Worst Grinch Ever

S10, EP10 "Worst Grinch Ever"

Airs: Dec 08, 2022

When Erica buys a festive baby toy, Beverly goes full on Grinch in an attempt to steal Christmas; Adam discovers some surprising information about Brea; the JTP host their first holiday party.

ABC • 30m
Million Dollar Reward

S10, EP9 "Million Dollar Reward"

Airs: Dec 01, 2022

Adam forgoes his weekly dinner date to hang out with his new colleagues; Beverly, worried sick that Adam is running in too fast a crowd, pulls out the ultimate stop to end it all; Barry realizes that medical school is tougher than he anticipated.

ABC • 30m
Another Turkey in the Trot

S10, EP8 "Another Turkey in the Trot"

On Demand

Geoff and Erica are stressed over the new baby; an unexpected Goldberg relative arrives for Thanksgiving, making everyone highly suspicious.

Original Air Date: Nov 16, 2022 • ABC • 22m
Rhinestones and Roses

S10, EP7 "Rhinestones and Roses"

On Demand

The country music craze hits the town, and everyone is line dancing; Adam scores a new job, but his lack of time to spend with Pop-Pop results in some comically disastrous outcomes.

Original Air Date: Nov 02, 2022 • ABC • 22m

S10, EP6 "DKNY"

On Demand

Geoff's terror over Beverly controlling all baby-care duties turns into a jump-scare-filled comedic thriller; Adam is excited to spend Halloween visiting Dave Kim at NYU, but his feelings change when he discovers his friend has reinvented himself.

Original Air Date: Oct 26, 2022 • ABC • 22m

S10, EP5 "Uncle-ing"

On Demand

With her due date approaching, Erica is over pregnancy and demands a babymoon; Adam and Barry seek out advice on being an uncle from some unexpected sources.

Original Air Date: Oct 19, 2022 • ABC • 22m