Neon Moon
S5, EP23 "Neon Moon"
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Conrad contemplates his future; Devon is presented with an amazing career opportunity out of state; Ian is faced with a devastating diagnosis; Kit and Bell celebrate their engagement; Padma receives some highly anticipated news.
Original Air Date: May 17, 2022 • FOX • 61m
The Proof Is in the Pudding
S5, EP22 "The Proof Is in the Pudding"
On Demand
A young boy comes into the hospital with a rare disease that leaves his bones incredibly fragile; with his clinical trial officially being declared a success, Devon has some huge decisions to make about the future of his career.
Original Air Date: May 10, 2022 • FOX • 44m
S5, EP21 "Risk"
On Demand
When one of the doctors is shot outside the hospital, the emergency room is put into lockdown; a patient learns he is unable to receive a transplant due to his vaccination status; Devon and Leela try to juggle the new dynamics of their relationship.
Original Air Date: May 03, 2022 • FOX • 44m
Fork in the Road
S5, EP20 "Fork in the Road"
On Demand
Conrad and Cade work with a Medicare patient who sheds some light on the inner workings of the prescription fraud situation; Leela works herself to the brink of exhaustion to avoid having a conversation with Devon.
Original Air Date: Apr 26, 2022 • FOX • 44m
All We Have Is Now
S5, EP19 "All We Have Is Now"
On Demand
With Raptor on leave to take care of his mother, the hospital scrambles to stay organized without him; a camping trip leaves a patient with a fatal disease that none of the doctors have seen before; Bell and Kit devise a plan to help their case.
Original Air Date: Apr 19, 2022 • FOX • 44m