Tennis People
S9, EP9 "Tennis People"
Airs: Dec 02, 2021
Adam receives news that he has been accepted into NYU, but his excitement is soon diminished when he learns Brea has been accepted into a school far away; Adam fears the distance will affect their relationship.
ABC • 30m
A Light Thanksgiving Nosh
S9, EP8 "A Light Thanksgiving Nosh"
On Demand
When Beverly learns that Linda Schwartz will host Thanksgiving, she becomes concerned that her role as family hostess -- and more importantly as Erica's mom -- is threatened; Pop-Pop surprises the family by showing up with a new lady friend.
Original Air Date: Nov 17, 2021 • ABC • 30m
The Rose-Kissy Thing
S9, EP7 "The Rose-Kissy Thing"
On Demand
Beverly encourages Principal Ball to establish a non-athlete senior night; Erica finds herself lacking any interested friends to appoint pre-wedding fun captain and ends up asking Geoff's sister.
Original Air Date: Nov 03, 2021 • ABC • 22m
The Hunt for the Great Albino Pumpkin
S9, EP6 "The Hunt for the Great Albino Pumpkin"
On Demand
Adam finds himself disenchanted with Halloween; Barry decides to bring his former alter ego, rapper "Big Tasty," back to life; Barry and Joanne meet Elvira, Mistress of the Dark.
Original Air Date: Oct 27, 2021 • ABC • 22m
An Itch Like No Other
S9, EP5 "An Itch Like No Other"
On Demand
With Beverly's encouragement, Mr. Glascott moves in next door to the Goldbergs and slowly goes from friendly neighbor to cluelessly intrusive; Barry lands in urgent care with a case of poison ivy in a compromising area.
Original Air Date: Oct 20, 2021 • ABC • 22m
The William Penn Years
S9, EP4 "The William Penn Years"
On Demand
Adam finds himself in a pickle when he's recruited to film his high school's final football game of the year and fails to capture his team's winning touchdown; Beverly discovers her neighbor is moving and she's determined to buy his home.
Original Air Date: Oct 13, 2021 • ABC • 22m
The Goldbergs' Excellent Adventure
S9, EP1 "The Goldbergs' Excellent Adventure"
On Demand
The family pays tribute to Pops, venturing down memory lane by visiting Pops' favorite stomping grounds; Adam films the outing, giving it a "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure" theme.
Original Air Date: Nov 25, 2021 • ABC • 30m