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Kids in the HallThis series is a hilarious sketch comedy featuring five male actors who portray almost every character themselves, playing both male and female roles. Much of the dark humor focuses on wild characters, including the Chicken Lady, Idiot Boy and the Axe Murderer.
S4, EP2Cathy and Kathie gossip about a new girl; Darryl explains that he sees an Oompah Band in his head.
S4, EP3A plastic surgeon turns his assistant into a rat; a prostitute turns tricks for asthma medication.
S4, EP7Chicken Lady visits the house she grew up in; a doctor confuses his patients' names.
"Kids in the Hall"This series is a hilarious sketch comedy featuring five male actors who portray almost every character themselves, playing both male and female roles. Much of the dark humor focuses on wild characters, including the Chicken Lady, Idiot Boy and the Axe Murderer.
S5, EP22 "Best of Season 5 Compilation""God is Dead"; "Penny"; "Please, Please, Please."
S5, EP21"Bellini Opening"; "Empty Bar"; "Things We Shouldn't Show."
S5, EP20"Junk Mail"; "Liquidation Sale"; "Sam and Janet"; "Stair Climber."
S5, EP18"Why"; "Exercise"; "Bellini Day."
S5, EP16"Secret Pleasures"; "Gazebo"; "What If?"; "Experiment."
S5, EP14"Cops: Looting"; "Bikini Inspector"; "Yes Minister"; "Written in Haste."
S5, EP10"Small Town People"; "The Trick"; "Lovers No. 4"; "My Training."
S5, EP9"Loud American Shopping"; "Great Ideas"; "At the Movies."
S5, EP7"Hookers: Heart"; "Looking for Love"; "Duck Blind."
S5, EP6"Cruisin' for a Bruisin"; "Mad With Power"; "Bath Party and Crawl."
S5, EP3"How To"; "Hookers"; "Super 8"; "Jughead"; "Just One Guy.".
S5, EP2"Chance Meeting"; "Grizzly"; "Special Sauce"; "Cops."
S5, EP1"Cops, Tough Cookie"; "Deeply Sorry"; "The Beard"; "Martyr."
S4, EP21 "Best of Season 4, Part 1""Fiore"; "Things to Do"; "Night I Connected With My Dog"; "Steps Issues."
S4, EP20"Cops"; "Cabbies"; "Extreme Argument"; "Scary Sand."
S4, EP19"Super 8"; "Art Class"; "Surrogate"; "Bike Courier.".
S4, EP18"Cemetery Buddy Cole"; "Life Crisis"; "Drunk as a Crow"; "Advantage."
S4, EP15"Cops"; "Love and Sausages"; "Rollerblades"; "New Guy."
S4, EP14"Tammy"; "Belline"; "Borrowed Art"; "Cannibal."
S4, EP13"Cops"; "Hookers"; "Nudity"; "Katnapped."
S4, EP12"Serpico"; "Wildman"; "Losing My Religion."
S4, EP11"Hookers"; "Career Crisis"; "Lost and Found"; "Clothesline."
S4, EP10"Pit of Ultimate Darkness"; "Cops"; "Answering Machine"; "Divorce Court."
S4, EP9"Chalet 2000"; Buddy Cole.
S4, EP6Kathie describes how she became a Blue Jays fan; Fran learns about salsa, peanut sauce and meals in a pill; an axe murderer needs his blade sharpened during a murder.
S4, EP5A seriously injured patient takes time out for a few gags; Jamaican director introduces his very sexist new film; Myra has an out of body experience while choking at a Thanksgiving dinner.
S4, EP4The governor calls a wrong number at a crucial moment; fight pickers take on a biker and his goldfish; Bruce talks about various sad people.
S4, EP1A man has a loveless relationship with his dog; a hyper businessman has heart problems; a bigot cabbie delivers a baby during rush hour.
S3, EP22 "Best of Season 3, Part 2"Skits include: "Chicken Lady at a Strip Bar," "Queen Speaks to Canada" and "Bar Fight.".
S3, EP21 "Best of Season 3, Part 1"Skits include: "Multiple Weddings," "Cabbie Bigot" and "My Pen!"
S3, EP20The Bearded Lady; spy models; a horny patient.
S3, EP19Celebrating Scott's 100th portrayal of a waiter; Hecubus is fired and rehired; a wife walks in on her husband and a thief in bed.
S3, EP18The alternate conclusion to "Old Yeller"; drugs and other vices; how to deal with noisy people.
S3, EP17A man reminisces about the Flying Pig; a woman names her god; Tanya annoys people at a party.
S3, EP16Mississippi Gary sings the After-Death blues; the Fact Girl discusses the importance of cleaning the ears; one of the Sizzler Sisters becomes sane.
S3, EP15A businessman just stares; a man debates whether he should call a girl; the cops wonder why someone would abandon a perfectly good potato.
S3, EP14Poems by the Emperor of Japan; Brice's advice for breaking into showbiz.
S3, EP13A man who works in a wig shop tries to convince everyone he's not bald; a pizza guy lusts after schoolgirls; Sid wonders if he is too small to love.
S3, EP12A man has to get back up on a horse after choking on a chicken kabob; cops talk about what they might have done if they hadn't become cops; Buddy searches for a new lover.
S3, EP11A woman repeatedly remarries after repeatedly marrying the wrong guy; a man is put on trial for sexually harassing himself; the hip guy and his wife introduce their lovers.
S3, EP10Scott's clone won't stop misbehaving; a man shows his girlfriend a dead body in a field; Mark has to fill in for the Fact Girl while she's on strike.
S3, EP9An old lady falls down and then gets robbed, but the cops don't want to get involved; a sketch artist draws people he's never seen based only on their voice; street singers receive a visit from the Loser Research Foundation.
S3, EP8Einstein is mocked; three men take pride in their huge guts.
S3, EP7Sir Simone has a date in the Pit of Ultimate Darkness; Bruce meets a man who could be his identical twin; a guy mocks people in a waiting room; Danny Husk reads the paper to discover that he has been kidnapped.
S3, EP6Cops have a long night at a crime scene; Scott tries to blame a clown for spraying his boss with seltzer water; a drag queen with a gun starts a revolution.
S3, EP5An open letter addressed to the guy who stole a bike wheel and a letter addressed to the people who stood by and watched.
S3, EP4A magical flying pig; the Best Actor award at the Oscars results; an axe murderer politely asks an old lady if he can borrow her axe; men wear earrings in the '90s.
S3, EP3A construction worker firmly denies sleeping on the job; Bruce discovers that he is only 17 inches tall.
S3, EP2Puppy won't do tricks; a man who dresses his best to get the paper; a sleepwalking boy steals his dad's money; a restaurant that has a relationship section.
S3, EP1The feathers go flying when the Chicken Lady spots Rooster Boy; Cabbie has his own set of road rules; some cops have more important things to discuss than a dead body.
S2, EP22 "Best of Season 2, Part 2"Skits include: "French Trappers," "Chicken Lady Blind Date" and, "Painting a Chair."
S2, EP21 "Best of Season 2, Part 1"Skits include: "Headcrusher vs. Facepincher," "Daddy Drank" and "Bad Doctor."
S2, EP20 "Kids in the Hall"Story of the tube top of justice; a boss looks for someone to blame for the bad weather.
S2, EP19 "Kids in the Hall"A man in a record store thinks about getting a Doors album; secretaries become exhausted when their office switches to decaf.
S2, EP18 "Kids in the Hall"A disturbing piece of mail; Melanie falls in love with an impatient man in line; Cabbage Head talks about his religious conversion on a talk show.
S2, EP17 "Kids in the Hall"A song where someone gets $1000 and someone gets punched; the Head Crusher faces his nemesis.
S2, EP16 "Kids in the Hall"The Anti-Communist folk singer; Leslie de Gaulle Trio; Cincinnati Kid searches for the Toronto Kid.
S2, EP15 "Kids in the Hall"Mr. Heavyfoot kicks a ball too far; a mean doctor likes to tell people they have cancer; Melanie has her date over; cow.
S2, EP14 "Kids in the Hall"Buddy's correspondence with the Queen; announcement of the Touch Paul Bellini contest winner; Mr. Heavyfoot, aka M. Piedlourde.
S2, EP13 "Kids in the Hall"A guy calls for phone sex; Uncle Tony; story of a guy who writes children's books; best thing about being a cop; Evan the shoe salesman; Bigfoot singing; Mississippi Gary is heckled; neighbors in love; Bruce recovers from his suicide attempt.
S2, EP12 "Kids in the Hall"On a faraway planet, a son asks his father about the place called Vegas; a support group helps men tyrannized by their bladders; Dave provides proof that Jesus was a bad carpenter.
S2, EP11 "Kids in the Hall"The Queen can't remember the ABCs; red haired girls are evil; what Beethoven's Fifth Symphony was inspired by.
S2, EP9 "Kids in the Hall"The Head Crusher gets injured and undergoes physical therapy; an S&M pair discuss Shelly Long; a pair of disillusioned parents hold a press conference.
S2, EP8 "Kids in the Hall"A couple gets serenaded on the beauty of liposuction; a terrible lounge act sings a song.
S2, EP7 "Kids in the Hall"Gavin irritates a guy painting a chair; a cheating man sings a song in a western bar.
S2, EP6 "Kids in the Hall"Theo, the cool teacher, confides to his class; the Bad Anecdote Guy; Buddy spots a nymph in the woods.
S2, EP5 "Kids in the Hall"Bruce faces a jury of his ex-girlfriends; a blind date with the Chicken Lady; a bank robbery by the insane Sizzler Sisters.
S2, EP3 "Kids in the Hall"The crazy Sizzler sisters perform their lounge act; news anchorman cannot stop laughing while trying to report the news; Kathie the secretary, wins Miss Canada.
S2, EP2 "Kids in the Hall"Cabbage Head; the flamboyant Buddy; French trappers travel through an office trapping businessmen for their suits.
S2, EP1 "Kids in the Hall"A paranoid undercover alien overreacts to innocent questions; a bad doctor who just states facts; the most handsome man in the world.
S1, EP22Head Crusher devastation and the forever unlucky in love Cabbage Head.
S1, EP21 "Kids in the Hall"Featuring characters such as the Head Crusher and Buddy.
S1, EP20A presentation of the Bible as written by Dr. Seuss; the Nobody Likes Us Guys on a date in a restaurant; Mark and Kevin sing about the fat man across the road.
S1, EP19The island-native brothers argue about their manhood; a pick-up artist who owns tarantulas; Monique, the pyromaniac who believes that everyone wants a fire on Christmas.
S1, EP18Fran's friend, Barbara, explains her separation and new hair color to her son; Bruce tells the story about the biggest crouton he ever saw; a girl leaves a guy because of a fly on his face.
S1, EP17A mass murderer explains the difficulty of being a mass murderer; Leslie, the gay vampire, pays a visit to Mark's place; interviewing a designer of ugly women's fashion.
S1, EP16Co-workers Cathy and Kathie wonder if a new guy is gay; a debauched artist addresses the graduating class of Ontario Art College.
S1, EP14A cat in a jazz band explains what he does when there's a bird around; Bobby Terrance sings a song about his breakup.
S1, EP13A boy decides to become an Indian woman; Gerald and Gerald network at a business party; a bartender tells of the signs of a lonely city.
S1, EP12Weston and Virgil discuss who's gay in Hollywood; the legend of Skoora, the gentle shark.
S1, EP10A security guard complains about all the hoopla in a diner; drunk brothers wake up their sister; the story of a farmer who grew a tail.
S1, EP9A man explains how he's going to die in the house that he was born; Weston, confidante to the stars, reveals some celebrity gossip.
S1, EP7A hotel where everyone's in a rut; Bobby's poem about youth that are angered by the world; Nina, from Joymakers, helps a group of businessmen organize a surprise party.
This series is a hilarious sketch comedy featuring five male actors who portray almost every character themselves, playing both male and female roles. Much of the dark humor focuses on wild characters, including the Chicken Lady, Idiot Boy and the Axe Murderer.
Original Air Date: Oct 16, 1988
Genres: ComedyTV Series
Rating: TV14
Playback: HD
5 seasons available on demand (83 episodes)
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