S3, EP6 "Ascendancy"

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After the death of her mother, Motshidi is starving and alone; in an act of charity, Blue Eyes gives Motshodi a new lease of life; a violent traitor rises in the ranks, challenging the selfish princess and bringing an end to Mmamotse's rule.

Original Air Date: May 12, 2019 • National Geographic • 44m
Fall of the Queen

S3, EP5 "Fall of the Queen"

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As rival dynasties jostle for control of the kingdom, one reign comes to a tragic end.

Original Air Date: May 05, 2019 • National Geographic • 44m
War Games

S3, EP4 "War Games"

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As the flood waters retreat, Dikeledi readies her cubs for escape through enemy territory.

Original Air Date: Apr 28, 2019 • National Geographic • 44m
Rise of Exiles

S3, EP3 "Rise of Exiles"

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After the murder of one of its own, the Makulu Pack of wild dogs looks to a new leader for salvation; the Western Pride is exiled to the fringes of the kingdom as it fights to protect its cubs; the marauding hyena clan commits the cruelest of acts.

Original Air Date: Apr 21, 2019 • National Geographic • 44m
Reign of Terror

S3, EP2 "Reign of Terror"

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Trapped by rising flood waters, Dikeledi, the cheetah, must teach her cubs lessons of survival; the clan of hyenas takes control, but the Makulu Pack will not tolerate its tyranny; the wild dogs' strength starts to crumble.

Original Air Date: Apr 14, 2019 • National Geographic • 44m
Dawn of Darkness

S3, EP1 "Dawn of Darkness"

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Led by a ruthless commander, the hyenas seize power from the lions; an exiled queen is hell-bent on winning back the throne for the Matahta Pride; Pula, the leopard, is forced to make a terrible choice between true love and her own future.

Original Air Date: Apr 07, 2019 • National Geographic • 44m