Minor Offenses
S3, EP15 "Minor Offenses"
On Demand
Stef and Lena become concerned when Callie wants to film an endorsement for a new foster care reform bill; Nick asks Jesus for advice on planning the perfect first date with Mariana; Stef recovers from surgery.
Original Air Date: Feb 21, 2016 • Freeform • 43m
Under Water
S3, EP14 "Under Water"
On Demand
Callie and Jude turn to a foster care advocate for help after they learn that Jack is being abused by other boys; Jesus tries to get to know Gabe better at work; Nick asks out Mariana.
Original Air Date: Feb 15, 2016 • Freeform • 42m
If and When
S3, EP13 "If and When"
On Demand
Callie learns that Jude is spending time with a quirky teen they met at a foster youth event; Brandon and Mat have a disagreement over the musical they are writing for their senior project; Jesus attempts to learn the identity of his birth father.
Original Air Date: Feb 08, 2016 • Freeform • 42m
Mixed Messages
S3, EP12 "Mixed Messages"
On Demand
Brandon and Callie worry that their secret has been exposed; Lena and Stef's mother have a disagreement over the handling of Stef's diagnosis; the growing resentment between Mariana and Lexi comes to a head.
Original Air Date: Feb 01, 2016 • Freeform • 42m
First Impressions
S3, EP11 "First Impressions"
On Demand
Callie must put aside her romantic feelings for Brandon after she is officially adopted into the Adams Foster family; an investor takes an interest in Callie's Web site.
Original Air Date: Jan 25, 2016 • Freeform • 43m
S3, EP10 "Lucky"
On Demand
Stef and Lena throw a 40th anniversary celebration for Lena's parents; Callie meets the judge who will determine her fate; Mariana attempts to fix her relationship with Mat.
Original Air Date: Aug 17, 2015 • Freeform • 43m
S3, EP9 "Idyllwild"
On Demand
Life-changing secrets are revealed when the family takes a trip to Brandon's music competition; Callie questions Carmen and Brooke's motives; Mike finds an unexpected connection that may support Stef's theory.
Original Air Date: Aug 10, 2015 • Freeform • 43m
S3, EP8 "Daughters"
On Demand
Callie is surprised to learn that Rita has a biological daughter; Stef gets a fresh lead in the hit-and-run case; Brandon confronts his mothers about tensions in the household.
Original Air Date: Aug 03, 2015 • Freeform • 43m
Faith, Hope, Love
S3, EP7 "Faith, Hope, Love"
On Demand
Mariana's biological grandfather informs her that she cannot be Isabella's godmother unless she is first baptized; Stef confronts Callie about her actions at her birthday party.
Original Air Date: Jul 20, 2015 • Freeform • 43m
It's My Party
S3, EP6 "It's My Party"
On Demand
Jude surprises Callie by throwing a house party to celebrate her 17th birthday; Brandon is suspicious of AJ's behavior; Callie and Mariana shop for a car without telling their mothers.
Original Air Date: Jul 13, 2015 • Freeform • 42m