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North Woods LawDanger and drama are around every bend for elite workers of the Maine Warden Service, who are followed in this series as they navigate the Pine Tree State's rugged terrain during a busy and risk-filled hunting season. Whether they're tracking bears on mountain ranges, busting drunken drivers on ATVs, working undercover stings, or rescuing wayward woodsmen, these wardens risk their lives to protect animals and serve the people of Maine. The series also highlights fish and game officers in New Hampshire, who work tirelessly to preserve and protect the natural resources of the Granite State. The region's wild, rugged landscape attracts thousands of outdoors enthusiasts and makes the officers work diverse and demanding.
S5, EP3 "Wild Moose Chase"Fall marks the start of Maine moose season; Warden MacCabe begins an unbelievable six-day moose hunt; investigating an extremely serious double moose kill.
S5, EP9 "Warden vs. Wild: Animal Encounters"Take a look inside the wardens' role as guardians of Maine's wildlife; an angry black bear is relocated and an orphaned baby moose is rescued.
S5, EP7 "Deer Detectives"Maine's busy deer hunting season keeps the wardens on their toes; a sportsman misidentifies his target and shoots an antler-less deer; a hunter gets lost in the woods at night; feuding neighbors hamper an investigation into an illegal deer kill.
S5, EP5 "To Serve and Protect"Warden Carter must track down an injured bear; Wardens search for a missing man in the woods.
S7, EP8 "Crossed Wires"Wardens McKenney and Robertson find themselves perplexed as they investigate a night hunting complaint; Warden MacCabe finds an illegal bear hunter; K9 Tundra searches for a missing elderly man with dementia in the cold.
S7, EP9 "Shifting Gears"A stolen ATV steers Parker through a maze of suspects; Carter races to a domestic violence dispute; Marquis and Fitzpatrick set up a sting for a suspected night hunter.
S7, EP10 "Buck Fever"Maine's final week of deer season gets out of control with desperate hunters; Warden Robertson takes on a felon with an illegal gun; Warden Carter tracks down rowdy teen hunters terrorizing a neighborhood.
S7, EP11 "Homecoming"The Maine Wardens search one final time for missing hiker Geraldine Largay; Lounder and Blanchard deal with hunter illegally firing close to a house; McKinney and Robertson find a baited shooting shack inhabited by possibly intoxicated hunters.
S8, EP1 "Fighting the Flood"Officer Glen Lucas intervenes when a black bear cub gets separated from its mother and wreaks havoc on a small community; as heavy rains cause rivers to flood, Officer Eric Fluette races to rescue a man whose canoe has flipped in the rapids.
S8, EP2 "Alligator Showdown"Officers Bill Boudreau and Eric Hannett investigate a man raising alligators in the attic of his home; as night falls over the White Mountains, Officers Glenn Lucas and Eric Fluette ascend into the darkness to rescue a lost group of hikers.
S8, EP3 "Hunting the Hunters"Officers Adam Cheney and Geoff Pushee run into an aggressive and angry hunter while investigating a road hunting complaint; an elderly man with dementia goes missing in the swamp.
S8, EP4 "Manhunt"Officer Glen Lucas races to the scene of an ATV accident; a home is broken into so Officers Bill Boudreau and Eric Hannett assist police in tracking the suspect; Officer Bob Mancini tries to save the life of an injured loon.
S8, EP5 "No Way Out"When an out-of-state hunter appears to lie about the circumstances surrounding his deer kill, Officers Bob Mancini and Kevin Bronson investigate; conservation officers work with volunteers to recover the body of missing hiker on Mount Washington.
S8, EP6 "Into Thin Air"Officer Glen Lucas treks to the summit of Mount Washington to rescue an injured hiker; officers track down a trio of possible deer poachers; officer Ron Arsenault investigates a tip about an illegal bobcat trapper.
S9, EP1 "When Duty Calls"Murphy and Demler investigate a suspicious turkey kill while Courtney rescues a scared fawn near a busy road. Meanwhile, Lucas races to save a sick loon.
S9, EP2 "On the Run"An unusual recreational vehicle in a high speed chase; combative speedsters; the scene of an ATV crash.
S9, EP3 "Truth or Consequences"A hunter and a witness disagree about the truth; a trespassing target shooter; fishing for the truth from trespassing ATV riders.
S9, EP4 "Blindsided"Officer Hannett faces a test trying to capture an injured goose; Officer Lucas becomes the first responder on the scene of a drug overdose; Officer MacFadzen must climb 40 feet into the treetops to deal with an aggressive hawk.
S9, EP5 "Under Suspicion"Officers interrogate a group about lighting fires in the woods; a sly fisherman with a bad habit; a lobsterman gets caught breaking the law.
S9, EP6 "Crossing the Line"An officer races to get a driver under the influence off the road; two teenagers joyride in an ATV; evacuating an injured hiker.
S16, EP12 "Officer Down"When a reckless UTV strikes Officer Holmes from behind, Officer Mancini helps him seek medical treatment while handling the crime scene; a car accident kills a doe leaving two twin fawns vulnerable, and firecrackers give a veteran intense flashbacks.
S16, EP11 "Squirrel Showdown"In Newton, N.H., Officer Letourneau receives an interesting tip about a woman in possession of baby flying squirrels; things take a turn for officers investigating an ATV accident; an OHRV rider is caught trespassing on restricted trails.
S16, EP10 "Dangerous Consequences"The New Hampshire Fish and Game Dive Team fights harsh conditions while on a double drowning mission at the Merrimack River; Officer Egan rescues a baby owl after the nest is disturbed; a family of ATV riders is busted for breaking the law.
S16, EP9 "Raccoon Rodeo"A report of possible gunshots fired near a police chief's home has officers on the hunt for answers, but what K-9 Moxie discovers leads to a twist in the case.
S16, EP8 "Call in the Cavalry"In the dark of the night, Officers Hannet and Masucci rush to the aid of an injured hiker trapped on Mount Monadnock; Lt. Cheney and Officer Jones patrol the Hooksett Dam, where river herring are spawning; a bear causes chaos.
S16, EP7 "Grave Danger"The dive team searches the Ammonoosuc River for gravestones and bodies.
S16, EP6 "Abandoned"After an abandoned barrel is discovered, Officer Hannett works with local police to see if it's related to a 20-year-old cold case regarding a missing mother and daughter.
S16, EP5 "Don't Tread on Me"An investigation over unattended fishing lines takes a turn when it's discovered that the fisherman was arrested for shooting his friend; over in Colebrook, a snowmobiler is confronted for riding across a landowner's property without permission.
S16, EP4 "Snow Patrol"At the annual ice-fishing tournament in Washington, N.H., numerous fishermen are cited for breaking the law; Officer Canfield catches reckless snowmobilers riding without registrations then receives a call that has him rushing to the hospital.
S16, EP3 "Meltdown"On the Bald Mountain Trail, officers help rescue an injured hiker, but the icy trail puts the whole crew at risk; Officer Egan is the first medical responder to a sudden snowmobile crash, and two four-wheelers crash through ice on Webster Lake.
S16, EP2 "Bobcat on the Loose"A call is made about two bobcats on the loose, and Officer McKee must track them down before things escalate; a fisherman is caught concealing his unregistered snowmobile, and Officer Cyrs rushes to the site of a head-on snowmobile accident.
S16, EP1 "Hidden in the Water"As temperatures drop to near-freezing, Officers Canfield and Jones use an ROV to search Merrimack River for a missing person; a man is caught illegally releasing coyotes from traps; officers host a meet-and-greet at the headquarters.
S15, EP13 "Backseat Bear"Officers St. Pierre and Arsenault confront a bear that has made its winter den in a car; Officer McKee investigates a claim that an illegal deer kill was an accident; Lt. Boudreau stops a family of snowmobilers riding illegally on a highway.
S15, EP12 "Cat and Mouse"A team of officers stakes out hunting sites across New Hampshire after reports of illegal activity; Officer Lopashanski investigates the mysterious discovery of untagged, unregistered deer parts.
S15, EP11 "Trapped"A trapper is suspected of poaching, and stealing a trail camera surveying the illegal traps; an investigations into the death of an owl; officers question a father and son who may have hunted over illegal bait.
S15, EP10 "Lake Collision"Officer Bronson investigates a teen's social media post, where they brag of illegally shooting a deer; Officer Canfield confronts a hunter over multiple violations; the dive team looks for a boat and its driver.
S15, EP9 "Taking the Bait"Two officers join forces to summon a man for baiting without a permit; pursuing a pair of ATV speedsters riding with a toddler with no safety gear; a call about a deer wedged in a fence.
S15, EP8 "Stubborn as a Moose"Lopashanski attempts every trick in the book to wrangle a stubborn moose off of a busy roadway; Officer Canfield plays a game of cat and mouse with a suspected illegal deer hunter; Officer McKee and Demler investigate an illegal turkey kill.
S15, EP7 "Cracking a Cold Case"A group of ATV riders on prohibited trails; an illegal deer kill; an abandoned car is found on the Androscoggin River.
S15, EP6 "Moose in the City"A team is deployed to relocate a moose that has found its way into the city; during an undercover mission, Officer Egan encounters multiple violating bird hunters; Officer Canfield rushes to rescue an injured hiker trapped on Mount Carrigain.
S15, EP5 "Trail Blazers"A deer hunter is caught with tree stands on private property; a group of ATV speedsters chased by wardens; investigating a suspicious bear kill.
S15, EP4 "Cliff Face Crisis"A horrific rock climbing accident on Cannon Cliffs sends two officers and an emergency team on a heroic helicopter rescue mission; a combative man is found illegally riding an OHRV; a moose causes a traffic jam.
S15, EP2 "Guilty Conscience"When a man responsible for a fatal car accident flees the scene, Officer McKee responds to the call; an injured hiker is rescued from a trail in Franconia Notch State Park, and an illegal pheasant hunter is reported.
S15, EP1 "Mountaintop Mystery"A severed finger is found on Mount Monadnock, sending a team and K-9 Wyatt in search of other possible body parts; a family of repeat offenders are found riding their ATVs without proper protective gear; a man admits to an illegal bear kill.
S14, EP10 "No Place Like Home"During a busy Old Home Day, Officer Delmer patrols the ATV trails; Officer McFazden rescues a trapped barred owl and takes it to be rehabilitated; on Mount Liberty, Officer Towne and trainee LaTourneau save an injured hiker.
S14, EP8 "Twists and Turns"Officer Mcdermott finds an abandoned truck, sparking a winding investigation; Officer Holmes and Sgt. Lucas rescue paddlers near a capsized canoe; Holmes responds to a moose accident, while Officer Frye consoles a bereft woman.
S14, EP7 "Raccoon Rescue"With the help of local police, Lt. Boudreau and Officer Hannett remove campers that are illegally occupying state property; an 8-year-old boy is found riding solo on an ATV, and Officer Crouse helps two raccoon cubs found on the road.
S14, EP6 "Leading the Way"Sgt. Pushee leads a multi-agency rescue mission to find a missing kayaker; a specialist is called in to locate a pesky bear roaming a residential area; and a boy is caught riding without a helmet and operating his ATV illegally.
S14, EP5 "Case Closed"Lt. Mike Eastman investigates a case of stolen lobster traps; a man on a dirt bike flees the scene after being stopped for speeding; Officer Hannett sends an injured pigeon to a local wildlife rehabber.
S14, EP4 "Bump in the Road"Lt. Boudreau and Officer Hannett have an unusually busy day on ATV patrol; Officer McDermott investigates a man who illegally shot a rabbit in a residential area; Officer Holmes and Officer Cyrs use ATVs to rescue an injured hiker on Mount Carter.
S14, EP3 "Needle in a Haystack"Conservation Officers statewide join forces with volunteers and the National Guard to launch an intensive search for a missing hiker; Officer McKee gets news of a bear who has infiltrated a home in search of food.
S14, EP2 "Out of Options"Officer Cyrs gets a call about a rabid fox that attacked a homeowner; Officer Crouse tracks down a group of ATV riders; Lt. Murphy talks to a farmer about a nuisance bear; Officers Frye and Jones investigate a hunter that may have shot from the road.
S14, EP1 "Running Out of Time"The wardens, the National Guard, and dozens of volunteers team up in a massive, days-long search for a hiker missing in the vast wilderness of the White Mountains; the wardens take on some familiar faces in a charity softball game against Maine.
S13, EP10 "Good News, Bad News"Officers St. Pierre, Benvenuti and K9 Cora investigate a couple accused of road hunting; an actress tries to perform her way out of a ticket with Officer Hannett; Officer Holmes gets an injured goose call; Officer Frye handles a neighbor dispute.
S13, EP9 "Riverside Stakeout"Nature lovers show up for Discover Wild New Hampshire Day; Officers conduct an undercover surveillance; Officer McKee rescues a starving owl from the side of the road; on Mount Monadnock, a perilous rescue of an injured hiker.
S13, EP8 "On the Loose"Lt. Boudreau teams up with Trainee Masucci to track down a turkey hunter who may have shot from the road; when an animal release goes south, Officer Hannett lends a hand;Officer Canfield races to catch a trespassing dirt biker.
S13, EP7 "Circle of Life"Officer Crouse responds to a call about a nuisance raccoon; Officer Towne searches for a deer attacked by coyotes; Officer Hannett monitors a suspicious fisherman; Officer St. Pierre responds to a call about an impaired driver.
S13, EP6 "Last Days of Winter"The dive team assists at an event in Hampton Beach; Officer Courtney patrols the area's clam flats; Officers Hannett and Holmes patrol snowmobile activity across the state; Officer Demler helps a bobcat that's been injured by a porcupine.
S13, EP5 "In the Thick of It"A busy day at the state's largest ice fishing derby; Officer Canfield searches for the owner of a frozen fishing line; Major Juneau leads a mountain rescue; Officer McKee clocks the speed of snowmobiles; Officer Cyrs checks on a stuck moose.
S13, EP4 "Snow Way Out"Officers Bronson and Towne get more than they bargained for with a speeding snowmobiler; the K-9 unit performs winter training; Officer MacFadzen patrols an ice drag racing event; Officer Cyrs heads into the woods to investigate a hit and run.
S13, EP3 "Treacherous Trails"During a busy winter weekend, Lt. Boudreau encounters kite skiers, an illegal firesled and a vandalized bob-house; Officer Canfield searches for a deer with an arrow in its head; Officers Demler and Towne head out on a treacherous mountain rescue.
S13, EP2 "Frozen Over"Officer Hannett patrols for ice fishermen while Lt. Boudreau investigates a hunter who shot towards a road; Officer Holmes deals with a raccoon hiding in a warm chimney; Officer St. Pierre goes on his first dive recovery under the ice.
S13, EP1 "Wild Winter"Officer Bronson questions a hunter who shot a deer without having the proper permit; while Officer Demler runs radar on a popular snowmobile trail, Sgt. Lucas investigates a suspicious deer kill site; Officer Cyrs responds to a snowmobile accident.
S4, EP13 "Trail of Trouble"High-speed chase ensues on an ATV trail when the wardens hunt down a man with an outstanding warrant; warm weather brings blatant law violators and repeat offenders.
S4, EP8 "Outfoxed"The wardens are are on full alert as the tourist season begins; crowded campground is being terrorized by a fox; rowdy partygoer gets a little irresponsible on an ATV.
Danger and drama are around every bend for elite workers of the Maine Warden Service, who are followed in this series as they navigate the Pine Tree State's rugged terrain during a busy and risk-filled hunting season. Whether they're tracking bears on mountain ranges, busting drunken drivers on ATVs, working undercover stings, or rescuing wayward woodsmen, these wardens risk their lives to protect animals and serve the people of Maine. The series also highlights fish and game officers in New Hampshire, who work tirelessly to preserve and protect the natural resources of the Granite State. The region's wild, rugged landscape attracts thousands of outdoors enthusiasts and makes the officers work diverse and demanding.
Original Air Date: Mar 11, 2012
Genres: RealityTV Series
Rating: TVPG
Playback: HD
5 seasons available on demand (45 episodes)
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