 2019 • Investigation Discovery • 43m
Before Vegas

S1, EP5 "Before Vegas"

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On Aug., 10, 2000, Casey Tiner and her boyfriend, TJ Steele, disappear after spending a summer night hanging out with their friends, causing people to speculate they may have simply run away.

Original Air Date: Sep 19, 2019 • Investigation Discovery • 43m
Letters in the Closet

S1, EP4 "Letters in the Closet"

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Karla leaves her home one night and never returns; the next day, her husband calls the police to file a missing person report; when the police uncover a treasure trove of hidden secrets, they have to decide who is lying.

Original Air Date: Sep 12, 2019 • Investigation Discovery • 43m
Warning Signs

S1, EP3 "Warning Signs"

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In Gig Harbor, Wash., a police deputy discovers an abandoned car with a dead body in the trunk, causing a quiet neighborhood to reel from a barrage of lies.

Original Air Date: Sep 05, 2019 • Investigation Discovery • 43m
Smoke and Mirrors

S1, EP2 "Smoke and Mirrors"

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Pastor David Allen loses his wife, Paula, in a fire at the parsonage; the fire marshal investigates and discovers there is more to this story than an accidental fire.

Original Air Date: Aug 29, 2019 • Investigation Discovery • 43m
Cult of Personality

S1, EP1 "Cult of Personality"

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In 2014, a 911 call reports gunshots at the home of TV show host Scott Rogers; as detectives work to piece together the events that led up to what looks like a murder-suicide, they soon discover a trail of lies from England to Louisiana.

Original Air Date: Aug 22, 2019 • Investigation Discovery • 43m