Into the Fire

S5, EP8 "Into the Fire"

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When a deadly truck heist arms the killers with enough ammonium nitrate to construct a massive bomb, the team discovers a link to a terrorist group Maggie is working to infiltrate.

Original Air Date: Nov 22, 2022 • CBS • 44m
Ready or Not

S5, EP7 "Ready or Not"

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Maggie returns from medical leave and helps the team investigate two homicides: a law student and a young man with possible gang ties; an inadvertent revelation from Maggie causes OA to worry that she is rushing back into the job too quickly.

Original Air Date: Nov 15, 2022 • CBS • 42m
Flopped Cop

S5, EP5 "Flopped Cop"

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When a wealthy accountant is gunned down for secretly testifying against a notorious drug lord, the team's investigation leads Tiffany to ask for help from a friend who was formerly with the NYPD and is related to the dangerous crime boss.

Original Air Date: Oct 18, 2022 • CBS • 41m

S5, EP4 "Victim"

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The team investigates a series of brutal assaults; OA hides information about his own mugging.

Original Air Date: Oct 11, 2022 • CBS • 41m
Prodigal Son

S5, EP3 "Prodigal Son"

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As the team investigates a deadly robbery, it discovers one of the perpetrators is a classmate of Jubal's son.

Original Air Date: Oct 04, 2022 • CBS • 43m
Love Is Blind

S5, EP2 "Love Is Blind"

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When an officer is shot dead at a pawn shop along with the store's owner, the team tries to figure out why a young, recent Ivy League dropout is tied to the crime.

Original Air Date: Sep 27, 2022 • CBS • 41m
Hero's Journey

S5, EP1 "Hero's Journey"

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The team pivots when their sting operation to secure a massive bomb from an illegal broker leads them to discover that the device is already in the wrong hands; Jubal's promise to be present at his son's birthday party is put to the test.

Original Air Date: Sep 20, 2022 • CBS • 41m