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Fixer to FabulousHome renovators Dave and Jenny Marrs bring old houses back to life in HGTV's "Fixer to Fabulous." With a little love and a lot of talent, the husband-wife duo restores timeworn homes into contemporary living spaces in their hometown of Bentonville, Ark. Together, they have completed around 300 custom new homes and run Marrs Developing, a company that specializes in the renovation and restoration of historic homes in the Northwest Arkansas area. The resourceful couple preserves and transforms the area's historic houses into charming, updated masterpieces for young, potential buyers looking for a slower-paced lifestyle in a small town.
S4, EP16 "Historic Bank Building Turned Mercantile"Dave and Jenny are in the final phase of their historic Centerton bank building renovation with the construction of a mercantile on the first floor; they look to create a community space and a place for local artisans to showcase their work.
S6, EP6 "Italiano: Unveiling the Villa"As opening day nears, Dave and Jenny go the extra mile to take on special projects to complete their friend's centuries-old Italian villa.
S5, EP16Dave and Jenny Marrs are a couple who renovate and sell historic houses in their hometown of Bentonville, Ark.
S5, EP15 "Forever Home on the Lake"A Texas couple that recently relocated to Arkansas finds help from Dave and Jenny to turn their bland lakeside home into an up-to-date space.
S5, EP14 "Lakeside Home Reno Brings Family Ties"Dave's aunt and uncle are moving to Arkansas to be closer to their daughters and family, and they're ready for a lake house renovation. Dave and Jenny feel the pressure as they're tasked to create a relaxing and functional space for the family.
S5, EP13 "Family Home Makeover Helps Tie the Knot"The renovation continues for a country singer's family home as Dave and Jenny work under a tight deadline to transform her home before her wedding date arrives.
S5, EP12 "Rustic Barn to Luxury In-Law Suite"The Marrs look to convert a barn into an in-law suite and wedding venue for country singer Gabrielle Mooney and her fiance. After surviving a major health crisis, Gabrielle's brother, country singer Shay Mooney, and family help with this special makeover.
S5, EP11 "A Worldwide Home Renovation"A couple who has lived in the same home for 29 years is ready for a renovation that includes items and memories from their world travels; Dave and Jenny look to incorporate new elements into their updated space while preserving the treasured old.
S5, EP10 "The Ultimate Cabin"A single mother and her son are ready to update their small cabin, and they're seeking a sense of comfort in the renovation; Dave and Jenny take on the task of transforming their confined space into the ultimate hideaway in the woods.
S5, EP9 "Old Home Brings Big Expectations"A couple who built their home 20 years ago are ready for an upgrade, and they're looking to modernize the space for family gatherings; Dave and Jenny are challenged to deliver a "Jenny Marrs Kitchen" and the colossal closet they've always dreamt of.
S5, EP8 "Lakeside House in the Trees"A couple and their young daughter are ready to update their midcentury three-story house on the lake. There's definite safety concerns within the home, so Dave and Jenny look to navigate the twists and turns of this much needed renovation.
S5, EP7 "Bland Rancher Gets Global Upgrade"A couple reconnects and moves in together after years of dating, and they want to make major updates to their home; as a nod to their time spent traveling, Dave and Jenny look to add traces of the world to the couple's unique renovation.
S5, EP6 "A Grand Makeover Meets the Marrs"A ballroom dancing California couple is ready for a renovation, and for the Marrs, it's their most grand and unique home yet; Dave and Jenny take on the project as they aim to create a bathroom spa-retreat, a chef's kitchen and a formal entryway.
S5, EP5 "Small Historic Home Meets Full Potential"A young family of three's small century-old home is in desperate need of a revival; the house is a piece of Bentonville, Ark., history; Dave and Jenny face big challenges as they aim to bring it back to life.
S5, EP4 "Cozy Lake House Reno"A woman aims to renovate her Rogers, Ark., home where the backyard is treacherous and unusable, so Dave and Jenny look to take advantage of her amazing views to create the ultimate lakeside hangout for her family.
S5, EP3 "Trading Texas Roots for a Horse Ranch Dream"A family decides to uproot their lives in Texas for a new home in Arkansas; they're looking for the ultimate horse ranch renovation, but as Dave and Jenny dive into the makeover, they encounter issues that could result in major budget adjustments.
S5, EP2 "A Military Family Gets a Dream Renovation"The pressure's on for Dave and Jenny as they look to give a military family an unforgettable makeover; with deployment coming soon, however, Dave and Jenny need to work against the clock to finish the renovation in time for this deserving family.
S5, EP1 "Drab Fixer to Charming Cottage"A first-time homeowner is excited for her English cottage-style renovation that she can enjoy with her friends; as demolition gets underway, Dave and Jenny uncover an unexpected challenge when they discover her crawl space is filled with water.
S4, EP15 "Historic Bank Building Turned Apartment"Dave and Jenny purchase a historic building in Centerton with the vision of revitalizing the downtown area; now, they're ready to begin this massive project by renovating the second-floor apartment to create a space for friends and family to stay.
S4, EP14 "Eccentric House Gets Modern Makeover"A Seattle couple relocate to Bentonville, Ark., for work, and their new home has a bizarre, eccentric interior that doesn't match their personal style; Dave and Jenny look to transform the space with cozy design elements.
S4, EP13 "California Couple Gets Dream Home"A California couple moved their family of five to Arkansas, but the '90s rancher they purchased needs a major makeover before they can move in; Dave and Jenny look to transform the house into a California style dream home with a unique kids' space.
S4, EP12 "Small House to Cozy Casita"A couple with family ties to Peru have purchased a small house that they want to make their forever home, but it needs a lot of work; Dave and Jenny brighten up the home and incorporate a Peruvian design-style with personal touches.
S4, EP11 "Century-Old Barn Turned Family Home"A couple with family across the country want to turn their century-old barn into a home to host everyone; Dave and Jenny take on the massive project and transform their rustic barn into a modern gathering space with unique design choices.
S4, EP10 "Historic Cottage Gets a Modern Upgrade"High school sweethearts looking for a change of pace from suburban life find a historic 1940s home in downtown Bentonville, Ark.; Dave and Jenny transform the small home by maximizing every square foot and giving it a cottage-inspired look.
S4, EP9 "Builder-Grade to Custom Craftsman"A movie-loving couple wants to turn their builder-grade house into a customized home that reflects both their styles; Dave and Jenny look to turn this bachelor's bungalow into a cozy craftsman with a movie theater in the old attic.
S4, EP8 "Dated Log Cabin Turns Forever Home"A couple relocating from Texas purchased their dream log cabin on the lake, but the dated house needs major updates before they can move in; Dave and Jenny transform the dark and drab cabin into a relaxing retreat for the entire family.
S4, EP7 "Rustic Cape Cod Reno"Empty nesters purchase a property with plenty of land for their dogs, but the dated house needs some serious renovations to fit their style; Dave and Jenny transform the home with a rustic Cape Cod-inspired look while adding a few personal touches.
S4, EP6 "Family Farmhouse Restoration"A couple inherit a home that's been in their family for many years, and they want to turn it into a place for future generations to enjoy; Dave and Jenny transform the home with a renovation that includes meaningful nods to its history.
S4, EP5 "Historic House Revival"A couple want to honor the history of their 100-year-old craftsman and make a functional forever home for their family; Dave and Jenny have a personal connection with the homeowners, so the pressure is on.
S4, EP4 "Modern Cabin in the Woods"A couple purchases a '90s lake house with the hopes of making it their forever home, but it desperately needs an update; Dave and Jenny transform the dated home into a modern cabin-in-the-woods by using the surrounding lush forest as inspiration.
S4, EP3 "Dull House to Dazzling Home"A newly single mom wants to give her early 2000s home a colorful makeover to better reflect her family's vibrant lifestyle; Dave and Jenny transform the home's exterior with smart design choices, along with a beautifully renovated kitchen.
S4, EP2 "Giving Family Gets Sweet Upgrade"A couple who has made a positive impact in their community for many years is eager to complete their long-delayed dream house remodel; Dave and Jenny incorporate custom and meaningful touches throughout the family's home, including a sweet surprise.
S4, EP1 "Family Home With Aussie Flair"A couple with Australian roots wants to brighten up their dull '80s rancher and make it better reflect their family's lifestyle; Dave and Jenny give all the kids a special space of their own and update the home with some Aussie inspired touches.
S3, EP16 "Small Rancher Gets the Biggest Addition"After living all over the country, Jenny's sister wants to put down some roots with her husband and two sons in Arkansas; Dave and Jenny transform a small rancher into a two-story dream home with a pool and aquarium.
S3, EP15 "Newlywed Dream House"Two newlyweds from Chicago love the house they bought in Arkansas, but they want to put their own personalized stamp on it; Jenny and Dave use the couple's Napa wedding as inspiration to turn the drab brick rancher into a dazzling first home.
S3, EP13 "Midcentury Party House"A couple who love the midcentury modern style thought buying a 1970s home made sense, but a pile of renovation projects has them calling for help; Dave and Jenny get to work, bringing their groovy pad and pool house back to its former glory.
S3, EP12 "Storm Chaser Tracks Down Forever Home"After storm chasing through the South, a couple decide to settle down in an Arkansas forever home; they need Dave and Jenny's help to turn their boring brick rancher into an updated and fully accessible home their whole family will love.
S3, EP11 "Home Dreams Live On"A mother wants to fulfill her late husband's dream of turning their outdated home into a modern farmhouse; Dave and Jenny bring that dream to life with a basketball court for the kids and some fun personal touches that the family can enjoy.
S3, EP10 "Victorian Turned Storybook Cottage"A couple love their 1905 Victorian house, but its layout makes most of their rooms feel small; attempting to preserve the home's beloved historic charm, Dave and Jenny completely open up the floor plan to update the storybook cottage.
S3, EP9 "Funky, Modern Home With a Pool"A father wants to turn his half-finished bachelor pad into a modern home for entertaining that reflects his style; Dave and Jenny update the house to match his prized pool and enlist his daughter's skills to paint a special finishing touch.
S3, EP8 "New Tudor Home in Time for a Newborn"A couple is ecstatic to learn that they are expecting another child, but now they need more space in their Tudor-style home; Dave and Jenny jump at the chance to create a full-blown Cotswold cottage with an open layout for this hip, young family.
S3, EP7 "Boring Rancher to Beautiful Bungalow"A couple host a lot of international students in their home, and they need Dave and Jenny's help with transforming their small ranch into a welcoming, worldly and eclectic place where visitors and family members can gather.
S3, EP6 "Rough Rancher Made Modern Farmhouse"A businesswoman has had several houses built by Dave and Jenny in the past, but this time she is looking to settle down in her forever home; the Marrs are in for a challenge when they take on a rough project that's in need of a total overhaul.
S3, EP5 "Holiday Surprise"Dave and Jenny gift the Bella Vista Animal Shelter with a very merry renovation; after tackling a major refresh, new kennels and a custom cat playroom, they'll reopen the decked-out shelter with a festive pet adoption event.
S3, EP3 "From Boring 90s House to Stylish Family Home"A single father longs to turn his drab bachelor pad into a cozy, welcoming and sporty home fit for him and his two sons; Dave and Jenny incorporate bourbon and baseball into their home design to make both Dad and the boys feel right at home.
S3, EP2 "Modern Lodge Chalet at Long Last"A couple has been wanting to renovate their home for ten years, but health issues put their remodel plans on the backburner; Dave and Jenny aim to give them their dream home complete with a kitchen that has lots of storage and a cozy screened porch.
S3, EP1 "Lakeside Retreat Gets Kid-Friendly Upgrade"A couple bought a waterfront home with a panoramic view of the lake for their whole family to enjoy; Dave and Jenny have their work cut out for them as they turn this humdrum house into an artsy, kid-friendly home with its own indoor treehouse.
S2, EP13 "Historic House Gets Pretty Pink Overhaul"After seeing an overhaul they did on her parent's house, a woman knows that Dave and Jenny can create her dream home, too; the Marrs use her love of pink to craft a starter home that she'll never want to leave.
S2, EP12 "A Closed-Off House Turns Character-Filled Home"A young couple love their downtown Bentonville home, but they don't like how closed-off it feels; Dave and Jenny Marrs create the warm and inviting open space they've been dreaming of for their growing family.
S2, EP11 "Victorian Hodgepodge Gets Modern Makeover"Aimee and Eric Duca are about to be empty nesters and are ready to move into their Victorian era home, but the inside of the house leaves much to be desired; Aimee and Eric would prefer to have modern upgrades throughout.
S2, EP10 "Dysfunctional Rancher Becomes a Family-Friendly Home"A couple has dreamed of renovating a Bentonville home with an extra bedroom and a space for homeschooling; Dave and Jenny Marrs help give the house the upgrades is needs.
S2, EP9 "A Boring House Turns Into a Boho-Chic Rental"Tired of their tight quarters in New Jersey, two best friends were happy to be transferred back to Arkansas for work; Dave and Jenny Marrs have a rental property that is ready to be custom-renovated with cool Caribbean style.
S2, EP8 "A Life-Changing, Marrs Family Renovation"When Jenny's parents decided to make the move to Arkansas from Florida, the Marrses were thrilled to have them closer; after months of living under the same roof, it's time for Joan and Steve to have a dream home of their own.
S2, EP7 "An Old Rancher Gets a Chef-Inspired Facelift"Two restaurant owners call on Dave and Jenny to update their outdated ranch style house.
S2, EP6 "Old Dojo to Modern Mojo"A couple bought a karate studio as an investment property and decided to downsize; with Dave and Jenny's help, they want to transform the commercial space into a home complete with industrial and modern charm.
S2, EP5 "Rustic Cabin to Contemporary Retreat"After surviving a devastating house fire, the Lawrences decide to make their favorite relaxation destination the site for their new forever home; they ask Dave and Jenny to completely overhaul the rustic cabin.
S2, EP4 "Family House With History"Doug and Brittany Brewer have been married for almost 10 years, have two young girls, and have taken ownership of Doug's historic family home in downtown Rogers, Ark.; Brittany homeschools the girls, and they all want more space.
S2, EP3 "A Home to Love"When Elly Elliott saw her 1902 home, she fell in love with it and made an offer before her husband, Phillip, had ever seen the house; with the help of Dave and Jenny Marrs, Elly is eager to show Phillip how they can renovate and update the house.
S2, EP2 "She Said Yes!"Joshua and Madison are newly engaged and recently purchased their first house; with zero curb appeal and an outdated, closed-off interior, the couple call on Dave and Jenny to help renovate the house.
S2, EP1 "A New Lease on Life"After overcoming serious health issues, Troy Ward, along with his wife, Melode, and daughter, Ally, purchase a house on the lake, hoping to make it their forever home, where they can start living life to the fullest.
S1, EP11 "Historic Home Overhaul"Dave and Jenny transform the Newberry family's historic 1893 house into their first family home; From turning an attic space into a two-bedroom suite to renovating the kitchen, they'll do whatever it takes to give the family of five their dream home.
S1, EP10 "Dreary Home Gets Bright Update"Dave and Jenny renovate a dark house with a rare construction and bring it closer to the 21st century.
S1, EP9 "Surprise Renovation for First-Time Homeowner"Dave and Jenny pull off a surprise renovation for a new homeowner.
S1, EP8 "Entertaining Oasis"A couple that loves to entertain has a home that's not ready for guests due to its layout, unstable balconies and a rotting tree; Dave puts his skills to the test while Jenny uses her artistic talents to craft a surprise.
S1, EP7 "A Bigger Kitchen for a Growing Family"Dave and Jenny overhaul an expecting couple's outdated 1970s home into a perfect space for their growing family; they create an open, airy kitchen and a backyard that's the envy of every kid and grown-up in the neighborhood.
S1, EP6 "From Nightmare Cabin to Family Dream Home"Dave and Jenny modernize a couple's rundown log cabin while keeping its historic integrity intact; the top-to-bottom transformation includes new amenities like a custom live-edge bar.
S1, EP4 "Century-Old Farmhouse Becomes New Forever Home"Dave and Jenny transform a century-old farmhouse into a modern family home without losing its country charm.
S1, EP3 "Outdated to Modern"A family that owns a local brewery purchases an older home rich with history, but the outdated rooms and obsolete features create many challenges.
S1, EP2 "Classic Colonial Meets Modern-Day Makeover"Jenny and Dave overhaul a historic Dutch Colonial home for a couple of farm owners and their two small children; while keeping the home's history and character, they come up with a plan for a open-concept kitchen and a one-of-a-kind playroom.
S1, EP1 "From Craftsman to Creole Cottage"A couple who loves New Orleans-style architecture asks Dave and Jenny to transform their classic Craftsman into a Creole cottage.
Home renovators Dave and Jenny Marrs bring old houses back to life in HGTV's "Fixer to Fabulous." With a little love and a lot of talent, the husband-wife duo restores timeworn homes into contemporary living spaces in their hometown of Bentonville, Ark. Together, they have completed around 300 custom new homes and run Marrs Developing, a company that specializes in the renovation and restoration of historic homes in the Northwest Arkansas area. The resourceful couple preserves and transforms the area's historic houses into charming, updated masterpieces for young, potential buyers looking for a slower-paced lifestyle in a small town.
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