Employee App
S5, EP16 "Employee App"
On Demand
Cloud 9 employees experience unforeseen problems with the new Zephra app; Dina's texts lead to animosity; Glenn struggles to deal with a teen craze; Jonah attempts to prank Garrett to teach him a lesson.
Original Air Date: Feb 20, 2020 • NBC • 22m
Cereal Bar
S5, EP15 "Cereal Bar"
On Demand
After Cloud 9 receives a new cereal bar, Amy and Jonah speculate on Zephra's ulterior motives; Dina enlists Cheyenne's help in dealing with a scammer; Garrett tries to con Glenn into giving him paid time off.
Original Air Date: Feb 13, 2020 • NBC • 22m
Sandra's Wedding
S5, EP14 "Sandra's Wedding"
On Demand
Sandra and Jerry are getting married; when Jonah's attempt to help the caterers and Dina's obsession with security threaten to derail it all, it falls on Amy to make sure Sandra's big day isn't ruined; Garrett struggles with his best-man toast.
Original Air Date: Jan 30, 2020 • NBC • 22m
S5, EP13 "Favoritism"
On Demand
Amy tries to make Mateo her new assistant, leading to accusations of favoritism and a group competition in the store; Sandra gets caught in a power struggle between Glenn and Dina; Jonah attempts to show Garrett that he's still one of the guys.
Original Air Date: Jan 23, 2020 • NBC • 22m
S5, EP12 "Myrtle"
On Demand
The employees wrestle with the loss of beloved co-worker Myrtle -- and the fact that she left a large sum of money to Jonah; Cheyenne recruits Mateo in a possible pyramid scheme; Dina reconnects with a surprise visitor in the store: her father.
Original Air Date: Jan 16, 2020 • NBC • 22m
Lady Boss
S5, EP11 "Lady Boss"
On Demand
After Cloud 9's acquisition, Amy struggles to contact the store's new parent company; Sandra enlists Garrett and Dina's help to stand up to Carol; Glenn wrestles with a big career decision; Jonah takes up the cause of gender equality.
Original Air Date: Jan 09, 2020 • NBC • 22m
S5, EP10 "Negotiations"
On Demand
Jonah and Sandra represent the employees at union contract negotiations with corporate; Amy, Dina and Cheyenne distract themselves by looking for the perfect Christmas tree; Mateo, Garrett and Glenn compete to see who can sell an unsellable item.
Original Air Date: Dec 12, 2019 • NBC • 22m
Curbside Pickup
S5, EP9 "Curbside Pickup"
On Demand
As part of a new corporate initiative Dina is spearheading, the employees have to rush items directly to shoppers' cars; Amy's brother, Eric, visits and Amy thinks she sees a spark with Mateo; Garrett is impressed by a customer's high-tech purchase.
Original Air Date: Nov 21, 2019 • NBC • 22m
Toy Drive
S5, EP8 "Toy Drive"
On Demand
Amy and Jonah help Mateo run a toy drive to make him look good for his immigration hearing, but they clash with a competing charity rep; Sandra and Jerry ask Glenn to officiate their wedding despite Dina's protests; Cheyenne gets real with Garrett.
Original Air Date: Nov 14, 2019 • NBC • 22m