No Choice in Duty

S3, EP20 "No Choice in Duty"

Airs: Dec 12, 2022

Ray leads Bravo Team on an urgent mission when they get a time-sensitive lead on a terrorist leader's location; Davis reveals to the team that the terrorist leader they've been searching for is related to a target from Jason's past.

The CW • 60m

S3, EP17 "Drawdown"

On Demand

Bravo Team begins their deployment in Afghanistan during peace negotiations; Sonny reports to an Air Force base in Texas to serve his disciplinary training action and gets reacquainted with Hannah, a childhood friend.

Original Air Date: Nov 27, 2022 • The CW • 60m
The Ones You Can't See

S3, EP7 "The Ones You Can't See"

On Demand

Jason contemplates surgery for an injury; Bravo Team goes on a mission abroad to help the secret service prevent a sniper attack on U.S. dignitaries.

Original Air Date: Nov 28, 2022 • The CW • 60m
Ignore and Override

S3, EP2 "Ignore and Override"

Airs: Dec 03, 2022

Bravo Team continues their mission in Serbia to track down an organization linked to the bombing of multiple American military outposts; Jason Hayes' past returns to haunt him and leaves him contemplating his future.

CBS • 60m