The Book of Resurrection: Chapter Two: Closure
S4, EP13 "The Book of Resurrection: Chapter Two: Closure"
CW and Greg Berlanti expand the footprint of their DC Comics universe with this exploration of the intersection between family life and being a superhero. As a younger man, Jefferson Pierce donned the suit of a vigilante and protected the streets of his city, but he believed he'd left those days in the past. He learns that life doesn't always work out as planned when his daughter, Jennifer -- a star student who is determined to achieve justice at any cost -- gets recruited by a street gang. In order to protect his family, Jefferson sees no choice but to once again become Black Lightning.
The CW • 60m
The Book of Resurrection: Chapter One
S4, EP12 "The Book of Resurrection: Chapter One"
Jefferson realizes that sometimes an admission of weakness can be a show of strength; Tobias is focusing on an endgame.
The CW • 60m
The Book of Reunification: Chapter Two
S4, EP11 "The Book of Reunification: Chapter Two"
Jefferson takes Khalil up on his offer to help; Lynn finds herself wrestling with what could be the biggest decision of her life; Tobias follows through on a hunch.
Original Air Date: May 10, 2021 • The CW • 57m
The Book of Reunification: Chapter One
S4, EP10 "The Book of Reunification: Chapter One"
Black Lightning sends Gambi an SOS; Lynn finds herself in some serious trouble.
Original Air Date: May 03, 2021 • The CW • 41m
The Book of Ruin: Chapter Four: Lyding
S4, EP9 "The Book of Ruin: Chapter Four: Lyding"
Gambi warns the Pierce family of a possible crisis looming.
Original Air Date: Apr 26, 2021 • The CW • 43m
The Book of Ruin: Chapter Three
S4, EP8 "The Book of Ruin: Chapter Three"
The FBI pays Jefferson a visit; Anissa surprises Grace.
Original Air Date: Apr 19, 2021 • The CW • 43m
S4, EP7 "Painkiller"
When Khalil's violent history crashes his idyllic new beginning, he is thrust back into action with a mission to bring justice where he once gave out punishment.
Original Air Date: Apr 12, 2021 • The CW • 42m