My Lottery Dream Home

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My Lottery Dream HomeArmed with overflowing bank accounts and dreams of living in mansions bigger than city blocks, recent lottery winners embark on searches for their new homes. `It's an incredible feeling for me to show them properties they never dreamed they could afford. It's like I'm living the fantasy life with them,' says host David Bromstad, who shows overnight millionaires three luxurious properties on each episode. After visiting seven-figure listings, 10-acre properties, and nine-bedroom mansions, the big winners' ultimate, life-changing decisions mean an upgrade from average digs to high-dollar properties.
S13, EP7 "First-Time Homeowners, First-Time Millionaires!"A young couple wins big and are ready to start building a life together and find a first home they can renovate; David arrives with plenty of ideas and helps explore options in the picturesque town of Rochester, N.Y.
S16, EP3 "Family Bonds"Siblings inherited money from their late brother, and after finding one a home in Palm Springs, David's ready to help the other locate a place of his own. And for David, it's a desert oasis exploration as he hunts for a stunner in the Coachella Valley.
S11, EP1 "Mortgage Free in Atlanta"After winning $1 million, a San Francisco family decides it wants to live mortgage-free and buy a huge home in Atlanta; they're looking for a place with a few projects and a big yard; David shows them just how far their money can go in the suburbs.
S16, EP4 "Below Dock"A woman was left an inheritance from her parents and has decided to honor their memory with buying a generational vacation home on the Emerald Coast. David embarks on a pilgrimage for perfection as he searches for some real waterfront showstoppers.
S16, EP2 "Tappahannock Is for Lovers"A couple met as he was recovering from a devastating injury, and now with a big lottery win, they're ready to find a dream home in Tappahannock, Virginia. They want a quiet, small-town life, so David sets out to find the perfect country home.
S16, EP1 "Gold Lady of Lake Mendota"A Wisconsin woman didn't hit the lottery, but she hit the jackpot with a savvy investment that paid off to the tune of eight figures! Now, David has the largest budget he's ever been given and looks to find her the ultimate lakefront mega-mansion!
S15, EP7 "St. Paul Homecoming"A Minnesota-born woman who recently won $200,000 looks for a forever home in St. Paul, Minn., with her sister; David couldn't be happier to help with the search.
S15, EP6 "PS, I Love You"As the beneficiaries of their brother's estate, a pair of siblings want to pay tribute to their desert-loving brother and buy a dream home in Palm Springs, Calif.; David is tasked with finding the perfect place for them.
S15, EP5 "Million Dollar Start"A North Carolina local receives the present of winning a million dollars just before his 27th birthday; David steps in to help him discover some homes south of Raleigh, N.C., along with shopping and design tips to help him decide.
S15, EP4 "City Mouse vs. Country Mouse"A couple with a $2 million budget is ready to find their dream home, but she's a city mouse, and her husband prefers the country; unable to reach a decision, they ask David to help find a house with a lot of space for him and bling for her.
S15, EP3 "I'm Italian, I Cook Sauce!"A couple caring for elderly parents couldn't afford a home for themselves until he won $1 million on a scratcher; David searches for a well-appointed condo with a huge kitchen so she can cook her Italian bolognese.
S15, EP2 "Second Home Sanctuary"A couple decides to sell their inherited farmland in Iowa and buy a cabin in Minnesota for family and friends to gather and celebrate holidays; for David, it's a chance to return to his childhood home to help them find a lakeside property.
S15, EP1 "Nova Scotia Homecoming Queen"With a lottery win in her pocket and a baby around the corner, a woman is ready to move back home to Shelburne, Nova Scotia; affordable oceanfront properties are on David's list, and he helps her find a cute home.
S14, EP11 "Bustle to the 'Burbs"A mom uses her son's birthdate as inspiration to buy a scratch ticket and wins $1 million; she's ready to get out of the city and into the suburbs, but with low inventory, David will need his own good luck charm to find her dream home.
S14, EP10 "Memphis Family Ties"First cousins and BFFs grew up like sisters, so when one gets the chance to buy a family home, the other gets a room of her own and a bathtub; on David's first trip to Memphis, and he searches for the grand, sprawling house of their dreams.
S14, EP9 "Friendly Kenly"A couple battling an illness was in a terrible place financially and physically, so when they scratched a million dollars, they knew it was the answer to their prayers; David steps in to help find the perfect place for them to recuperate.
S14, EP8 "Living Large in Lubbock"Thanks to an inheritance, a longtime Georgia resident has the chance to buy a large family home closer to her grown-up children in Lubbock, Texas; David shows her some beautiful, spacious places where the houses are big but the prices are small.
S14, EP7 "Rubber City Band Aid"A couple living in her grandmother's tiny two-bedroom house have never had the means to buy their own home -- until they win $1 million on a scratch-off; David searches Akron, Ohio, for a home with a big yard and enough space to host band practice.
S14, EP6 "Myrtle Beach Moves"When a Pennsylvanian woman receives an inheritance, it gives her the opportunity to move to the warm shores of Myrtle Beach, S.C.; David helps her and her bestie navigate beach real estate to find her forever home.
S14, EP5 "Big Kona Energy"A couple got married in Hawaii 18 years ago, and after winning $5 million on a scratcher, they're moving to the Big Island; with a huge budget, David searches for properties with ocean views, and takes in the Big Kona energy along the way.
S14, EP4 "Pennies From Heaven"After a tragedy, a couple feels as if the universe stepped in to deliver a gift in the form of a $10 million scratch-off; David is honored to help them search for beautiful properties in the military town of Jacksonville, N.C.
S14, EP3 "The Wizard of Cape Coral"David's back in Cape Coral, Fla., to find his newest winners a coastal dream home; since his last visit, Hurricane Ian left a path of destruction and limited housing; now, with some courage and heart, David makes dreams come true.
S14, EP2 "Anything You Want in Vermont"After receiving a family inheritance, ex-Long Island residents now see an opportunity to buy a property in their much-loved Vermont; David steps in and finds character-filled homes full of variety and charm in the breathtaking mountain landscape.
S14, EP1 "Luck Comes in Pairs"A couple were thrilled when their son struck it big and won $100,000, and a year later, they won a whopping $2 million themselves; now, they're calling on David to help find a forever home where their lucky family can relax in Richmond, Virginia.
S13, EP11 "Texas Tranquility"After an unexpected inheritance, a woman is finally able to buy a home near her daughter and grandchildren; She wants a house that's no more than ten minutes away from her family.
S13, EP10 "Lake Cumberland Dreaming"Thanks to a $5 million scratcher win, a couple is ready move from city life in Cincinnati to lake life in Lake Cumberland, Ky.; they're looking to move back where he spent his summers as a kid.
S13, EP9 "A Snowbirder's Florida Haven"Thanks to a family inheritance, a Midwestern couple are ready for the relaxing vibes of central Florida; they're bringing in David to help search for their forever home, and now it's a decision between a golf course view and a relaxing rural outlook.
S13, EP8 "My Big Island Dream Home"After receiving an inheritance, a couple looks to leave Oklahoma and find their dream home in Hawaii; they're searching for a place big enough to host family for holidays, and David makes a trip to the Big Island to help them find the perfect place.
S13, EP6 "Carolina Beach Legacy House"A couple decide to invest an inheritance in a beach house that can be a legacy home for the entire family; they want something that's quirky and need David's help to search for just the right place in Carolina Beach, N.C.
S13, EP5 "Winter Wonderland"A man finally scores a $1 million jackpot win on a scratcher after playing the lotto regularly for more than 20 years; winter sports are his favorite hobbies; David is tasked to help find a mountain getaway on Moosehead Lake in Greenville, Maine.
S13, EP4 "Lisa's Little Luxuries"After a lifetime of apartment living, a family can finally buy their first home after a $4 million win; David is tasked with finding a home with a backyard, a laundry room, and other little luxuries in Nashua, N.H.
S13, EP3 "Second Chances All Around, in Bangor"After a second chance drawing, a couple wins a whopping $250,000 on an original losing ticket; now, David is challenged to find a spacious home fit for their growing family in Bangor, Maine.
S13, EP2 "Ain't Nothin' But a Corn Dog"A Bosnian couple has been living the American dream for over 20 years, and their luck continues after scratching up a $100,000 win; David helps the couple upgrade and search for a larger home in Grimes, Iowa.
S13, EP1 "New Money, New York City!"After winning $1,000 a day for life, a Texas native bought his family a dream home in Houston; David must search exclusive New York City real estate to find a luxurious Manhattan, N.Y., apartment fit for a lottery winner.
S13 "Scratch Offs: New Money, New York City!"With bonus features and pop-ups, David helps a Texas native search exclusive New York City real estate to find a luxurious Manhattan apartment fit for a lottery winner.
S12, EP15 "Million Dollar Mom"A million-dollar scratcher win in Florida gives a California native all the riches she can imagine; David is enlisted to find a home for her daughter's family, so they can finally make the cross-country move and be together once again.
S12, EP14 "The Akron Bunch"A couple scratched up a sweet $150,000 win, and now they're ready to blend their two big families together; with seven kids between them, including two sets of twins, David is tasked with finding a family home large enough for nine in Akron, Ohio.
S12, EP13 "Wonderland in Maine"A Massachusetts couple finds hope and happiness with an inheritance and looks to relocate; David helps them begin a new chapter by searching for homes in the picturesque town of Bath, Maine, including a sprawling eight-bedroom mansion.
S12, EP12 "South Beach Birth Rite"When a Miami, Fla., native received an inheritance, she knew it was time to find a vacation condo in South Beach; it's where she and her best friend grew up and made great memories, so now she needs David's help to find a place.
S12, EP11 "Bangor Bucks"A mother wins big on a scratcher, but since she already has her dream home, she has decided to help her daughter find hers; the duo enlists David to get her growing family out of a cramped apartment and into a house with more space in Bangor, Maine.
S12, EP10 "Must Love Goats"Through difficult circumstances, a single man gets an unexpected windfall, and now he's ready to find his dream home; David searches California's Central Valley to find a place where he can host guests, settle down and maybe start his own family.
S12, EP9 "Tri-State Scratch King"David helps a single dad find a move-in ready home he can enjoy with his 5-year-old son.
S12, EP8 "Blended Bliss in New Hampshire"Busy raising her three kids in Burlington, Mass., a woman is ready for a change of pace after a $2 million lottery win; she's ready to move in with her fiance, so David shows them some adorable family homes in New Hampshire.
S12, EP7 "Knock Knock, It's a Million Dollars!"After 30 years, a couple move to Columbia, S.C., after getting a $1 million check; they need David's help finding a dream home big enough to host their massive family for the holidays.
S12, EP6 "Quick Cash in Cedar Rapids"David takes a family that won $100,000 on a scratcher on a tour of family-friendly areas in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, that are close to schools and golf courses.
S12, EP5 "Second Chance Lottery"After a close call with a motorcycle accident, a New York couple credits "My Lottery Dream Home" marathons as their motivation to get through rehabilitation; David is happy to help them find their own dream home in sunny St. Augustine, Fla.
S12, EP4 "Million Dollar Angel"When a selfless Massachusetts woman and family caretaker wins $2 million, it means a brighter future for the whole household; David takes her on an adventure through Plymouth, as they encounter cranberry bogs, historic homes, and farmyard animals.
S12, EP3 "Philly to Fayetteville"A $2 million win came at the perfect time for a couple who relocated from Philadelphia to take care of their family in Fayetteville, N.C.; David helps them track down the right home for hosting weekend barbecues with their 10 grandkids.
S12, EP2 "Heartfelt Inspiration"Three years after facing unbelievable tragedy, a couple picks up the pieces and moves to a dream home in Burleson, Texas; David is eager to help them find the perfect place so they can start the area's first female-run brewery.
S12, EP1 "Millionaire Mama"After raising three girls in a small Miami apartment, a single mom is looking forward to spending her million-dollar win on the home of her dreams; She's hoping for a standalone home, but David knows some gorgeous townhouses that may change her mind.
S11, EP10 "A Fistful of Friendship"A bingo player who won a $60,000 jackpot is making a down payment on a home closer to her best friend in Phoenix; David Bromstad joins these lifelong pals as they search for a home with a spare room for sleepovers and extra space for entertaining.
S11, EP9 "For Lovers and Lottery Winners"A couple use their $100,000 winnings to put a down payment on their first family home in Virginia; David narrows down the options with a house that has separate rooms for the kids and a backyard for family time.
S11, EP8 "California Dreams"After a $5 million scratch-off win, a family of five can finally move out of the two bedroom apartment they share with three dogs; David helps them navigate the California market for a home that has a room for everyone.
S11, EP7 "Massachusetts Millions"Two Bostonians couldn't have wished for a better start on the property ladder than a share in a million-dollar lotto win; with David as their guide, they tour gorgeous century-old houses full of history and possibly ghosts in Salem, Mass.
S11, EP6 "Rags to Riches"Thanks to a million-dollar scratch-off, a couple that used to live paycheck to paycheck finally move out of their one-bedroom apartment; David tours their neighborhood of Winter Park, Fla., as they look for a home with their very own lawn to mow.
S11, EP5 "Oh, My Goodness"After winning $5 million on a scratch ticket, two empty nesters are gifting their children with their dream forever home; David takes this generous couple on an adventure through New York's Hudson Valley.
S11, EP4 "Cashed Up in Cartersville"After winning $2,000,000 on a scratcher, a Florida couple is moving to just outside of Atlanta; David's shocked at how much house they can buy close to a major city as this family decides between a five-acre yard and a six-bedroom home.
S11, EP3 "Seven Million Big Ones"Two New York EMTs have dedicated their lives to helping others, but with a lotto win under their belts, it's their turn for some self-care.
S11, EP2 "To Son, With Love"A devoted mom and grandmother wins $1 million; she and her husband have allowed their kids and their families to live in their Bridgeport, Conn., home, so they're bursting at the seams; she now wants her youngest son under his own roof.
S10, EP10 "A Million-Dollar Hug"Six months after losing a husband and father to an illness, Charity and her daughters, April and Cassidy, are given $1 million of comfort thanks to a scratch ticket; they're ready to find their forever dream home in the town of Leechburg, Pa.
S10, EP9 "From Portland to Paradise"A Portland man is homeless when he inherits $1.4 million after his mother passes away; he and his partner are moving to warm Cape Coral, Fla., and David is ready to find them a house where they can fish, boat and soak up the sunshine in style.
S10, EP8 "Six Million Reasons to Smile"The Florida lottery gives a couple of government employees an early retirement gift of $6 million; with their teens in tow, David shows the whole family how to revel in luxury as they embark on a spree full of sun, sand and lavish homes.
S10, EP7 "Million-Dollar Baby"Thanks to a million-dollar win on a scratch-off, a couple and their baby can finally move out of their one-bedroom apartment; David is happy to help this family find a bigger home near Binghamton, N.Y., even if he does struggle with the city's name.
S10, EP6 "Border Town Bonanza"David meets his newest winners in the semi-rural countryside of the border between New York and Canada; despite the winter chill, they're looking forward to the summers as they search for a home with country charm and a pool.
S10, EP5 "Million-Dollar Wonderland"After winning big on a scratch-off, a couple hunt for their dream home near Canton, Ohio; David braves the cold to help them find the perfect compromise between city and country living in a snow-covered winter wonderland adventure.
S10, EP4 "So Young, So Rich"David helps his youngest lottery winner put her $390,000 toward buying a home to share with her mom and sister.
S10, EP3 "Gone Fishin' for a Dream Home"After a $250,000 scratch-off win, a couple of empty nesters is finally moving back to her native Mandeville, Louisiana; while they need an in-law suite and plenty of space for visitors, David also has to find a home with a fishing hole nearby.
S10, EP2 "King and Queen of M'Orlando"David gets to stay at home as he helps lucky newlyweds find their dream home in Orlando, Fla; after winning $1 million on their anniversary, this couple are seeking a two-story house in which they can feel like royalty overlooking the neighborhood.
S10, EP1 "Vacation Time at the Cape"After winning a scratch-off jackpot, Carol and Joe look for a dream home in Cape Cod after vacationing there for over 30 years; David must work fast to help the Massachusetts couple snatch up their perfect place in this hot market.
S9, EP7 "G'ma's Pad"A grandma with 37 piercings, 89 tattoos and countless wigs wants a big house so her elderly mother can move in.
S9, EP6 "A Spacious Win"A single mom wins $3 million on the lottery and wants more space after sharing an apartment with her three growing girls; with four ladies to please, David Bromstad has his hands full finding a home with rooms for everyone and space to spread out.
S9, EP5 "First-Time Forever Home"David Bromstad heads to Texas to meet a couple who won the lottery in life and love; David has to be on his A-game because of the pair's experience.
S9, EP4 "Holiday Extravaganza"David Bromstad will transform a living room into a lush Christmas tree forest; setting a spectacular tablescape for a festive dinner party and adorning a home's exterior with so much holiday razzle dazzle that the whole neighborhood will cheer.
S9, EP3 "Mountain High Dreams"When a Florida couple receives an inheritance from a long-lost relative that leaves them $900,000 richer, they struggle to agree on a budget for a mountain vacation home in Blue Ridge, Ga.
S9, EP2 "The Lottery Queen"An avid gambler won $500,000 on the Illinois lottery and wants a fixer-upper so she can put her own stamp on the home.
S9, EP1 "500,000 Reasons to Party"A Wisconsin mom wants out of her tiny apartment after winning $500,000 on a scratch off; she looks for a home with space to entertain friends and family.
S8, EP14 "A Mansion for Mom"A man's hard work pays off when he wins $7 million after playing the same set of numbers for three years; instead of buying a home for himself, he hopes David can help him find a Texas mansion for his mom where she can enjoy her twilight years.
S8, EP13 "South Shore Score"In Boston, a couple's been living in a small apartment with their fur baby and they want to find a place with a large yard where they can start a family.
S8, EP12 "Lucky Lakeside"A Connecticut couple wants a lake home where they can make memories with their kids, so David looks for the perfect place on the water of East Haddam.
S8, EP11 "Sparkle in the Sunshine State"After winning $1 million, a couple seeks a home in Jupiter, Fla., which is renowned for the lifestyle it offers to the rich and famous; Florida's booming population and low stock challenge David Bromstad to find a glamorous home at the right price.
S8, EP10 "Buy Now, Inherit Later"A construction worker wins $250,000 and calls on David to help him find a place near his eight adult daughters.
S8, EP9 "The Love Nest"After winning big on a scratch-off, Newlyweds in Des Moines, Iowa, hope David can find them a brand-new home big enough to start a family.
S8, EP8 "On the Throne"Billy won a million dollars on a scratch-off and changed his family's life, no longer living paycheck to paycheck; they need David Bromstad's help to find a forever home in Knoxville, Tenn., that fits their $180,000 budget.
S8, EP7 "A Slice of New Jersey Paradise"A former police officer couple win the lottery in Bergen County, N.J., making a better life for themselves and their five kids; they call on David Bromstad to find a property that fits their large family and meets their sky-high expectations.
S8, EP6 "Follow Your Nose"After winning one million dollars on a quick pick Powerball ticket, a woman and her husband call on David Bromstad to help find their forever home.
S8, EP5 "Bangor or Bust"Nick won $100,000 from a scratch off and now he and his wife Robyn want to buy their forever home in Bangor, Pennsylvania; David Bromstad is challenged to find them a single-family home on a very small budget.
S8, EP4 "Finding the Perfect Lake House"A New York couple who won a million dollars on a single scratcher can finally buy the second home on Oneida Lake that they've always dreamed of.
S8, EP3 "The Great American Dream Home"Living in a tiny apartment in Columbus, Ohio, Brenda and Jesse win a million dollars; now, David Bromstad takes them on an emotional and memorable journey to help them find their American dream home.
S8, EP2 "Winner Winner Chicken Dinner"The winner of a million dollars and her sister-in-law search for a home in the upmarket suburb of Spring Hill, Fla.
S8, EP1 "League City Limits"A Texas couple's $1 million win is the perfect chance to ditch their small home; they call on David Bromstad to find their League City, Texas dream home that has plenty of space for their teenagers.
S8 "Scratch Offs: Almost Throwing Away a Million"A woman wants to find a home in Cleveland after her husband saves a scratcher worth $1 million from going into the trash.
S8 "Scratch Offs: Mass Cash Stash"Featuring bonus and behind-the-scenes facts, David Bromstad helps a couple find a home with tons of square footage and a huge backyard for their dog after winning $4 million on a scratcher in Orange, Massachusetts.
S8 "Winning the Location Lottery"While quarantined at home, David Bromstad reminisces on his favorite travel destinations and vacations, including Iceland and Amsterdam; he catches up with winners from his favorite locations to film.
S8 "Scratch Offs: South Shore Score"David Bromstad helps a couple find a home where they can start a family in Boston; includes bonus and behind-the-scenes facts.
S8 "Scratch Offs: A Mansion for Mom"David Bromstad helps a man use his winnings to find a Texas mansion for his mother; includes bonus and behind-the-scenes facts.
S8 "Scratch Offs: Buy Now, Inherit Later"David Bromstad helps a construction worker find a home close to his eight adult daughters; includes bonus and behind-the-scenes facts.
S8 "Beauty by David"David Bromstad uses just what's in his fridge to make homemade face and hair conditioning masks; he checks in with winners Tori and Jonathan in Iowa, and Yassanah in Florida, who reveal some beauty secrets of their own.
S8 "Scratch Offs: League City Limits"David Bromstad helps a couple find their dream home in League City, Texas, that has plenty of space for their teenagers to spread out; featuring bonus and behind-the-scenes facts.
S8 "Wardrobe Tips and Tattoo Talk With Rita and Brenda"David socializes while self-isolating in his condo in Orlando, Fla.; he talks style and wardrobe design with '50s fashionista Brenda and shares the very personal significance of his most talked-about tattoos.
S8 "Scratch Offs: Bangor or Bust"David helps a winning couple find their forever home on a very small budget in Bangor, Penn.; includes bonus and behind-the-scenes facts.
S8 "Tasty Treats and a Texan Rub"David Bromstad shares a recipe for homemade protein bars and cooks his mom's apple crisp for the very first time; he checks in with Adam and Mary in Ohio, along with Rick in Texas, and uncovers the secret to authentic Texan barbecue.
S8 "Holiday Decorating and Virtual Hugs With Antonia and Gail"David invites viewers into his own home to share some tips about decorating for the holidays, including how to make his tissue paper flowers; David revisits old episodes and catches up with previous winners.
S7, EP13 "Almost Throwing Away a Million"After her husband saved a lottery ticket worth $1 million from going in the trash, a woman calls on David Bromstad to help them find a home in Cleveland, Ohio, with space to entertain her entire family during the holidays.
S7, EP11 "The Sound of Freedom"A couple with two kids was looking for a home on Whidbey Island, Wash., when he won $200,000 from the lottery; with the extra money in their budget, David Bromstad helps them find the home of their dreams.
S7, EP10 "Newlywed Millionaires"After these newlyweds bought a lotto ticket at a gas station, they filled up both their gas tank and their bank account; the instant millionaires are now searching for their dream home in Columbus, Ohio, where they can start a family.
S7, EP9 "Virginia Beach Forever"After serving in the U.S. Air Force for six years, a couple decides to look for their dream home in the military-friendly town of Virginia Beach, Va.; with a $100,000 settlement to be used for a down payment, David helps them on their house hunt.
S7, EP8 "Make Me a Millionaire"David Bromstad helps a young family of four search the suburbs outside Boston for the perfect family dream home with lots of elbow room and a yard big enough for a swing set and pool.
S7, EP7 "Delaware Dream Home"David Bromstad helps a fun-loving Staten Island couple find their forever home in quiet and relaxed Bethany Beach, Del.
S7, EP6 "Winning Big in Florida"A man who won big is ready to buy a new home in Cape Coral, Fla., with his wife; they look to David Bromstad for his real estate expertise; David finds potential properties with reasonable price tags and breathtaking scenic waterways.
S7, EP5 "Fort Worth Fortune"A professional poker player and his family are looking for their ultimate dream home in Fort Worth, Texas; David Bromstad's expertise is needed to find a place big enough to fit dad, mom and their three small children.
S7, EP3 "Some Like It Hotter"After their retirement got a lot warmer with a $1-million New York scratcher win, a couple is following their best friends to Punta Gorda, Fla., where they hope David will help them buy into a classy retirement village.
S7, EP2 "Lucky in Lafayette"This Louisiana man was homeless and crashing on his son's couch when he won $2 million; now David Bromstad is helping the lucky overnight millionaire find the perfect property in Lafayette where he can party with his family and enjoy his fortunes.
S7, EP1 "Big Sky Dream Home"Daniel and Marcia won $1 million in the state lottery and can now afford to buy a dream home in Montana to accommodate their big family; Daniel wants a ranch on 200 acres of land, but Marcia would like something more manageable.
S7 "Scratch Offs: Make Me a Millionaire"A couple's big win has them eager to get out of a cramped basement rental and search for their family dream home in the suburbs outside of Boston.
S7 "Scratch Offs: Lucky in Lafayette"A Louisiana man who was homeless and crashing on his son's couch wins $2 million; David Bromstad helps the lucky overnight millionaire find the perfect property in Lafayette; includes bonus and behind-the-scenes facts.
S7 "Scratch Offs: Delaware Dream Home"David Bromstad helps a couple realize their dream of trading a fast-paced life for quiet, relaxed Bethany Beach, Del., after they win $1 million; includes bonus material and behind-the-scenes facts.
S7 "Scratch Offs: Newlywed Millionaires"After becoming instant millionaires, a newlywed couple search for a dream home where they can raise a family in Columbus, Ohio.
S7 "Scratch Offs: Some Like It Hotter"David Bromstad helps newly minted New York millionaires find a new home in Punta Gorda, Fla., where they can retire peacefully; includes bonus material and behind-the-scenes facts.
S7 "Scratch Offs: Big Sky Dream Home"A Montana couple win $1 million in the state lottery and can now afford to buy a dream home in Big Sky country; David Bromstad explores new territory to show them properties of varying sizes; featuring bonus and behind-the-scenes facts.
S7 "Scratch Offs: Winning Big in Florida"Bonus material and behind-the-scenes facts; David Bromstad brings his real estate expertise to a couple who won big and want to buy a new home in Cape Coral, Fla.
S6, EP14 "Lakeside Bonanza"After deciding to pass the time with a scratcher, a man and his family found themselves $10 million richer; they are now looking for their dream home by the lake in Orlando and David is excited to show them an impressive list of homes to choose from.
S6, EP13 "The Dream Begins in Vegas"Lottery winners are given the chance to start a new life together by getting married and buying their dream home in Las Vegas with their $1.6-million winnings; they have an eye for design and want to put their stamp on whatever house they choose.
S6, EP12 "Lucky In Las Vegas"After a man hit it big in Vegas on his wife's birthday, a couple is ready to find a quiet spot where they can raise their family away from the bright lights of the Strip; David works to find the perfect family home far from the commotion of the city.
S6, EP11 "Beach House Perfection"After accidentally picking up a Megaplier instead of his usual weekly lottery ticket, Andy won a whopping $5 million; he has now enlisted David to help him find the perfect beach house for all his family to enjoy on the Outer Banks of North Carolina.
S6, EP10 "New Love, New Home"Million-dollar winner Marcie is back and she's in love; life has changed a lot for her since David helped her find the perfect dream home on Cape Cod so she's ready to trade up for a couple's cottage in the South Shore Corridor of Massachusetts.
S6, EP9 "Florida Windfall"A Florida couple wins $15 million; David Bromstad steps in to help them decide whether they should buy a luxurious beachfront condo or move into a larger home away from downtown Miami with a pool to entertain family and friends.
S6, EP8 "The House Always Wins"A professional poker player with a total winning pot of $4 million is ready to buy a huge family home along Philadelphia's Main Line area; he challenges David Bromstad to find him a modern home unique enough for his quirky aesthetic.
S6, EP7 "Mr. Double Lucky"When Michael wins $100,000 on a scratcher, he can't believe his luck... until he wins $750,000 just five weeks later; he looks for David's help to find a townhouse close by his daughter and her family so he can watch his grandson grow.
S6, EP6 "Old Charm for Newlyweds"When Laura and John got engaged, they got a surprise early wedding gift in the form of a $1 million win on a scratch card; now this young couple is looking for a home with some old-fashioned charm and space to start a family in Worcester, Mass.
S6, EP5 "A Place on Pamlico Sound"After scratching her way to a million-dollar win, a woman and her husband upsize their retirement plans to include a place on the shores of Pamlico Sound in North Carolina; David Bromstad helps them navigate one of the largest lagoons.
S6, EP3 "A Hero's Reward"After lady luck rewards a retired firefighter for a lifetime of service with a big win, dream-home hunter David Bromstad helps him search for the perfect bachelor pad in the Lakeland region of Florida.
S6, EP2 "Payday in V-A"An attorney and single father of a 3-year-old son scores $1 million on the Mega Millions; he gets ready to move out of his rental and find the perfect father-son forever home in beautiful Richmond, Va.
S6, EP1 "Old Florida Charm"When a New York couple wins $7 million on the lottery, the two say goodbye to hard work in the Big Apple and hello to sunny retirement in Vero Beach, Fla.; they shop for the perfect property in a corner of the Sunshine State that oozes Florida charm.
S5, EP14 "IT Geek to Rich and Chic"A self-confessed computer nerd finally came up with a $1 million win after consistently spending $6 a week on lottery tickets; it's up to David Bromstad to help him find the perfect bachelor pad in the historic seaside town of Milford, Conn.
S5, EP13 "Four-Million-Dollar Smile"Jesus never won more than a hundred dollars from the lottery, until his luck changed when he bought a $20 scratcher that netted him a $4 million win; this car-crazy millionaire now needs a new pad to house all his flashy new rides in Kankakee, Ill.
S5, EP12 "Champaign Moments"After purchasing a scratch card at a local garage and winning a million dollars, Scott and Paige are looking to upgrade their family home in Champaign, Ill.; David Bromstad sets out with the couple to help them find the perfect property.
S5, EP11 "Luck of the Irish"Bill and Eric hit the jackpot on the St. Patrick's Day lottery and couldn't believe their good luck; the happy couple and their twins need David's help finding a larger family home on Chicago's classy North Shore.
S5, EP10 "Beginner's Luck"A lottery skeptic won $1 million on the first scratch ticket she ever bought; now, with the help of property ace David Bromstad, she and her husband set out to buy the perfect retirement palace in sunny Florida.
S5, EP9 "Athol Family Dream Home"A dedicated wife, mother and lottery player with a daily scratch ticket ritual was finally rewarded after seven years of perseverance; her $1 million win has her family looking for a dream home in Western Massachusetts.
S5, EP8 "Moving on Up in California"After the rise of Silicon Valley, a couple in nearby San Jose, Calif., that never owned a home thought they would rent forever until he won $1 million on a scratch-off; David Bromstad is ready to help them find their dream home.
S5, EP7 "Waterfront Windfall"A couple was approaching a chilly retirement when they won $1 million on a Canadian National Lottery; they're now ready to move to Nova Scotia, Canada, where David Bromstad will show them gorgeous lake and oceanfront properties.
S5, EP6 "Ten Million to One"Demolition man John beat the odds and won $10 million on a Massachusetts lottery ticket and he is now ready to kick off his work boots and retire into flip-flops in Hollywood, Fla.
S5, EP5 "The Long Island Dream"After winning $3 million on a scratcher, a couple can afford to buy a home in their old neighborhood of Northport, Long Island; they must decide if they want to purchase a waterfront property or get more value for their money away from the coast.
S5, EP4 "Texas Beach House"After becoming a millionaire on a Vegas slot machine, Rick immediately bought his own dream home; now David Bromstad joins him in Galveston, Texas, to help him spend his extra cash on a Texas Beach House for the whole family.
S5, EP3 "Tallahassee Dream Team"Shane won $1 million on a scratcher, so he and his partner, Crystal are searching for a dream home in Tallahassee, Fla.; Crystal wants a beautiful home that's move-in ready, and Shane wants a huge yard for their two dogs.
S4, EP14 "Bliss In The 'burbs"David Bromstad helps a lottery-winning couple on their hunt for the perfect forever home just outside of St. Louis.
S4, EP13 "My Big Fat Lottery Property"Single mother Wendy wins $200,000 a year for life, and she can finally treat herself to a dream home; she wants to move back to Lake City, Fla., to be closer to her family, and she desperately wants to live on a big piece of land.
S4, EP12 "Papa's Palace"Grandpa Jeff takes his babysitting duties very seriously, so when he wins $1 million in Roanoke, Va., he knows his dream home has to include a large backyard for his four grandchildren; David shows Jeff some great properties with plenty of pasture.
S4, EP11 "Canadian Dream"After winning over $1.7 million, Lana and Shannon want to move back to their hometown in British Columbia, Canada where they hope to find a forever home to raise their active kids.
S4, EP10 "Follow Me to Tennessee"A couple wins a million dollars, but instead of buying their own dream home, they want to buy one for their son that they can live in, too; David Bromstad has to find the perfect extended family home in Knoxville, Tenn., that meets everyone's needs.
S4, EP9 "Million Dollar Bull's-Eye"After winning a million dollars on a scratcher, a New Hampshire couple can now afford to buy their first family home.
S4, EP8 "California Chick House"A young-at-heart grandmother wants to buy the perfect house that's big enough to entertain her family, but small enough to maintain it herself.
S4, EP7 "Family Fortune"A Massachusetts mom came home from grocery shopping with an extra four million dollars in her pocket.
S4, EP6 "Milk Money"Fran stops by the grocery store for milk and comes home a multimillionaire from a lottery win; she and her partner Sharon plan to retire and want to find their dream home in Suffield, Conn.
S4, EP5 "Young and Rich"After a lucky $4 million win, a 27-year-old man keeps his head and plans a brilliant future; his mom watches with pride as he plans to go from tenant to landlord of his very own home.
S4, EP4 "Million-Dollar Siblings"A pair of siblings vowed to their late father they would always look out for one another, so when one won the lottery, he didn't hesitate to split it; they now have the chance to re-create cherished family holidays in New Hampshire.
S4, EP3 "Minnesota Millions"David Bromstad returns to his hometown in Minnesota to help a couple find their dream home after winning $1 million on a Powerball ticket; they will now be able to accommodate all of their children, dogs and cars in luxurious style.
S4, EP2 "Lakehouse Luxury"After renting a holiday cabin at the same lake for 36 years, a couple's $2 million Florida State Lottery win means they can now make it a permanent second home; traveling to Dale Hollow Lake, David unlocks a hidden paradise in Tennessee.
S4, EP1 "Florida Dreaming"After winning $1 million on a Florida scratcher, a couple realizes their dream of owning their own house and land in North Port, Fla.; she wants a gourmet kitchen and resort pool, and he wants huge backyard to grow fruit trees.
S3, EP14 "A Family Fortune"After thinking his scratch-off only won him a couple hundred bucks, a man scans his card to find out it carries a worth of $750,000, so the family shops for the home of their dreams.
S3, EP13 "The Luckiest Cape"A single mother and her 14-year-old son get the chance to fulfil their dream of moving out of their tiny one-bedroom sublet and into a bigger place of their own in Cape Cod.
S3, EP12 "The Maine Attraction"A former carpenter and his fiance want to fulfill a lifelong dream of living on the coast of Maine after winning the lottery.
S3, EP11 "A Million-Dollar View in Orange County"California empty-nesters with a retirement all planned out suddenly win the Powerball, so they set their sights on an ocean view in Orange County.
S3, EP10 "Gone With the Win"A woman that won the lottery with 19 of her coworkers dreams of a new life with her fiance, which includes a grand Tennessee mansion.
S3, EP9 "Gail and Chet: Boston Dream Garden"After two years of searching, a woman's dream of living in the Boston suburbs is finally within reach after winning $1 million on a Massachusetts scratch off.
S3, EP8 "Deano and Carissa: A Scratch Made in Heaven"After winning a state record $7 million on a single scratch ticket, a Midwest dad hunts for the perfect family home for his partner and kids in their rural Indiana neighborhood.
S3, EP7 "Mom's Million"After winning a million dollars, a woman gives her son her old condo in Ponte Verde Beach, Fla. and seeks a home big enough for her and her hobbies.
S3, EP6 "Dreaming Big in Boston"A young Massachusetts couple with six kids felt cramped in their water damaged two-bedroom house, but after winning, they're finally able to buy a home big enough for their huge family.
S3, EP5 "A Mexican Dream"A California couple already has their forever home, so after winning a million dollars in the lottery, they set out to find a dream vacation home.
S3, EP4 "A Fairytale Fortune"Two people hope to move from their tiny rental apartment into the home of their dreams near Washington, D.C., after winning $1 million on a Virginia scratch off.
S3, EP3 "Lake House Lottery"A couple's lakeside retirement dream is now a reality after they won on a Massachusetts scratch-off ticket.
S3, EP2 "Brotherly Luck"Two brothers are fortunate to reap the benefits of their parents' lottery win and search for their very own dream homes in Sarasota, Fla.
S3, EP1 "A Family Affair"A husband and wife decide they want to live close to their eldest son in Buffalo, N.Y.
S2, EP12 "A Home on the Cape"A mother shops for a dream home with her daughters in Cape Cod, Mass.
S2, EP11 "The Good Life in Nebraska"Winner Carla looks for the home of her dreams in Fremont, Neb.
S2, EP10 "Sweet Dream Home Alabama"Kathy and her son Gene decide to return to their southern roots by moving back to Alabama and enjoying the fishing and painting.
S2, EP9 "Show-Me State Dream Home"After a $3 million scratch off win, Brandon, Hannah and baby Naomi can finally move from their one-bedroom rental to a beautiful family dream home in Missouri with a big yard.
S2, EP8 "Coast of Dreams"Massachusetts native Linda was unable to afford her own home until she won $4 million, and now can buy her dream house in her hometown.
S2, EP7 "Paradise in Puerto Rico"Ana and Rafael had always planned on retiring from their life in New York City to paradise in Puerto Rico, so when Ana won $1 million, they found they could retire early and buy their dream home sooner rather than later.
S2, EP6 "Utah Mountain Dream Home"Nelly and Pablo were married for just a few months when they won the Wyoming Powerball, and can now afford their dream home in the mountains of Utah that's big enough for their whole extended family.
S2, EP5 "A Little Piece of Quiet in Indiana"After couch surfing and living paycheck to paycheck, Craig can now buy the peaceful and quiet land he's wanted in rural Indiana.
S2, EP4 "Lucky in Louisville"Todd bought a lottery ticket on the way home from his daughter's baby shower, and now can provide a home to raise her near family and friends.
S2, EP2 "California Dreaming"After winning $5 million from the lottery, Josh wants a big piece of land in California.
S2, EP1 "Dreaming on the Chesapeake Bay"A retired couple seek a vacation home to be closer to their family along the Virginia Coast; in a battle of priorities, it's size versus having a great view.
S1, EP12 "Texas Dream Home"After a father wins the Texas Lottery, his daughter searches for a dream home on Possum Kingdom Lake.
S1, EP11 "Big House Hunting"With their tiny Columbus, Ohio, house overflowing with "stuff," a jackpot-winning couple wants to find their dream home.
S1, EP10 "Vegas Dream Home"After winning money on a scratch ticket, a retired boxer wants to find a house in Las Vegas for his family.
S1, EP9 "Work-Weary Parents Use Their 1 Million Dollar Lottery Win to Buy a Family Vacation Dream Home"A busy family wants to use lottery winnings to buy a waterfront vacation home in Gulf Shores, Alabama.
S1, EP8 "Downtown Dream Home"A young woman wants to find a modern bachelorette pad in downtown Indianapolis that she can style herself.
S1, EP7 "Lottery Winners Search for Their Dream Home in the Hamptons"Lottery winners search for their dream home in the Hamptons, and they have a huge wish list that includes a mother-in-law suite and many bathrooms.
S1, EP6 "Florida Estate Agent Searches for a Dream Home With a View"A Florida real estate agent wants to find his million dollar dream home in Jacksonville, Fla., but may decide to buy more than one property.
S1, EP5 "Ohio Couple Find Family Friendly Dream Home After Winning a Second Chance Draw"A couple from Ohio look for their dream home in a nice neighborhood to raise their son.
S1, EP4 "Scratch Me Lucky California Dream Home"After winning money on a scratch-off ticket, jackpot winners search for their dream home by the waterfront.
S1, EP3 "New Jersey Minister Finds a Dream Home That Doubles as a Wedding Venue"Lottery winners must choose between "Old Indian Estate," "Llewellyn Carriage House," and "The Ryserson."
S1, EP2 "A Lottery Winning Couple Finds a Home for Their Dogs in Minnesota"A couple wants to find a home near Stillwater, Minn., with an open floor plan and a barn in which to train German Shepherds.
"David's Most Memorable"After touring the country and meeting countless lottery winners, David Bromstad sits down with his makeup artist and best friend, Lana Reiss, to count down their most memorable moments on and off the set; loaded with insider facts.
"Most Outrageous Purchases"After spending the last five seasons helping lucky lottery winners find their dream homes, David Bromstad revisits some of the most lavish and luxurious houses featured on the show.
"Fab Faves: Multi-Million Dollar Club"David Bromstad shares his fondest memories and counts down some of the biggest jackpots to date.
"Champagne Moments"After winning the lottery using his girlfriend's lucky number, Scott looks to take another chance as he pops the question to her.
"Beach House in Texas"After winning $1.3 million on a slot machine in Vegas, Rick wants to use his cash to build a vacation home for his extended family to enjoy.
"Newlywed Charm"A couple from Massachusetts needs help finding its dream home after winning a $1 million lottery prize.
"Million Dollar Mom"David Bromstad ventures to Ponte Verde Beach, Fla., where he meets a millionaire artist who wants to find a home big enough for herself and all of her hobbies.
"A Home on the Cape: Revisited"David shows a mother and her two grown daughters some beautiful, spacious properties in Cape Cod, Mass., where they can spend a $1 million lottery win; catching up two years after their big win to find out how they've been spending all that cash.
"Cabin Fever"Rita decides to build a rustic retreat for her girls' club after winning $5 million from a scratch-off ticket.
"My Lottery Dream Home 100th Episode Repack"Celebrating the 100th episode with a behind-the-scenes look at cast and crew interviews along with countdowns of the most fabulous moments.
"Bliss in the Burbs"A couple search for their dream home in St. Louis after winning a jackpot of over $4 million in the lottery.
"Wild Wish Lists"David takes a trip to the Cape to help a family find a main-road hideaway; he travels up the coast to Scituate, Mass., to help a woman find a cozy cottage; David helps an Illinois couple find a place with plenty of storage for Christmas decorations.
Armed with overflowing bank accounts and dreams of living in mansions bigger than city blocks, recent lottery winners embark on searches for their new homes. `It's an incredible feeling for me to show them properties they never dreamed they could afford. It's like I'm living the fantasy life with them,' says host David Bromstad, who shows overnight millionaires three luxurious properties on each episode. After visiting seven-figure listings, 10-acre properties, and nine-bedroom mansions, the big winners' ultimate, life-changing decisions mean an upgrade from average digs to high-dollar properties.
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