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Switched at BirthBay Kennish is a teenager who grew up in a wealthy family with two parents and a brother. Fellow teen Daphne Vasquez, who lost her hearing at an early age, was raised by a single mother in a working-class neighborhood. One day in her high-school chemistry class, Bay discovers that her blood type doesn't match either of her parents'. Official tests confirm that Bay is not her parents' birth child. When the Kennish family meets Daphne and her mom, Regina, they realize that the girls were switched at birth. The news prompts the Kennishes to allow Regina -- who is experiencing financial difficulties -- Daphne and Daphne's grandmother to live in their guest house. The two polar-opposite families struggle to learn how to live together for the sake of the girls, who try to keep their footing in both the world they know and the new one into which they are thrown.
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S5, EP10 "Long Live Love"Kathryn discovers a long-buried family secret; Daphne and Mingo compete for a paid internship; Bay struggles to prove herself as an artist to John; Toby meets a woman who changes his perception about his son's future; Regina takes a chance on love.
S5, EP9 "The Wolf Is Waiting"Travis' dinner with his birth mother dredges up painful memories of his childhood assault; Daphne considers helping Chris cheat on a test; Regina receives an unexpected visit.
S5, EP8 "Left in Charge"A party at Bay and Daphne's apartment quickly grows out of control; Simone's appearance sparks insecurities and competitive behavior; Daphne suspects Chris is hiding a big secret; Kathryn and Regina notice a questionable text on Luca's phone.
S5, EP7 "Memory (The Heart)"Bay and Daphne's introduction to a mysterious young woman causes them to remember their deceased father, Angelo; Toby is caught in the middle of his mother's wishes and his wife's feelings about religion; Melody asks her sons to make amends.
S5, EP6 "Four Ages in Life"Daphne becomes concerned when she notices her old mentor, Dr. Jackson, making mistakes with his patients; Bay learns that Noelle plagiarizes her work; Kathryn and John try to rekindle their romance.
S5, EP5 "Occupy Truth"The Black Student Union takes a stand against the university administration; Sharee, Iris and Chris react to the racial tensions in different ways.
S5, EP4 "Relation of Lines and Colors"After Daphne and Sharee witness a threat to the Black Student Union, Daphne attempts to make sense of the escalating racial tensions on campus.
S5, EP3 "Surprise"Toby and Lily return from London and announce their plans to get married; Regina considers whether she should tell the family about her relationship with Luca; Bay runs into Tank.
S5, EP2 "This Has to Do With Me"Daphne and Mingo dress up as their favorite singers for a college party, but backlash over their costume choice escalates into a discussion of race relations and free speech; Regina and Luca team up for a class project.
S5, EP1 "The Call"Bay and Daphne rush home from China after they receive an emergency call; Bay has conflicting feelings toward a troubled Emmett; Kathryn's job creates problems with John; a secret tryst leaves Regina with feelings of guilt.
S4, EP20 "And Always Searching for Beauty"Bay showcases her work in her first art show; Daphne applies for an international internship that would bring her closer to Quinn; Kathryn becomes upset with John when he storms out of a deal negotiation; Regina is confronted over Eric's secret.
S4, EP19 "A Mad Tea Party"Bay hosts Lily's baby shower when Regina is called away by an emergency; Kathryn gets into an argument with Professor Marillo, leaving Daphne caught in the middle.
S4, EP18 "The Accommodations of Desire"Bay believes she is ready for a new relationship while others have their doubts; Daphne's correspondence with Quinn leads to problems with Mingo; John and Kathryn investigate financial opportunities; Lily and Toby prepare to be parents.
S4, EP17 "To the Victor Belong the Spoils"Daphne and Mingo raise funds for a sign-language school in Mexico; Bay becomes angered when her art is appropriated by a student; Regina pays the price for prying into Eric's past; Toby and Lily face hard decisions.
S4, EP16 "Borrowing Your Enemy's Arrows"Daphne and Mingo learn that bad blood exists between their parents; Bay has an awkward encounter with Tank at a restaurant.
S4, EP15 "Instead of Damning the Darkness, It's Better to Light a Little Lantern"Daphne, Bay and Travis head to rural Mexico with Melody to distribute hearing aids to the underprivileged.
S4, EP14 "We Mourn, We Weep, We Love Again"Bay learns about Regina's plans to move out of the guest house; Kathryn and John consider the financial benefits of product endorsements; Daphne rides with an ambulance crew.
S4, EP13 "Between Hope & Fear"Regina decides to go to Atlanta to learn more about the mother of Eric's son; John lashes out at Toby when he asks for financial support; Travis visits Emmett in Los Angeles and is disappointed to find out how much he has changed.
S4, EP12 "How Does a Girl Like You Get to Be a Girl Like You"Bay finds herself under scrutiny following her return to school; Daphne's poor chemistry grade impacts her scholarship; John struggles with financial difficulties; Daphne reconsiders her compatibility with Mingo.
S4, EP11 "To Repel Ghosts"Bay struggles with a broken heart; Daphne is excited about her new relationship with Mingo, although her friends feel differently; Regina investigates Eric's ex-wife; news of a pregnancy creates a shock.
S4, EP10 "There Is My Heart"Bay pays a surprise visit to Emmett in Los Angeles; Daphne is afraid her family will be disappointed with her performance in school; Kathryn and Toby receive an opportunity to have their musical produced.
S4, EP9 "Player's Choice"Daphne is encouraged to rush a sorority; Travis' popularity as a baseball player affects his relationship with Mary Beth; Toby wants Lily to move in with him.
S4, EP8 "Art Like Love Is Dedication"Bay tries to figure out how to advance her art career; Regina invites Eric and his son to stay with her; Mingo wants to spend time with Daphne; Kathryn volunteers to help Travis with his English.
S4, EP7 "Fog and Storm and Rain"Kathryn's mother arrives with a friend and some unexpected news; Emmett refuses to talk about the investigation involving Bay; Daphne visits Regina and receives several shocks.
S4, EP6 "Black and Gray"An investigation is launched when the college administration learns details of Bay's personal matter.
S4, EP5 "At the First Clear Word"Bay spends an evening drinking with Tank but cannot remember her actions from that night; Daphne is invited to a student gathering at professor Marillo's home; Lily offers to help Toby.
S4, EP4 "We Were So Close That Nothing Used to Stand Between Us"Emmett pays a surprise visit to Bay; Daphne learns she did poorly on her midterm exam; Melody clashes with John after he encourages Travis to try out for the baseball team; Kathryn asks Toby for help with her new project.
S4, EP3 "I Lock the Door Upon Myself"Bay's criminal record may prevent her from having her art on display; Daphne challenges the dorm prankster to a triathlon; Regina is drawn to a coffeehouse owner; John ponders the future; Emmett's new friend gets him a job on a film production.
S4, EP2 "Bracing the Waves"Daphne's pre-med chemistry class gets off to a rough start, even with an interpreter's assistance; Bay and Emmett struggle with their long-distance relationship; Kathryn meets with a movie producer.
S4, EP1 "And It Cannot Be Changed"The family learns about Bay's decision to take the blame for Daphne; Daphne struggles to adapt to life as a pre-med student.
S3, EP22 "Yuletide Fortune Tellers"A Christmastime family dinner with "magical" garlic knots creates an alternate reality where Bay and Daphne are each raised by their biological parents.
S3, EP21 "And Life Begins Right Away"Shocking news about Carlton threatens to spoil graduation day; Daphne fears her past will jeopardize her future; John and Kathryn are not pleased after learning of Bay's post-graduation plans; Travis' wish comes true.
S3, EP20 "The Girl on the Cliff"Regina, Kathryn and John set ground rules after they learn the extent of Daphne's self-destructive behavior; a new dress code causes Bay to reconsider attending her school's prom.
S3, EP19 "You Will Not Escape"Things get out of hand when Daphne encourages her fellow students to join her in senior ditch day; Bay discusses her family medical history with Angelo's doctor; Kathryn brings Regina to New York for a party by her book publisher.
S3, EP18 "It Isn't What You Think"Bay tries to lend support to Tank when he meets his father for dinner; Toby stirs things up with Lily; Daphne and Travis receive their admission results from Gallaudet University.
S3, EP17 "Girl With Death Mask (She Plays Alone)"John suggests a trip to Chicago for Bay and Daphne; Daphne acts out; Bay discovers news about Angelo's family past; Kathryn tries to kindle a spark between love-seeking candidates.
S3, EP16 "The Image Disappears"The Kennish and Vasquez families are crippled by grief after a terrible accident leaves a loved one in critical condition.
S3, EP15 "And We Bring the Light"Toby returns from Iceland with a new outlook on life; Bay's college aspirations are impacted by unexpected news; Angelo gives Daphne a baking challenge; Regina faces another moral crossroads.
S3, EP14 "Oh, Future"Emmett receives unexpected news when he attends his father's housewarming party; Daphne's college expenses cause a disagreement between Regina, Kathryn and John; Mary Beth locates Travis' hero, football player Derrick Coleman.
S3, EP13 "Like a Snowball Down a Mountain"Bay and Emmett make an unexpected discovery as they deal with Matthew's blackmail threat; Daphne receives an opportunity at the clinic; a person from Kathryn's past threatens the publication of her upcoming book.
S3, EP12 "Love Among the Ruins"Bay's unexpected romantic encounter with Emmett complicates her relationship with Tank; Daphne searches for the person who vandalized her mother's design studio; Emmett continues to be bullied by Matthew.
S3, EP11 "Love Seduces Innocence, Pleasure Entraps, and Remorse Follows"Bay has suspicions about Emmett's new girlfriend; Daphne meets a person from her past at the clinic; Regina takes a chance at work; Kathryn's book is leaked prior to publication.
S3, EP10 "The Ambush"Bay needs Tank's help when the rivalry between the Carlton and Buckner field hockey teams heats up; Nikki pays a surprise visit to Toby; old relationships prove to be beneficial to Regina; Daphne must choose between Campbell and Jorge.
S3, EP9 "The Past (Forgotten-Swallowed)"Daphne attends a clinic fundraiser; Bay deals with MaryBeth's feelings for Hank; Toby tutors Sharee in an effort to keep her on the field hockey team; John reunites with an old baseball colleague.
S3, EP8 "Dance Me to the End of Love"Daphne asks for more responsibility at the free clinic; Travis must learn how to dance before attending a school formal with his girlfriend; Bay's art teacher demands that she work harder; John tries to win over Kathryn.
S3, EP7 "Memory Is Your Image of Perfection"Daphne gets in over her head when she tries to help Sharee; Bay and Toby work to get their parents on the same page; Adrianna clashes with Regina; Travis' behavior confuses Melody.
S3, EP6 "The Scream"Unexpected news is revealed at Kathryn's murder-mystery party; Bay hopes to score an invitation to Tank's fraternity luau; Daphne plans a celebration for Campbell's 21st birthday.
S3, EP5 "Have You Really the Courage?"Kathryn travels to New York to meet with a book editor; Bay suspects that Tank has a crush on her; Daphne becomes worried when she learns more about Sharee's home life; John and Nikki's mother hide bad news from Toby.
S3, EP4 "It Hurts to Wait With Love If Love Is Somewhere Else"Emmett's return to dating surprises Bay; Daphne is asked to join Jorge at a family event; Regina and Angelo talk business; John makes an unusual purchase.
S3, EP3 "Fountain"Daphne's efforts to build a friendship with a field hockey teammate take a turn for the worse; Bay helps her art teacher prepare for a gallery show; Regina receives a business opportunity.
S3, EP2 "Your Body Is a Battleground"Bay must re-examine her talents when her art teacher is not impressed; Daphne makes a mistake at the clinic; Kathryn introduces her new friend to John.
S3, EP1 "Drowning Girl"Daphne bonds with an injured pre-med student while serving probation at a free clinic; Bay takes a college art class and is inspired by her teacher; Toby coaches Carlton's girls field hockey team; Kathryn befriends a tap dancer.
S2, EP21 "Departure of Summer"John and Kathryn consider telling Toby their true feelings as he prepares for his wedding with Nikki; Daphne must deal with the consequences of her actions; Ty receives his notice to return overseas.
S2, EP20 "The Merrymakers"Bay and Daphne throw a bachelorette party for Nikki; Toby's bachelor party is impacted by a call from Simone; Jennice makes extravagant wedding requests; Angelo and Regina re-evaluate their relationship.
S2, EP19 "What Goes Up Must Come Down"Daphne's frustration with Jace grows when Parker reveals upsetting news; Nikki confronts her mother about her father's past; John expresses his gratitude toward Regina for saving his life.
S2, EP18 "As the Shadows Deepen"Bay plans a "Deaf Day"; Daphne encounters Chef Jeff; Bay learns that Ty is being sent back to Afghanistan.
S2, EP17 "Prudence, Avarice, Lust, Justice, Anger"Angelo invites Bay to a custody meeting regarding his infant daughter; Daphne and Jace uncover damaging information on Sen. Coto; Emmett and Travis attempt to find a date for Melody.
S2, EP16 "The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living"Daphne is torn between family obligations and spending time with Jace; John is forced to face the reality of his situation; Angelo offers to help Regina; Bay meets a medic who served with Ty in Afghanistan.
S2, EP15 "Ecce Mono"A tale of an alternate reality finds Daphne receiving a cochlear implant and Bay becoming a top-notch student; Kathryn pens successful romance novels but struggles in her marriage to state Sen. John Kennish.
S2, EP14 "He Did What He Wanted"Kathryn learns about the difficulties of being a politician's wife; Jace sends mixed signals to Daphne; Angelo joins a country club; Regina begins a new job.
S2, EP13 "The Good Samaritan"Bay books Toby's band for the local carnival to give him a temporary reprieve from the demands of adult life; Regina and Bay's messiness frustrates Angelo; Kathryn is unnerved by Adrianna's frequent visits.
S2, EP12 "Distorted House"Bay begins to reconnect with Ty, but then learns shocking news about his experiences in Afghanistan; Toby and Travis both seek a managerial position at John's car wash; Kathryn and Daphne must adjust to Bay's request to stay with Regina.
S2, EP11 "Mother and Child Divided"Regina returns from rehab, only to find that Daphne has grown closer to the Kennish family; Bay runs into her ex-boyfriend, Ty; Travis and Emmett take advantage of Melody's absence.
S2, EP10 "Introducing the Miracle"Daphne and the Carlton students await the results of their protest; Lana goes into labor; Toby makes a surprising announcement; John ends his political campaign.
S2, EP9 "Uprising"Carlton students stage a demonstration on the eve of the play "Romeo and Juliet" in an effort to keep their school open; presented in American Sign Language.
S2, EP8 "Tight Rope Walker"Daphne is conflicted when Carlton's deaf students campaign against extending the pilot program for hearing students; Toby and Elisa grow closer; Daphne is chosen for the lead in the play.
S2, EP7 "Drive in the Knife"Daphne comes to a decision about Travis; Bay and Noah's relationship continues to grow; Toby meets a new volunteer at his father's campaign headquarters.
S2, EP6 "Human/Need/Desire"Noah and Travis have a confrontation at Bay's Anti-Valentine's Day party; Regina disagrees with John and Kathryn about how to handle Daphne's situation with the food truck.
S2, EP5 "The Acquired Inability to Escape"Daphne takes on more than she can handle; Kathryn offers to direct the school play at Bay's school; Toby asks his grandfather for a college recommendation.
S2, EP4 "Dressing for the Charade"Toby invites Lana to dinner so she and Bay can meet each other; Daphne attempts to help Travis with his difficulties at home.
S2, EP3 "Duel Between Two Women"Kathryn's comments during a radio interview impact John's campaign; Melody hopes a retreat will bridge the divide between the hearing students and their deaf classmates; Regina receives disturbing health news.
S2, EP2 "The Awakening Conscience"Angelo tells Regina about Lana and the baby; Bay attends Carlton's pilot program for siblings of deaf students; Emmett shows Toby a scandalous photo from Nikki's past.
S2, EP1 "The Door to Freedom"Angelo showers the families with lavish gifts; John and Kathryn contemplate running for public office; Bay is accused of cheating; Daphne is distracted by Chef Jeff.
S1, EP30 "Street Noises Invade the House"The families' lives are disrupted as the trial concludes; Bay and Zarra leave in secret; Daphne's relationship with Jeff is exposed.
S1, EP29 "The Trial"Bay rushes to return money she took from John's safe to help Zarra; Daphne and Jeff have relationship difficulties; Emmett forms a new band with Nikki and Toby.
S1, EP28 "We Are the Kraken of Our Own Sinking Ships"Bay is called upon to rescue Zarra from a sticky situation; Scuba asks Daphne to lie to Chef Jeff; Toby and Nikki bond.
S1, EP27 "The Declaration of Independence"Bay and Zarra get into a dangerous situation when they search for the tagger who is ruining their street art; Chef Jeff's mixed signals confuse Daphne.
S1, EP26 "Tree of Forgiveness"Emmett meets an attractive motorcyclist; John's car wash is vandalized; Kathryn devises a way to get Toby out of the house.
S1, EP25 "The Shock of Being Seen"Daphne fears the worst after she causes an accident at the restaurant; Bay uses Angelo to get around John's rules; Regina gets more attention than Kathryn during an interview for the new book.
S1, EP24 "The Intruder"Regina's impulsive wedding creates major consequences for the Vasquez and Kennish families; Daphne and Emmett enter their zombie flick in a film festival; Bay meets a talented street artist.
S1, EP23 "This Is the Color of My Dreams"Bay returns from the Galapagos Islands with a new boyfriend in tow; Daphne begins working at a local restaurant; Regina takes action to keep Angelo from being deported.
S1, EP22 "Venus, Cupid, Folly, and Time"Daphne asks Wilke to be her prom date; Emmett's secret threatens to spoil his night with Bay; Angelo's return causes problems; John and Kathryn's marriage is tested.
S1, EP21 "The Sleep of Reason Produces Monsters"Bay and Daphne plan a zombie movie shoot for Emmett's birthday present.; Kathryn learns that John has secrets of his own.
S1, EP20 "Game On"Bay is caught in the middle of Emmett's custody battle; Daphne plays in an important basketball game; Kathryn meets with a book editor to discuss the possibility of publishing a biography.
S1, EP19 "Write a Lonely Soldier"Daphne reconsiders her relationship with Wilke; Emmett learns that Bay is still in contact with Ty; Kathryn's past actions jeopardize the Kennish's case.
S1, EP18 "The Art of Painting"An argument between Emmett's parents spoils Regina's first art show; Daphne cannot decide between her two schools; Kathryn jeopardizes her and John's legal case against the hospital.
S1, EP17 "Protect Me From What I Want"Emmett gathers the Kennish and Vasquez families together for a group portrait; an art gallery owner takes an interest in Regina's work; Bay reassures Emmett that her feelings for Ty are in the past.
S1, EP16 "Las Dos Fridas"Kathryn's mother pays a visit; Bay and Regina probe Angelo's disappearance; Toby's new girlfriend tries to change him.
S1, EP15 "Expulsion From the Garden of Eden"Emmett moves into his father's apartment and meets his eccentric new girlfriend; Kathryn invites Angelo over for dinner; Daphne and Wilke go on a date.
S1, EP14 "Les Soeurs d'Estrees"Daphne and Bay try to help Emmett keep his motorcycle; John and Kathryn interview potential new attorneys; Daphne has reservations about Regina's business partnership with Angelo.
S1, EP13 "Self-Portrait With Bandaged Ear"Bay is blamed for Emmett's troubles; Daphne's basketball coach won't let her play; Angelo offers Regina a tempting business proposition.
S1, EP12 "The Tempest"Melody remains unsupportive of Bay and Emmett's relationship; Daphne considers leaving the Carlton basketball team to play for a rival.
S1, EP11 "Starry Night"Bay is given a glimpse of what life with her biological parents might have been like; Daphne follows Emmett to a music festival.
S1, EP10 "The Homecoming"Bay's life is changed by someone who shows up to her art show; Daphne reveals her feelings to Emmett.
S1, EP9 "Paradise Lost"Regina attempts to reconnect with her daughters during their birthdays; Emmett and Bay's plan to tag a wall draws the attention of the police.
S1, EP8 "Pandora's Box"Bay and Emmett's relationship gets more serious; Regina comes clean about a secret she has been hiding from everyone.
S1, EP7 "The Stag Hunt"John and Kathryn learn surprising news about their lawsuit against the hospital; Daphne discovers a secret Regina has been hiding; Bay and Emmett continue to grow closer.
S1, EP6 "The Persistence of Memory"Kathryn brings up the subject of cochlear implants when Daphne has difficulty at school; Emmett helps Bay uncover the identity of her father; Toby plots a theft to pay off a gambling debt.
S1, EP5 "Dogs Playing Poker"Bay's parents discover she is sneaking around with Ty and as a punishment, invite Ty over for an awkward family dinner.
S1, EP4 "Dance Amongst Daggers"Kathryn hosts a fundraiser at the Kennish home, where guests gossip about Bay and Daphne's unusual story; Melody flirts with John; Emmett comes to the rescue when Toby needs a last-minute drummer.
S1, EP3 "Portrait of My Father"Bay asks questions about her biological father; John and Daphne bond over basketball; Kathryn helps Regina find a job.
S1, EP2 "American Gothic"The parents contend with the new living situation; Daphne spends time with Liam; Regina opens up about her past.
S1, EP1 "This Is Not a Pipe"Two families learn that a hospital mix-up years earlier resulted in their biological children being sent home with the wrong parents.
Bay Kennish is a teenager who grew up in a wealthy family with two parents and a brother. Fellow teen Daphne Vasquez, who lost her hearing at an early age, was raised by a single mother in a working-class neighborhood. One day in her high-school chemistry class, Bay discovers that her blood type doesn't match either of her parents'. Official tests confirm that Bay is not her parents' birth child. When the Kennish family meets Daphne and her mom, Regina, they realize that the girls were switched at birth. The news prompts the Kennishes to allow Regina -- who is experiencing financial difficulties -- Daphne and Daphne's grandmother to live in their guest house. The two polar-opposite families struggle to learn how to live together for the sake of the girls, who try to keep their footing in both the world they know and the new one into which they are thrown.
Original Air Date: Jun 6, 2011
Genres: DramaTV Series
Rating: TV14
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