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The Jack Benny ShowThe comedian provides laughs with a series of guest stars.
S15, EP6 "Hillbilly Sketch"Connie Francis and Jack play hillbillies.
S15, EP3 "Andy Williams Show"Jack suggests that Andy Williams work harder to promote his singing career, so Andy dons a tuxedo and joins Jack at the opening of a meat market. With Madge Blake and Lee Meriwether.
S11, EP10 "Amateur Show"Jack puts on his annual amateur-talent show.
S14, EP27 "Harlow Gets a Date"Jack wants Harlow to escort the sponsor's daughter.
S14, EP19 "How Jack Found Dennis"Jack recalls how he discovered Dennis Day.
S14, EP20 "The Final LeBlanc Sketch"Jack gives new hope to his old violin teacher, Professor LeBlanc.
S14, EP15 "Peter, Paul and Mary"Peter, Paul and Mary adapt the folklore of Jack Benny to a song.
S15, EP5 "Jack Makes a Comedy Record"Bob Hope and Jack decide to cut a comedy record.
S15, EP4 "The Income Tax Show"The IRS begins to doubt Jack's tax return.
S15, EP2 "The Lucille Ball Show"Lucille Ball joins Jack in a sketch about Paul Revere's famous ride.
S15, EP16 "Jack Adopts a Son"Jack plays a man who adopts an unwanted orphan (Milton Berle).
S14, EP14 "How Jack Met George Burns"Jack recalls being in vaudeville with George Burns.
S4, EP1 "Honolulu Trip"The comedian provides laughs with a series of guest stars.
S4, EP3 "Humphrey Bogart Show"Bob Crosby gets angry at Jack cutting his song; Don is upset because his commercial is to be cut; Detective Benny interrogates Baby Face Bogart about the murder of Blinky Mason.
S14, EP17 "Bobby Darin Show"Jack decides that Bobby Darin should play him in his film biography.
S14, EP16 "Nat King Cole Show"Nat King Cole performs in an instrumental group with Jack on the violin.
S14, EP26 "Jack Goes to an Allergy Doctor"Jack thinks his itching arm is caused by an allergy.
S14, EP28 "I Am the Fiddler"Jack reminisces about the early days of radio.
S14, EP18 "Don Breaks His Leg"Don pretends to have a broken leg.
S14, EP7 "The Ed Sullivan Show"Ed Sullivan and Jack play opposing attorneys in a murder trial.
S14, EP6 "Jack Directs a Film"Jack crashes a set where James Stewart is working.
S11, EP7 "Lunch Counter Murder"The comedian provides laughs with a series of guest stars.
S8, EP7 "Christmas Shopping Show"The comedian provides laughs with a series of guest stars.
S5, EP10 "Four O'Clock in the Morning Show"Jack is woken up early by a disc jockey and goes shopping for a suit.
The comedian provides laughs with a series of guest stars.
Original Air Date: Oct 28, 1950
Genres: ComedyTV Series
Rating: TVG
Playback: HD
4 seasons available on demand (6 episodes)
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