Mad Scientist

S3, EP6 "Mad Scientist"

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From Frankenstein to Frank N. Furter, mad scientists smash the barriers of polite society; featuring "Frankenstein," "Ex Machina," "The Invisible Man," "The Fly," "Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde," "Altered States" and "The Rocky Horror Picture Show."

Original Air Date: Nov 05, 2021 • AMC Premiere • 43m
Holiday Horror

S3, EP5 "Holiday Horror"

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Holiday mayhem, including "Black Christmas," "Krampus," "Silent Night Deadly Night," "Terror Train," "My Bloody Valentine," "Mother's Day," "April Fool's Day," "Happy Death Day" and the 2018 "Halloween," featuring returning guest Jamie Lee Curtis.

Original Air Date: Oct 29, 2021 • AMC Premiere • 43m
Apocalyptic Horror

S3, EP4 "Apocalyptic Horror"

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The apocalyptic visions of "World War Z," "Train to Busan," "Zombieland," "War of the Worlds," "I Am Legend," "The Omega Man," "10 Cloverfield Lane," "Night of the Comet" and "The Invasion of the Body Snatchers."

Original Air Date: Oct 22, 2021 • AMC Premiere • 43m

S3, EP3 "Psychics"

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In films like "The Dead Zone," "Scanners," "Doctor Sleep" and "Beetlejuice," horror superstars Stephen King, David Cronenberg, Mike Flanagan, Brian DePalma, Sam Raimi, Peter Jackson and Tim Burton bring psychic powers to the screen in thrilling ways.

Original Air Date: Oct 15, 2021 • AMC Premiere • 43m

S3, EP2 "Infections"

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Horror has warned about pandemics for years, in films that mirror reality, such as "Outbreak," "Contagion," "12 Monkeys," surreal plagues "Shivers," "Rabid," zombie outbreaks "REC," "Pontypool" and pathogens from space "The Andromeda Strain."

Original Air Date: Oct 08, 2021 • AMC Premiere • 43m