Not Social but Very Distant
S16, EP3 "Not Social but Very Distant"
Airs: Dec 06, 2021
The wives come to a major decision about the property lots; Christine plans to take Ysabel to New Jersey for surgery, but Kody's refusal to go leaves Christine angry; a member of the family has a big announcement.
TLC • 61m
Four Wives, Three Fires
S16, EP2 "Four Wives, Three Fires"
On Demand
Janelle's kids have strong opinions about Kody's COVID rules; Kody makes a surprise visit to Meri's; Kody organizes an outdoor get-together for the whole family.
Original Air Date: Nov 28, 2021 • TLC • 43m
There's No Me in Polygamy
S16, EP1 "There's No Me in Polygamy"
On Demand
After rejecting Christine's idea of moving back to Utah, Kody checks in with Janelle and Robyn; Kody says he now wants his own lot on the property; the family discusses the possibility of spending the holidays apart.
Original Air Date: Nov 21, 2021 • TLC • 43m