Too Much, Too Late
S5, EP22 "Too Much, Too Late"
On Demand
Tubbs (Philip Michael Thomas) considers marriage to a former love (Pam Grier) who has returned to help a drug-addicted friend. With Don Johnson and Edward James Olmos.
Original Air Date: Jan 25, 1990 • STARZ • 49m
Leap of Faith
S5, EP21 "Leap of Faith"
On Demand
Crockett, his protege and a friend (Kiel Martin) investigate a professor for a series of drug-related student deaths.
Original Air Date: Jun 28, 1989 • STARZ • 49m
Miracle Man
S5, EP20 "Miracle Man"
On Demand
A loon in superhero garb unwittingly ruins Tubbs and Switek's drug busts and makes himself the target of hustlers, TV reporters and hit men.
Original Air Date: Jun 21, 1989 • STARZ • 49m
World of Trouble
S5, EP19 "World of Trouble"
On Demand
A mob boss (Dennis Farina), believed dead, reappears and must avoid a drug kingpin who vows to kill him.
Original Air Date: Jun 14, 1989 • STARZ • 48m
S5, EP18 "Freefall"
On Demand
Crockett and Tubbs are betrayed when they attempt to bring a Latin American dictator back to testify in a drug case.
Original Air Date: May 21, 1989 • STARZ • 48m
S5, EP17 "Freefall"
On Demand
Crockett and Tubbs are betrayed when they attempt to bring a Latin American dictator back to testify in a drug case.
Original Air Date: May 21, 1989 • STARZ • 48m
Victim of Circumstance
S5, EP16 "Victim of Circumstance"
On Demand
Crockett and Tubbs discover a link between a series of gangland killings and a former Nazi now living in Miami.
Original Air Date: May 05, 1989 • STARZ • 49m
Over the Line
S5, EP15 "Over the Line"
On Demand
Tubbs and Crockett infiltrate a vigilante police group that risks innocent lives to dispense justice.
Original Air Date: Apr 28, 1989 • STARZ • 48m
The Lost Madonna
S5, EP14 "The Lost Madonna"
On Demand
Tubbs and Crockett pose as art fences to search for the main section of a 15th-century painting worth millions.
Original Air Date: Mar 17, 1989 • STARZ • 50m
The Cell Within
S5, EP13 "The Cell Within"
On Demand
An author Tubbs once sent to prison invites the detective to a party, takes him prisoner and demonstrates his views on justice.
Original Air Date: Mar 10, 1989 • STARZ • 50m
Jack of All Trades
S5, EP12 "Jack of All Trades"
On Demand
Crockett's (Don Johnson) scheming cousin (David Andrews) shows up in Miami with a daring new racket. Guest stars: John Santucci and Jesse Borrego.
Original Air Date: Mar 03, 1989 • STARZ • 48m
Miami Squeeze
S5, EP11 "Miami Squeeze"
On Demand
Crockett defends wounded Castillo when a mobster coerces a congresswoman into implicating the lieutenant in a drug deal.
Original Air Date: Feb 17, 1989 • STARZ • 49m
To Have and to Hold
S5, EP10 "To Have and to Hold"
On Demand
Undercover Tubbs falls for the widow of the drug kingpin he is investigating, unaware of her vengeful intentions.
Original Air Date: Feb 10, 1989 • STARZ • 49m
Fruit of the Poison Tree
S5, EP9 "Fruit of the Poison Tree"
On Demand
Tubbs and Crockett investigate an attorney who defends large-scale drug dealers, then steals and resells their merchandise.
Original Air Date: Feb 03, 1989 • STARZ • 48m
Hard Knocks
S5, EP8 "Hard Knocks"
On Demand
Switek sinks into gambling and drunkenness when thugs force him to talk his quarterback buddy into throwing a game.
Original Air Date: Jan 20, 1989 • STARZ • 46m
Asian Cut
S5, EP7 "Asian Cut"
On Demand
Trudy (Olivia Brown) becomes a decoy to trap a killer who is committing ritualistic murders of prostitutes. With Don Johnson and Philip Michael Thomas.
Original Air Date: Jan 13, 1989 • STARZ • 49m
Line of Fire
S5, EP6 "Line of Fire"
On Demand
Tubbs and Crockett reluctantly comply with an FBI request to guard a witness in a drug overlord's murder trial.
Original Air Date: Dec 16, 1988 • STARZ • 47m
S5, EP5 "Borrasca"
On Demand
Tubbs and Castillo attempt to intervene in a drug deal in which government agents want no police interference.
Original Air Date: Dec 09, 1988 • STARZ • 48m
Bad Timing
S5, EP4 "Bad Timing"
On Demand
Ordered to take time off, Crockett's vacation is cut short when he is abducted by three homicidal prison escapees.
Original Air Date: Dec 02, 1988 • STARZ • 48m
Heart of Night
S5, EP3 "Heart of Night"
On Demand
Castillo grapples with his emotions, protecting his ex-wife from a drug kingpin trying to kill her and her husband.
Original Air Date: Nov 18, 1988 • STARZ • 48m
Redemption in Blood
S5, EP2 "Redemption in Blood"
On Demand
As drug-lord Crockett's memory gradually returns, Tubbs feels his partner has gone bad and must be destroyed.
Original Air Date: Nov 11, 1988 • STARZ • 49m
Hostile Takeover
S5, EP1 "Hostile Takeover"
On Demand
Still thinking he is Sonny Burnett, Crockett starts a war between the crime family he joined and a rival clan.
Original Air Date: Nov 04, 1988 • STARZ • 47m