Star Wars: The Myths Strike Back
S18, EP8 "Star Wars: The Myths Strike Back"
On Demand
Jamie and Adam take on the science of the "Star Wars" universe.
Original Air Date: Sep 05, 2015 • Discovery • 43m
Unfinished Business
S18, EP6 "Unfinished Business"
On Demand
Adam and Jamie tackle fan favorites; video games; grenades; spy cars; super-fast firearms.
Original Air Date: Aug 22, 2015 • Discovery • 43m
Supernatural Shooters
S18, EP5 "Supernatural Shooters"
On Demand
Adam and Jamie investigate the ability of hit men to take down a target.
Original Air Date: Aug 15, 2015 • Discovery • 43m
Dangerous Driving
S18, EP4 "Dangerous Driving"
On Demand
Adam and Jamie test whether or not hands-free driving is a safe way to make a call while behind the wheel.
Original Air Date: Aug 08, 2015 • Discovery • 42m
Accidental Ammo
S18, EP3 "Accidental Ammo"
On Demand
Ballistic backyard bedlam; glass guillotine; accidental ammunition.
Original Air Date: Aug 01, 2015 • Discovery • 43m
Flights of Fantasy
S18, EP2 "Flights of Fantasy"
On Demand
Adam and Jamie tackle two flights of fantasy.
Original Air Date: Jul 25, 2015 • Discovery • 42m
Blow It Out of the Water
S18, EP1 "Blow It Out of the Water"
On Demand
Adam and Jamie blow up a boat with 1,000 lbs. of high explosive; homemade machine gun from the "Breaking Bad" finale.
Original Air Date: Jul 18, 2015 • Discovery • 43m