Two Moms, Their Daughter, and A Baby
S14, EP15 "Two Moms, Their Daughter, and A Baby"
Kody and Robyn are struggling with the bank as the mortgage process is not designed for plural marriage; in North Carolina, Maddie's water breaks at the mall; Evie K is born, but when she has problems breathing, an ambulance is called.
Original Air Date: Apr 12, 2020 • TLC • 43m
Baby Steps
S14, EP14 "Baby Steps"
Maddie thinks she's in labor, but it's a false alarm, so Kody heads back to Flagstaff; Kody and Robyn are at wits' end over their struggle to close on her house; Kody and Meri head to their therapist in Vegas, where the brutal truth comes out.
Original Air Date: Apr 05, 2020 • TLC • 43m
The Heat Is On
S14, EP13 "The Heat Is On"
A forest fire is bearing down on Meri's house and she's freaking out as she prepares to evacuate; Robyn is just days away from losing her rental and tensions are high with Kody.
Original Air Date: Mar 29, 2020 • TLC • 43m
Robyn vs. Kody
S14, EP12 "Robyn vs. Kody"
Robyn's rental house has been sold out from under her and she has only 28 days to find a new home; there are no rentals and tensions run high as Kody insists on buying a home; not wanting to stop building homes on Coyote Pass, Robyn refuses.
Original Air Date: Mar 22, 2020 • TLC • 43m
Being Gay and Religious
S14, EP11 "Being Gay and Religious"
The Sister Wives visit Mariah and her fiancée, Audrey, in Chicago; Mariah reveals her struggles growing up gay in their polygamist church.
Original Air Date: Mar 15, 2020 • TLC • 43m
A Breaking Point
S14, EP10 "A Breaking Point"
Just as Robyn's family has adjusted to Flagstaff they learn that the owner is selling their rental house; they have 60 days to leave; Robyn and Kody fight in front of the kids over it.
Original Air Date: Mar 08, 2020 • TLC • 43m
Doubting Polygamy
S14, EP8 "Doubting Polygamy"
Kody tells his friend Kyle, a polygamist who's first wife left him, that he is feeling jaded about polygamy; Kody's wives are refusing to all live under one roof and the roller-coaster ride of houses has everyone at a boiling point.
Original Air Date: Feb 23, 2020 • TLC • 43m
Why Not One House?
S14, EP7 "Why Not One House?"
Janelle moves once again to be closer to her sister wives; Kody won't give up his dream to live all under one roof, but the wives can't agree to do it.
Original Air Date: Feb 16, 2020 • TLC • 43m
An Awkward Valentine's Day
S14, EP6 "An Awkward Valentine's Day"
Valentine's Day proves to be awkward for a polygamist; at Kody's birthday party, Mariah and her girlfriend show up with a major announcement.
Original Air Date: Feb 09, 2020 • TLC • 43m
A Not So Merry Christmas
S14, EP5 "A Not So Merry Christmas"
It's Christmas and the family is divided over Kody's pitch to live in one house; a pregnancy is revealed; the family confronts the fact that their houses in Vegas are not selling; their finances are at a breaking point.
Original Air Date: Jan 26, 2020 • TLC • 43m
Four Wives, One House
S14, EP4 "Four Wives, One House"
On Christmas Eve, Kody presents his plan to the family for all four wives to live in one big house; Janelle likes the idea, but Christine is against it.
Original Air Date: Jan 19, 2020 • TLC • 43m
Lonely In Flagstaff
S14, EP3 "Lonely In Flagstaff"
Meri returns to Flagstaff but still feels alone; Kody has a plan to reunite the family.
Original Air Date: Jan 12, 2020 • TLC • 43m
Happier Alone?
S14, EP2 "Happier Alone?"
The neighbors drive Meri out of town; the Las Vegas properties aren't selling.
Original Air Date: Jan 05, 2020 • TLC • 43m
Kicked Out
S14 "Kicked Out"
It's the sister wives' first day unpacking after moving the whole family to Flagstaff; it's pouring rain and the neighbors at Meri's rental have called the police.
Original Air Date: Jan 05, 2020 • TLC • 43m