Officer Down
S16, EP12 "Officer Down"
On Demand
When a reckless UTV strikes Officer Holmes from behind, Officer Mancini helps him seek medical treatment while handling the crime scene; a car accident kills a doe leaving two twin fawns vulnerable, and firecrackers give a veteran intense flashbacks.
Original Air Date: Sep 19, 2021 • Animal Planet • 42m
Squirrel Showdown
S16, EP11 "Squirrel Showdown"
On Demand
In Newton, N.H., Officer Letourneau receives an interesting tip about a woman in possession of baby flying squirrels; things take a turn for officers investigating an ATV accident; an OHRV rider is caught trespassing on restricted trails.
Original Air Date: Sep 12, 2021 • Animal Planet • 42m
Dangerous Consequences
S16, EP10 "Dangerous Consequences"
On Demand
The New Hampshire Fish and Game Dive Team fights harsh conditions while on a double drowning mission at the Merrimack River; Officer Egan rescues a baby owl after the nest is disturbed; a family of ATV riders is busted for breaking the law.
Original Air Date: Sep 05, 2021 • Animal Planet • 42m
Raccoon Rodeo
S16, EP9 "Raccoon Rodeo"
On Demand
A report of possible gunshots fired near a police chief's home has officers on the hunt for answers, but what K-9 Moxie discovers leads to a twist in the case.
Original Air Date: Aug 29, 2021 • Animal Planet • 42m
Call in the Cavalry
S16, EP8 "Call in the Cavalry"
On Demand
In the dark of the night, Officers Hannet and Masucci rush to the aid of an injured hiker trapped on Mount Monadnock; Lt. Cheney and Officer Jones patrol the Hooksett Dam, where river herring are spawning; a bear causes chaos.
Original Air Date: Aug 22, 2021 • Animal Planet • 42m
Grave Danger
S16, EP7 "Grave Danger"
On Demand
The dive team searches the Ammonoosuc River for gravestones and bodies.
Original Air Date: Aug 15, 2021 • Animal Planet • 42m
S16, EP6 "Abandoned"
On Demand
After an abandoned barrel is discovered, Officer Hannett works with local police to see if it's related to a 20-year-old cold case regarding a missing mother and daughter.
Original Air Date: Aug 08, 2021 • Animal Planet • 42m
Don't Tread on Me
S16, EP5 "Don't Tread on Me"
On Demand
An investigation over unattended fishing lines takes a turn when it's discovered that the fisherman was arrested for shooting his friend; over in Colebrook, a snowmobiler is confronted for riding across a landowner's property without permission.
Original Air Date: Aug 01, 2021 • Animal Planet • 42m
Snow Patrol
S16, EP4 "Snow Patrol"
On Demand
At the annual ice-fishing tournament in Washington, N.H., numerous fishermen are cited for breaking the law; Officer Canfield catches reckless snowmobilers riding without registrations then receives a call that has him rushing to the hospital.
Original Air Date: Jul 25, 2021 • Animal Planet • 42m
S16, EP3 "Meltdown"
On Demand
On the Bald Mountain Trail, officers help rescue an injured hiker, but the icy trail puts the whole crew at risk; Officer Egan is the first medical responder to a sudden snowmobile crash, and two four-wheelers crash through ice on Webster Lake.
Original Air Date: Jul 18, 2021 • Animal Planet • 42m
Bobcat on the Loose
S16, EP2 "Bobcat on the Loose"
On Demand
A call is made about two bobcats on the loose, and Officer McKee must track them down before things escalate; a fisherman is caught concealing his unregistered snowmobile, and Officer Cyrs rushes to the site of a head-on snowmobile accident.
Original Air Date: Jun 27, 2021 • Animal Planet • 42m
Hidden in the Water
S16, EP1 "Hidden in the Water"
On Demand
As temperatures drop to near-freezing, Officers Canfield and Jones use an ROV to search Merrimack River for a missing person; a man is caught illegally releasing coyotes from traps; officers host a meet-and-greet at the headquarters.
Original Air Date: Jun 20, 2021 • Animal Planet • 42m