S7, EP12 "Grace"
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Karen massages the situation - even though Hank is still not on board with Becca's plans. At Malibar, Hank and Levon reconnect with Hank's old student, Tara. Later, Hank manages to reassure Julia over a special dinner, urge Charlie to save Marcy, plus, make his own life-altering decision. Series finale.
Original Air Date: Jun 29, 2014 • Showtime East • 30m
S7, EP11 "Daughter"
On Demand
The ratings for "Santa Monica Cop" are in; Marcy decides to accept Stu's offer; Becca has a big announcement; Levon spoils Karen's plans.
Original Air Date: Jun 22, 2014 • Showtime East • 29m
Dinner With Friends
S7, EP10 "Dinner With Friends"
On Demand
Julia interrupts a romantic evening between Karen and Hank; Rath shows up with Eddie Nero; Stu's assault creates chaos.
Original Air Date: Jun 15, 2014 • Showtime East • 28m
Faith, Hope, Love
S7, EP9 "Faith, Hope, Love"
On Demand
Hank remembers rough times with Karen and young Becca's confusion; Hank is able to put things into perspective after a run-in with a nun.
Original Air Date: Jun 08, 2014 • Showtime East • 29m
30 Minutes or Less
S7, EP8 "30 Minutes or Less"
On Demand
Hank has problems with Hashtag Black on "Santa Monica Cop"; Julia is a distraction; Levon has an opportunity; Stu's offer causes strife.
Original Air Date: Jun 01, 2014 • Showtime East • 27m
S7, EP7 "Smile"
On Demand
Hank's script needs to be rewritten; Julia's new boss offers career advice; Charlie and Marcy consider Stu's offer, but a butler offers an alternative solution.
Original Air Date: May 25, 2014 • Showtime East • 28m
S7, EP6 "Kickoff"
On Demand
Hank has a notes session with the female lead from "Santa Monica Cop"; Hashtag Black ogles Julia; Charlie tries to manage his client; Levon breaks Rath's cardinal rule.
Original Air Date: May 18, 2014 • Showtime East • 28m
Getting the Poison Out
S7, EP5 "Getting the Poison Out"
On Demand
Hank and Levon have a night out with Karen and Marcy; the gang is forced to hang out with Nikki's creepy friend; Charlie may be in over his head with a new client.
Original Air Date: May 11, 2014 • Showtime East • 28m
S7, EP4 "Dicks"
On Demand
Julia gets a job on Hank's show; Levon wants some alone time with Melanie; Charlie and Marcy have money issues.
Original Air Date: May 04, 2014 • Showtime East • 27m
Like Father Like Son
S7, EP3 "Like Father Like Son"
On Demand
Hank receives his first episode assignment and tries to help his newly discovered son; Karen prepares to throw in the towel.
Original Air Date: Apr 27, 2014 • Showtime East • 28m
S7, EP2 "Julia"
On Demand
Hank is aggravated by his new co-workers; when Hank visits Levon's apartment, he gets quite the surprise.
Original Air Date: Apr 20, 2014 • Showtime East • 27m
S7, EP1 "Levon"
On Demand
After touring with Atticus, Hank is ready to return to Karen; Charlie has performance anxiety; a young report wants to interview Hank for his college paper.
Original Air Date: Apr 13, 2014 • Showtime East • 28m