Deadly Decision
S3, EP11 "Deadly Decision"
Sandy Prince is swimming in an African river when she's attacked by a massive crocodile; mountain-biking in Washington State, Phil Anderson comes face to face with a hungry cougar.
Original Air Date: Oct 02, 2019 • Animal Planet • 42m
Mauled in the Mountains
S3, EP10 "Mauled in the Mountains"
While working in the Canadian wilderness, Louie van Grootel is attacked by a massive grizzly bear; Travis Kauffman comes face to face with a hungry mountain lion while trail-running in Colorado.
Original Air Date: Oct 09, 2019 • Animal Planet • 42m
Night Terror
S3, EP9 "Night Terror"
On family trip to the Canadian wilderness, 12-year-old Zac Delventhal is dragged from his sleeping bag by a hungry wolf; while swimming in the Pacific Ocean, Maria Korcsmaros is attacked by a great white shark.
Original Air Date: Sep 25, 2019 • Animal Planet • 42m
One Wrong Step
S3, EP8 "One Wrong Step"
While vacationing in South Africa, Peter Knottenbelt suddenly finds himself in the jaws of a massive crocodile; in Nova Scotia, Meg Doyle is walking her beloved dog when they're suddenly ambushed by a pair of angry raccoons.
Original Air Date: Sep 18, 2019 • Animal Planet • 42m
All Alone
S3, EP7 "All Alone"
During an archery hunt in Cranbrook, British Columbia, Chad Dueck comes face-to-face with a mother grizzly bear; in Tracy, Calif., Walt Dean King is savagely attacked by a Brahma Bull roaming his neighborhood.
Original Air Date: Sep 11, 2019 • Animal Planet • 42m
Safari Horror
S3, EP6 "Safari Horror"
Bob Legasa is hunting in Montana and what he thinks is a bluff charge from a grizzly bear is, in fact, a near-lethal attack; while canoeing in Zimbabwe, Kristen Yaldor is thrown into the water and finds herself in the jaws of a hippopotamus.
Original Air Date: Sep 04, 2019 • Animal Planet • 42m
Terror in Paradise
S3, EP4 "Terror in Paradise"
On a family trip to Pattaya, Thailand, Helen Costigan attends an elephant show when one of the massive beasts turns deadly; golf ball recovery specialist Scott Lahodik is diving in a Florida lake when he's attacked by a vicious alligator.
Original Air Date: Aug 23, 2019 • Animal Planet • 42m
Grisly Encounters
S3, EP3 "Grisly Encounters"
Jordan Carbery is investigating a noise outside his cabin and encounters a massive grizzly bear; Zanele Fox and her husband take a river tour when she is thrown from her raft and ravaged by a crocodile.
Original Air Date: Aug 16, 2019 • Animal Planet • 42m
Backyard Bite
S3, EP1 "Backyard Bite"
Outside Corpus Christi, Texas, Jeremy Sutcliffe is working in his garden when a rattlesnake bite puts him on the brink of death; while spearfishing in the Bahamas, Kent Bonde is blindsided by a bull shark that tears the calf muscle from his leg.
Original Air Date: Aug 09, 2019 • Animal Planet • 42m
Deadly Waters
S3, EP1 "Deadly Waters"
While having a beach day in Southern California, Leeanne Ericson is dragged under water by a great white shark; Braxton Rocha is attacked by tiger shark off Hawaii's northern coast.
Original Air Date: Aug 14, 2019 • Animal Planet • 42m
Sneak Peek
S3 "Sneak Peek"
A recount of the hauntingly true stories of people who found themselves in a life or death situation, face-to-face with a dangerous animal.
Animal Planet • 1m