On the Case With Paula Zahn

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On the Case With Paula ZahnVeteran journalist Paula Zahn steps out of the studio and into the field to unravel criminal investigations, tracking the drama of each story by featuring the opinions of those closest to the case, including law enforcement officials, the families of the victims and the incarcerated, lawyers from both sides, and first-time TV interviews with convicted murderers.
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S26, EP12 "Love Lost, Justice Found"Chilling evidence found inside a quaint Utah bookstore brings the killer of its beloved owner to justice.
S26, EP12 "A Murder in Red Cliff"A woman's crusade to teach children to read may have led to her murder; police ultimately realize their only hope of finding an answer is to follow the clues left behind by the victim.
S26, EP11 "Righting a Wrong"A look at a witness account that could lead a small-town police department in the wrong direction as it tries to solve the murder of a friend.
S26, EP9 "Where is Jonelle?"Someone abducts a 12-year-old girl returning home from her church choir recital, staying alone for less than one hour.
S26, EP8 "Text, Lies and Video"A daughter receives an odd text from her mother's phone claiming she left town with a new man, which is the first clue that something is very wrong; the ensuing investigation uncovers more troubling evidence proving her worst fears have come true.
S26, EP7 "A Quest for Justice"A young mother is murdered inside her home, and her family hopes to help put her killer behind bars.
S26, EP6 "Tragedy in Visalia"The abduction of a young girl sends a relentless detective on a quest to bring justice to her heartbroken family.
S26, EP5 "Voice for the Nameless"Police must track down the vicious killer of two separate Jane Doe victims, murdered in a shockingly similar way.
S26, EP4 "A Lifetime of Grief"Painful questions torment a loving husband after his wife's brutal murder; in particular, the community's doubts about whether he had been her killer.
S26, EP3 "Justice Frozen"The police look to find the killer of an unidentified woman found bound, frozen and shot to death in the mountains of Utah.
S26, EP2 "Faith and Duty"A mysterious late-night call requesting last rites for a loved one leads to the shocking murder of a beloved priest.
S26, EP1 "Follow the Blood"Police trace a trail of blood in an attempt to catch a cold and calculating killer.
S25, EP17 "Pretty Pink Bicycle"A young girl vanishes on a trip to the mailbox; her abandoned pink bicycle may be the key to solving the disturbing mystery.
S25, EP16 "Confessions and Lies"The investigation of a brutal murder forces police to challenge both confessions and lies.
S25, EP15 "Disconnected Story"The police must identify the killer of a young mother based only on her frantic words in a disconnected 911 call.
S25, EP14 "New Years Eve Nightmare"A woman finds a young mother murdered following a festive New Year's celebration.
S25, EP13 "Blood-Stained Reputation"Police must analyze a long emotional and rage-filled 911 call to see if it was made by by a distraught husband or a killer trying to cover his tracks.
S25, EP12 "A Bad Man Hurt Mommy"A puzzling crime scene, disturbing evidence and a young mother murdered; police are determined to bring her killer to justice.
S25, EP11 "A Call for Answers"After police find a young mother bound and murdered in her bedroom, her family challenges police to bring a heartless killer to justice.
S25, EP10 "Unthinkable Betrayal"Police must solve the murder of a young mother who was savagely strangled to death in her bed while her two young sons slept just steps away; decades of investigating reveal an unthinkable betrayal of trust.
S25, EP9 "The Mother She Never Knew"A teenage girl discovers her mother's true identity, along with a telegram that says she's been murdered; her crusade to bring a killer to justice may also bring her closer to the woman she never knew.
S25, EP8 "A Fairy Tale Ruined"A neighborhood garage sale ends in a hail of gunfire; police chase a cold-blooded killer who was caught in the act by surveillance cameras.
S25, EP7 "The Year of Fear"The murder of a college student in her off-campus apartment leads police to believe the killer may be someone she knew, and the investigation threatens to tear her grieving family apart.
S25, EP6 "Changing Stories"When a young girl vanishes under mysterious circumstances, police must discover if she simply ran away or was actually the victim of something far more sinister.
S25, EP5 "Room 106"The chilling murder of Lee Rotatori and the bizarre crime scene evidence police found inside her motel room mark the beginning of a heartbreaking homicide investigation with multiple victims.
S25, EP3 "Graduation to Murder"After the murder of a young girl walking to school, police race to catch her killer before he can destroy another loving family.
S25, EP2 "Jenny's Story"A homicide and its disturbing details devastate a teenager's loving family, leaving a tight-knit community to wonder if their loved one could become the next victim.
S25, EP1 "From Zero to Murder"Police investigating the murder of a young woman start to wonder if the ambush-style shooting that ended the victim's life resulted from a case of mistaken identity.
S24, EP16 "Lost Life, Evidence Found"Puzzling clues and odd witness accounts create huge challenges for investigators who are trying to solve a girl's murder.
S24, EP15 "A Needle in the Mud"A young mother vanishes, leaving behind nothing but puzzling clues and disturbing questions; a needle in the mud may reveal the truth behind her disappearance.
S24, EP14 "A Spiderweb of Tragedy"As police try to solve a disturbing homicide, each step of the investigation reveals another layer in a spiderweb of tragedy.
S24, EP13 "The Smallest Clue"A murdered teenager's body mysteriously turns up in the rural Iowa countryside; the smallest clue could be the key to bringing her killer to justice.
S24, EP12 "Where Is Miya?"A college student disappears, and her family launches a desperate investigation to find her; what they discover changes their lives forever.
S24, EP11 "Shadowy Figures"The search for the man who murdered a single mother might lead police to the perpetrator of a second brutal crime with chilling similarities.
S24, EP10 "Eyes in the Darkness"The baffling murder of a young woman leads police to two potential suspects: her new boyfriend and an obsessed stalker.
S24, EP9 "Don't Open the Door"An unidentified woman is found callously murdered in an off-campus apartment; police have no leads on the case until her terrified neighbor shares a chilling story.
S24, EP8 "Dance to Doom"A romantic date at a high school Valentine's dance turns into a night of terror when a teenager is abducted from her boyfriend's arms at gunpoint.
S24, EP7 "Hammer and Dust"After a loving mother is murdered inside her own home, police focus on their two best clues -- a blood-stained hammer and a dusty footprint.
S24, EP6 "Blood Reveals the Sword"Police find a giant sword bent in half, alongside a victim who has been savagely murdered; investigators must sort through the details of his complicated life to bring his killer to justice.
S24, EP5 "FLRT 12"Police wonder if a young woman's personalized license plate, FLRT 12, makes her the target for murder or if a far more sinister plot is behind the crime.
S24, EP4 "Dark Clouds Lead to a Storm"A beautiful young woman turns up savagely murdered in a bar parking lot; as investigators retrace her last known steps, several suspects who have possible motives are identified.
S24, EP3 "Capable of Murder"As police investigate the gruesome murder of a mother and child, they realize all the evidence indicates the killer is someone the victims knew and trusted.
S24, EP2 "Hauntingly Familiar"Investigators must overturn a shocking decision before they can solve the hauntingly familiar murder of a teenager.
S24, EP1 "A Mother Knows"A female active-duty soldier dies in a brutal attack during a night out with members of her unit; police try to determine if a secret fear she mentioned to her mother is the motive for her murder.
S23, EP16 "Precious Jane Doe"After a young woman is viciously murdered, police launch a two-part investigation; one to find her killer and a second to identify his victim, Precious Jane Doe.
S23, EP15 "A Secret Meeting"After a teenager mysteriously disappears, police must determine if a secret meeting with a young man led to her murder.
S23, EP14 "A Cracked Alibi"If investigators can't find the crack in their suspect's seemingly air-tight alibi, a cold-blooded killer will elude justice.
S23, EP13 "Alarm and Betrayal"Police must unravel a puzzling mystery when a beloved father and real estate executive is ambushed in his office.
S23, EP12 "Gone in a Blink"A teenager waiting for her friends to give her a ride home from work suddenly disappears; when her friends arrive, they find terrifying evidence of her abduction.
S23, EP11 "Unthinkable Harm"When a teenager is found savagely stabbed to death in her home, police hope a trail of blood found at the crime scene will lead them to her killer.
S23, EP10 "Web of Torment"The abduction of a young mother from a crowded hospital parking lot is the beginning of a terrifying mystery that torments her loved ones for decades.
S23, EP9 "No Escape"A young woman's disappearance marks the beginning of a heartbreaking murder mystery; a clue discovered by a child could be the key to catching his mother's killer.
S23, EP8 "The Smallest of Clues"A burned-out car and a blood-stained bedroom reveal the chilling murder of a community pillar; the smallest of clues could lead police to her heartless killer.
S23, EP7 "Justice for Angie"After a young girl disappears from her bus stop, a search reveals that her terrifying abduction has ended in a homicide; as police mount a tireless search to find her killer, the community rallies together to get justice for Angie.
S23, EP6 "Terror in Terra Haute"When a young college student is abducted from her campus parking lot, it marks the beginning of a terrifying crime wave on a quiet college campus.
S23, EP5 "What Happened to Sarah"A 14-year-old girl's mysterious runaway note raises difficult questions for police; investigators consider if someone close to her pieced together writing from her journals to cover up an unthinkable crime.
S23, EP4 "Terrifying Connections"When a 15-year-old boy vanishes under mysterious circumstances, police fear the worst; it appears the case has terrifying connections to a serial killer who leaves a trail of bloodshed across the region.
S23, EP3 "Circled by Vultures"A tourist takes a photo of vultures in Joshua Tree National Park and inadvertently discovers a gruesome homicide.
S23, EP2 "Trail of a Monster"The murder of a respected health care aide sends a chill through her community; when the investigation reveals several shockingly similar crimes, police realize they've uncovered the trail of a monster.
S22, EP8 "Evidence Lost, Justice Found"A young woman riding her bicycle is forced off the road and savagely murdered. Police chase her killer for decades until an overlooked clue ultimately leads to justice.
S22, EP7 "Cali-Doe"When a young girl is found murdered in Caledonia, N.Y., police struggle to identify her; the tragedy leads the town to make her one of its own with the name Cali-Doe.
S22, EP6 "Follow That Car"When a loving father is found murdered execution-style in his own home, investigators must follow the trail of his missing car to find his cold-blooded killer.
S22, EP5 "Clearing the Docket"A teenager vanishes during a walk to the store on a cold winter night; the next morning police find her lifeless body in a snowbank six miles away.
S22, EP4 "It Won't End Well"A young woman's strange encounter with a man outside her home becomes the thread that unravels a terrifying murder mystery.
S22, EP3 "A Blue Raincoat"After a young girl disappears on her way home from school, police find her blue raincoat 30 miles away, which marks the start of a heartbreaking homicide investigation.
S22, EP2 "A Complicated Relationship"A beloved mother of four disappears just days after her stepdaughter vanished; police investigate their complicated relationship.
S22, EP1 "A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing"A compassionate and outgoing woman's dream vacation turns into a deadly nightmare when she crosses paths with a wolf in sheep's clothing.
S21, EP9 "A Storm of Rage"A beautiful young mother vanishes just hours before the deadliest hurricane in Texas history; the investigation forces her loved ones to weather a storm and then survive a tempest.
S21, EP8 "Gone in Less Than 3 Minutes"A teenage lifeguard vanishes from a community swimming hole less than three minutes after her mother dropped her off for work.
S21, EP7 "A Brand New Dress"A girl leaves her house following an argument and never returns, triggering a desperate search to find her.
S21, EP6 "Christina's Story"A young girl vanishes while walking her dog on a military base, prompting a missing persons case that captivates the nation.
S21, EP5 "Follow the Footprints"When the lifeless body of a young girl is found on the shore of the Feather River, police hope that following a trail of footsteps and discarded articles of clothing will lead them to her killer.
S21, EP4 "When, Where and Who?"When a 15-year-old girl vanishes from her front porch, police must uncover when she was last seen, where she might have been going and who would have wanted her dead.
S21, EP3 "A Jewel Stolen"After a young mother is found murdered in her own home, investigators must untangle a web of lies using wiretaps and secret recordings to ultimately pick up the trail of her cold-blooded killer.
S21, EP2 "A Murder in Thunderbolt"A couple are gunned down in front of their Thunderbolt, Ga., home in an apparent robbery gone wrong.
S21, EP1 "Crime and Injustice"In February 1976 19-year-old Michelle Mitchell vanished from a well-lit parking lot in Reno, Nev.; the young woman's disappearance would quickly be at the center of one of the most complex and disturbing cases in the state's history.
S20, EP15 "A Heartbreaking Discovery"A young mother disappears and police painstakingly retrace her last known movements; the trail of clues they uncover leads to a shocking and heartbreaking discovery.
S20, EP14 "A Test of Patience"The unsolved murder of a teenager torments a small Midwestern city for decades, until a relentless team of investigators finally finds the clue that breaks the case wide open.
S20, EP13 "Spreadsheet of Terror"When the body of a teenage girl is found in the Columbia River, police wonder if she was the victim of an accident or if she killed herself; however, the evidence reveals clues that lead to a disturbing murder mystery.
S20, EP12 "Lying in the Darkness"A jeep swerves off a dark stretch of road and takes the life of a loving mother; when law enforcement officials arrive, they discover evidence that reveals the accident wasn't the cause of her death.
S20, EP11 "In the Wind"A daughter's quest to see her birth mother's murder solved is complicated when police discover the prime suspect is in the wind.
S20, EP10 "A Predator in the Woods"Two young girls are lured into a deadly trap by a vicious sexual predator; the lone survivor of the attack helps police bring her best friend's killer to justice.
S20, EP8 "Long Walk, Cold Night"When a teenage girl is found murdered after a night out with a friend, the police must retrace her final steps to find her killer.
S20, EP7 "Evidence Never Lies"A young woman is found drowned in her bathtub, and the evidence at the crime scene indicates her killer was someone she knew and trusted.
S20, EP6 "Terror in Bedford Park"A young woman is found stabbed to death locked inside a locker at a storage facility.
S20, EP5 "Little Lamb"Investigators must identify a gunman who murdered a young mother but spared her child who was asleep in her car seat.
S20, EP4 "Wedding Day Nightmare"A young woman getting ready to be a bridesmaid at her best friend's wedding is found viciously stabbed to death in her own home.
S20, EP3 "Salt in the Wound"An independent young woman who is starting out in life on her own becomes the victim in a bizarre and vicious homicide in her apartment.
S20, EP2 "One of Us"A young records clerk at a police department is murdered on her way to work her overnight shift.
S20, EP1 "Shadow of Suspicion"A young woman travels to California in pursuit of a Hollywood dream and winds up the victim of a savage homicide.
S19, EP15 "No Body Two Crimes"After a woman disappears from her home, police work tirelessly to track her last known movements, following a trail of videotape.
S19, EP14 "The Hero Who Wasn't"A couple walks into their home during a robbery, and a deadly shootout erupts, leaving two people dead; when police begin an investigation, they discover that the home invasion may not have been what it appeared to be.
S19, EP13 "One of Their Own"After an FBI agent's daughter disappears from an airport parking lot, law enforcement officers from across the country rally to help; however, the case quickly evolves into one of the bureau's most difficult and heartbreaking homicide investigations.
S19, EP12 "Terrifying Calls"A young girl disappears on her way home from school, and the police investigate a series of terrifying calls her family received before she went missing.
S19, EP11 "Betrayal in the Mountains"A young woman's body is found at a popular campsite in the Rocky Mountains, marking the beginning of a terrifying murder mystery.
S19, EP10 "Seven Minutes of Terror"After Michael Brinkman is murdered in his home, police must figure out why the two masked home invaders stole nothing and left a series of strange clues at the crime scene.
S19, EP9 "Officer Down"A beloved detective is killed during a shootout at a downtown Atlanta hotel; his fellow officers, including his son, strive to bring the two shooters to justice.
S19, EP8 "A Secret to Kill For"After a U.S. Air Force major is found beaten to death just outside his home, police wonder whether the crime was a random act of violence or related to his top-secret job at a nearby military base.
S19, EP7 "A Mystery in Indio"After Wendi Brant, 45, is found murdered at her horse ranch, investigators study the crime scene and realize that Brant must've been killed by someone she knew and trusted.
S19, EP6 "Classified Murder"Police uncover a trail of terrifying clues while investigating a couple's disappearance; they come to suspect that the couple has fallen victim to a carefully laid trap in the classified pages of the newspaper.
S19, EP5 "A Dream Shattered"A young schoolteacher is savagely murdered in the doorway of her own home.
S19, EP4 "Twisted Justice"An unlikely pair of investigators strive to solve Elaine Fogle's murder after the case goes cold for four decades.
S19, EP2 "In Defiance of Evil"A teenager vanishes during a bike ride through Point Defiance Park in Tacoma. Wash.; the investigation into her disappearance leads police to fear that a serial killer is on the loose in Tacoma.
S19, EP1 "Driven to Murder"Police find a young woman who has been run over by her own car, marking the beginning of a terrifying murder mystery.
S18, EP16 "A Life Halted"When a young woman is savagely murdered in her own home, police must study the bloody crime scene to find the clue that will lead them to her killer.
S18, EP14 "Capitol Murder"An elected community official is found stabbed to death in his Washington, D.C., home.
S18, EP13 "Nowhere to Run"Two girls take a trip to the mall and never come home; less than 24 hours later they are found shot to death in a desolate field; investigators ask whether they were killed by someone they knew or a notorious serial killer.
S18, EP12 "Rocky Mountain Mystery"When a young woman disappears on a cold night in Breckenridge Colo., one of the state's darkest mysteries begins.
S18, EP11 "Cloud of Darkness"A college student disappears in broad daylight after an afternoon of sunbathing at a busy lake; the mystery deepens when her wallet is found along with personal items belonging to another victim of a violent crime.
S18, EP10 "The Truth Never Dies"When a young woman is found shot to death in her home, police are baffled; then a cryptic letter from a mysterious source sends the investigation down a twisting road to the truth.
S18, EP9 "Never the Same"A woman and her teenage daughter are savagely murdered in their own home; police find clues at the crime scene, including a bloody bare footprint and an unharmed 3-year-old girl with a heartbreaking story.
S18, EP8 "Before Her Eyes"A teenage couple out on a date are ambushed by a gun-wielding madman; the lone survivor's heartbreaking account may hold the key to bringing a cold-blooded killer to justice.
S18, EP7 "A Handful of Coins"When a loving mother is found gunned down just steps from her front door, police in her small town are baffled; as the investigation unfolds their initial confusion will quickly boil over into outrage.
S18, EP6 "Smoke and Lies"Police investigate a residential house fire and discover it was intentionally set to cover up a savage murder; they hunt for evidence that may have survived the fire.
S18, EP5 "Good Morning, Goodnight and Goodbye"A 16-year-old girl disappears on her way to visit friends; as police retrace her last known movements, they uncover evidence she may have been kidnapped by an international human trafficking ring.
S18, EP4 "Rumors Lies and Murder"After two sisters are found murdered, police find evidence painting a grim picture of the heartbreaking double homicide.
S18, EP3 "While Her Children Slept"After a 4-year-old girl finds her mother's lifeless body, police must try to unravel a puzzling mystery; during the murder investigation, they must rule out multiple suspects before arriving at the unlikely killer.
S18, EP2 "She's Gone"A young girl is kidnapped from her bed in the middle of the night; later, she is found dead in a nearby canal, marking the beginning of one of Salt Lake City's most notorious child murder investigations.
S18, EP1 "A Hero Betrayed"When a hero firefighter is found savagely murdered in his own home, the trail of evidence leads police on a twisting and tension-filled journey to justice.
S17, EP19 "Blood Secrets"A beloved grandmother is savagely murdered during a life-and-death struggle; a family secret may be the key to bringing her heartless killer to justice.
S17, EP18 "A Face and a Voice"When a young teacher is murdered in her home, police must rely on the eyewitness testimony of a young neighbor who saw her killer lurking outside her window.
S17, EP17 "Alone With Evil"A young mother is strangled to death during her overnight shift at an office building.
S17, EP16 "History Repeats Itself"After a young mother vanishes, her trail goes cold, then a shocking discovery reveals that history repeats itself.
S17, EP15 "No Goodbyes"A mother arrives home to have lunch with her teenage daughter and walks into a nightmare she will never forget.
S17, EP14 "Unchecked Violence"When a senior at Ohio State University goes missing, it marks the beginning of a terrifying murder mystery.
S17, EP13 "The Depths of Evil"While searching for a missing mother, police discover evidence that puts them on the trail of a deadly sexual predator.
S17, EP12 "Lethal Offer"While a predator leaves a trail of destruction in his wake, it may fall to a teenage girl to bring an end to his reign of terror.
S17, EP11 "In the Dead of Night"Police must retrace a teenager's last known movements if they hope to find out when and where she crossed paths with her killer.
S17, EP10 "Buried Dreams"A woman relentlessly investigates her daughter's disappearance leading police to a terrifying string of murders.
S17, EP9 "Terrifying Clues"A young woman's late-night call from a pay phone is transformed into the scene of a terrifying abduction.
S17, EP8 "Shifting Stories"After a beautiful young woman vanishes, investigators must sort through a series of puzzling clues to solve a deadly mystery.
S17, EP7 "A Bridge Too Far"Just hours after a popular teenager is reported missing, her lifeless body is discovered under a nearby bridge; police must sort through her puzzling last hours alive to bring a ruthless killer to justice.
S17, EP6 "Taken From Her Bed"An 8-year-old girl disappears from her bedroom in the middle of the night.
S17, EP5 "Terror in Waupaca"A young girl is abducted while playing outside her grandmother's house.
S17, EP4 "Where's Crystal"After a young mother goes missing during a Fourth of July weekend, it marks the beginning of a disturbing mystery, one that will devastate a loving family and tear a small community apart.
S17, EP3 "A Different Time"Fourteen-year-old Barbara Rowan disappears after leaving home with a baseball mitt on a warm summer afternoon; a neighbor tells investigators that the missing teenager left to meet her "coach," even though she doesn't play organized sports.
S17, EP2 "Long Sought Truth"It takes decades for investigators to follow the evidence to the long-sought-after truth behind the terrifying abduction and murder of 20-year-old Leslie Long, a young mother of three.
S17, EP1 "Notes From a Killer"When a young girl disappears from a quiet suburban street, it marks the beginning of a terrifying game of cat and mouse between police and her abductor.
S16, EP16 "A Daughter's Quest"A young woman's search for her birth mother leads to a quest for justice.
S16, EP15 "Last Night Before Murder"A young mother inexplicably disappears in the middle of the night only to be found savagely murdered the next morning, prompting police to retrace the tumultuous events of her last night on Earth.
S16, EP14 "A Lifetime of Questions"As a 4-year-old girl, Heidi Jones discovered her mother's lifeless body on the living room floor; now, as an adult, Jones guides police on a relentless quest to find her mother's killer.
S16, EP13 "River of Sorrow"A young woman is savagely murdered while fishing along the Platte River.
S16, EP12 "As She Lay Dying"A young mother is viciously stabbed in broad daylight, and her final words may provide police with the key to catching her killer.
S16, EP11 "Scattered Clues, Shattered Lives"A wave of fear sweeps across Aurora, Colo., after two similar crimes are committed just days apart, and police race to stop a hammer-wielding killer before he strikes again.
S16, EP10 "In the Shadows of Home"The body of a teenager is found savagely murdered just steps from her home; when the investigation stalls, police are approached by a brave young woman who is willing to risk her own safety to get justice.
S16, EP9 "In the Blink of an Eye"A convenience store worker is abducted from behind the counter in the middle of the night, becoming the first of three women to disappear from their small town under shockingly similar circumstances.
S16, EP8 "A Predator in Deerfield"When a young woman and her 6-month-old child disappear off the quiet streets of Deerfield Beach, Fla., it is the beginning of a terrifying murder mystery.
S16, EP7 "A Murder in Coralville"A young woman is found shot to death near a dirt road; police hope the bullet found at the scene will unmask her killer.
S16, EP6 "Stacy's Story"A mother finds her teenage daughter murdered in their own home; decades later, a few drops of blood are discovered and may hold the key to solving the cold case.
S16, EP5 "That's Him!"A successful car salesman is killed in a hail of gunfire that erupts on his front porch.
S16, EP4 "Deadly Hymn"The murder of a beloved and talented church organist sends police on a disturbing search for answers.
S16, EP3 "Twisted Lies"In Las Vegas, 41-year-old Nancy Menke, a mother of four, is found handcuffed and murdered in the passenger seat of her car; a records clerk in the insurance fraud unit stumbles upon a strange report that blows open Menke's murder case.
S16, EP2 "Stolen Dreams"John Greathouse finds his stepdaughter, Kelli Bailey, murdered in her bedroom; investigators find a video tape and a dead man's forged check and hope these clues will be the keys to bringing Bailey's cold-blooded killer to justice.
S16, EP1 "A Nightmare in Idaho Falls"Reeda Roundy and Betty Gray are found murdered in Roundy's home, along with a message written in blood, saying "Satan Loves You;" detectives piece together the stunning truth behind the murders with insights provided by the victims' families.
S15, EP13 "River of Tears"A young woman's lifeless body is found on the bank of a shallow river, and there's a note in her pocket that may point to her killer.
S15, EP12 "Sirens in the Night"A young woman's body is found in the ashes of a fire.
S15, EP11 "Unanswered Questions"Patti Berry disappears on the way to pick up her child at the babysitter's, then her body is found in a secluded wooded area not far from her abandoned blood-soaked car.
S15, EP10 "A Deadly Omen"A teenager vanishes from a movie theater parking lot.
S15, EP9 "Trail of Betrayal"After missing newlyweds are found murdered, family members and friends point fingers at each other, leading investigators to believe someone close to the victims is responsible for their deaths.
S15, EP8 "Deadly Riddle"Nine days after 11-year-old Mary Stiles goes missing while trick-or-treating, a letter arrives at the police station leading investigators to Stiles' body; then, investigators must decipher a series of riddles before the killer strikes again.
S15, EP7 "Greed, Lies and Murder"Fifty-year-old mother of three Marilou Johnson disappears from the home of her boyfriend, Roger Blanchard, a wealthy retired businessman, then it becomes clear Johnson has met with foul play.
S15, EP6 "A Stranger Among Us"A teenager's disappearance during a visit to her hometown marks the beginning of a terrifying 30-year mystery.
S15, EP5 "Murder in Store"In San Antonio, 25-year-old video game store manager Amber Belken is murdered in an apparent robbery gone wrong, but detectives are troubled by the evidence and dig deeper.
S15, EP4 "Haunting Memories"Twenty-year-old college student Kim Montelaro goes missing from a mall parking lot, then her lifeless body is found in a ravine five miles from the mall; investigators piece together the timeline of Montelaro's last moments alive and crack the case.
S15, EP2 "Darkness in the Desert"A Las Vegas starlet mysteriously vanishes during a visit to a local spy store.
S15, EP1 "Deadly Deception"After a father of four is gunned down, police investigate, discovering that nothing about the crime is what it appears to be.
S14, EP16 "A Face With No Name"Police have DNA evidence and a videotape of their suspect, yet they still struggle to find a vicious killer.
S14, EP15 "A Hidden Clue"A hidden clue may hold the key to solving the vicious murder of a young woman.
S14, EP14 "A Betrayal Concealed"A teenager's shocking murder shatters the peace in a small town and destroys her family.
S14, EP13 "Mystery, Heartbreak and Justice"A look at three cases in which the quest for justice rages on after the verdict has been delivered.
S14, EP12 "Identical Evidence"Police discover a treasure trove of evidence after teacher Genai Coleman is found murdered in a parking lot, but detectives still face a challenge that may prevent the case from being solved.
S14, EP11 "Unfinished Journey"Jamie Bowie disappears while driving from Phoenix to Los Angeles on Interstate 10, then her body is found near the highway a month later.
S14, EP10 "Blood, Sweat and Tears"A cold case team reopens the investigation into the murder of 36-year-old Linda Robinson who was savagely murdered while her 7-year-old niece is asleep in the next room.
S14, EP9 "Dreams and Nightmares"A teenager is murdered the night before her college career was about to begin.
S14, EP8 "Deadly Paper Trail"The police follow a trail of emails, hoping it will lead them to a vicious killer.
S14, EP7 "From Dusk to Darkness"After a young girl mysteriously disappears, her family and the police undergo a tormenting journey to find a lead.
S14, EP6 "A Killer Among Friends"When a teenager is found savagely murdered, police must retrace her last steps alive to identify her killer.
S14, EP5 "Blood and Betrayal"A military police officer is found murdered in her own home, sending police on a twisted journey for answers.
S14, EP4 "Predator on the Loose"A deadly predator haunts the city of Stockton, Calif.
S14, EP3 "Path of Tears"A 14-year old girl is killed while walking her dog.
S14, EP2 "Followed Home"A mother of three is found shot to death just steps from her home.
S14, EP1 "A Nightmare in Laurel"When a young woman disappears before her final shift at a Maryland hospital, her family begins a decades-long search for answers.
S13, EP16 "The Answer Was No"Police try to retrace a young mother's last known movements in an attempt to solve her mysterious disappearance.
S13, EP15 "Deceiving Appearances"Police suspect a mysterious double homicide is not what it appears to be.
S13, EP14 "Broken Trust"After a young girl vanishes on the way home from school, her family and police embark on a search for answers.
S13, EP13 "22 Hours of Terror"A 12-year-old girl is kidnapped during a home invasion, and police frantically search for her and her abductor.
S13, EP12 "The Doorbell Rang"The ring of a doorbell overheard during a teenager's final telephone call may be the key to solving her murder.
S13, EP11 "Half Way Home"The discovery of a woman's body inside an abandoned trailer leads to a 28-year search for the person responsible for her beating death.
S13, EP10 "Courage and Conviction"A college student's battle for survival may be the key to solving a double homicide.
S13, EP9 "Mixed Signals"Cell phone records may help solve the disturbing murder of a popular teenager.
S13, EP8 "Deadly Offer"After coming to the aid of a stranded roommate, Stephanie Brown's car is found abandoned on the interstate and her body is later discovered floating in an irrigation ditch, the victim of sexual assault and murder.
S13, EP7 "A Promise Kept"A cold-case detective reopens a decades-old murder case and promises to get justice on behalf of the victim's family.
S13, EP6 "Last Dance"A woman is murdered while walking home from a dance club.
S13, EP5 "Racing to Justice"A talented chef's abduction is the impetus for what will turn out to be a chilling homicide investigation.
S13, EP4 "Tracks of a Killer"Police retrace a young woman's final movements hoping it will lead them straight to her killer.
S13, EP3 "Betrayal in Big Cottonwood Canyon"A young woman is ambushed and murdered in Utah's Big Cottonwood Canyon.
S13, EP2 "Gone in an Instant"In Lenexa, Kan., young women disappear from their apartments as police piece together evidence showing the terrifying crimes are connected.
S13, EP1 "Deep Wounds"After Navy electrician Michael Jacobs comes home to find his wife, Suzanne, and 3-year-old son, Colin, murdered, San Diego police race to catch a serial killer who leaves behind an unimaginable calling card.
S12, EP17 "The Pastor's Wife"Two boys witness the murder of their mother, and their story may bring her cold-blooded killer to justice.
S12, EP16 "Deadly Silence"An 18-year-old woman never returns home after a night out with friends, and the police come up against a wall of silence that keeps them from uncovering the truth.
S12, EP15 "Crossed by Evil"Racing to find a young woman who has vanished on her way to work, police uncover a trail of unspeakable evil.
S12, EP14 "River of Sadness"The discovery of a young woman's body floating in the Yakima River leads to a heartbreaking mystery.
S12, EP13 "Same Crime Next Year"A teenager is found murdered on the weekend of the Daytona 500 motor race in Daytona Beach, Fla., then, one year later, police are called to the scene of a nearly identical crime.
S12, EP12 "Darkness After Dawn"After a newlywed is found murdered in her bedroom, a search is launched for the killer that will last for three decades.
S12, EP11 "Golden Promises Broken"A teenage couple disappears during a romantic picnic.
S12, EP10 "A Hole in Their Hearts"A mother of three vanishes from her office in broad daylight.
S12, EP9 "Shattered Hope"Nineteen-year-old Shelley Sikes vanishes one night after her shift, then her abandoned, blood-streaked car is discovered on a dark roadway.
S12, EP8 "A Killer in the Sun"When Kenny Baker returns home, the backdoor is ajar and his wife, Kathy, and 2-year-son, Ryan, are nowhere to be found.
S12, EP7 "Desperate Cry"A mother's desperate cry for help leads to a terrifying discovery.
S12, EP6 "A Killer in Town"Police must track down a killer who has embarked on a deadly cross-country journey.
S12, EP5 "Hidden by Lies"After a college student is found stabbed to death in her off-campus apartment, it may take a second murder to solve her case.
S12, EP4 "A Wave Goodbye"A 14-year-old girl is discovered murdered at an empty campground, located more than 50 miles from where she was last sighted.
S12, EP3 "Shortcut to Murder"A shortcut home from school causes a 14-year-old girl to cross paths with a savage killer.
S12, EP2 "Eyes of a Killer"Eyewitnesses helplessly watch as a 19-year-old clerk is abducted from a Del Ray Beach convenience store.
S12, EP1 "A Harvest of Grief"Police follow a trail of broken cornstalks and blood to the body of a beautiful young girl.
S11, EP15 "Screams for Justice"The eyewitness accounts of neighbors may help or hinder investigators as they seek to solve the murder of a young woman.
S11, EP14 "Evil Repeats Itself"Beautiful teenager Mary Jayne Jones is found murdered in a desolate farmhouse while its owner is out of town.
S11, EP13 "Scent of a Killer"The investigation into Sandra Iverson's stabbing death goes cold until a police canine team uncovers a trail leading them to an unlikely young suspect.
S11, EP12 "Fatal Errand"When a young woman vanishes after stepping out to buy salad dressing, police try to provide answers to her fiancé and family.
S11, EP11 "A Mystery on Cherry Hill"When a beautiful young woman vanishes without a trace, it may take another tragedy before police will be able to solve the mystery of her disappearance.
S11, EP10 "Last Call"When bartender Anita Andrews is stabbed to death inside her family's bar, police conclude her killer was the last patron she served that night.
S11, EP9 "A Terrible Secret"A bed sheet may prove to be the key to solving the murder of a 13-year-old girl who is found strangled on a riverbank.
S11, EP8 "A Window to Murder"A valiant teenager's dying act helps police solve the mystery behind her murder.
S11, EP7 "Blood Money"After 21 years, DNA analysis of a blood-stained dollar bill helps to solve the murder of gas station clerk Bradley Perry.
S11, EP6 "Blurred Truth"When a mother of five is found murdered in her bedroom, a grainy videotape may reveal the identity of her killer.
S11, EP5 "Where Evil Lies"A 25-year-old aspiring model vanishes, and the only clue police have is her empty car found near a cemetery.
S11, EP4 "Deadly Warning"When a 15-year-old girl vanishes in the middle of the night, a friend's terrifying secret may be the key to solving the case.
S11, EP3 "A Nightmare in Memphis"In Memphis, Tenn., a young mother's mysterious disappearance launches one of the city's most noteworthy criminal investigations.
S11, EP2 "Hidden by Fire"When firefighters respond to a house fire, they discover the blaze is a cover-up for a savage murder.
S11, EP1 "In Plain Sight"When a beautiful young woman is murdered, detectives examine the evidence and come to the realization that it points to a killer who is hiding in plain sight.
S10, EP16 "Trapped by Lies"Police must unravel a series of lies before catching the killer of a 15-year-old girl.
S10, EP15 "Unmistakable Truth"In Texas, investigators take on one of their own while seeking justice for a murdered family.
S10, EP14 "A Ray of Darkness"Police must find the link between two vicious murders in order to bring a killer to justice.
S10, EP13 "Betrayal and Regret"Police investigate the murder of a teenage girl found in a cemetery.
S10, EP12 "Murder in Room 205"A young woman's quest for a new life comes to a savage end in a motel room.
S10, EP11 "The Green Dragon"A 4-year-old boy's frightening discovery spurs police to hunt for a vicious killer.
S10, EP10 "A Drop of Blood"A single drop of blood may lead police to the suspect who murdered a single mother.
S10, EP9 "Path of Destruction"When a 14-year-old girl is murdered, detectives must solve several crimes in the course of bringing her killer to justice.
S10, EP8 "Field of Nightmares"When a young woman and her son are found shot to death in a Texas field, a bag left behind at the crime scene becomes an important clue to catching their killer.
S10, EP7 "Pattern of Violence"A 22-year-old real estate agent is found strangled to death inside a model home she was trying to sell.
S10, EP5 "A Murder in Pelham"When her mother is murdered, a woman spends 25 years pursuing the truth.
S10, EP4 "Trail of Tears"While performing work on a Missouri farm, two brothers stumble upon the partially clothed body of 21-year-old Judy Spencer.
S10, EP3 "Solemn Vows"When Mary Ringer returns to her family-owned flower shop, she finds her daughter, Deborah McCormick, lying on the floor covered in blood.
S10, EP1 "Snake in the Grass"A cloud of smoke leads two truckers to the shocking discovery of a girl's smoldering remains.
S9, EP16 "The Long Path to Justice"A couple's walk ends in murder; suspicion descends on the victim's family.
S9, EP15 "Almost Home"A woman's body is found on the side of the road.
S9, EP14 "She Wasn't Alone"A young woman, just engaged is viciously murdered.
S9, EP13 "A Killer in Disguise"Police track down a killer responsible for three murders.
S9, EP12 "Footsteps in the Dark"A young woman is killed in a dark parking lot.
S9, EP11 "Fatal Turn"A mother on her way home from work vanishes; the police are sent in to the darkest corners of the justice system.
S9, EP10 "Evidence of Deception"A college coed is found dead in her dorm room.
S9, EP9 "Heartbreak in the Heartland"A Midwestern community is rocked by a triple homicide which claims the lives of a man' 5-year-old son, mother and grandmother.
S9, EP8 "Footprints and Whispers"A killer's own words may hold the key to solving the case of a man and his wife found murdered in their home.
S9, EP7 "Cry on My Shoulder"When a young woman vanishes, police suspect her ex-boyfriend, but the secret to solving the case lies in a cold case file.
S9, EP6 "Trail of Carnage"25-year-old Laci vanishes without a trace.
S9, EP5 "An Uninvited Guest"A son discovers his mother's violent murder.
S9, EP4 "Kidnapped on the 4th of July"When a young woman's car is found abandoned, it begins a 23-year mystery.
S9, EP3 "Deadly Predator"A sexual predator murders a 16 year old girl.
S9, EP2 "This Is for Her"A deadly home invasion leaves a father of three dead, while the victim's wife survives as the only eyewitness.
S9, EP1 "Stabbed in the Heart"A mother of four is stabbed to death in her bathroom.
S8, EP16 "Twisted Obsession"Police must unravel a killer's obsession.
S8, EP15 "A Call for Justice"A man confesses a double homicide.
S8, EP14 "Ring of Truth"A body is found in the San Bernardino Mountains; detectives try to figure out who she was and how she got there.
S8, EP13 "A Thin Disguise"A stranger ambushes a family as they pull into their driveway.
S8, EP12 "A Fateful Decision"A young mother is kidnapped after a birthday celebration.
S8, EP11 "Lying in Wait"A teenage daughter might hold the key to solving her mother's murder.
S8, EP10 "Nine Days of Terror"A young college student disappears from a mall parking lot.
S8, EP9 "Tip 1960"A videotape captures the abduction of 19-year-old Katie Poirier from a convenience store where she was working the nightshift.
S8, EP8 "Justice Never Quits"An unsolved murder sends a district attorney into madness.
S8, EP7 "The Killer Rang Twice"A woman is stabbed to death and her body is discovered by her sister; the case remains unsolved for two decades.
S8, EP6 "Hidden in Plain Sight"A young girl disappears while delivering cookies to a neighbor.
S8, EP5 "At Death's Door"A single mother, after being attacked and left for dead, is able to help police find her assailant.
S8, EP4 "Veil of Suspicion"A father is executed in front of his home.
S8, EP3 "Smoke and Ashes"A bride is murdered while entering her home.
S8, EP2 "Bound by the Truth"A retired professor is found murdered; police try to figure out if the son and daughter are the killers.
S8, EP1 "Tangled Web"A Valentine's Day rendezvous is ended by a killing.
S7, EP14 "Signed in Blood"Police try to solve the double homicide of two couples.
S7, EP13 "The Ultimate Sin"A man's conscience reveals the mysteries behind the murder of a young girl.
S7, EP12 "A Long Journey to Justice"A college student is found dead on the side of the road.
S7, EP11 "Driven to Kill"A father arrives home and discovers his son and wife are missing; their bodies are found in a wooded are four months later.
S7, EP10 "One Month of Terror"A man kidnaps a 17-year-old girl and then taunts the family with phone calls.
S7, EP9 "The Day After Christmas"A man and his girlfriend are assaulted by an intruder in their home.
S7, EP8 "Murder at Sunrise"A mother is murdered while walking with her dogs; police arrest a man 26 years later.
S7, EP7 "A Deadly Secret"A hair dresser is found in her salon beaten and strangled.
S7, EP6 "Snapshot to Murder"A high school student disappears while studying in the park.
S7, EP5 "A Knock on the Door"A 5 year old boy finds his mother murdered in her bedroom.
S7, EP4 "Final Words"The mention of a mysterious boyfriend in the pages of a 17-year-old girl's diary may point to the person responsible for murdering her.
S7, EP3 "Profile of a Killer"A young woman is found dead in the basement of her new home.
S7, EP2 "Painful Memories"A Marine arrives home and finds his pregnant wife brutally beaten in their bedroom.
S7, EP1 "A Tale Tell Call"A dating service receives strange calls that help police solve a murder.
S6, EP12 "Murder at Bird Key"When a businessman is found murdered in his spacious South Florida home, a backpack found at the crime scene holds the key to solving the case.
S6, EP11 "Taken"Three young girls are kidnapped, when the killer kidnaps again a young girl's heroic actions solves the case.
S6, EP10 "Vanished in the Night"An undercover operation discovered a dark secret about a missing 20 year old.
S6, EP9 "Fatal Footage"A woman is shot point blank in the head on her way to work leaving the police shocked, the city afraid, and her family devastated.
S6, EP8 "No Exit"A young couple is savagely gunned down while out on the town in Washington, D.C.
S6, EP7 "A Deadly Betrayal"A beloved father is executed after playing poker.
S6, EP6 "The River's Edge"A 17-year-old student disappears from a mall parking lot and police are left to wonder if she ran away, was kidnapped, or the victim of murder.
S6, EP5 "Hanging by a Thread"A young teenage girl is responsible for trying to bring a horrifying crime spree to an end.
S6, EP4 "Over the Edge"Police are called to the scene of a car wreck and quickly realize the woman's death was no accident.
S6, EP3 "Dirty Secrets"A 17-year-old girl disappears from her home in the middle of the night; another brutal murder's evidence helps solve the case.
S6, EP2 "Innocent Witness"A 2-year-old is the only witness to her mother's murder; evidence may force police to let a confessed killer go free.
S6, EP1 "Mystery in the Desert"An innocent couple is murdered execution style in Arizona; it takes 50 years to reveal the truth.
S5, EP14 "Unmasking a Killer"Young graduate student is found dead in a clothing store.
S5, EP13 "The Art of Murder"Young art student is murdered; police unravel a bizarre web of jealousy and deceit.
S5, EP12 "Left in the Dark"Graduate student is stabbed; police must investigate whether it was a crime of passion or the work of an intruder.
S5, EP11 "Murder at Sunset: Part 2"A mother and her daughters are found floating in Tampa Bay.
S5, EP10 "Murder at Sunset: Part 1"A mother and her daughters are found floating in Tampa Bay.
S5, EP9 "Secrets From the Grave"When the partially nude body of a teenage girl is found in a cemetery, investigators analyze DNA evidence recovered from the crime scene to find her killer.
S5, EP8 "Last Rites"A Roman Catholic priest becomes a suspect after Sister Margaret Ann Pahl is found strangled and stabbed to death on the day before Easter Sunday.
S5, EP7 "Lost In The Fire"A pregnant mother of two is found shot to death.
S5, EP6 "Twice Is No Accident"When Fran Smith goes missing, her family refuses to accept her new husband's claims that she is on a trip.
S5, EP5 "A Stranger's Knock"Firefighters discover a woman shot and killed.
S5, EP4 "No One to Trust"A young girl vanishes along the highway.
S5, EP1 "In Broad Daylight"A woman is gunned down in a Target parking lot and police have little to go on.
S4, EP13 "Murder Ordained?"It appears to be a tragic accident when a minister's wife is found dead until another member of the congregation is murdered.
S4, EP12 "A Slip of Fate"A woman tells police the story of a robbery at gunpoint but it might be a sinister plot.
S4, EP11 "Mystery in the Mountains"A FBI profiler jump starts the cold case of a young woman who disappeared from her mountain home.
S4, EP10 "Betrayal at Charisma Farms"A man is found murdered on the side of the road and investigators must unravel a tangled web of intrigue.
S4, EP9 "A Murder at Loose Chippings"A wild journey around the world uncovers the truth of a wealthy couple found dead.
S4, EP8 "A Mother's Nightmare"A boy is murdered in his bed in the middle of the night and police suspect his mother.
S4, EP7 "Under Suspicion"A mother vanishes and questions arise whether she ran away or if it was something far more sinister.
S4, EP6 "Murder by Numbers"A small town's unofficial mayor is the victim of a vicious attack.
S4, EP5 "Campus Killer"A mother leads the investigation of her daughter who goes missing from her university campus.
S4, EP4 "A Tangled Past"A daughter wonders if her mother's untimely end was natural or murder.
S4, EP3 "Race to Judgment"A late-night crash claims the lives of four beautiful schoolgirls, and the community searches for justice.
S4, EP2 "Message in Blood"Police arrive at the scene of a grisly murder and wonder if the victim's dying act will point them to the killer.
S4, EP1 "Silenced"Police are baffled when a young woman goes missing and wonder if she simply ran away or if it was something far more sinister.
S3, EP13 "Dark Side of a Dream"Police must determine if the dreams of fame and Hollywood lead to a young girls disappearance.
S3, EP12 "Evil Twin"Suspect's twin brother only hope for cracking a case of several young girls missing.
S3, EP11 "Shadow of Doubt"Mother of three is found murdered in a bar and a former Air Force sergeant is charged only to have his family crusade for justice lead to a surprising conclusion.
S3, EP10 "Blood Betrayal"A mother is savagely murdered in her home and police discover a dangerous web of intrigue connected to an all American family.
S3, EP9 "Sins of the Father"Police baffled over a call about a decades old murder and uncover the monster behind the crime and a son's secret.
S3, EP8 "Run Bambi Run"A waitress gets fingered for murdering her husbands ex wife but after her prison escape she became a national celebrity.
S3, EP7 "Internal Affairs"The wife of a police officer is gunned down; the investigation reveals a torrid affair leading to a murderous plot.
Veteran journalist Paula Zahn steps out of the studio and into the field to unravel criminal investigations, tracking the drama of each story by featuring the opinions of those closest to the case, including law enforcement officials, the families of the victims and the incarcerated, lawyers from both sides, and first-time TV interviews with convicted murderers.
Original Air Date: Oct 18, 2009
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Rating: TV14
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