Virtually Christmas

S3, EP20 "Virtually Christmas"

Airs: Dec 03, 2022

When Cricket gets snowed in at the Remingtons' on Christmas Eve, he attempts to recreate his family's Christmas Eve traditions in a virtual reality video game.

Disney Channel • 30m
Pizza Deliverance; Horse Girl

S3, EP15 "Pizza Deliverance; Horse Girl"

On Demand

A pizza delivery girl from Big City must flee from a crazed country family; when Bill gets a horse for the day, Tilly must hide how much she secretly hates horses.

Original Air Date: Oct 29, 2022 • Disney Channel • 22m
Frilly Tilly; Montaged

S3, EP14 "Frilly Tilly; Montaged"

On Demand

Tilly makes changes to her country's coming-of-age ceremony, and Gramma wants none of it; Cricket fast-tracks his training for a rodeo and gets trapped in a never-ending montage.

Original Air Date: Oct 22, 2022 • Disney Channel • 22m
Pie Hard; Rat Tail

S3, EP13 "Pie Hard; Rat Tail"

On Demand

Brooke Dillman guest stars as diner owner Patti; Nancy tries to get Cricket to cut his new rat tail without admitting that she hates it.

Original Air Date: Oct 15, 2022 • Disney Channel • 22m
Farmer Remy; Homeward Hound

S3, EP12 "Farmer Remy; Homeward Hound"

On Demand

Remy attempts to find his "country grit" while Cricket takes tractor-driving lessons; Phoenix journeys back to Big City to retrieve Saxon while Gramma and Gloria go to a club.

Original Air Date: Oct 08, 2022 • Disney Channel • 22m
Country Side; Junk Mountain

S3, EP11 "Country Side; Junk Mountain"

On Demand

While Cricket shows Remy the fun of country life, Tilly seeks new sleeping arrangements; Cricket tries to win back his old country friend, Hector.

Original Air Date: Oct 01, 2022 • Disney Channel • 22m
The Move

S3, EP10 "The Move"

On Demand

The Greens struggle with some big changes.

Original Air Date: Sep 24, 2022 • Disney Channel • 23m
Rembo; Dirt Jar

S3, EP9 "Rembo; Dirt Jar"

On Demand

Remy is determined to be a martial arts warrior after freezing in the face of danger; Cricket's missing dirt jar prompts the story of when the Greens left their country farm.

Original Air Date: Jul 30, 2022 • Disney Channel • 23m
Listen Up!; Big Picture

S3, EP8 "Listen Up!; Big Picture"

On Demand

Cricket loses his hearing and keeps it a secret from Bill; the Greens go to a hipster drive-in movie, where Gloria proves her life is fun by taking the perfect SnapAGram photo.

Original Air Date: Jul 23, 2022 • Disney Channel • 22m
DependaBill; The Delivernator

S3, EP7 "DependaBill; The Delivernator"

On Demand

Bill goes out of his way to get on a neighbor's good side; Cricket must prove himself worthy to avoid losing his delivery job to a robot.

Original Air Date: Jul 16, 2022 • Disney Channel • 22m
Trivia Night; Big Trouble

S3, EP6 "Trivia Night; Big Trouble"

On Demand

Cricket wants to prove to his family that he isn't dumb during trivia night at the café; Tilly gets punished for the first time and decides to break bad.

Original Air Date: Mar 12, 2022 • Disney Channel • 22m
Green Greens; Truce Bomb

S3, EP5 "Green Greens; Truce Bomb"

On Demand

Tilly and Bill set off on an epic journey to recycle a fluorescent light bulb at an e-waste center; Tilly tries to solve a long-standing feud between Gramma and Mr. Grigorian.

Original Air Date: Mar 05, 2022 • Disney Channel • 22m
No Service; Takened

S3, EP4 "No Service; Takened"

On Demand

Cricket is halted at a convenience store due to its No Shoes, No Service policy; when Remy throws Vasquez a surprise party, Bill's secret-keeping is put to the test.

Original Air Date: Feb 26, 2022 • Disney Channel • 22m
Little Buddy; Zen Garden

S3, EP3 "Little Buddy; Zen Garden"

On Demand

Cricket mentors a wild child, and Tilly develops a cult following; Nancy tries to prove herself on the farm; Bill struggles to relax at a fancy spa with Gramma.

Original Air Date: Feb 19, 2022 • Disney Channel • 22m
Boss Life; Papaganda

S3, EP2 "Boss Life; Papaganda"

On Demand

Bill forces his family to embrace a "Live, Laugh, Love" philosophy; Gloria tries to maintain her café's perfect rating.

Original Air Date: Feb 12, 2022 • Disney Channel • 22m

S3, EP1 "Squashed!"

On Demand

As the Greens prepare for their Halloween party, Tilly feels bad for Bill, who's disappointed by the poor yield of his small pumpkin patch; Tilly secretly "borrows" Gwendolyn Zapp's alien chemical compound to make Bill's pumpkins grow bigger.

Original Air Date: Oct 09, 2021 • Disney Channel • 23m