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How Do They Do It?After watching this series you may never look at ordinary objects in the same way again. A tube of toothpaste? Car tires? Tea bags? A lot of technology goes into even the simplest of consumer goods, and this program offers viewers a glimpse at just what that entails.
S14, EP4 "Decorations on Mardi Gras Floats; Rock Candy"A look at how the amazing, and massive, decorations on Mardi Gras carnival floats are created; how rock candy is twisted together; looking at how dentures are made.
S14, EP5 "Royal Enfield, Art Fraud, Milk"Engineering the latest incarnation of the classic Royal Enfield Continental GT motorbike; how "art detectives" spot a forgery; the amazing scale and technology inside Europe's largest dairy plant.
S14, EP6 "Crash-Testing Cars; Expensive Dutch Tableware; High-End Hand-Made Pocket-Size Umbrellas"A look at the life-saving science behind crash-testing cars; how expensive Dutch tableware is made; how high-end, hand-made pocket-sized umbrellas are produced.
S14, EP7 "The Aussie Outback; How the World's Biggest Wave Machine is Used; Finest Handmade Chandeliers"A look at iron mining on an epic scale in the Aussie outback; how the world's biggest wave machine is used for flood defenses; how the finest handmade chandeliers are made.
S13, EP17 "Gemstones, Cowboy Boots"Mining one of the rarest gemstones in the world; crafting the classic cowboy boot; building a monster road sweeper that can pick up 7 tons of trash.
S13, EP18 "Duvets, Drill Pipes, Rubber Bands"World's softest duvets; drilling for oil below ground; the stretchiest rubber bands.
S13, EP19 "Aircraft Engines, Fisherman's Friend"Building a diesel engine that can fly; turning clear plastic into bank notes; whipping up the world's favorite ice cream favors.
S13, EP30 "Armored Cars, Christmas Trees"Turning a family car into a fortress on wheels; growing millions of perfect Christmas trees; hammering out the world's finest cymbals.
S14, EP8 "Oyster Knives; The Lights Transforming the World's Most Popular Sport; Pure Diamonds are Grown"A look at the world's finest oyster knives; the lights transforming the world's most popular sport; how pure diamonds grown in a greenhouse are creating a gemstone revolution.
S13, EP1 "Baklavas, Gyroplanes, Ukuleles and Catamarans"How baklava is made; how pilots fly a gyroplane; how a ukulele is crafted; how to build the world's fastest ferry.
S13, EP2 "Longboards, Lemonade and Forklifts"How longboards are made; what it takes to make lemonade; how a forklift is built.
S13, EP3 "Coffee, Bricks, Lava Lamps and Diamonds"Find out how coffee is roasted; how the bricks are built; how lava lamps are made; how diamonds are mined from an extinct volcano.
S14, EP1 "How Do They Do It?"Turning aluminum cans into planes and rockets; carving the traditional Black Forest cuckoo clock.
S14, EP2 "How Do They Do It?"Building the ultimate car crushing colossus; how Lea and Perrins concoct their Worcestershire sauce.
S14, EP3 "Life-Saving Race Helmets; How the Tea in Your Brew Travels from Plantations"A look at how life-saving race helmets are put together; how the tea in your brew travels from plantations; looking at the world's largest underground heating system in Poland.
S13, EP4 "Cameras, Big Airbags, and Jelly Beans"Find out how photos are taken; create an airbag; and how jelly beans are made.
S13, EP5 "Caravans, Tuning Forks, Ice Resurfacers and Festival of Lights"How to build the world's toughest mobile home; how an ice rink is resurfaced; making a tuning fork; planning the world's biggest festival of lights.
S13, EP6 "Vinyl Records, Bumper Cars; Tiger Balm"Vinyl records, bumper cars and tiger balm are featured.
S13, EP12 "Emergency Bridges, Marker Pens"Building emergency bridges that can take the weight of a tank; a marker pen that never fades; a 200 mph super bike.
S13, EP11 "Snails Cutlery Fishing Kayaks"Feeding France's appetite for snails; turning slabs of steel into shiny cutlery; crafting a kayak that is paddled by foot.
S13, EP10 "The Tesla; Horse-Hair Fabrics; Pool Cleaners"Building the 700 horsepower Tesla Model S; turning horses' tails into fine fabrics; cleaning the largest swimming pools in the world.
S13, EP9 "Wensleydale Cheese; Paintbrushes; Eucalyptus Oil; Plastic Wrap"Churning out Wensleydale cheese; turning pig hair into the world's finest paintbrushes; distilling aromatic oils from the koala's favorite food.
S13 "Sydney Opera House, Handsaws"Sydney Opera House; turning Sheffield steel into a carpenter's handsaw; making a microphone that can pick up a whisper; steering a safe course through a frozen river.
S13 "Moonshine, Electric Bikes, Wetsuits"Brewing moonshine in the heart of New York City; making a battery powered bicycle; growing the rubber for wetsuits in the Arizona desert.
S12, EP23 "Crystal Glass; Flat Screen TVs"World's finest crystal; slimmest TVs; ketchup; heating the deepest swimming pool.
S12, EP21 "Pulverizers: Bomber Jackets; Beer"Jaws that can chomp through concrete and demolish tower blocks; stitching the historic airman's bomber; brewing the oldest beer in the Western World.
After watching this series you may never look at ordinary objects in the same way again. A tube of toothpaste? Car tires? Tea bags? A lot of technology goes into even the simplest of consumer goods, and this program offers viewers a glimpse at just what that entails.
Original Air Date: May 6, 2006
Genres: Kids/FamilyTV Series
Rating: TVPG
Playback: HD
2 seasons available on demand (8 episodes)
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