Light Duty
S3, EP8 "Light Duty"
On Demand
Abishola and Kemi take Christina to see a Yoruba priest, where she learns that her toxic relationship with her mother may be stifling her growth; Bob deals with the fallout of promoting Kofo over Goodwin when Goodwin has a panic attack at work.
Original Air Date: Nov 30, 2021 • CBS • 30m
Fumble in the Dark
S3, EP7 "Fumble in the Dark"
On Demand
Abishola and Kemi are conflicted as to how to handle Morenike after she confides her deepest secret to them; when Bob gets credit for Christina's idea for a Twitter marketing campaign, she considers leaving MaxDot.
Original Air Date: Nov 08, 2021 • CBS • 21m
The Devil's Throuple
S3, EP6 "The Devil's Throuple"
On Demand
Abishola is caught in the middle when Morenike agrees to be the "plus one" in Kemi and Chukwuemeka's relationship; when Bob refuses to pay for Douglas' company car, he learns what it's like to live on a budget.
Original Air Date: Nov 01, 2021 • CBS • 19m
Greasy Badge of Honor
S3, EP5 "Greasy Badge of Honor"
On Demand
After indulging in a luxurious girls' day with Dottie and Christina, Abishola worries she's losing touch with her humble Nigerian roots; Goodwin feels threatened when Kofo gets a pitch meeting with Bob.
Original Air Date: Oct 18, 2021 • CBS • 19m
Old Strokey
S3, EP4 "Old Strokey"
On Demand
With Bob and Abishola settling into married life, Dottie feels pushed aside and decides to run away from home; Goodwin and Kofo bring a domestic dispute to MaxDot.
Original Air Date: Oct 11, 2021 • CBS • 19m
S3, EP3 "Dud"
On Demand
After returning home from their wedding in Nigeria, Abishola moves into Bob's house and redecorates to make the place her own.
Original Air Date: Oct 04, 2021 • CBS • 18m
S3, EP2 "Bowango"
On Demand
With a traditional Nigerian wedding approaching, the Wheelers are formally introduced to Abishola's family; Bob tries to demonstrate his serious intentions of marrying Abishola; Abishola tries to keep the peace between her mother and Auntie Olu.
Original Air Date: Sep 27, 2021 • CBS • 21m