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America's Dumbest CriminalsPolice and security cameras capture crooks' foolish mistakes.
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S2, EP26 "The Wrong Crustacean"A careless criminal stuffs the wrong crustacean down his pants; a parachuter runs into a little technical difficulty; a confused crook runs right into the arms of the law; an escaped con forgets his glasses.
S2, EP25 "Moronic Macarena"A crook packs his bags and makes a run for it; a kid does a moronic Macarena on a friend's car; a salivating senior expresses his feelings for a local store; a guy in his birthday suit gets pulled over for speeding.
S2, EP24 "Halloween Hoodlum"A halloween hoodlum picks the wrong clerk to hold up; an arguing couple lets a cop settle their differences; a bank robber gets robbed himself during his getaway; a crook gets caught with the goods after a car accident.
S2, EP23 "An Indecent Proposal"Coffee-pot desecration; burglar is caught with his pants down; robber asks victim for jumper cables to start getaway car.
S2, EP22 "Dress for Success"A drunk does some landscaping; a crook takes a pit stop; a burglar dresses for success; a suspect's last word.
S2, EP21 "Follow-the-Loser"Kids have a counter fit; a man has a room with a view; cops play follow-the-loser; a woman shares secrets about her arts and crafts.
S2, EP20 "Chilly Willy Strikes a Pose"A chilly willy strikes a pose; a pinhead poaches a puppy; a felon gets his day in court; a chatty person expresses her thoughts.
S2, EP19 "A Boatload of Bozos"People toss more than their cookies during a high-speed chase; a spaced-out suspect films home movies; a masked person hitches the wrong ride home; a mugger makes a move on the wrong couple.
S2, EP18 "A Soggy Suspect"Shoplifter wears stolen jacket to court; thief's attire reveals his name; surveillance cameras capture crook's antics.
S2, EP17 "Rookie Robber"A driver hands over more than his license; newlyweds receive an unforgettable gift; rookie robbers make a poor first impression; officers catch two criminals.
S2, EP16 "Roller Bullies""Roller Bullies"; "Motorhome Madman"; "Breaking of a Habit"; "Monkey Not See, Monkey Do."
S2, EP15 "Lights, Camera, Busted""Lights, Camera, Busted"; "A Gutsy Gal Applying Herself"; "All Dressed Up"; "You Want Butter on Your Fingers?"
S2, EP14 "Helping Hands""Helping Hands"; "Walked Dog"; "Curbed Brain"; "Chasing Lamey"; "Shorts of Breath."
S2, EP13 "The Boulder, The Stupider""The Boulder, the Stupider"; "Moon Over First Fed"; "Brothers Cool Off"; "Road Flasher."
S2, EP12 "Easy Offed"Fleeing bank robber has an accident; officers pursue speeder; shoplifter.
S2, EP11 "Caught Off Guard""Caught Off Guard"; "Squirrel Nut Speeder"; "Not Out of the Woods"; "One Moment Please."
S2, EP10 "Crate Escape""Crate Escape"; "Bad News Boobs"; "Gotta Be the Shoes"; "Pit Stop."
S2, EP9 "Shell Shocked""Shell Shocked"; "Swipe and Wipe"; "Heist Anxiety"; "Rice Man Cometh."
S2, EP8 "Bottled Up Robber""Bottled Up Robber"; "Fumigation Burglar"; "Rocky Mountain High."
S2, EP7 "Courting Trouble""Courting Trouble"; "Batter Up"; "Dumbin' in the Rough"; "Restaurant Roof Clown."
S2, EP6 "Stuffed Turkey""Stuffed Turkey"; "Swamp Things"; "Taunting Car Robber"; "Safe Quakers."
S2, EP5 "Asinine Alibis""Asinine Alibis"; "Santa Clogs"; "Swinging Single"; "Diamonds Are a Kid's Best Friend."
S2, EP4 "Dial-A-Narc"Thief tries to wash ink-stained money; crooks break into police-filled van; prospective drug buyer accidentally pages a narcotics agent.
S2, EP3 "Keyless Klutz"Man who stole a car calls locksmith for help; woman wielding an unplugged chain saw attempts a holdup; drunken man arrives for road test.
S2, EP2 "Towing Nowhere Fast""Out of the Frying Pan"; "Towing Nowhere Fast"; "Starving Stooge"; "Always on the Job."
S2, EP1 "Sticking to the Job"Drunken driver tries to place an order for fast food at the police station's drive-up intercom; teenager attempts to siphon gas from sewage tank.
S1, EP26 "Bad Luck Brown"A criminal who has bad luck; surveillance cam footage of a man pilfering pork chops; a criminal who was just faking it; segments include "Bad Luck Brown," "Pilfering Pork Chops" and "Faking It."
S1, EP25 "DUI Elvis"A drunken driver is under the influence of Elvis; a camouflaged car high-speed chase; a petty thief meets a caped crusader; "Search Me"; "Joker's Wild"; "Car Trouble."
S1, EP24 "Search Me"A cooperative criminal; a casino full of criminals; criminals with car troubles; "Search Me"; "Joker's Wild"; "Car Trouble."
S1, EP23 "Debriefing"A criminal thinks he's lucky; footage from a sting; a person gets caught in his own trap; "Debriefing"; "We're Gonna Get You"; "Taxing Driver."
S1, EP22 "One Way Ticket to Jail"A criminal tries to blend in; a guy in a bra; criminals deconstruct; "One Way Ticket to Jail"; "The Bro in the Bra"; "Mental Blocks."
S1, EP21 "Crime Time Live"Drunk driver with bad excuse; surveillance footage reveals a breaking and entering; crapshooter.
S1, EP20 "Tooling Around Town"Two criminals with short-term memory; two women dress up for an arrest; a family crime; "Tooling Around Town"; "Dressed for Arrest"; "It's All Relative."
S1, EP19 "Something More Comfortable"A lady from Pasadena tells a secret; X-ray footage; purse snatchers; "Something More Comfortable"; "Diamond in the Roughage"; "Picture This."
S1, EP18 "An Affair to Forget"Surveillance footage reveals a criminal's new dance step; featured segments include "Bust a Move" and "Dumb Drumroll."
S1, EP17 "Beer Box Bandit"The Beer Box Bandit is a truly useless burglar, and residential burglars are caught with the help of a bunch of silver dollars.
S1, EP16 "He Can't Run"A criminal tries to hide, but can't run; a criminal tries to be an escape artist; man at laundromat.
S1, EP15 "A Real Drunk Driver"A drunken driver gets more than he bargained for; convenience store surveillance footage; a glad bag turns into a sad sack; "A Real Drunken Driver"; "Store From Hell"; "Sad Sack."
S1, EP14 "Who Is It?"Hospitable dopers; criminals in a jewelry store; a disarmed and dangerous criminal; "Who is It?"; "No Cops Here"; "In Arms Way."
S1, EP13 "Name Game"Twin criminals; surveillance-cam footage; dog and a criminal clash; "Name Game"; "Hi Mom"; "I'm on TV"; "Bow-Ow-Www."
S1, EP12 "Buck Naked"A flasher falls asleep; a shoplifting film fest; a drug deal goes wrong; "Buck Naked"; "Attention Shoplifters"; "Photo Finish."
S1, EP11 "Skunk Driver"Segments include Skunk Driver, Oh, My Aching Back and Watch the Lights.
S1, EP10 "10-Year Cab Ride"Cab ride; a criminal uses his head; a bad payday; "10-Year Cab Ride"; "Head Start"; "Crime Doesn't Pay."
S1, EP9 "Don't Call the Police"Drunken driver straddles retaining wall; man chokes on stolen hot dog; robber begs cop not to call police; drive-through bank robbery.
S1, EP8 "Social Climber"A social climber falls fast; a cat's stolen whiskers; a re-enactment incident; "Social Climber"; "The Cat's Meow"; "Tie Tack Terror."
S1, EP7 "Fooled You"Flight from the second story; five fleeing fugitives captured together; criminal hides under house.
S1, EP6 "The Bagman"A bank robber with no car; a criminal gets a special delivery; a criminal learns about gravity; "The Bagman"; "Special Delivery"; "This Guy is Falling."
S1, EP5 "Kickstand Blues"A dye bomb explodes in a bank robber's pants; a man steals every video camera in a store except the one taping his crime.
S1, EP4 "Pull Over and Wake Up"A criminal falls asleep while driving; criminals on ice; "All Spruced Up"; "Pull Over and Wake Up"; "Dumb Criminals on Ice."
S1, EP3 "Two Bits"A woman bails out on her boyfriend; scary footage has a happy ending; dumb DUI excuse.
S1, EP2 "Funky Footwork"A hysterical driver creates suspicion; a robbery suspect talks too much; a woman cannot hide from a surveillance camera.
S1, EP1 "Return to Cinder"Aegments indlude Return to Cinder, Cooking with Crack and Yabba Dabba Dude.
Police and security cameras capture crooks' foolish mistakes.
Original Air Date: Jan 26, 1996
Genres: RealityTV Series
Rating: TVPG
Playback: HD
2 seasons available on demand (52 episodes)
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