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Shipping The WorldShips move 95% of the world's cargo.
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S1, EP4 "A 20 Foot Revolution"Reviewing the technological revolutions of transporting goods by ship; efficiency of trade has increased, affording the industry's growth into a billion-dollar juggernaut.
S1, EP3 "Moving Mountains"A look at freighters with the capacity to carry enough grain on one ship to feed four million people for a month.
S1, EP2 "High Seas and Fast Lanes"At any given moment more than 50 000 merchant ships are making their way across the high seas; the ocean is a treacherous environment, with ships risking damage or loss to equipment and cargo during wild weather and unpredictable seas.
S1, EP1 "Mega Ports"At the end of each voyage, goods are transferred from ship to land-based transport at the port; transshipment hubs operate 24 hours a day, using specialized equipment to load and unload goods from freighters efficiently.
Ships move 95% of the world's cargo.
Original Air Date: Nov 19, 2019
Genres: DocuseriesTV Series
Rating: M 15+
Playback: HD
1 seasons available on demand (4 episodes)
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