Between a Mother and a Hard Place
S3, EP10 "Between a Mother and a Hard Place"
On Demand
Lauren finds out the results of the IUI; Jared returns to Florida to confront Dawn and Cher; Angelica questions Jason about his commitment to their relationship; Cristina and Kathy make a life-changing decision behind Carlo's back.
Original Air Date: Aug 02, 2021 • TLC • 43m
Hot Mom Summer
S3, EP9 "Hot Mom Summer"
On Demand
Sunhe grills Jason's mom about her lack of contact with Angelica and Amara; Amy's realizations about Kai impact her relationship with Carina; Rykia reveals a secret she's been keeping; Cristina wants a house that's for sale across from her mom's.
Original Air Date: Jul 26, 2021 • TLC • 43m
Mom in the Middle
S3, EP8 "Mom in the Middle"
On Demand
Amy kicks Carina out of the bedroom so she can spend the night with Kai; Cher and Dawn take Belle to the dentist behind Jared's back; Lauren has to choose between her mom and Laura Leigh; Sunhe and Angelica make themselves at home in Jason's house.
Original Air Date: Jul 19, 2021 • TLC • 43m
Two for One Deal
S3, EP7 "Two for One Deal"
On Demand
Amy's ex-boyfriend visits, and Carina is not a fan; a driver calls in sick, so Cristina enlists Kathy's help with delivering pies; Lisa convinces Lauren to stay the night and put off reconciling with Laura-Leigh; Sunhe takes over Jason's house.
Original Air Date: Jul 12, 2021 • TLC • 43m
I Choose My Mom
S3, EP6 "I Choose My Mom"
On Demand
Lisa and Lauren confess to Kenny about their recent scheming; Karla surprises Rykia with a double date; Sunhe and Jason clash about throwing out his junk, leaving Angelica in tears; Dawn and Cher take skin care to a new level.
Original Air Date: Jul 05, 2021 • TLC • 43m
Losing My Best Friend
S3, EP5 "Losing My Best Friend"
On Demand
Lisa makes a surprising proposal to Lauren, shocking Laura Leigh; Kathy continues to insert herself at the pizzeria, but Carlo pushes back; Cher confronts Jared about staying in Florida with Belle.
Original Air Date: Jun 28, 2021 • TLC • 43m
Coming Clean
S3, EP4 "Coming Clean"
On Demand
Karla worries that she and Rykia are drifting apart; Lauren comes clean to Laura Leigh about the secret she's been keeping; Amy gets emotional when she realizes she needs space from Carina; Angelica's condition worsens.
Original Air Date: Jun 21, 2021 • TLC • 43m
No Boundaries
S3, EP3 "No Boundaries"
On Demand
Dawn and Cher hatch a plan to convince Jared to stay in Florida; new mother-daughter duo Amy and Carina share everything from a bed to underwear; Angelica faces an unexpected health risk at 34 weeks pregnant.
Original Air Date: Jun 14, 2021 • TLC • 43m
Crossing the Line
S3, EP2 "Crossing the Line"
On Demand
Sunhe and Angelica are caught off guard by an unexpected announcement; Karla and Rykia grill Rasheed's girlfriend with inappropriate questions; Kathy and Cristina celebrate Halloween; Lisa inseminates Lauren behind her wife's back.
Original Air Date: Jun 07, 2021 • TLC • 43m
Married to You and Your Mom
S3, EP1 "Married to You and Your Mom"
On Demand
Mom Karla and daughter Rykia bond by giving each other Brazilian waxes; southern belles Lisa and Lauren plan a secret at-home insemination; Sunhe and Angelica prepare to announce big news to Jason's mom.
Original Air Date: May 31, 2021 • TLC • 43m
Sip and Spill
S3 "Sip and Spill"
On Demand
Favorite families reveal their unfiltered opinions and watch episode of the series; the duos give their thoughts on breastmilk facials, sex tapes and mothers-in-law.
Original Air Date: Aug 14, 2021 • TLC • 43m
Let's Dish
S3 "Let's Dish"
On Demand
Mothers and daughters are joined by family members for a viewing party of the biggest moments from the series.
Original Air Date: Aug 07, 2021 • TLC • 43m