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DisappearedHere today, gone tomorrow. Thousands of people go missing in the United States each year, leaving behind only a mystery without any clues. Their stories are told in "Disappeared" through the voices of family, friends and investigators trying to solve the case, with each hourlong episode recounting the final stages that led to a person's disappearance. Interviews with experts including psychologists and forensic specialists provide new insights into what may have happened -- whether foul play was involved or the subject simply ran away.
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S11, EP10 "Mystery in the Ozarks"On May 19th 2022, Christopher Hoye suddenly leaves his Ozarks homestead; after several hours, Christopher's wife recovers his truck next to a dangerous river but Christopher is gone; as weeks go by, there are more questions than answers.
S11, EP9 "Trouble at Home"Tracie Bell, a beloved employee of the Cook County State Attorney's Office goes missing on March 6, 2018.
S11, EP8 "Gone With the Night"Twenty-seven-year-old Gretchen Fleming is figuring out her life while living in her hometown of Parkersburg, W.V.; after a night out in town, Gretchen is last seen leaving a local bar with a mystery man and is never heard from again.
S11, EP7 "Descent Into Darkness"Nathaniel Holmes is a high school senior who is passionate about playing the bagpipes; on Dec. 17, 2017, his mother drops him off at school and watches him walk inside; by the time she goes to pick him up that afternoon, Nathaniel is missing.
S11, EP6 "Lost in Paradise"Alex Gumm, a Maine musician interested in Eastern philosophy and all things extraterrestrial, vanishes in Hawaii on Feb. 22, 2018; Alex's disappearance raises several questions, and his childhood friends risk their lives to find the answers.
S11, EP5 "Lost in Her Secrets"In November 2019, Sheena Gibbs travels back to Chicago from Muscatine, Iowa, after caring for her mother and becoming estranged from friends; she is never seen or heard from again; as friends search for her, her case becomes even more mysterious.
S11, EP4 "The Secrets of Bissonnet Street"On Jan. 2, 2020, 15-year-old Kristen Galvan disappears; her disappearance comes just one month after police rescued her from a sex-trafficking ring in Houston.
S11, EP3 "Mountain of Mystery"In May 2020, Dahvonte Morgan, a family man from San Francisco, disappears in the mysterious town of Mt. Shasta, Calif.; as his family searches, it becomes clear the community is wary of outsiders and his girlfriend may know more than she shares.
S11, EP2 "Love and Lies in Idyllwild"Dia Abrams owns several properties in the Idyllwild community of California, including a sprawling 116-acre ranch; on June 6th, 2020, Dia tells her partner, Keith Harper, she will feed the horses and is never seen or heard from again.
S11, EP1 "A Vanishing at the Golden Gate State Bridge"Vibrant 19-year-old Sydney West gains acceptance to her dream college, but on the morning of Sept. 20, 2020, Sydney decides to visit the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and mysteriously vanishes into the fog.
S10, EP8 "New Mom Missing"Successful lawyer and new mum Ciera Breland disappears after she and her husband visit his mother in Georgia. It emerges her perfect life isn't what it seems.
S10, EP7 "The Sweetest Man in the World"In December 2017, Brian stops responding to his mother's texts; she decides to file a missing person's report and Detective Massucci finds himself untangling a complicated love triangle involving Brian, which leaves him with more questions.
S10, EP6 "A Vanishing on the Border"A rumor swirls around the bordertown of Brownsville, Texas, that Kimberly Avila may have been kidnapped or murdered by a member of the cartel when she goes missing on May 13, 2017.
S10, EP5 "Vanished in the Heartland"Tracing the time immediately before an individual vanished for critical clues about the disappearance.
S10, EP4 "The Long Drive Home"Jason Landry disappears while driving home for the holiday break; PI and retired FBI agent Abel Peña does his own investigation and suspects Jason may have been the victim of foul play.
S10, EP3 "Navajo Nightmare"Pepita Redhair, a 27-year-old Navajo woman, goes missing after her mother drops her off at her boyfriend's house in Albuquerque, N.M.; the family takes matters into their own hands to find her, even enlisting the help of a medicine man.
S10, EP2 "Disappearance in the Desert"Daniel Robinson arrives at his work site in the desert in Buckeye, Arizona and reportedly acts strangely just before taking off in the middle of his shift, never to be seen again.
S10, EP1 "Vanished in the Night"On Jan. 2, 2021, 26-year-old Kirsten Breuggeman leaves her boyfriend at a bar and takes off on her own; a security camera picks her up walking down the street, but it glitches out, and she vanishes from view.
S9, EP13 "A Date With Danger"Nancy Moyer disappears while her children are visiting their father; police look into Moyer's background, finding a surprisingly complicated life; then, a murder occurs nearby, prompting authorities to ask if the cases could be connected.
S9, EP12 "Moment of Truth"When 70-year-old retired firefighter Michael Chambers goes missing, a bloody crime scene in his garage indicates foul play; then, authorities begin to believe that the crime scene may have been staged.
S9, EP11 "Breaking Away"Nineteen-year-old college sophomore Martin Roberts is a popular fraternity brother, then he goes missing, leaving behind a cryptic note; two years later, Roberts' family remains desperate to know what happened to him.
S9, EP10 "Last Stop"Thirteen-year-old Tabitha Tuders vanishes while walking to her bus stop in Nashville, Tenn.; police think she's a runaway, but there are disturbing circumstances surrounding her disappearance, leaving her family desperate to find the truth.
S9, EP9 "So Close to Home"Ali Lowizter, 16, vanishes after getting off her school bus; the investigation stalls for two years until a tip comes in claiming Lowizter could have been trafficked, leading to a SWAT team raid on a house of prostitution.
S9, EP8 "Just Out of Sight"Military veteran Michael VanZandt disappears one night in Hermosa Beach, Calif.; police suspect a group of strangers may be involved, while VanZandt's loved ones are haunted by suspicions about his thrill seeking make-up.
S9, EP7 "In Broad Daylight"Holly Cantrell is seen on security video leaving the hospital where she works, but she never arrives home; while investigating Cantrell's disappearance, police learn she has been keeping secrets.
S9, EP6 "The Vanishing Hour"In Greensboro, N.C., 19-year-old Tyarra Williams vanishes from the parking lot of her apartment complex; after receiving tips that Williams may have fallen prey to human trafficking, her grandfather embarks on a cross-country search for answers.
S9, EP5 "Born This Way"After transgender teenager Sage Smith goes missing In Charlottesville, Va., police identify a suspect, then evidence comes to light forcing them to take a closer look at Smith's inner circle.
S9, EP4 "Into the Mist"Stephanie Crane, aged 9, leaves a local bowling alley but never arrives home; years later, authorities hope that advances in evidence testing may finally solve the mystery.
S9, EP3 "Troubled Waters"While on a Caribbean cruise, 23-year-old Amy Lynn Bradley vanishes from her family's cabin and is never seen again; over a decades-long struggle, her family embarks on countless grueling searches, stopping at nothing to find their beloved Amy.
S9, EP2 "Last Words"Logan Schiendelman vanishes, and authorities find his car abandoned; multiple tips claim seeing Logan, but searches turn up nothing; with no evidence of foul play, questions surface and police are forced to examine his family's controversial past.
S9, EP1 "Edge of Fourteen"Fun-loving 14-year-old Ashley Summers vanishes in 2007; the mystery deepens when the FBI connects her case to two other young women missing from her neighborhood.
S8, EP13 "The Long Way Home"Thirty-five-year-old mother Deanne Hastings leaves a note saying she's running to the store, but she never returns; as detectives uncover more information about Hastings' actions leading up to her disappearance, a slew of troubling theories emerge.
S8, EP12 "Lost Angel"After 19-year-old Angel Garcia disappears after riding his dirt bike around Hartford, Conn., friends say Garcia was chased by a mysterious SUV before he disappeared.
S8, EP11 "A Bridge Too Far"In Philadelphia, a couple disappears on date night; their families unite to find them, then start pointing fingers, and the FBI soon takes over the investigation into the couple's disappearance, which has become riddled with speculation.
S8, EP10 "The Last Summer"Fifteen-year-old gymnast Kayla Berg fails to return home after a night out, and her loved ones believe she's staying with friends, then six days pass, and the details of her last known whereabouts raise suspicion in her close-knit town.
S8, EP9 "The One That Got Away"A young man receives life-changing news and embarks on a new chapter; when his family stops hearing from him, they know something's wrong; police begin to investigate but encounter a tangled web of contradictory stories.
S8, EP8 "About a Boy"Eight-year-old Zachary Bernhardt disappears from his Florida home late at night; suspicions swirl around his mother, but she denies any involvement and moves away, then another boy goes missing, and new theories emerge.
S8, EP7 "Flight Risk"While on the way to the airport, 19-year-old Katelin Akens vanishes after making an unexpected stop at a Virginia shopping mall; investigators soon learn someone close to Akens may know more than he or she is saying.
S8, EP6 "Into the Night"Eighteen-year-old Zoe Campos disappears after spending a night at home watching movies, prompting investigators to scour her Facebook account to unlock clues.
S8, EP5 "Every Mother's Son"After diabetic 20-year-old Bear Diaz vanishes in the night, investigators suspect foul play; then Skylar Tosic disappears, leaving people to wonder whether the cases are linked.
S8, EP4 "On a Mission"A beautiful young woman moves to the United States, then vanishes without a trace after a mere matter of weeks; kidnapping survivor, Elizabeth Smart, joins in the search to find her.
S8, EP3 "Spirited Away"Twenty-one year-old Kortne Stouffer vanishes from her bed one night following a couple of scuffles with neighbors and friends.
S8, EP2 "The Silent Son"When 17-year-old Macin Smith doesn't come home from school, his parents worry about his safety, and they are troubled by a note hidden in his wallet; as police attempt to piece together the puzzle, Smith's family vacillates between hope and despair.
S8, EP1 "American Gothic"In Missouri, bible teacher Lynn Messer goes missing from her family's farmhouse, and investigators must decipher a cryptic handwritten note; two years later, skeletal remains are found in a wooded area on Messer's farm.
S7, EP10 "Girl Interrupted"In 2006, Jennifer Kesse goes missing, and her car is found abandoned in a parking lot near her Orlando, Fla., condominium; in spite of rewards for information, her disappearance remains one of Florida's most baffling crimes.
S7, EP9 "Love Triangle"The last time Brandy was seen was when she left work on Friday afternoon; she fails to return on Monday leading many to question if she left her rocky love life.
S7, EP8 "A Family Man"Robert is reported missing after failing to pick his wife up from the airport, and his son tells investigators that he met some unusual men a few days earlier.
S7, EP7 "California Leaving"Former Harlem Globetrotter Rico Harris disappears while driving from Los Angeles to Seattle, setting off a baffling journey for investigators.
S7, EP6 "No Stone Unturned"Sixty-year old stonemason David Riemens goes missing after meeting with a prospective client, and his truck is found abandoned; desperate to find him, investigators look for clues, but Riemens has vanished into thin air.
S7, EP5 "Off the Grid"In Phoenix, 25-year-old BMX rider Brian Histand goes missing after being seen wandering in a field; family and friends wonder whether Histand's risky bike moves led to his state of confusion.
S7, EP4 "Walk Into Darkness"Tammy Kingery disappears after leaving behind a note saying she's gone for a walk in the woods, but searches yield no signs of her; an investigation reveals secrets that lead to dark theories about the missing mother of three.
S7, EP3 "Road To Nowhere"Missing college student Bryce Laspisa's car is found crashed and abandoned in a remote California park.
S7, EP2 "Against the Tide"Twenty-five-year-old artist Tiffany Daniels never makes it home from work, then her car is found abandoned in a parking lot in Pensacola Beach, Fla., launching a desperate search as well as dark speculation about her disappearance.
S7, EP1 "Somebody's Watching"A customer arrives at a gas station just before closing to find the store empty, leading investigators to believe that missing employee Jessica Heeringa has been abducted; the investigation yields a secret about the missing woman's life.
S6, EP15 "At the Crossroads"When 18-year-old Jarrod Johnston vanishes after leaving his grandmother's house, his father sees similarities between his sister's earlier disappearance and his son's.
S6, EP14 "Birds of Prey"In Loxahatchee, Fla., Moses Lall and Lila Buerattan go missing, leaving behind hundreds of exotic birds valued at hundreds of thousands of dollars.
S6, EP13 "Long Lost Love"Eighty-one-year-old millionaire Bob Harrod marries his childhood sweetheart after sixty years apart, then he vanishes days before before his bride moves in.
S6, EP12 "Final Season"In Orlando, Fla., 27-year-old Tracy Ocasio disappears after spending the night watching the NBA playoffs.
S6, EP11 "A Diamond Is Forever"Known for restoring and selling vintage automobiles, retiree Bob Wykel tells friends he is excited to check out a vintage Ford Thunderbird, then he drives off and is never seen again.
S6, EP10 "Breaking News"Police investigate the disappearance of news anchor Jodi Huisentruit when she doesn't show up to work one morning.
S6, EP9 "Out of the Ashes"Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman attend a sleep over party, but the house goes up in flames and the girls vanish.
S6, EP8 "Radio Silence"Veteran back-country ranger Randy Morgenson disappears while on patrol in the Sequoia-Kings Canyon National Park.
S6, EP7 "Missing in the Mountains"Amy Wroe Bechtel vanishes without a trace after going for a run in a forest in Lander, Wyo.; the investigation into her disappearance spans years and hundreds of square miles.
S6, EP6 "City of Angels"When 24-year-old aspiring actress Satara Stratton disappears in Hollywood, her mother, Sharon, launches a search that takes her to the seedy side of the star-studded city.
S6, EP5 "One Way Ticket"When a Toronto woman goes missing, investigators discover her fiancé is a married man who is harboring dark secrets.
S6, EP4 "Dark Voyage"Fifty-two-year-old Colleen Wood vanishes after embarking on a sailing trip around the world with her wealthy boyfriend.
S6, EP3 "The Dutchman's Curse"Jesse Capen vanishes while looking for the fabled Lost Dutchman's Gold Mine in Arizona's Superstition Mountains.
S6, EP2 "The Soldier's Wife"When the pregnant wife of a National Guardsman goes missing police discover that her life is more complicated than it seems.
S6, EP1 "Lost in the Dark"Twenty-four-year-old Mitrice Richardson is released after midnight from the Los Angeles County sheriff's Malibu station without a car, purse or cellphone and goes missing without a trace.
S6 "Missing in Maui"After Charli Scott, a 27-year-old pregnant woman, goes missing in Maui, her burnt-out vehicle is found on the north shore of the island.
S6 "Lone Star Mystery"On Aug. 30, 2014, 23-year-old Christina Morris disappears from a parking garage after spending an evening with friends, and a massive search is launched to find the missing Texas woman.
S6 "Lauryn Is Lost"Twenty-three-year-old Lauryn Garrett calls her father for a ride home after being released from a rehabilitation clinic, then she goes missing.
S5, EP17 "Missing by Design"Friends and the authorities suspect something foul is afoot when a self-made millionaire strangely vanishes.
S5, EP16 "Hard Life in the Big Easy"The aftermath of Hurricane Katrina provides the shocking answer of what really happened to a long-missing New Orleans waitress.
S5, EP15 "Just a Nice Guy"In Asheville, N.C., 18-year-old Zebb Quinn vanishes after leaving work at Walmart; later, his parents are stunned when police find unusual evidence surrounding the disappearance of this shy young man.
S5, EP14 "Footprints in the Sand"A Jersey City escort goes missing in Long Island; a search of the dense underbrush yields a gruesome discovery.
S5, EP13 "Too Young For Love"In 2007, a 14-year-old girl vanishes into Mexico with an older man; in 2011, the family finally learns what became of her.
S5, EP12 "Final Exam"A woman never returns to her dorm room after working at night; with growing concern from her boyfriend and family, police investigate and discover that she may not be far from campus.
S5, EP11 "The Vortex"A team searches for a man who vanished during a dangerous cave dive under water, but are puzzled when they do not find his body.
S5, EP10 "Little Girl Lost"Joey Lynn Offutt goes missing after an argument with her on-and-off-again boyfriend and after the body of her infant son is found in the remains of an extinguished house fire.
S5, EP9 "Into the Bayou"A man under a great deal of stress leaves a party and is never seen again; family and investigators race the clock in a search for answers.
S5, EP8 "A Soldier's Story"Former U.S. Marine Noah Pippin is reported missing after failing to report to his base in San Diego; his parents discover he was last seen hiking alone in Montana's Bob Marshall Wilderness Area.
S5, EP7 "Hometown Hero"Police are perplexed when firefighter Margaret McEnroe disappears, leaving her infant daughter alone and unattended in her crib.
S5, EP6 "The Last Call"Allison Jackson-Foy, who disappears after having drinks at a bar with a close friend, would never abandon her daughters, according to her family.
S5, EP5 "Daddy's Girl"After beating drug addiction and regaining control over her life, 19-year-old Danice Day goes missing from Monte Vista, Colo., in 2002.
S5, EP4 "Wrong Side of the Tracks"After trucking company manager Jackie Markham vanishes from her Florida home without a trace, her purse is found in a ditch near an abandoned boxcar.
S5, EP3 "Crime and Punishment"Terrance Williams goes missing after being arrested by Deputy Sheriff Steve Calkins for driving without a license.
S5, EP2 "Dancing Into Darkness"When a single mother who works as a reporter during the day and a stripper at night goes missing, investigators are unsure where to begin.
S5, EP1 "The Road Not Taken"College freshman Ginni Wood fails to get in touch with her mother while on spring break, and the mystery deepens when investigators realize Ginni's friends are missing as well.
S4, EP14 "Innocence Lost"When Jamie Fraley goes missing, detectives learn that her boyfriend's father has developed an unseemly interest in her, then they make a gruesome discovery that changes the course of their investigation.
S4, EP13 "The Wedding Ring"In Jacksonville, Fla., 27-year-old Tina McQuaig disappears after leaving her pharmacy job at a hospital, and her case goes cold until a shocking discovery ignites a renewed search.
S4, EP12 "Midnight Walk"In Miami, 23-year-old single mother Lily Aramburo goes missing after leaving her fiancé's condominium at 2 a.m., and investigators come to believe she has been the victim of foul play.
S4, EP11 "Vanished in Vermont"After Vermont teenager Brianna Maitland disappears, her car is found at an abandoned farmhouse near the Canadian border with her wallet, paycheck and other belongings inside.
S4, EP9 "Spring Break Nightmare"In Daytona Beach, Fla., 15-year-old Colleen Orsborn goes missing after skipping school to go to the beach, then sightings of a serial killer lead investigators down a sinister path.
S4, EP8 "Memory Lane"Last seen on a store's surveillance video, Amber Gerweck disappears and her car turns up approximately 600 miles from her Michigan home, then her parents receive the most shocking telephone call of their lives.
S4, EP7 "A Father's Quest"Leah Peebles vanishes from Albuquerque, N.M.,after moving there to make a fresh start, and her parents find out she had started using drugs again and had turned to prostitution.
S4, EP6 "The Dark Ravine"After a woman does not return home, her mother and police realize her brother may be involved in her disappearance.
S4, EP5 "Missing Valentine"On February 13, 2001, Pat Viola calls her mother to have a chat during which nothing seems odd, but Pat is never heard from or seen again.
S4, EP4 "Game Over"Charlie Allen Jr. doesn't show up at a party, then later, tells his sister that people are after him.
S4, EP3 "Heavy Metal Mystery"Morgan Harrington gets separated from her friends at a concert and disappears but forensics links her case to a violent case three hours away.
S4, EP2 "Secrets of a Son"A Church going young journalist's car is found abandoned near Las Vegas and he has not been seen in two days.
S4, EP1 "Running for Her Life"Nineteen-year-old college student Rachel Cooke goes for a jog and disappears without a trace, then her case grows cold until a convicted murderer makes a shocking confession.
S3, EP13 "Silent Night"Patty Vaughn's van is found with a flat tire 24 hours after leaving her three kids and husband on Christmas Day, making all wonder if she was abducted.
S3, EP12 "Lost Hero"A Florida community is baffled when 32-year-old firefighter Brandy Hall goes missing and her truck is found submerged at the bottom of a pond.
S3, EP11 "A Mother's Mission"Receiving no help from police, Mary Weir persists in searching for her missing 18-year-old daughter, Samantha Bonnell, whose luggage turns up miles from where she was last seen.
S3, EP10 "The Springfield Three"A violent criminal knows where three women are buried which stirs up more questions than answers on their disappearance.
S3, EP9 "A Family's Curse"When District Attorney Ray Gricar fails to return from a short drive in the Pennsylvania countryside, investigators try to find clues to explain his disappearance.
S3, EP8 "Soul Searcher"Leah Roberts goes on a soul searching journey after her parents die but her jeep is found nine days later wrecked and abandoned in a park leaving her family and police stumped.
S3, EP7 "The Darkest Night"A night on the town threatens the mother of an adorable daughter sending her over the edge and leading to her disappearance.
S3, EP6 "Into the Woods"In Northport, Maine, Jeremy Alex races out of the woods towards a house and tells the homeowners that someone is after him, but Jeremy runs away before they can get help, and he disappears without a trace.
S3, EP5 "Gone on the 4th of July"After an argument with her boyfriend, 18-year-old Roxanne Paltauf leaves their motel room on a balmy July evening and is never seen again.
S3, EP4 "Final Chord"Successful punk rock band leader suddenly quits the band, breaks up with his fiance and disappears leading police to wonder if he walked away, killed himself or if his band members committed foul play.
S3, EP3 "Murky Waters"A 16-year old lifeguard vanishes and her mother's intuition leads an investigation to a man in a white vehicle.
S3, EP2 "Secret Rendezvous"A woman vanishes after work and investigators learn of a mysterious relationship and a secret trip that was supposed to happen that night.
S2, EP12 "Doomed Romance"Thirty-three-old roofer Jeramy Burt goes missing, then his car is found torched in a remote desert valley in southern Idaho, making investigators question the authenticity of text messages sent to his ex-wife.
S2, EP9 "Unfinished Business"A businessman's vehicle is found abandoned in a state park after he leaves his Little Rock, Ark., home to go to work on a Monday morning, and friends and family members wonder if his disappearance is tied to trouble at work.
S2, EP8 "Mojave Mystery"After six months in the Mojave Desert, 30-year-old April Pitzer calls her mother and says she wants to come home, then her past catches up with her and she vanishes without a trace.
S2, EP7 "Danger at Dusk"A woman is abducted while chatting on a cell phone with her boyfriend, who hears her scream and plead with someone not to take her.
S1, EP5 "A Lost Soul"When high school senior Lee Cutler goes missing, police search his abandoned car and find a copy of Jon Krakeur's "Into the Wild," which is about a young man who trekked into the Alaskan wilderness.
"Gone in Georgia"The loved ones of 25-year-old Kelly Nash quickly mobilize an intense search for him when he vanishes from his Georgia home one night without a trace.
Here today, gone tomorrow. Thousands of people go missing in the United States each year, leaving behind only a mystery without any clues. Their stories are told in "Disappeared" through the voices of family, friends and investigators trying to solve the case, with each hourlong episode recounting the final stages that led to a person's disappearance. Interviews with experts including psychologists and forensic specialists provide new insights into what may have happened -- whether foul play was involved or the subject simply ran away.
Original Air Date: Jan 11, 2010
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