US Combat Helicopter
S10, EP10 "US Combat Helicopter"
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The V-22 Osprey is a revolutionary feat of aviation engineering that combines the speed and range of an airplane with the landing versatility of a helicopter, allowing the US military to transport troops and cargo into seemingly impossible locations.
Original Air Date: Sep 01, 2021 • Science • 42m
Scotland's Super Bridge
S10, EP9 "Scotland's Super Bridge"
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The Queensferry Crossing in Scotland is the longest triple tower cable-stayed bridge in the world, and with record-breaking underwater foundations, it stretches the limits of engineering possibilities and marks a new age of superstructure construction.
Original Air Date: Aug 18, 2021 • Science • 42m
US Military Hovercraft
S10, EP8 "US Military Hovercraft"
On Demand
The US military's most advanced hovercraft represents the next generation of amphibious transport vehicles, and using the latest in cutting-edge tech, it's designed to carry the heaviest cargo into locations that were previously impossible to reach.
Original Air Date: Aug 18, 2021 • Science • 42m
Heavy Lift Helicopter
S10, EP7 "Heavy Lift Helicopter"
On Demand
The largest helicopter in the U.S. military arsenal has completely redefined the capabilities of heavy lift aircraft, and using the latest in cutting-edge engineering, it can transport vast amounts of cargo and personnel all while under enemy fire.
Original Air Date: Aug 11, 2021 • Science • 42m
Inside the Super Stadium
S10, EP6 "Inside the Super Stadium"
On Demand
The Singapore National Stadium is a gigantic multipurpose arena that all sits under the world's largest free-spanning dome; expert engineers reveal how this cutting-edge design marks the dawn of a new age in superstructure construction.
Original Air Date: Jul 21, 2021 • Science • 42m
Firefighting Sky Giant
S10, EP5 "Firefighting Sky Giant"
On Demand
The Global Supertanker is the largest firefighting aircraft in the world and equipped to reach the biggest blazes anywhere; expert engineers reveal how this game-changing machine is a vital tool for supporting heroic firefighters on the ground.
Original Air Date: Jul 14, 2021 • Science • 42m
Mars Rover Declassified
S10, EP4 "Mars Rover Declassified"
On Demand
The Rosalind Franklin Mars rover is a brand-new space mission to discover hard evidence of extraterrestrial life; special access reveals how engineers and experts are making a new age in exploration possible.
Original Air Date: Jun 16, 2021 • Science • 42m
Abandoned Resurrection
S10, EP3 "Abandoned Resurrection"
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The abandoned Battersea Power Station on the banks of the River Thames is being reinvented into a stunning centerpiece of London; experts use cutting-edge construction techniques to transform this historic landmark into a pioneering new destination.
Original Air Date: Jul 07, 2021 • Science • 42m
World's Greatest Submarine
S10, EP2 "World's Greatest Submarine"
On Demand
The deepest-diving submersible vessel in the world is one of the most intricately designed craft that has ever been engineered for the sea, and having reached the bottom of each of the five oceans, this submarine's accomplishments are truly monumental.
Original Air Date: Jun 23, 2021 • Science • 42m
World's Largest Crane Vessel
S10, EP1 "World's Largest Crane Vessel"
On Demand
The largest semi-submersible crane vessel in the world pushes the limits of engineering possibilities; with its two record-breaking cranes, it's one of the most complex ships ever constructed and redefines how we build at sea.
Original Air Date: Jun 09, 2021 • Science • 42m