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Long Island MediumTheresa Caputo lives in the real world, but she spends most of her time with spirits. Caputo is an average mom from Long Island, N.Y., in every way except one: she talks to the dead. This series chronicles the work Theresa does each day as she helps her varied clients find closure and connect with loved ones who have passed. She conducts both private and group readings and deals with skeptics as well as believers. At home, husband Larry and kids Victoria and Larry accept the work she does, although they don't always love it. In the Caputo house, dad and kids think the spirits always come first, but for Theresa there is no escaping her gift.
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S14, EP9 "Will Victoria Say Yes?"The whole family goes on an excursion to choose a wedding dress; a hearing-impaired client reunites with the loved ones who supported her; Theresa visits a jail to read an inmate.
S14, EP8 "Stars and Spirits"Theresa reads Taylor Dayne, Monte Durham, Kate Flannery, Michael Fishman and Reginald VelJohnson.
S14, EP7 "I Did Not See This Coming"A group of women receive a visit from the best friend they lost; Theresa's parents act as accomplices to bring peace to some friends.
S14, EP6 "Clearing the List"A man grieves as he wasn't able to save his dad; two moms reconnect with their lost children.
S14, EP5 "Keeping the Faith"Theresa conducts a group reading for people of different faiths to show how everyone is connected by spirit; a pastor, a rabbi, a practicing Buddhist and members of the Hindu faith receive meaningful readings.
S14, EP4 "Larry Returns"Theresa reads a young girl whose parents believe she may also possess the gift of communicating with those who have passed; it's an emotional family reunion when Theresa's ex-husband, Larry, returns to Long Island for Victoria's engagement party.
S14, EP3 "24 Hours With Theresa"For an entire day, Theresa doesn't shut off spirit, which leads to 24 hours of non-stop readings; from the gym to the gas station, the nail salon to the grocery store, Theresa doesn't get a moment's rest from the loved ones of those she encounters.
S14, EP2 "A Lifetime of Loss"Theresa reads Carol, a woman whose life is marked by so much loss that it leads Theresa to do something she has never done before; Victoria chooses an engagement party dress, but then loses her ring.
S14, EP1 "A Spirit Returns"Theresa reaches out to ex-husband Larry to begin the wedding plans after their daughter becomes engaged; Theresa heads to Los Angeles to reads Louie Anderson, Wayne Brady, Tatum O'Neal, and Arie Luyendyk Jr.
S12, EP6 "Star-Crossed Spirits"Theresa gives readings to Melissa Etheridge, Tituss Burgess, Robert Patrick, Jillian Michaels, Marilu Henner, Kate Walsh, and Buddy Valastro.
S12, EP5 "Living Apart"Theresa experiences her first dose of life living apart from Larry as she spends time with her children and father; Theresa gives a special gift to skeptical newlyweds channeling both of their fathers who died before their wedding.
S12, EP4 "Theresa on Tour"Theresa hits the road on a cross-country tour, delivering healing messages in numerous cities; as the end of the tour nears, going home weighs heavy on her mind.
S12, EP3 "Knock, Knock, It's Theresa!"Theresa surprises people with readings their friends and family set up; from a salon to a donut shop, to pretending to be a substitute babysitter, Theresa shows up in the most unlikely places to deliver healing.
S12, EP2 "A Big Decision"Theresa brings healing to a couple whose son took his life as a result of being bullied; she is inspired to read a group of teens who have also been victimized by their peers.
S12, EP1 "The Breaking Point"Theresa heads to Fire Island and conducts one of the most powerful group readings of her life; Theresa and Larry confront their issues and have a devastating conversation about the future of their marriage.
S11, EP5 "Southern Fried Spirit"Theresa reads Dorinda Medley of "Real Housewives of New York City"; on a girls trip to Nashville, Theresa surprises a group who doesn't know who she is, and turns them into believers; Larry and Theresa are unsure about their future.
S11, EP4 "Theresa Crashes Victoria's Date"Victoria goes speed dating, but Theresa crashes the event and reads people there; a skeptic turns into a believer with amazing validations from her father; Theresa gets so emotional about her marriage that she has to step away from a reading.
S11, EP3 "Freezing Theresa"Barbara Corcoran of "Shark Tank" gets a reading with Theresa; at a fundraiser, Theresa channels an accident victim for the distraught police officer who couldn't save him; Theresa reads a man while she's inside a cryogenic freezing chamber.
S11, EP2 "50 is the New 35"Theresa turns 50 and enters a weightlifting competition; a woman who claims her brother was murdered by NFL player Aaron Hernandez visits Long Island; Theresa confides in a friend that she and Larry are going through a rough patch.
S11, EP1 "Reading the Stars"Theresa gives emotional readings to some shocked celebrities, including television icon Kelsey Grammer, "This Is Us" breakout Chrissy Metz, "The Biggest Loser" trainer Bob Harper and Sugar Ray front man Mark McGrath.
S10, EP10 "The Spirits of Hollywood"Readings for "Don't Be Tardy" star Kim Zolciak-Biermann, the Buffalo Bills' Kroy Biermann, "Parks & Recreation" star Jim O'Heir, "The Goldbergs" star Wendi McClendon-Covey, and "Young & Hungry" star Kym Whitley.
S10, EP9 "Panic Attack"Theresa gets the surprising results from her brain scan with Dr. Amen; at a group reading, Theresa validates the presence of a loved one by telling his family what underwear he wore at his funeral.
S10, EP8 "Is the Gift Real?"At a group reading, Theresa brings closure to a man tortured by his son's death; Theresa gets a brain scan during a channeling, in the hopes doctors can tell her what happens in her head when she channels spirits.
S10, EP7 "Victoria's Test"Theresa gives a reading to a skeptical father that lost his son; a transgender woman discovers how much support she's getting from the other side; Victoria, who recently dropped out of college for beauty school, uses her family as guinea pigs.
S10, EP6 "Beauty School Drop-In"Theresa reads teenage triplets who suffered a tragic loss; at a group reading, Theresa channels a man who lost many friends while serving in the military; Victoria shocks the entire family when she announces she's dropping out of school.
S10, EP5 "An MRI for Larry"While in Los Angeles, Theresa does a reading for "Scandal" star Guillermo Diaz; Theresa also channels for a woman who believes she has the gift as well.
S10, EP4 "The Biopsy is Back"Theresa does a group reading for people in law enforcement and reunites a man with the son who was accidentally shot; Theresa cancels a reading for the first time in six years while waiting for her biopsy results.
S10, EP3 "There's a Lump"Fashion maven Carson Kressley gets a reading with Theresa; Theresa channels a woman who died in a brutal murder, and does her first automatic writing in a decade; nerves are frayed when Theresa's routine mammogram gives reason for concern.
S10, EP2 "I Now Pronounce You..."Two people who met at one of Theresa's group readings ask her to officiate a wedding, and Larry is asked to be their best man; Theresa surprises a woman on Wall Street with a reading.
S10, EP1 "Star Studded Spirit"Theresa meets with Rosie O'Donnell and connects with both of her parents; Billy Gardell gets validations from his late grandfather and mother-in-law; Ta'Rhonda Jones hears from a deceased cousin; Mo'Nique reunites with a relative.
S9, EP18 "Block Party!"Theresa finds herself reflective as she prepares for her largest fundraiser group reading ever and the return of her neighborhood block party; Theresa turns a skeptic into a believer when she channels a spirit.
S9, EP17 "Healing the Anger"Theresa visits people who are so consumed with anger over the death of loved ones that they're finding it difficult to move on with their lives.
S9, EP16 "Was it My Fault?"Theresa helps people who feel they played a part in a loved one's death deal with their guilty feelings.
S9, EP15 "Before the Baby"Theresa reads expectant mothers looking for closure before the birth of their children, including a woman that's one month from giving birth.
S9, EP14 "Before the Wedding"Theresa conducts readings for upcoming wedding parties; a man surprises his fiancee with a reading to connect her with the father who cannot walk her down the aisle.
S9, EP13 "Surprise in Disguise"Theresa decides to surprise people while wearing a series of disguises so she doesn't get caught.
S9, EP12 "Parental Blessing"Theresa reads people who are seeking blessings from their deceased parents for current relationships.
S9, EP11 "Theresa Reads Kids"For the first time, Theresa reads children for an entire episode; Theresa surprises one child, and does a reading for a brother who never got to know his sister.
S9, EP10 "Remembering Petey"Almost a year after Petey's death, LJ and Victoria both have new puppies, and it's time to erect a memorial to Petey in the backyard.
S9, EP9 "Wisdom Teeth"Theresa reads a young couple who suffered a great loss; Theresa connects a father with his two daughters who want to continue his legacy; Larry, Jr. has his wisdom teeth removed.
S9, EP8 "Haunted Houses"Theresa visits homes that inhabitants believe are haunted, and tries to cleanse them of any domestic spirits.
S9, EP7 "I Don't Believe"Spouses and relatives try to change the minds of their non-believer family members by bringing them to Theresa.
S9, EP6 "Line of Duty"Theresa reads police officers and firefighters who had their lives changed when they lost a loved one in the line of duty.
S9, EP5 "Spirit in Paradise: The Decision"Larry plans a special surprise to change Theresa's mind about motorcycles; Theresa surprises a homicide detective with messages from a spirit; the Caputos decide whether they will stay in Florida.
S9, EP4 "Spirit in Paradise: The Son Also Visits"Larry Jr. comes to visit Theresa in Florida, and while they try out jet skis, she starts reading the instructor.
S9, EP3 "Spirit in Paradise"Theresa and Larry are ready to sample life in Florida; while under the blow dryer at a new hair salon, Theresa channels the brother of another customer.
S9, EP2 "Celebrity Spirit"Jim Parsons of "The Big Bang Theory" and his sister get a reading; Susan Lucci welcomes Theresa into her home; Theresa channels a spirit for "The Sopranos" star Jamie Lynn Sigler; Katie Lowes of "Scandal" gets a private reading.
S9, EP1 "Caputo Christmas"Theresa reunites a family with their dad, who suffered a heart attack during a holiday race; a woman is surprised at the airport with a reading that channels her departed sister; Theresa conducts a reading at a veteran's home.
S8, EP12 "Behind the Scenes of Knock & Shock"Revealing what it took to pull off the first live Knock and Shock; never before seen footage of the reading.
S8, EP11 "When a Bedroom Door Closes, a Closet Door Opens"After Larry Jr moves out Theresa gives his old bedroom a makeover; surprising a pregnant woman with a reading.
S8, EP10 "Roller Rink Romance"Theresa and Larry have never been roller skating together; connecting a devastated woman with her husband; surprising a woman in Long Island with a reading.
S8, EP9 "Return to Jail"Theresa returns to the facility she visited last year to do a reading for a group of female inmates, only this time she is reading a group of male inmates.
S8, EP8 "Spirit Roll"The house where Theresa first saw spirit; surprising a firefighter with a reading; Theresa and Larry take a sushi class.
S8, EP7 "Coach Theresa"Theresa and Larry dine where they ate every day while dating, but their lunch is interrupted by a spirit; helping a woman let go of the anger she has about her brother's death.
S8, EP6 "On the Road: Texas"Theresa and Larry take a trip to Texas; big surprises and big moments as Theresa surprises fans with readings.
S8, EP5 "Don't Give Up Your Day Job"After a trip to the barbershop with Larry, Theresa decides to enroll in beauty school; connecting a woman with her son.
S8, EP4 "Getting the Band Back Together"Theresa's old folk group gets back together to perform for the first time in 30 years; reconnecting a man with his mother who died tragically.
S8, EP3 "Back to My Roots"Theresa goes to a genealogist to learn about her family history; giving a message from a spirit to a devastated family.
S8, EP2 "Dog Eat Dog Summer"Continuing to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary, Larry and Theresa visit the oil company where they first met; Theresa reads the woman who holds the job she had 25 years ago.
S8, EP1 "25 and Counting"Theresa and Larry visit the restaurant where they had their first date; Victoria takes her mother ziplining; Larry Jr. starts packing to move out.
S7, EP16 "Christmas Special"Theresa gets the family involved in a charity event at her father's firehouse; reconnecting a couple with their son and reuniting a single mother with husband she lost to cancer.
S7, EP15 "On the Road: DC"Theresa is surprising unsuspecting viewers with readings in the nations capitol; connecting a group of sisters with their deceased mother.
S7, EP14 "Behind the Read V"Experiences from Theresa's past; clients describe how readings changed their lives since their encounters with Theresa.
S7, EP13 "Gone Fishing"Since Theresa got the swimming pool she wanted last year, Larry wants a koi pond installed. Theresa reconnects one of the men installing the pond with his father.
S7, EP12 "Never Before Seen"Theresa gives an exclusive look into previous readings that have never before been seen on television.
S7, EP11 "Put up Your Dukes"Larry encourages Theresa to take a self-defense class to protect herself; Theresa does a reading for her new sensei.
S7, EP10 "Family Fundraiser"Theresa does a large group reading as a fundraiser for autism to support her cousins; reconnecting a waitress with her fiance who passed before they could marry.
S7, EP9 "Horsing Around"Larry revisits his childhood passion for horseback riding. Later, Theresa reunites a single mother with her husband who passed away in a tragic accident.
S7, EP8 "Caputo Luau"Larry Jr. wants to have a backyard barbecue with friends, but Theresa turns it into a family luau. Later, Theresa reconnects a man with the spirit of his friend, just as he had dreamed.
S7, EP7 "Ugly Truckling"Theresa decides to give her father's truck a makeover without telling him; shocking a mechanic with amazing validations.
S7, EP6 "New Dog, Old Tricks"The family deals with the loss of their dog, Petey; Victoria wants to get a new dog, but Theresa objects; a reading for a skeptical woman.
S7, EP5 "Put a Ring on It"Larry Jr. is moving in with his girlfriend and Theresa insists they get engaged first; a powerful group reading with an important message for siblings.
S7, EP4 "Helmet Head"Larry participates in a charity motorcycle run; Theresa encounters a man who blames himself for his son's death.
S7, EP3 "In the Out Door"Theresa preps for her first colonoscopy; a man hopes to connect with his deceased wife during a reading.
S7, EP2 "On the Road: Las Vegas Part II"Theresa is still on the road and is surprising fans in Las Vegas; saving the surprise when a woman shows up early; a woman's deceased son makes his presence known.
S7, EP1 "On the Road: Las Vegas Part I"Theresa is on the road doing readings in Las Vegas; the whole family comes along; Theresa surprises a woman at her bachelorette party.
S6, EP18 "On the Road: New Orleans"Theresa is on the road, getting beignets and Mardi Gras beads for some surprise readings in New Orleans.
S6, EP17 "Behind the Read 4"Revisiting some of Theresa's past clients and memorable reads shows that there is more to reading than meets the eye.
S6, EP16 "The Show Must Go On"A group reading for a charity at a historic New York theater. Reconnecting a woman and her father who died in a car accident while they were not speaking.
S6, EP15 "Prayers for Petey"The health of the Caputo's dog, Petey, starts to decline; a woman and her deceased husband; the family of a son who died in a motorcycle accident.
S6, EP14 "Ashes to Art"Theresa and Larry start planning their own funerals; reconnecting a woman and her husband; a deceased woman and her husband's new wife.
S6, EP13 "Sage is the Rage"Theresa burns sage at her brother's house warming party, without telling him first. Theresa reconnects a woman with her son.
S6, EP12 "A Portrait"A portrait of Theresa and Larry; bringing comfort to a woman who lost two daughters within months of each other.
S6, EP11 "Out of the Attic"It is Spring Cleaning time and Theresa cannot seem to let anything go; Theresa brings up an unusual item a woman put in her mother's coffin.
S6, EP10 "It Ain't Easy Being Me"Larry and Theresa trade lives for a day when Larry gets upset at Theresa's spending habits; helping grieving parents who lost their teenage son.
S6, EP9 "Theresa Visits Jail"Theresa does a group reading in a Long Island prison; a touching connection with a woman and her family.
S6, EP8 "Chinese New Year"Theresa celebrates Chinese New Year for the first time; Theresa brings comfort to several generations of a family.
S6, EP7 "Medium Love"Theresa takes control of her Valentine's Day plans; unanticipated forces; connecting a long-deceased man with his sister.
S6, EP6 "Back to School"Theresa tries her hand at an Italian class; a reading reconnects an adopted girl with her deceased father.
S6, EP5 "The Juice Is Loose"Theresa buys a juicer and bets with Larry on how much weight she will lose; Theresa connects a man with his brother.
S6, EP4 "Surprise Visit"Theresa pays Victoria a surprise visit when she hears her new interest. Theresa helps a woman connect with her brothers.
S6, EP3 "A Change Is A-Comin"Theresa wants to make a change to her signature hairdo; Theresa helps connect a young woman with her father.
S6, EP2 "This Nest Ain't Empty Yet"Larry Jr. gets his first full time job, and Theresa has a hard time coping; the first ever group reading in an office.
S6, EP1 "On the Road: San Francisco"In San Francisco, Calif.; helping a woman who survived an accident that claimed her best friend; cable cars and wine country.
S5, EP17 "Unseen 2"Special readings never seen before; a skeptical man hears a message from his dad; a surprise in Philadelphia leaves a woman breathless.
S5, EP16 "Christmas at the Caputo's"Larry initiates a competition between Theresa and his mother during the holidays to create the best meatballs.
S5, EP14 "On the Road: Niagara"Surprising upstate N.Y. with readings; reconnecting a grieving mother with daughter; a woman distraught after losing her husband.
S5, EP13 "Back to Normal"Larry Jr. has yet to decide if he will move out; Theresa encounters a furious woman during a reading.
S5, EP12 "Revisited"Visiting past clients affected by Theresa's messages; new messages that will help them continue to heal.
S5, EP11 "Ready to Leave"Enjoying a last supper before Victoria goes back to school; Larry Jr. wants to move out with his girlfriend; a mother hears from her son.
S5, EP10 "Bunny Love"Theresa's husband rescues a bunny from the wild, and turns the house upside down; a woman hears from her young daughter.
S5, EP9 "Just Me and V in the Catskills"Theresa and Victoria head upstate for mother-daughter bonding, and Mother Nature puts them to the test.
S5, EP8 "When There's a Will..."The kids react to Theresa and Larry making a will; spirits show up in a spin class; Theresa meets with a suffering young boy.
S5, EP7 "Diving Right In"Theresa wants to add a swimming pool to the house construction; a spirit appears like she has never seen before.
S5, EP6 "Momma's Boy"Theresa's son wants to get his motorcycle license; a woman hears details from an incident in her past.
S5, EP5 "Gluten Free V"Victoria claims she is allergic to gluten; Theresa thinks she is over-dramatic; a man hears validations from his wife than no one else would know.
S5, EP4 "Spirit Left Behind"Theresa does a private reading in her father's house and he feels there was a spirit left behind; Theresa reads her dad for the first time and is dumfounded.
S5, EP3 "Shoo Shoo Spirit"Theresa needs an alternative place to do readings because of construction; a man releases guilt from his parents' tragic passing.
S5, EP2 "Construction Zone"Theresa works on the house because of mold; Larry has no idea how big the project really is; Victoria has a new friend; a couple who lost their son receive a message.
S5, EP1 "On the Road: Philadelphia"Theresa travels to Philadelphia to surprise people with messages from loved ones; helping a mother with her son's passing; connecting a young widow to her true love.
S4, EP18 "Behind the Read 2"Revisiting past clients and memorable reads; exploring their experiences and how their lives have changed.
S4, EP17 "On the Road: Chicago"Theresa and her husband see the sights of Chicago, shock people with readings, and surprise fans with messages from loved ones.
S4, EP16 "Unseen"Theresa gives viewers an exclusive inside look into readings that have never been seen before; a spontaneous reading at a tanning salon; reading with a former detective; a house cleansing.
S4, EP15 "The Patient"A mole removed from Theresa's foot is being tested for melanoma; a couple hears from their deceased child in one of Theresa's most powerful group readings.
S4, EP14 "Once Upon a Dream"After dreaming that her husband was cheating on her, Theresa makes her husband and son take dancing lessons with her.
S4, EP13 "The Pincushion"Theresa takes Larry to acupuncture to help him quit smoking; a woman and her daughter are spooked by noises occurring in their house.
S4, EP12 "Bouffants and Bingo"After a Bingo game where Theresa once again freaks her dad out, she does a group reading to help one of the town's local organizations; three kids hear incredible messages.
S4, EP11 "Spirit on the Slopes"Larry Jr. entices his family to go skiing; Theresa becomes more concerned about how she looks rather than how she skis; a woman is amazed at the details Theresa brings up about her deceased son.
S4, EP10 "Girls Night In"Theresa invites her friends over for an overdue girls' night; a man hears an incredible message from his dad.
S4, EP9 "The Medium Matchmaker"Theresa puts readings on hold and takes on the responsibility of setting up her cousin with a new man.
S4, EP8 "Louie's Lost"The Caputo family is completely distraught after their dog Louie goes missing, but Theresa can't stop working.
S4, EP7 "Why Me"Theresa finally asks the question of why she was chosen to have this gift; a woman hears an unexpected message from her deceased mom.
S4, EP6 "The Gambler"Larry Jr. hosts a poker game at his house; in a group reading a young girl hears a validation from her deceased brother no one else would know.
S4, EP5 "Sandy Spirit"After surverying the damage from Hurricane Sandy, Theresa brings comfort to affected Long Islanders with messages from their departed loved ones.
S4, EP4 "The Royal Flush"When the Caputo's decide to redo their bathroom, Larry becomes overwhelmed with the task; Theresa experiences a spirit that leaves her in shock.
S4, EP3 "On the Road: Florida"Theresa heads down South to surprise unsuspecting fans with readings; a mother hears from her daughter who died tragically; a woman needs to know if her husband is still with her.
S4, EP2 "Theresa in Training"Theresa has always struggled with her weight and finally decides to take a few steps to lose a few pounds; in a private reading a woman finds out if her son's death was intentional.
S4, EP1 "Missing My Princess"Theresa's daughter Victoria pays the family a short visit from college and shocks them with some major changes; Theresa connects a young boy to his sister who passed away.
S3, EP17 "Behind the Read"Theresa's catches up with past clients and their readings, and hears how these readings changed their lives.
S3, EP16 "Hello College"Theresa and Larry move their daughter into college and then set off to begin the next chapter in their lives.
S3, EP15 "Halloween Spirit"Halloween is Theresa's least favorite holiday but when she gets a call to do a group reading in costume, she agrees; a mourning couple.
S3, EP14 "Like Father, Not Like Daughter"Theresa's father has always been a little freaked out by her gift, so Theresa invites him to a reading.
S3, EP13 "Theresa and the Tent"Theresa has always had a fear of enclosed spaces; Larry brings up the idea of camping; a couple discovers the reason behind their daughter's death.
S3, EP12 "Never Before Seen"Premiering footage that provides validations that have empowered people to connect with their lost ones.
S3, EP11 "FAQ"Theresa gives a look into her life as a mother and a medium; she answers fan questions about how her gift affects her daily life.
S3, EP10 "Joe Skeptic"Theresa and Larry go on a double date; a couple seeks Theresa's help for the mysterious death of their son.
S3, EP9 "The Family Photo"When Theresa suggests taking a family picture, she is met with resistance; Theresa helps a grieving woman cope with her brother's tragic death.
S3, EP8 "The Graduate"Victoria is finally graduating from high school; Theresa helps a man embrace his future after the tragedy in his life is revealed during a reading.
S3, EP7 "Beach Bonding"Theresa and her husband are off to the beach for some relaxation; Theresa shocks a woman with specific details of her deceased husband.
S3, EP6 "My Keys Now"Victoria gets into her first car accident and Theresa sympathizes with her daughter until she has another fender bender in the same week; Theresa enables a young lady to heal from the sudden loss of her mother.
S3, EP5 "The Flying Larrys"Theresa's son has recently finished his academics and wishes to skydive to show off his wild side; Theresa encounters a skeptic while cleansing a restaurant of its negative energy.
S3, EP4 "The Princess and Her Prom"As Victoria prepares for prom night, she brings her mother along, but Theresa can't help channeling spirits every step of the way.
S3, EP3 "Help Me"While Theresa's schedule is filling up, she decides to venture out of her comfort zone and hire a hand; a young man takes desperate measures in order to cope with the loss of his brother.
S3, EP2 "A Medium Surprise"With her birthday right around the corner, Larry and the kids decide to throw a surprise party for Theresa; a woman's deceased husband delivers a message to his wife that she has longed to hear.
S3, EP1 "Homecoming"When her graduating son returns home from college, Theresa tries to convince him to live at home forever; a woman is able to heal from the tragic loss of her daughter after a shocking discovery from a spirit.
S2, EP14 "Spirit and the City"Booked for a group reading in New York City, Theresa and the family take a day trip to the Big Apple.
S2, EP13 "Uneasy"Theresa is blindsided when her abilities are put to the test; Theresa realizes there is more than just "ink" support at a tattoo shop.
S2, EP12 "Apply Yourself"The pressure of her senior year wears on Victoria as Larry and Theresa emphasize the importance of college; the skeptical tables are turned on Theresa.
S2, EP11 "Bellies & Babies"Theresa worries that her presence at a baby shower might upset the mother to be after Larry Jr. starts criticizing his mother.
S2, EP10 "Long Island Romance"Larry is planning a last minute romantic night for Valentine's Day; Theresa meets with one of her biggest skeptics yet.
S2, EP9 "Wheelin' & Dealin'"Theresa urges Victoria to earn her keep; Theresa helps a woman who struggles with letting her grandmother go.
S2, EP8 "Just Like Me"Theresa's friend divulges that her son has the ability to see spirits; Theresa has an unexpected revelation when the tables are turned.
S2, EP7 "Car Crazy"Victoria tries to use her charm to get a car from her parents; Theresa helps a woman reconnect with her father that died tragically.
S2, EP6 "Spirit Al Dente"Theresa decides to take a cooking class, but a spirit gets in the way of her becoming an expert chef.
S2, EP5 "Christmas Spirit"Theresa spreads the gift of giving when she brings her family to a soup kitchen; a skeptic is left in absolute shock.
S2, EP4 "Poor Petey"A visit to the vet turns into more than just a checkup; Theresa reads a couple hoping to hear from their son.
S2, EP3 "Losing It"Spirits interfere with Theresa's workout at the gym; Theresa has an emotional breakdown during a reading.
S2, EP2 "Drumming and Healing"Theresa hosts a drumming circle to reground herself and get past a busy schedule, inviting her spiritual healer along to help.
S2, EP1 "Meeting the Parents"Victoria is anxious when Theresa invites her boyfriend and his parents over for dinner, thinking Theresa may start reading someone.
S1, EP9 "Sailing With Spirits"Theresa is invited to do a group reading on a cruise ship traveling to the Bahamas; Theresa's husband shocks her with the surprise of a lifetime.
S1, EP8 "Theresa Explains It All"Theresa and her family answer questions; Theresa explains what it is like being a medium and being a mother.
S1, EP7 "Blessing & a Curse"Theresa finds herself putting spirit before family; a woman is looking to hear from her deceased father.
S1, EP6 "Reconnecting"Theresa plans a trip to reconnect with her friends; a skeptic makes the relaxing trip stressful; Theresa reads for a couple who lost a close friend.
S1, EP5 "Theresa's Upgrade"Theresa receives something more advanced for taping her sessions; a woman seeks closure for her sister's death.
S1, EP4 "This Isn't Working"Theresa meets with clients in her home, much to her family's annoyance; two men connect with a friend who died suddenly.
S1, EP3 "Spirit Release"The spirit of a 6-year-old boy visits Theresa; he will not leave and it is taking an emotional toll on her.
S1, EP2 "Driving Me Nuts"In spite of her lack of skills, Theresa is recruited to teach Victoria how to drive, making a disagreeable experience for both of them.
S1, EP1 "No Turning Off"Theresa helps other families find closure but her inability to turn off her gift occasionally annoys her own family.
"Long Island Medium"Theresa Caputo lives in the real world, but she spends most of her time with spirits. Caputo is an average mom from Long Island, N.Y., in every way except one: she talks to the dead. This series chronicles the work Theresa does each day as she helps her varied clients find closure and connect with loved ones who have passed. She conducts both private and group readings and deals with skeptics as well as believers. At home, husband Larry and kids Victoria and Larry accept the work she does, although they don't always love it. In the Caputo house, dad and kids think the spirits always come first, but for Theresa there is no escaping her gift.
Theresa Caputo lives in the real world, but she spends most of her time with spirits. Caputo is an average mom from Long Island, N.Y., in every way except one: she talks to the dead. This series chronicles the work Theresa does each day as she helps her varied clients find closure and connect with loved ones who have passed. She conducts both private and group readings and deals with skeptics as well as believers. At home, husband Larry and kids Victoria and Larry accept the work she does, although they don't always love it. In the Caputo house, dad and kids think the spirits always come first, but for Theresa there is no escaping her gift.
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