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Bahamas LifeWho wouldn't want to live in the Bahamas? People featured in this series are part of an endless stream of homebuyers looking to escape the stresses of life and focus on quality time by making their island living dreams come true. Episodes follow real estate agents as they take clients on tours of properties ranging from a waterfront condo in Freeport, Grand Bahama, and a low-maintenance home with a view in Great Exuma to a relaxing retreat in idyllic Treasure Cay.
S3, EP10 "Time to Hang Ten"Canadians Jason and Melissa look for a home on the island of Eleuthera, one of the top surfing spots in the Bahamas, where they can spend quality time with their young son, escape the Canadian cold and shred the swells.
S2, EP8 "A Boater's Paradise"Avid boaters from North Carolina have been hitting the open waters together for over 30 years; now, they are looking to Abaco, the boating capital of the Bahamas, to find their dream home and must choose between Great Guana Cay and Man-O-War Cay.
S2, EP11 "A Higher Calling"A Canadian couple falls in love with the Bahamas, and the more involved they become in the community, the more they realize this is where they're meant to be, so they're looking to turn a temporary assignment into a permanent home.
S2, EP10 "A New Adventure"A Colorado couple that's seen all corners of the globe knew they found something special when they stumbled upon Treasure Cay; along with their sons, they're ready for a new family adventure that begins with finding a dream home in Abaco.
S2, EP12 "Ain't Wastin' Time No More"After spending years on the road touring with their favorite band, The Allman Brothers, Joe and Vicky are ready to move to the Abaco Islands where Joe has fond childhood memories of summers spent with his grandparents.
S2, EP5 "Beach Bum Dreams in Green Turtle Cay"A couple working in the ER both lead very hectic lives, so when they took their family to the quaint island of Green Turtle Cay a few years ago, they instantly fell in love with the laid-back lifestyle, and now seek a permanent getaway.
S2, EP1 "Dream Board to Reality"A water-loving couple with a mutual dream of living on the Abacos sets out to find a home where they can escape their hectic lives and share the island they love with friends and family.
S2, EP2 "Laid-Back Nassau Lifestyle"A Los Angeles entrepreneur visited Nassau and immediately felt a profound connection to the people, the culture and the vibe; with the flexibility to work remotely, she looks to leave the hectic pace of LA behind for a laid-back lifestyle on Nassau.
S2, EP6 "Out of the Operating Room and Onto the Beach"Eager to escape the cold, stressful winters of the Chicago suburbs, orthopedic surgeon Ryan and surgical nurse Jackie are searching for a tropical retreat on Grand Bahama Island.
S2, EP4 "Return to Grand Bahama Roots"A real estate company owner in Florida has always dreamed of returning to her native Grand Bahama and owning property of her own; with her children raised and living independently, she's ready to make her dream come true.
S2, EP14 "The Right Time"A North Carolina couple decides to search for a dream home in the Bahamas; the couple looks in Treasure Cay for a home they both love that offers the island vibes they crave.
S2, EP3 "Time to Make the Abacos Home"After vacationing in the Bahamas for years, doctors Pam and Ed are ready to move from Tennessee to put down more permanent roots in the Abaco Islands.
S2, EP9 "Timing Is Everything"After exploring every island they could find, avid boaters from North Carolina knew they found something special when they docked in Marsh Harbour on Great Abaco; the couple search for their Bahamian dream home.
S2, EP7 "Why Did We Wait So Long?"Brits Niki and Neil are expats living in Texas who are looking for the perfect vacation home in the Bahamas for their busy family; they are excited to find a home in Nassau where they can escape, turn off their cellphones and tune into one another.
S5, EP14 "Dreams Do Come True"A Russian couple from North Carolina are exploring Long Island to find their tropical retreat.
S5, EP13 "Out From the Cold"A couple wants to escape the cold winter months in Upstate New York by finding a budget-friendly tropical retreat on Grand Bahama.
S5, EP12 "Toes in the Water, Beer in My Hand"A North Carolina couple search for a second home and want to make Treasure Cay is a permanent part of their lives; they are looking for a condo that is low maintenance, pet friendly and has a view of the water.
S5, EP11 "Long Island Adventure"An adventurous couple feel that Long Island in the Bahamas is the perfect place to continue trying new experiences; they must decide if they prefer a turn-key home they can enjoy immediately or a fixer-upper they can customize to suit their needs.
S5, EP10 "Heaven on Exuma"An Atlanta couple agree that they want to own a small piece of the island paradise in the Exumas, but they can't agree on exactly what they want in a home there.
S5, EP9 "Nassau Newlyweds"Corey and Kyrene are looking to purchase their first home together in Kyrene's native Nassau; while she approaches it all with local knowledge and definitive opinions, this is all new to Midwesterner Corey.
S5, EP8 "Give and Take in Nassau"A Canadian couple looking to escape cold winters has to compromise to find their perfect Nassau retreat; he wants quiet seclusion with a dock for his boat while she wants a beach condo in the heart of the action.
S5, EP7 "All in and Winging It"A California couple decide to sell everything, pack up their family and move to Great Exuma Island; but without any plan, they may have bitten off more than they can chew.
S5, EP6 "Trading Snow Skis for Water Skis"An active couple wants to escape harsh Canadian winters with a vacation home in sunny Exuma; they hope to find a property near the water sports they love that also has tons of space so family can visit.
S5, EP5 "Buying a Piece of History"An artist who dreams of owning a historic cottage in a tropical setting feels Spanish Wells is the perfect spot; she enlists her best friend to keep her from getting in over her head while looking for a home filled with character.
S5, EP4 "Turn Key in Treasure Cay"After over a decade of renting and staying with friends in Treasure Cay, a South Carolina couple feel it's time to put down roots in the Bahamas; their realtor is tasked with finding a move-in ready home so they can immediately enjoy the beach life.
S5, EP3 "Time to Come Home"After spending a few years in the U.S., a Bahamian couple miss the islands; returning to Nassau doesn't feel right, so they look to move to the more laid-back island of Eleuthera.
S5, EP2 "A Place You Never Want to Leave"A Florida couple sell a boat they planned to live on and look for a home on land in Exuma; they hope to find a home with water access and a boat dock while staying within their budget.
S5, EP1 "Girls Trip"A Knoxville, Tenn., native wants to find the perfect home in Guana Cay where she and her husband can escape their hectic schedules; she enlists her best friend to help find a property that checks off their wish list.
S4, EP14 "A Mermaid's Retreat"A Kentucky couple look for their ideal family retreat in Treasure Cay; they seek a place directly on the ocean that is large enough to accommodate their family and visiting guests.
S4, EP13 "Home Away From Home"A young South Carolina family looks for a semipermanent home in Hope Town on Elbow Cay; they seek a place with outdoor space for their kids, and he wants a property with easy water access for a boat.
S4, EP12 "Something's Gotta Give"A Florida couple wants a retreat on the tranquil Berry Islands and while he would like a place on the marina, she prefers a scenic view on the beach.
S4, EP11 "Newfound Freedom"A newly single woman raised in East Germany has fallen in love with the rustic beauty and adventure of Eleuthera and she's ready to live there.
S4, EP10 "Turning a Picture Into Reality"A Pennsylvania couple that has always played it safe is ready to have some fun; after staring at a picture of a beach house on their fridge for years, they're finally ready to take a leap and make that picture their reality.
S4, EP9 "From Traffic to Tranquility"A firefighter and his wife look for a Bahamian getaway on Long Island to escape the relentless traffic in Los Angeles; she has her heart set on a relaxing retreat, but he and the kids want to be close to the action.
S4, EP8 "Making Every Day Count"A professional couple seeks to escape their hectic lives in Virginia and find a quiet retreat on Eleuthra; they're looking for a place with little to no maintenance with a pool and an ocean view.
S4, EP7 "All About That Boat"Empty nesters seek to make Bimini a permanent part of their lives; they're looking for a home that's great for entertaining and space for their boat, but satisfying everything on their wish list will be a challenge.
S4, EP6 "Bimini Bliss"Jet ski enthusiasts hunt for a Bahamian getaway they can ride to from their Florida home and feel Bimini's close proximity.
S4, EP5 "From Garden State to State of Bliss"A New Jersey family celebrates a milestone birthday as they look for a place on Great Exuma; they want to be as close to the water as possible, and they're looking for a place they can also utilize as a rental property.
S4, EP4 "All In"A Floridian couple decides to sell everything and move to Exuma; having built and sold a successful tourism business, these outdoor enthusiasts are ready for their next adventure.
S4, EP3 "Hook, Line and Sinker"A couple seeks their perfect family retreat on Eleuthera; they're looking for a place large enough to accommodate visiting guests and they need easy water access for fishing.
S4, EP2 "Up From Down Under"An Australian environmentalist looks for a place on the island of Eleuthera to escape her high-pressure job; the island is an easy sell with its breathtaking beaches, but finding her ideal home isn't as simple.
S4, EP1 "Family Reunion"A DC couple is looking for a second home with a sense of community in Nassau; they're looking for a place large enough to comfortably accommodate visitors, an ocean view and beach access.
S3, EP14 "Hope Town Dreamin'"Brian and Rana lead hectic lives running a company and traveling in support of their kids' varsity sports; with their kids' athletic careers winding down, these avid boaters dream of owning a home on the quaint Elbow Cay in the Abaco Islands.
S3, EP13 "No More Socks"Montreal restaurateurs Peter and Vangie look for a reprieve from the Canadian winters in a place where their family can connect and build memories; having fallen in love with Grand Bahama, they just need to find the perfect family home to escape to.
S3, EP12 "A First Time for Everything"A Cincinnati couple decides to move out of the houseboat where they've lived for 31 years and buy their very first land home on the Berry Islands; the recent retirees are eager to live a life of leisure in paradise.
S3, EP11 "Leaving the Nest"A Canadian woman follows her older sister to the Bahamas and seeks to find her own path in Nassau; with her sister's help, she looks for a home large enough to accommodate their large family and help their father escape the harsh Canadian winters.
S3, EP9 "Sun, Sand And No Snow"A couple that loves living in Canada is ready to find a home away from home on Grand Bahama; they want to live there full-time, but until then, they hope to find a house that gives them a reprieve from northern winters.
S3, EP8 "A Bahamian 25th Anniversary"Two partners decide to skip the party and celebrate their 25th anniversary by buying their dream home in Eleuthera; they have their eyes on the prize and are determined to find the perfect Bahamian house to spend the next 25 years together.
S3, EP7 "The Dream Continues"A Canadian couple fall in love with the blue Exuma water on their honeymoon and immediately know this slice of Bahamas heaven is for them; with the help of a friend and family member, they hunt to find their perfect island retreat.
S3, EP6 "Game, Set, Bahamas"Tennis enthusiasts want to take their game to the Bahamas to escape the cold winters in Salt Lake City.
S3, EP5 "An Exuma High"A husband and wife fall in love with the incredible waters that surround Exuma and decide it is the perfect spot for their dream vacation home; while he holds down the fort at home, she brings her best friend to help find the perfect home.
S3, EP4 "Bahamas Bros"Friends Joe and Brian have both dreamed of owning a home in the Bahamas; they couldn't afford it on their own, but Brian's partner, Lindsay, suggested the three of them go in on a property together.
S3, EP3 "Generational Dreams"A Florida man who fondly remembers childhood summers spent in the Bahamas with his father is ready to pursue his father's dream of owning a home on the island; he and his wife look to buy a family home on the island of Bimini.
S3, EP2 "Taking Time for Me"A retired school principal is ready to live life for herself after years of taking care of everyone else; she hopes to buy a condo on Grand Bahama Island and she's bringing her daughter along to help with the search.
S3, EP1 "Recharging on Exuma"A Kentucky couple long for a place where they can escape their hectic lifestyles; the beautiful waters, stunning scenery and secluded beaches of Exuma draw them in, and they hope to find the perfect piece of paradise to relax and recharge.
S2, EP13 "With Dog in Tow"An Austin, Texas, couple with hectic careers is ready to slow things down with an easier pace of life; they are looking to Treasure Cay to find their dream home and they aren't going anywhere without their dog, Minnie.
S1, EP14 "A New Life in Nassau"A Canadian artist and yoga instructor seeks an escape in Nassau, Bahamas, after losing her mother to multiple sclerosis.
S1, EP13 "From Colorado Snow to Exuma Blues"An adventurous Colorado couple spends the last few years flipping houses so they can buy a tropical sanctuary in the Bahamas, and get ready to find a home near Exuma's blue waters and secluded beaches.
S1, EP12 "Out of the Montreal Cold"A Canadian couple gets ready to put the hectic pace of Montreal behind them by unwinding in an island home.
S1, EP11 "This Is Not Los Angeles"A London-born woman searches for a private sanctuary away from her busy life in Los Angeles on Eleuthera where she can work remotely, but also host her friends and cut loose.
S1, EP10 "Happy Anniversary"A Houston couple celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary want to mark the occasion by buying a family retreat on the island of Exuma.
S1, EP9 "Traffic Jams to Golf Carts"After years of visiting, a California couple go on the hunt for a private getaway in Elbow Cay that helps balance out their busy lives.
S1, EP8 "Bahamian Sign"A busy New England couple look for a vacation retreat on Eleuthera where they can recharge and reconnect with their two teenage boys.
S1, EP7 "Sweet Home Abaco"An Alabama couple looks for the perfect vacation home in the Abaco Islands region of the Bahamas; they hope to find a place where their large extended family and their beloved dog can get the rest and relaxation they desperately need.
S1, EP6 "From Barrier Reef to Bahamas"An Australian diving enthusiast wants to find a waterfront home in Nassau where he can keep his boat and easily explore local dive sites.
S1, EP5 "From Scrubs to Sandals"Busy doctors from New Orleans want to take time out of their hectic schedules to spend more time together in family-friendly Hopetown.
S1, EP4 "Grand Bahama Grandma"A trailblazing Atlanta native gets ready to kick back and enjoy the fruits of her labor with a permanent home in Freeport, Grand Bahama, where she can relax and unwind from her busy career.
S1, EP3 "Treasure Cay Stole Their Heart"Busy London professionals want to find a place in idyllic Treasure Cay where they can escape their stressful lives and spend quality time together.
S1, EP2 "From Iowa to Eleuthera"With six kids and busy careers, an Iowa couple searches for a reprieve from their hectic lives on the island of Eleuthera.
S1, EP1 "New Love and a New Home"Newlyweds hunt for a home with a view in Great Exuma where they can escape when he returns from overseas military duty.
Who wouldn't want to live in the Bahamas? People featured in this series are part of an endless stream of homebuyers looking to escape the stresses of life and focus on quality time by making their island living dreams come true. Episodes follow real estate agents as they take clients on tours of properties ranging from a waterfront condo in Freeport, Grand Bahama, and a low-maintenance home with a view in Great Exuma to a relaxing retreat in idyllic Treasure Cay.
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