GagZilla & CaratZilla
S13, EP11 "GagZilla & CaratZilla"
The pressure is too much for Veronica; Tosin demands the best, but when her Nigerian wedding gets planned at the last minute, she might have to settle for less.
Original Air Date: Dec 10, 2020 • WE tv • 44m
UhhhZilla & GagZilla
S13, EP10 "UhhhZilla & GagZilla"
Roshonda's choice between her parents pushes everyone away, leading to a wedding meltdown; Veronica is planning a wedding she doesn't want, and her groom has life-altering news.
Original Air Date: Dec 03, 2020 • WE tv • 43m
ControlZilla & UhhhZilla
S13, EP9 "ControlZilla & UhhhZilla"
Amber's rage reaches its peak on her wedding day, and a major wardrobe malfunction leaves everyone shocked; Roshonda can't make a decision about her wedding plans, but her feuding parents might force her pick between them.
Original Air Date: Nov 19, 2020 • WE tv • 43m
VCardZilla & ControlZilla
S13, EP8 "VCardZilla & ControlZilla"
Alex's wedding night is here, and her last night of freedom may prove costly; Amber is a wedding planner who needs to control every detail of her big day.
Original Air Date: Nov 12, 2020 • WE tv • 43m
QuackZilla & VCardZilla
S13, EP7 "QuackZilla & VCardZilla"
Jessica loses control of her wedding and takes her anger out on the wedding planner; Alex is saving herself for her wedding night.
Original Air Date: Nov 05, 2020 • WE tv • 43m
Nigerian Queen & QuackZilla
S13, EP6 "Nigerian Queen & QuackZilla"
Nigerian Queen Evelyn's double wedding dreams are at risk; QuackZilla Jessica is at odds with everyone, including her groom.
Original Air Date: Oct 29, 2020 • WE tv • 43m
Hot Mess Express & Nigerian Queen
S13, EP5 "Hot Mess Express & Nigerian Queen"
Symoan's wedding morning meltdown mode puts the whole day in jeopardy; Evelyn demands perfection for her weddings, but she has to face off with a venue owner who might be a bigger diva than she is.
Original Air Date: Oct 22, 2020 • WE tv • 43m
Boho Diva & Hot Mess Express
S13, EP4 "Boho Diva & Hot Mess Express"
Family drama may force McKenzie to walk down the aisle by herself; with no dress, no flowers and a fiancée who goes wild at the strip club, Hot Mess Symoan might have to pull the plug on her own wedding.
Original Air Date: Oct 15, 2020 • WE tv • 43m
GuardZilla & Boho Diva
S13, EP3 "GuardZilla & Boho Diva"
GuardZilla Roxanne's lies lead to a royal meltdown when her groom and father go MIA at the altar; Boho Diva McKenzie's epic mama drama sparks chaos and threatens to pull the plug on her big day.
Original Air Date: Oct 08, 2020 • WE tv • 43m
$100K Wedding & GuardZilla
S13, EP2 "$100K Wedding & GuardZilla"
Stacy's shocking $100K wedding day breakdown leads to a missing bride; lockdown bride Roxanne's big deception puts her perfect day at risk when she pushes her bridesmaids and her father to the edge.
Original Air Date: Oct 01, 2020 • WE tv • 43m
Big Easy Queen & $100K Bride
S13, EP1 "Big Easy Queen & $100K Bride"
Stacy breaks down when her planner fails to cater to her every demand; Big Easy Queen Nakosha's soon-to-be husband finds about the bacholorette stripper.
Original Air Date: Sep 24, 2020 • WE tv • 43m
Loni Love Talks Weddings
S13 "Loni Love Talks Weddings"
Godzilla has nothing on a bride-to-be planning her dream wedding, as evidenced by the aptly named "Bridezillas." The docu-series follows women who were perfectly normal before wedding planning took over her life. Grimly determined to realize their "dream wedding" at all costs, these out-of-control brides make the time leading up to their day of days an utter nightmare for everyone around them. In the end, they hope all the stress and meltdowns are worth it and they have the perfect wedding they've been dreaming of since they were little.
WE tv • 2m