Girl, Interrupted

S2, EP6 "Girl, Interrupted"

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After a young woman is murdered in her apartment while her 2-year-old son sleeps nearby, her mother and aunt launch a tireless investigation to figure out who is responsible.

Original Air Date: Sep 16, 2019 • Investigation Discovery • 43m
Night Crawlers

S2, EP5 "Night Crawlers"

On Demand

A Southern California college freshman is gunned down in her family's home, and her older sister won't rest until she finds the people responsible.

Original Air Date: Sep 09, 2019 • Investigation Discovery • 43m
Don't You Be My Neighbor

S2, EP4 "Don't You Be My Neighbor"

On Demand

A woman assists the investigation into the murder of her younger sister, and the suspect pool grows; a break in the case comes when she and her family pressure the state to follow important evidence.

Original Air Date: Sep 02, 2019 • Investigation Discovery • 43m
Keep Your Enemies Close

S2, EP3 "Keep Your Enemies Close"

On Demand

A killer lurks nearby as a Texas woman and her two grown daughters try to piece together what happened to their murdered daughter and sister.

Original Air Date: Aug 26, 2019 • Investigation Discovery • 43m
Deadliest Catch

S2, EP2 "Deadliest Catch"

On Demand

Frustrated by a dearth of answers in her daughter's murder, a woman embarks on a quest to change nationwide laws that finally allow her to catch a killer.

Original Air Date: Aug 19, 2019 • Investigation Discovery • 43m
Try, Try Again

S2, EP1 "Try, Try Again"

On Demand

After a single mother is murdered, the case threatens to go cold until the woman's daughter grows up and vows to get justice.

Original Air Date: Aug 12, 2019 • Investigation Discovery • 43m