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Lupin the ThirdLupin III, the most wanted thief in the world, commits risky capers with his intrepid gang -- consisting of a sharpshooter, a master swordsman and a femme fatale -- while staying one step ahead of a highly determined Interpol agent.
S2, EP61 "The Flying Zantetsuken"Trouble is all but guaranteed when a crime boss and an arms merchant join hands; the two set their eyes on Goemen's sword, which can split a tank in half.
S2, EP62 "The Sound of the Devil's Bell Calls Lupin"Jigen and Goemon have sent a letter saying they are being held captive in a small but terrifying village; Lupin arrives in the village to rescue them, but Jigen and Goemon are acting oddly.
S2, EP63 "A Trap for a Trap"Don Kecchi, the wealthiest man in America, is terminally ill and has announced that he's donating his entire fortune to charity; Lupin steals Kecchi's money and shoots Fujiko.
S2, EP64 "Christmas Is in the Goddess' Hands"Margaret Tiffany, the owner of Tiffany's and a TV anchor, hires Lupin and his gang to rob her jewelry store on live TV; Lupin initially refuses but ends up having to go through with it.
S2, EP65 "Lupin's Enemy Is Lupin"A princess of a small Silk Road country has been kidnapped; Lupin and his gang are persuaded to rescue Princess Yasmin in exchange for a stomach full of holy curry meant for the gods.
S2, EP66 "Order: Shoot to Kill!"Here comes Beauty, the assassin hired by ICPO Headquarters to knock off Lupin; overwhelmed by Beauty's powerful DumDum bullets, Lupin narrowly escapes with his life.
S2, EP67 "Lupin's Great Journey to the West"Lupin and his gang head to the country of Kimasan after hearing the country possesses mountains of treasure; they sneak across the border but are captured by the giants who rule the country.
S2, EP68 "Casino Island - Inversion After Inversion"Casino Paradise is an artificial island owned and operated by Domino, a casino tycoon; Domino decides to run for president; he has a near endless supply of campaign funds, so the only way he can lose is if Lupin steals all the money.
S2, EP69 "The Woman Pops Fell in Love With"Political fixer Pomade Jaws trusts no one, not even his wife Laura; he's stored the scandalous secrets of various world leaders inside a voice-activated safe.
S2, EP70 "A Classical Thief and a Myna"Lupin, Jigen and Goemon have turned themselves in to the FBI, but it's all part of the plan; their real goal is to break out old man Clyde Barlow, who was once known as a genius bank robber.
S2, EP71 "Lupin vs. the Shinsengumi"Isamu Kondo III, grandson of the leader of the Shinsengumi, hires Lupin and his gang to recover a golden cannon sunk by the shogunate forces in the Tsugaru Strait.
S2, EP72 "A Skateboard Murder Mystery"Ellery Queen, the owner of the legendary sapphire called The Eye of Solomon, is also the owner of a football team; Lupin discovers Queen on the brink of death.
S2, EP73 "Through Flowers or Storms: The Thieves' Race"The 3rd Thieves Olympic is about to be held in Japan, and Lupin and Jigen are in it to win it; if they win this year's getaway race, they'll become the first-ever triple crown winners.
S2, EP74 "Terror of the Chameleon Man"The world's largest diamond has been discovered in South Africa and Lupin has his eyes on the prize; as it turns out, stealing it is the easy part.
S2, EP75 "A Wedding Dress Doesn't Suit Fujiko"Fujiko decides to marry Huffner for his jewelry collection, disregarding the rumor that Huffner's brides always die a mysterious death within a few weeks of their wedding.
S2, EP76 "Do You Know Shakespeare?"Jigen receives a letter from Sister Angelica and heads to the African country of Borodias; Sister Angelica wants Jigen's help to rescue Dr. Othello, the leader of the country's independence movement.
S2, EP77 "Arresting Lupin With Astrology"The ICPO tries a different approach to capturing Lupin: astrology; it enlists the help of Marianne, a clairvoyant who can read Lupin's actions using astrological predictions and her crystal ball.
S2, EP78 "Diamonds Shining in the Robot's Eye"Fujiko calls Lupin from Professor Pot's lab claiming he made a robot that manufactures diamonds.
S2, EP79 "The Lupin Funeral March"Fujiko invites Lupin and his company to a classical concert conducted by Kyoransky from the International Philharmonic after they get a good look at Kyoransky's baton, which is studded with a diamond.
S2, EP60 "Suicide Flowers Bloom in India"Bandit leader Basara is determined to sniff out the location of the diamonds Lupin has hidden somewhere in India; armed with his sinister invention, the Suicide Ray Gun, he tries to make Lupin talk.
S2, EP59 "The Mysterious World of Madame X"Lupin is stopped by a monstrously huge Fujiko on his way home; the giant Fujiko turns out to be an illusion created by Madame X; Lupin learns Madame X's hobby is collecting famous people.
S2, EP58 "The Face of Goodbye at the National Border"A diamond meant to adorn a ballerina's forehead, the Aurora Drop, contains a special remote-control device; Monica, the ballerina who once wore it, rescues a wounded Jigen, and he helps her defect.
S2, EP57 "Computer or Lupin?"Inspector Zenigata swipes a throwing coin owned by his great Edo-era ancestor Heiji Zenigata while he's viewing the inside of an incredible new safe protected by Professor Hunter's supercomputer.
S2, EP56 "Mysterious Gang of Five, Part Two"Siding with the Shiranami Five, Goemon challenges Lupin to a one-on-one duel; the Shiranami Five steals the 36 Views, but one of its members, Kikuko Benten, betrays her gang.
S2, EP55 "Mysterious Gang of Five, Part One"Lupin and his gang steal the 36 Views of Mt. Fuji, a famous series of 46 woodblock prints, from the exhibition hall; a gang calling itself the Shiranami Five challenges Lupin head-on.
S2, EP49 "A Pretty Woman Has Venom"Lupin meets Jacqueline, a woman has amassed a fortune and impressive jewel collection via several divorces and a couple of deceased husbands; his plan was to steal her diamond collection, but he falls into the same trap so many men before him did.
S2, EP47 "Her Majesty's Bumbling Inspectors"Lupin has his eyes on the royal family's Imperial State Crown, but thanks to Scotland Yard's Inspector Dover, stealing it won't be easy.
S2, EP46 "Lupin Is Available to the Highest Bidder"Lupin is auctioned at the Wanted Club, a place that sells criminals as slaves. Dr Derange wins Lupin and plans to use him as a human guinea pig on his deserted island.
S2, EP45 "Murder Smells Like Wine"Lupin manages to steal crime boss Mulligan's precious jewels, but the jewels are taken by Fujiko; Mulligan, unaware that Fujiko has his jewels, hires a skilled gunman to take them back.
S2, EP44 "The Vanished Special Armored Truck"The Sleeping Lion, a statue made of solid gold, is being transported to a museum by a specially armored airtight car; Lupin steals the armored car together with the statue.
S2, EP43 "Where Are the Peking Man's Bones"Lupin is in Hong Kong for a vacation when he is asked to find a woman in exchange for help escaping from Inspector Zenigata.
S2, EP41 "Search for the Treasure of Princess Kaguya"While Lupin, Goemon, and Jigen are all in Monaco, a beautiful young girl asks all three to bring her one fantastically exotic item.
S2, EP40 "Operation Missile-Jack"Lupin and his gang steal a suitcase containing Costa Rican diamonds, only to find Inspector Zenigata inside the fake shipment; the real diamonds are being shipped to Puerto Rico inside a missile.
S2, EP38 "The Sweet Trap of ICPO"The ICPO chief promises to erase Fujiko's criminal record in exchange for her cooperation in arresting Lupin.
S2, EP36 "Uncover the Secret of Tsukikage Castke"Massive riches have been hidden inside Tsukikage Castle; Lupin and his gang must decipher a code to find out the whereabouts of the great treasure.
S2, EP35 "Pursue the Gorilla Gang"Lupin and his gang are attending a party in Africa, waiting to snatch a rare black pearl; their plan goes awry when a gang of gorillas crashes the party and steals the black pearl.
S2, EP34 "Lupin Who Turned Into a Vampire"A 2000-year-old casket has been excavated; inside the casket is Camilla, a beautiful woman in a near-death state who holds a golden statuette of the Virgin Mary; Lupin attempts to steal it.
S2, EP31 "Shoot Into the Midnight Sun"Beautiful Swedish twins Latica and Anita engaged in a battle to the death over the Viking treasure map tattooed on their backs, and while in disguise, Lupin learns the map's secret.
S2, EP28 "Female Detective Melon"Lupin has sent a notice declaring he will steal all the cash from every bank in Paris; Detective Melon, the granddaughter of Inspector Garimard, is chosen to catch Lupin alongside Inspector Zenigata.
S2, EP27 "The Little Princess of Darkness"According to legend, a stamp named the Cinderella Shadow is said to make its owner a princess; Lupin and his gang pull off the heist, but a girl named Alice who also wants the stamp tags along.
S2, EP25 "The Lair of the Land Shark"The warden of an African prison holds Fujiko captive; Lupin and his gang infiltrate the prison and attempt to break Fujiko out, but they become the target of the Iron Lizards.
S2, EP22 "Lupin in Paradise"Lupin and Jigen are in a remote area going after a mysterious treasure when they save a woman being chased by hoodlums; the woman invites the two back to her sister's manor full of beautiful women.
S2, EP19 "A Safe Bet"Marukin Safe Company is forced into bankruptcy after Lupin cracks open their impenetrable safes; to test his own skills, Marukin's son challenges Lupin to open a safe he has designed.
S2, EP8 "The Disorient Express"The Trans Europe Superexpress train has departed Venice and is headed to France; onboard the Superexpress is crime boss Don Marcino's ill-gotten treasures; Lupin and his gang attempt to heist them.
S2, EP2 "Buns, Guns and Fun in the Sun"An international soccer game is taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and Lupin has his eyes on the box office and betting takes.
S2, EP1 "The Return of Lupin the 3rd"It's been a long time since Jigen, Goemon and Fujiko last heard from Lupin; then one day, they each receive an invitation from Lupin for a reunion aboard the luxury liner Sirloin.
S1, EP20 "Catch the Phony Lupin!"When someone commits thefts under Lupin's name, Lupin follows the imposters back to their island hideout but apparently stumbles into a whole island of thieves.
S1, EP10 "Target the Cash Counterfeiter!"Baron Ukraine and Lupin both seek the world's best counterfeiter; Baron has hired Fujiko, as well as a man called Flinch, to kill Lupin.
S1, EP8 "The Gang's-All-Here Playing Card Strategy"Napoleon once owned a deck of fortune-telling cards that are now in the hands of a millionaire known as Mr. Gold; Lupin plans to steal them during Mr. Gold's birthday party and Zenigata plans to stop him; Lupin succeeds in stealing the cards.
S1, EP7 "One Wolf Calls Another"Three scrolls contain the secret of creating a blade like the Zantetsuken; Lupin wants to steal them as a matter of family pride since his grandfather stole them back in the 19th century.
S1, EP6 "Rainy Afternoons Are Dangerous!"One rainy afternoon, a man seeks Lupin's help on behalf of a young woman; the woman is actually Fujiko, who is after a diamond known as the Star of Killamanjaro; the diamond is implanted into the chest of a mob boss.
S1, EP5 "The Coming of Goemon the 13th"With the help of some quick gunplay by his partner Jigen, Lupin takes on the world in elaborate heists, classic car chases and nasty explosions; Fujiko always gets tangled up in Lupin's capers.
S1, EP4 "One Chance for a Prison Break"Lupin and Fujiko successfully pull off a heist; that is, until Zenigata manages to shoot Lupin with tranquilizer dart. Zenigata hauls Lupin off to jail. Despite Fujiko's best efforts, she cannot break Lupin out of prison, and Jigen provides no help.
S1, EP3 "Farewell, My Beloved Witch"When a boat collision ruins Lupin and Fujiko's quiet boating expedition, they discover a woman named Linda in the other boat just as some gunmen on a larger boat attack them.
S1, EP1 "Is Lupin Burning ... ?!"With the Hida Speedway completed, Lupin looks to take top prize at the first race, not knowing the Scorpion Gang designed it as a trap to kill Lupin.
Lupin III, the most wanted thief in the world, commits risky capers with his intrepid gang -- consisting of a sharpshooter, a master swordsman and a femme fatale -- while staying one step ahead of a highly determined Interpol agent.
Original Air Date: Oct 3, 1977
Genres: ActionTV Series
Rating: R
Playback: HD
2 seasons available on demand (36 episodes)
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