Beyblade: Burst

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Beyblade: BurstElementary-school student Valt Aoi is crazy about Beyblade and is best friends with Shu Kurenai, who is a prodigy at the game and has been named to the national Beyblade tournament's final four. Inspired by his friend's accomplishment, Valt makes it his goal to reach the tournament himself. The first step on the road to the big leagues is to win his district tournament, which includes some tough opponents. As he makes his way up the ladder, Valt reaches new heights and extends his circle of friends, eventually -- unknowingly -- dreaming of becoming the best Blader in the world.
"Invincible Shadows! Aiger vs Bel!"Bel climbed his way to the top and earned the right to challenge Aiger for a chance to become the world champion; Beys and Elements collide in an epic title match.
"Beyblade: Burst"Elementary-school student Valt Aoi is crazy about Beyblade and is best friends with Shu Kurenai, who is a prodigy at the game and has been named to the national Beyblade tournament's final four. Inspired by his friend's accomplishment, Valt makes it his goal to reach the tournament himself. The first step on the road to the big leagues is to win his district tournament, which includes some tough opponents. As he makes his way up the ladder, Valt reaches new heights and extends his circle of friends, eventually -- unknowingly -- dreaming of becoming the best Blader in the world.
S7, EP26 "Elemental Battle; Ultimate Showdown"Bels prepares for his semi-final match against Pax.
S7, EP25 "Resonance vs. Elemental"Pri can't believe what Pax is willing to do to unleash the greatest elemental power possible.
S7, EP24 "Achilles vs. Pandemonium; Clashes of Light"Aiger faces off against Pax in the Lodestar Battle Tournament.
S7, EP23 "Vroom-Vroom Revolution; A Hero's Journey"The Hizashi brothers enter the Lodestar Battle Tournament.
S7, EP22 "Shining Star; Lodestar Battle Tournament"Wakiya's new Lodestar Battle Tournament.
S7, EP21 "Dire Destiny! Ruin Pandemonium!"Pax Forsythe returns to the Blading stage with a vengeance and a new Bey; inspired by his loss against Aiger, Bel has evolved Belfyre into something stronger than ever before.
S7, EP20 "Invincible Shadows! Aiger vs. Bel!"Bel climbs his way to the top and earns the right to challenge Aiger for a chance to become the world champion.
S7, EP19 "Champion's Challenge! Radiant Finals!"Everyone has something to prove when Kit and Bel are set to face off for the chance to challenge Aiger.
S7, EP18 "Darkness Unleashed! Winds of Change!"It's the final stage of the Champion's Challenge, and the pressure is on when Pax gives Pri some strict instructions on how to use Pandora.
S7, EP17 "Blazing Battles! Aether Stadium!"Something monumental is found hidden deep beneath the Grand Masquerade Bey Tournament's stage, and it might change the face of Blading forever.
S7, EP16 "Wild Dash! Battle Marathon!"The Champion's Challenge Tournament keeps spinning, but one important face is missing, since the Dark Prince is nowhere to be seen.
S7, EP15 "Chivalry Unbound! Whirl Knight!"Adept bladers from around the globe compete in the Champion's Challenge Tournament, and this includes Valt's fellow BC Sol Blader, Kit Lopez.
S7, EP14 "Turbo Time! Zeal Achilles!"Aiger Akabane has arrived at Phantoms Gate; Aiger has no choice but to test out the new Achilles on the Dark Prince; but there's a condition: Bel will have to join forces with Pri.
S7, EP13 "Tag-Team! Break the Limit!"It's the climax of Wakiya's battle camp and the assembled Bladers participate in a Tag-Team tournament; the Hizashi brothers are skilled at Battling as a team, but others aren't.
S7, EP12 "Hurricane Winds! Twister Pandora!"Training at the battle camp is hard, and some Bladers have more trouble following Wakiya's rules than others; Bel goes off script, declaring a rematch with his new rival Hyuga.
S7, EP11 "Surge Ahead! Battle Camp Clash!"Bel, Ranzo and Pri have been invited to Battle Island, where rookie Bladers gather to train and compete.
S7, EP10 "Dark Devotion! Mighty Sword!"The Bladers take a quick snack break; Jiji comes to the rescue with his signature scrumptious feast; Xander presents Bel with a challenge over who gets Jiji to stay with them.
S7, EP9 "Striking Flames! Ferocious Battle!"Can Bel, Pri and Ranzo keep up with the Shakadera training regimen; it's time to face Xander in a one-on-one battle; Ranzo is confident that he has what it takes.
S7, EP8 "Peerless! Xiphoid Xcalius!"Valt offers anyone to face off with his super powerful friend, so Bel, Pri and Ranzo go to the Shakadera family dojo just as the mystery blader completes a 300 Blader challenge.
S7, EP7 "Theater of the Dark Prince! Monstrous Missions!"Ken has a bunch of training exercises for Bel, Ranzo and Pri that hone their skills for both puppetry and blading; when training is over, its time to battle.
S7, EP6 "Howls of Terror! Kerbeus Returns!"Bel, Ranzo and Hanna find a puppet show that offers a Bey tournament; Bel and Ranzo go up against a three-headed guard dog and Pri handles being both a puppeteer and a Blader.
S7, EP5 "Dragon vs Pandora! Rising Tides!"Pri removes her mask to reveal herself as the enigmatic Quadra; Pax tells Pri to keep her mask on while battling or else risk ruining their research data.
S7, EP4 "Depths Below! Abyssal Tournament!"Pri and Hanna have a sleepover at the Suiro house; Hanna's excited to tell Pri all about her family; Pri finds a special blading delivery from her brother overseas.
S7, EP3 "Rise Up! Gambit Dragon Soars!"Blader and goofball Dante Koryu arrives at Phantom's Gate to challenge the Dark Prince; Pax orders Quadra to battle Bel once again.
S7, EP2 "The Rebirth! Divine Belfyre!"Bel can't get the masked blader off his mind.
S7, EP1 "Thunder and Lightning! Elemental Power!"The Grand Masquerade Bey Tournament is here, and Bladers gather at a mysterious Power Spot overflowing with elemental energy; Bel faces off with the masked Blader Quadra.
S5, EP26 "Revolution! The Final Showdown"The finale of the Ultimate Tag Series arrives; Hyuga and Hikaru might just have what it takes to defeat Lain and Shu.
S5, EP25 "Confidence! Cowardice? Carefree-ness?!"As the Ultimate Tag Series hits the semifinals, Hyuga and Hikaru take on Valt Aoi and Rantaro Kiyama.
S5, EP24 "We Can Do It! Or Maybe Not!"In Round 5, Hyuga and Hikaru go up against Free and Silas.
S5, EP23 "Scorching Battle! Dauntless Bravery!"With Round 4 wrapping up fast, Lain and Shu are just one win away from securing their place in the finals.
S5, EP22 "Friendly Fire? Final Limit Breaker! Next-Level Training! Defeat Wakiya!"Brothers Hikaru and Hyuga build their own sparking beys to take on the legendary bladers who inspired them.
S5, EP21 "Crash and Clash! Battle of Legends! Burn, Flare! Spark!!"The Hizashi brothers are up against some of the strongest Bladers ever, and if they want to win, they'll need to work together.
S5, EP20 "Raging Battle! Defeating the Storm!"Brothers Hikaru and Hyuga build their own sparking beys to take on the legendary bladers who inspired them.
S5, EP19 "Tag Team! Ultimate Partner!"Brothers Hikaru and Hyuga build their own sparking beys to take on the legendary bladers who inspired them.
S5, EP18 "Counterattack! Lucius Endbringer!"Brothers Hikaru and Hyuga build their own sparking beys to take on the legendary bladers who inspired them.
S5, EP17 "Spirit of Fire! World Spryzen!"Brothers Hikaru and Hyuga build their own sparking beys to take on the legendary bladers who inspired them.
S5, EP16 "Grand Finale! Valt vs. Lain!"With Lain's Flare growing stronger, it looks like Valt's the only one who can take him down.
S5, EP15 "Defeat Valt"With his semi-final match against Valt approaching fast, Hyuga hardly has any time left to prepare, but Hikaru comes to the rescue with a training strategy.
S5, EP14 "Gotta Win, Going All-Out"Brothers Hikaru and Hyuga build their own sparking beys to take on the legendary bladers who inspired them.
S5, EP13 "A True Hero! Tag Battle Style!"Hikaru and Rantaro go up against Dante and Lui; Dante and Silas find they can get along and come up with a strategy for their match.
S5, EP12 "Hyuga and Lain vs. Hikaru and Aiger!"Participants in the Legend Festival are off to compete in the second stage; next up is a series of team battles starting with Hyuga and Lain taking on Hikaru and Aiger.
S5, EP11 "The Great Revolution! Legend Festival!"With the curtains finally open on the Legend Festival, Blading legends and challengers are gathered for the ultimate showdown.
S5, EP10 "Rise to Victory! Triumph Dragon!"Brothers Hikaru and Hyuga build their own sparking beys to take on the legendary bladers who inspired them.
S5, EP9 "Is This a Dream!? Or Is This a Nightmare!?"While everyone's prepping for the Legend Festival, another hyperactive Blader rises up to challenge Hikaru and Hyuga.
S5, EP8 "The Jet-Black Sun! Vex Lucius!"Lain's Blading prowess seems to be the stuff of myth, but that doesn't matter to Hyugu; he's ready to go head-to-head anyway.
S5, EP7 "Conquering the Ogre's Dungeon!"Hyuga and Hikaru were no match for the legendary Blader Lui Shirosagi, but before the brothers can face Lui again, they have to conquer the Ogre's Dungeon.
S5, EP6 "Dream Team! Tag Battle!"Arriving back in Japan, the brothers learn that spots in the Legend Festival are filling up fast; in order to rank up, Rantaro takes them to face a Beyblade ogre.
S5, EP5 "Illusory Dragon! Mirage Fafnir!"After their loss to Free De La Hoya, Hikaru and Hyuga decide to follow the Blading Legend's training regimen to learn the secrets behind his success.
S5, EP4 "Listen to Your Bey's Voice!"Hyuga and Hikaru focus on forging connections with their Beys; to help them, Valt and Rantaro take them to meet a mysterious Blader.
S4, EP26 "Rising Frienship! Master Dragon!"The Victories and Inferno are tied going into the final round; win or lose, it all comes down to this.
S4, EP25 "The Greatest Tag-Battle Ever!"The Victories are only one loss away from total defeat; it's time for Dante and Delta to combine their forces and rise up.
S4, EP24 "Rising Ferocity! Tag Battle!"After winning their first match, the Victories enter the tag battles.
S4, EP23 "Dragon's Ultimate Awakening!"After Arman loses a match, Dante needs to turn things around for the Victories.
S4, EP22 "Shining Ashindra!"Middle schooler Valt Aoi, with his Beyblade Valtryek, faces off against friends, classmates, and rivals on his way to become the world's number one blader.
S4, EP21 "Ultimate Creation! Eclipse Genesis!"When Arthur comes to the Blading District to recruit Gwyn, he gets a firsthand look at the new Genesis.
S4, EP20 "Rebirth! Master Devolos!"Dante and his Ace Dragon attempt to reach a new level of power through battles with Beyblade elites.
S4, EP19 "Dragon vs Genesis!"While Dante gets the hero's treatment after defeating Arthur, Delta contemplates leaving the Blading world altogether.
S4, EP18 "Dragon vs. Apocalypse!"A furiously determined Dante challenges Arthur to a battle; Delta returns to BC Sol, where Valt is waiting for him.
S4, EP17 "Genesis in Motion!"In a battle against Joe, Gwyn accesses a powerful state called Superior Flux; Delta and Arthur's battle leads to Erase Devolos' destruction.
S4, EP16 "Rebirth! Command Dragon!"After the destruction of Ace Dragon, Dante evolves it into Command Dragon, which has the capabilities of Ace, Glyph and Rock Dragon.
S4, EP15 "Invasion! The New King!"Arthur challenges Aiger to a regular match as he doesn't believe in the championship title and proclaims himself the Beyblade King.
S4, EP14 "Shining Bright! Hyper-Flux!"Aiger reveals Union Achilles' power mode; Dante masters Hyper-Flux; Arthur Peregrine makes an earth shattering debut.
S4, EP13 "The Final Stage! Facing Aiger!"The race to face off against world champion Aiger Akabane draws to a close as Dante, Arman and Delta all hurtle toward their final goal.
S4, EP12 "Spin! Advance! Survive!"Dante takes on a member of the Risen 3 on his first roll in the Blading circuit; Arman is already ahead of the pack.
S4, EP11 "Battle in the Skies!"Dante challenges Pheng to a rematch; after the battle, the gang heads to Battle Island to compete in a Blading circuit.
S4, EP10 "Flash of Light! Shining Crux!"Delta and Blindt decide who'll walk away the victor, while Pheng takes the Victories back to his temple so that Arman can make good on his promise.
S4, EP9 "Flying High! Harmony Pegasus!"Tango decides to take the Victories on a training journey to battle more powerful Bladers; while Dante meets with the mysterious Pheng Hope, Delta challenges the artistic Blindt DeVoy.
S4, EP8 "Dante vs Delta!"Dante and Delta are finally going head-to-head. Dante's excited to battle his friend, but Delta is disappointed by Dante's performance.
S4, EP7 "Bey Carnival! Epic Final!"The final match of the Bey Carnival arrives; Dante needs to make his launch much more powerful in order to beat elite athlete Lodin Haijima.
S4, EP6 "The Final Hand!"In the Bey Carnival semifinals, Dante clashes with Joe while Fumiya goes up against Lodin; the battles have never been wilder and the stakes have never been higher.
S4, EP5 "All-In! Judgement Joker!"As the Bey Carnival heats up, Arman and Ashindra take the stage against Joe Lazure and Joker.
S4, EP4 "Inspiration! Challenging Valt!"Valt Aoi visits Dante for a friendly battle before opening the Bey Carnival; the Victories need to get the hang of the Hyper Stadium if they hope to win.
S4, EP3 "Dragon vs. Fafnir!"In an attempt to humiliate the Victories, Fumiya challenges Dante to a battle that will be broadcast around the country.
S4, EP2 "Abracadabra! Wizard Fafnir!"Dante stumbles upon a high-tech gym run by the Spark Wings; one battle is all it takes to show why this club and their leader, Fumiya Kindo, are the Victories' biggest rivals.
S3, EP51 "Bonding! Aiger vs Valt!"Aiger reflects on his journey and the two constants that have been with him since the start: his bond with Achilles and his rivalry with Valt.
S3, EP50 "Aiger's Turbo Resonance!"Despite a string of Ring Out and Survivor Finishes, the score is still stuck at 0-0; In this final encounter Aiger resolves to show Phi the true meaning of the bond between Blader and Bey.
S3, EP49 "Aiger vs Phi!"Ahead of their showdown, Aiger fears that Phi may once again succeed in destroying Achilles; when it's declared that the match will be decided by Burnt Finish only, it looks like Aiger's plans for a defense-based strategy might prove useless.
S3, EP48 "Blading Together! Turbo Awakening!"Aiger trains for his impending battle against Phi, Shu arrives with a re-forged Spryzen; Toko unites the Bey Club and the Wild Bey Gang to try and find Phi's weakness; Aiger's going to need everyone's help to hone his skills for this showdown.
S3, EP47 "Spirit of Flame vs Lord of Destruction!"It's Phi vs Shu; After witnessing Geist Fafnir's destruction, Shu believes it's his duty to stop Phi once and for all; Not one to go in without a plan, Shu focuses on ending the match quickly before Dread Phoenix can use its ultimate weapon.
S3, EP46 "Take Flight! Aerial Showdown!"Aiger is determined to battle Valt, but he must prove himself against the wind maven Kit Lopez.
S3, EP45 "Turbo Training! Survival on the Savanna!"Aiger meets Laban Vanot in Africa; Valt and Kit face off in the next title match.
S3, EP44 "Turbo Training! Xavier's Kingdom!"Xavier offers Aiger some training to help him overcome his self-doubt.
S3, EP43 "Battle Royale! Beyblade Heroes!"When Principal Shinoda adds a new stadium, Toko proves that he's more than just Valt's little brother, which makes Aiger begin to question his own progress.
S3, EP42 "Hyde vs Phi!"Phi challenges Hyde to a battle, intent on taking back what's his.
S3, EP41 "Master of the Wind! Air Knight!"Achilles finally enters the Turbo Awakened state against Hyde and Hades; if he wants to stand a chance against the Master of Wind, Kit Lopez, he'll have to deepen his bond with Achilles.
S3, EP40 "Aiger's Rematch! Unbreakable Bond!"Valt's friend Kit Lopez arrives in town; Kit helps Aiger come up with a plan to take down Hyde.
S3, EP39 "Rebirth! Turbo Achilles!"Shu returns home after hitting rock bottom; Aiger refuses to give up.
S3, EP38 "Turbo Clash! Showdown at the Dark Citadel!"Valt clashes with Hyde in a Dread Tower showdown; Aiger and Phi face off.
S3, EP37 "The Darkness Within!"Aiger gets his rematch; Valt challenges Hyde.
S3, EP36 "Spirit of Flame! Turbo Spyrzen!"Fubuki and Shu Kurenai show up at the Dread Tower, and Shu is determined to show Aiger where true strength comes from.
S3, EP35 "Secret of the Fused Bey!"Aiger is challenged to a friendly match by Count Nightfell, and he is sure he'll win.
S3, EP34 "Trapped in the Dread Tower!"As they make their way through the Dread Tower, Aiger and Ranjiro find themselves in a sticky situation when they face off against the enigmatic Dr. Evel.
S3, EP33 "Dread Tower! The Dark Citadel!"Aiger and Ranjiro arrive at the Dread Tower, but with Hyde calling the shots, nothing is as it seems; with the grand entrance of notorious Bey-burglar, Count Nightfell, things are about to get even more unpredictable.
S3, EP32 "Rebirth! Turbo Valtryek!"Aiger's frustration is growing and Hyde's press conference only makes things worse; Kyle appears to take his shot against the famous Free De La Hoya.
S3, EP31 "Road to Glory!"Xavier introduces Aiger to Xander Shakadera, to prepare him for the title match.
S3, EP30 "The Battleship Cruise! Final Voyage!"With the departure of Xavier, just four Bladers remain in the competition; Aiger struggles to harness the power of Achilles.
S3, EP29 "Super Dragon! Geist Fafnir!"Naru has an encounter with her dad's former mentor; Aiger challenges Free De La Hoya to a battle.
S3, EP27 "Aiger Goes Wild!"As Hyde's predicted victory looms closer, it looks like Aiger might lose his title as quickly as he won it; after the match, training with the Bey Club devolves into a one-sided burst-fest.
S3, EP26 "Dark Prince! Dread Hades!"After defeating Valt, Aiger faces another important opponent.
S3, EP25 "Valt vs. Aiger!"Aiger and Valt Aoi face off for the World Championship title.
S3, EP24 "Achilles vs Xcalius!"Aiger, Xavier and Laban wind up stranded on a deserted island; with the competition spiraling out of control, more Bladers are sent home.
S3, EP24 "Operation: Protect the Bey Stars!"Fubuki and Suoh battle each other for survival after months of training.
S3, EP23 "Three-Way Stand-Off!"Ranjiro, Suoh, and Hae-jin risk it all to stay in the competition; Kyle loses more than a battle.
S3, EP22 "Cooperation! Tag-Team Battle!"The Bladers get a chance at redemption with a tag-team battle.
S3, EP21 "Explosive Flames! Revive Phoenix!"Aiger winds up in the Raging Bulls gym; the ninjas get a taste of Phi's power as a new Blader arrives.
S3, EP20 "Super Rumble! Beyathlon!"The masked Blader joins the crew; Xavier takes his rivalry with Aiger to the next level; Phi continues to reveal Phoenix's powers.
S3, EP19 "Ghost Ship! Adventure on the High Seas!"The Bladers investigate an abandoned ship, while a mysterious figure watches their every move.
S3, EP18 "Sword of the Legendary Hero!"An apprentice of Xander Shakadera joins the fray who's willing to take on anyone standing in his way.
S3, EP17 "God of Destruction! Dead Phoenix!"Phi makes his phoenix bind with hades and gets his new bey Dead Phoenix; he claims to be the god of destruction.
S3, EP16 "Epic Voyage! Battleship Cruise!"Aiger must battle Valt Aoi on board a battleship with just two Turbo 4 members.
S3, EP15 "Duel at Sunset!"Aiger faces a challenge from the leader of the notorious Wild Bey Gang, Ranjiro Kiyama.
S3, EP14 "Time to Go Turbo!"Valt prepares to take on Valtryek and meets Aiger Akabane, a natural talent.
S3, EP13 "Trial by Fire! Defeat Lui!"Aiger suffers a major setback during his battle with Lui.
S3, EP12 "Raging Dragon! Brutal Lúinor!"Before training with Cap'n and Hae-jin, Aiger must deal with a fortuneteller.
S3, EP10 "Bull's-eye! Archer Hercules!"While Aiger is excited to face off against his friend, Hae-jin is torn between Blading and archery; Fubuki extends an olive branch to Suoh.
S3, EP9 "Battle of Betrayal!"The semifinal matchups are announced, with Fubuki taking on an old friend and Aiger facing a new one.
S3, EP8 "Achilles vs. Roktavor!"Before their quarterfinal battle, Hae-jin takes Aiger and Can'n to a secret training spot.
S3, EP7 "Swirling Inferno!"Toko draws Suoh in his first battle; Aiger meets a new competitor.
S3, EP6 "Winter Knight! Battle Royale!"Lui challenges Aiger, Cap'n and Fubuki to a one-on-three battle before the Lúinor Cup even begins.
S3, EP6 "Transformation! Heat Salamander!"Suoh turns to a family heirloom to create his own turbo bey.
S3, EP5 "Curtains Rise! The Lúinor Cup!"Aiger decides to step up his training after his loss, just in time for the Lúinor Cup qualifier.
S3, EP5 "Turbo Match! Valtryek vs Lúinor!"Lui arrives in Japan to challenge Valt to a title match.
S3, EP4 "Land it! Z Breaker!"Valt and Kurt Baratier battle and as word spreads about Aiger's strength, he gets another shot at Fubuki.
S3, EP1 "Achilles vs Forneus!"Determined to grow stronger, Aiger transfers to Beigoma Academy and sets his sights on battling Fubuki Sumiye.
S2, EP51 "A Champion Is Crowned"Valt faces off against a changed Shu with the world title and their friendship on the line.
S2, EP50 "Breaking Point! Bursting Through"Valt faces his teammate Free.
S2, EP49 "The Fierce Four!"Four Bladers compete in the semifinals of the International Bladers Cup.
S2, EP48 "Teamwork! To the Semi-Finals!"Valt needs Cuza to beat Kurt in order to stay in the competition.
S2, EP47 "Full Force! Charging Up!"The match between Free and Lui heats up; Valt must master Valtryek's new gear.
S2, EP46 "No Limits! Free vs. Lui!"Kris tells Valt a secret; Free pushes himself in an attempt to defeat Lui.
S2, EP45 "Spryzen the Destroyer!"The winners are separated from the losers in the fourth round; Valt finally gets to battle Shu.
S2, EP44 "Epic Evolution! Strike Valtryek!"Valt tackles the Snake Pit's Norman Tarver.
S2, EP43 "White Hot Rivals"Shu shows off the power of Spryzen Requiem in a battle against Kurt and Boom Khalzar.
S2, EP42 "BC Sol Scorcher!"Silas and Xander meet in the stadium; Valtryek approaches a new level of evolution.
S2, EP41 "Colossus Hammer! Twin Nocternis!"Shu and Boa settle the score; Cuza faces a new threat in Norman Tarver and Twin Noctemis.
S2, EP40 "Bow Down! Boom Khalzar!"The International Bladers' Cup officially opens and Valt prepares to take on the emperor Kurt Baratier.
S2, EP39 "Emperor of the Underground"After arriving in America, Valt discovers an underground Blading ring ruled by a former world champion.
S2, EP38 "Requiem Project!; Spryzen Unleashed!"An old friend returns to BC Sol, causing some deep-rooted tensions to bubble up.
S2, EP37 "Challenge of Champions!"The BC Sol crew finds out about a tournament that will decide the best blader in the world.
S2, EP36 "Lúinor vs. Spryzen!"Red Eye and Lui's duel leads to an unexpected revelation.
S2, EP35 "To the Podium"Silas and Joshua go head-to-head in the final match to decide the champions of the World League.
S2, EP34 "Full Power! Spring Attack!"Free and Silas face off as the World League continues.
S2, EP33 "The World League Final"BC Sol and the Raging Bulls battle for the title of World League Champions; a familiar face from the Snake Pit makes an appearance.
S2, EP32 "Unrivaled Triple Saber"Daigo faces Joshua Burns; Valt and Xander's battle heats up.
S2, EP31 "Big 5! Breaking Through!"BC Sol and AS Gallus each find themselves in need of a comeback in the semi-finals.
S2, EP30 "Collision Course! To The Finals"The semi-finals of the World League begin.
S2, EP29 "The Fortress! Shelter Regulus!"BC Sol must battle for redemption after accidentally ruining Bey Carnival.
S2, EP28 "Vampire! Deep Caynox!"Cuza's past catches up with him during a trip to France.
S2, EP27 "Worlds Collide! Home Turf!"The gang reunites in Japan for a showdown between Sunbat United and SB Rios.
S2, EP26 "Genesis Reboot"Valt struggles with a new technique ahead of BC Sol's rematch against the Royals.
S2, EP25 "Showdown! Surge Xcalius!"Valt receives a letter from Xander detailing his adventures in Brazil.
S2, EP24 "World League! Setting the Stage!"Joshua joins a new team to get closer to his idol.
S2, EP23 "Infinity Stadium! Raul's Challenge!"BC Sol is in need of a new Bey trainer, and Valt and Kit know just the guy for the job.
S2, EP22 "Blast Jinnius! Caller of Storms!"Filming for Joshua's movie continues; everyone wants a chance to battle the Big Five.
S2, EP21 "Joshua vs. the Space Ninjas!"Top Blader and Hollywood star Joshua Burns invites BC Sol to appear in his latest action film.
S2, EP20 "New Teammates! New Rivals!"A surprise Blader transfers to BC Sol; Stan feels overlooked.
S2, EP19 "Secret Fire! Red Eye!"Wakiya faces his biggest fear; Red Eye makes good on his promise.
S2, EP18 "The Underground Maze"Daigo, Cuza, and Valt go head-to-head with their copycats in the Snake Pit.
S2, EP17 "Shadow Magic!; The Snake Pit!"Valt, Rantaro, Wakiya, Daigo, and Cuza discover a secretive underground training facility and a newly-evolved Spryzen; hot on Shu's trail, they'll have to challenge a group of masked Bladers.
S2, EP16 "The Search For Shu"The gang follows Shu to Mexico.
S2, EP15 "Ghasem! The Airborne Blader!"The threat of Ghasem and Garuda; Valt finds Valtryek's hidden power.
S2, EP14 "Attack! Maximus Garuda!"BC Sol's next opponent reveals a secret weapon.
S2, EP13 "Twin Scythes! Double Strike!"BC Sol must beat AS Gallus or be eliminated.
S2, EP12 "The Return of Doomscizor!"Valt and Rantaro catch up with their old friend Daigo; a sneak peek of Doomscizor's new moves; when their intentions are misinterpreted by their teammates, they find themselves on thin ice with BC Sol's management.
S2, EP11 "BC Sol! A Team Divided!"In a dramatic shake up, Valt and Rantaro are promoted to BC Sol's first string; without one of their key members, the team goes on a horrible losing streak.
S2, EP10 "Free To Launch"While Valt and Rantaro celebrate their rising world rankings, tension within the ranks begins to brew; envy from Silas and the club's veteran Bladers bubbles to the surface; A teammate's sudden departure threatens to push things over the edge.
S2, EP9 "Alter Cognite! The Shape Shifter!"An old friend tunes into the faceoff between BC Sol and Top Wand; Valt gets a second chance to challenge a new foe; behind the scenes, a bold offer is put on the table that risks changing BC Sol forever.
S2, EP8 "Season Opener! European League!"The European League has officially begun; Valt makes a new pal who can keep up with his high energy and goofy antics; when their teams are pitted against each other, he soon discovers how quickly a friendship can turn into an intense rivalry.
S2, EP7 "Journey to the Top"After a teammate's sudden departure, Valt finds himself in the middle of tensions between new and old BC Sol members; Kris and Trad hold tryouts to decide which Bladers will make it on the first string; Rantaro discovers a new launch strategy.
S2, EP6 "Squad Shake Up!"Honcho gets a second chance to take down a rival; veteran BC Sol Bladers start to feel the squeeze.
S2, EP5 "Surprise Attack! Kinetic Satomb!"BC Sol and Sunbat United lock horns in a friendly match, but the action is anything but friendly.
S2, EP4 "Whirlwind! Tempest Wyvron!"Thousands of miles away from home, Valt and Rantaro get the chance to face a familiar face.
S2, EP3 "Drain Fafnir! Winding Up!"With a match against Sunbat United coming up, BC Sol hosts internal tryouts to select their squad.
S2, EP2 "Fighting Spirit! Berserk Roktavor!"After missing his first day at BC Sol, Valt must beat the competition to earn his spot on the team.
S2, EP1 "Fresh Start! Valtrek's Evolution!"After being scouted by the world-renowned Beyblade team BC Sol, Valt Aoi arrives in Spain.
S1, EP51 "Final Showdown! Victory Valtryek!"The best Blader in the country will finally be decided.
S1, EP50 "Overthrowing the King!"At long last, the battle to determine the winner of the National Individual Tournament begins.
S1, EP49 "Old Rivals! Lui Versus Shu!"Shu seeks to avenge last tournament's loss to Lui and honor his promise to meet Valt in the final.
S1, EP48 "Semi-Finals!; Spin Versus Speed!"Valt and Zac battle to decide who will move onto the final.
S1, EP47 "Star Battle!"Zac battles to maintain his title against an upstart pop star who looks to topple him.
S1, EP46 "Battle for the Top! Valt vs Xander!"Valt must do something he has never done before - win against Xander.
S1, EP45 "Spryzen vs. Wyvron"Wakiya finally gets his shot at redemption when he is pitted against Shu.
S1, EP44 "Roar! Battle of the Beasts!"Two beasts face each other in the second round; Gabe takes on Zac the Sunshine.
S1, EP43 "Winged Launch!"Zac has competition for the love of his fans; Valt has a rematch with Quon.
S1, EP42 "Jumbo Jormuntor! The Venomous Snake!"Shu faces an opponent rumored to be underhanded.
S1, EP41 "Nepstrius' Trap!"Valt competes against mad scientist Naoki in the first round of individual competition.
S1, EP40 "All in! Going Solo!"A strange scientist offers to measure Valt's launching technique before the National Individual Tournament begins.
S1, EP39 "Into the Vortex! Lost Spiral"The showdown between Valt and Lui continues; one team emerges victorious.
S1, EP38 "Battle to the Finish! Lost Luinor"The Beigoma Beyclub and Rideout collide at the National Team Finals.
S1, EP37 "Next Stop, Team Finals!"The team picks an unusual way to train.
S1, EP36 "Rideout Rising!"Zac and Gabe battle; the Beigoma Academy Bey Club is the subject of a video documentary; Valt makes a rival.
S1, EP35 "Primal Attack! Beast Betromoth!"The Beigoma Academy Bey Club comes up with a strategy to take down the Beasts; Valtryek gives Valt a boost.
S1, EP34 "The Beasts Bare Their Fangs!"Valt and Ken practice together and discover a new power in Valtryek.
S1, EP33 "Mega Flames! Dual Sabers!"The Club faces the Sword Flames in the second round; Wakiya challenges Valt's leadership.
S1, EP32 "Cyclone Power!"Zac invites the Beigoma team to a theme park where they meet the most powerful Blader in the country.
S1, EP31 "Teachings of a Legend!"After losing his battle to Quon Limon, a discouraged Valt tries to reconnect with Valtryek.
S1, EP30 "The Winged Snake!; Quetziko!"Beigoma Club battles against Ice Blaze in the first round of the Nationals.
S1, EP29 "Eye on the Prize!"Valt is chosen to be in the opening ceremony of the National Tournament; Valtryk's gone missing.
S1, EP28 "Mountains! Rivers! A Huge Stormy Adventure!"While the team trains at Wakiya's cabin, Toko and Nika become lost.
S1, EP27 "Training Camp! The Biting Stadium!"With Wakiya joining the Beyclub, the team travels to his cabin for a training retreat.
S1, EP26 "Let's Do This Thing!"A guilty Daigo makes amends; Valt must find a way to beat Orochi in the A-block finals if he is to score an invitation to Nationals.
S1, EP26 "Prince vs Prince! Darkness and Light!"Whichever blader wins next, wins it all; exploring if Bel and the High Prince will settle their rivalry once and for all.
S1, EP25 "Ultimate Collision! Devastation and Ring of Light!"As the winner of the first round of the tri-Blader showdown, Bel Daizora gets to pick his next opponent; just one more win and the Dark Prince will be crowned champion.
S1, EP25 "The Mysterious Masked Blader!"The ever outrageous Zac the Sunrise, disguised as the Masked Blader, gets to know Toko and Nika; Zac challenges Wakiya to a battle; Rantaro delivers terrible news to Valt.
S1, EP24 "Full Strength, for Real!"A poorly-disguised Blader starts making an appearance in the Beyblading world; Rantaro and Hoji find themselves in the same practice space.
S1, EP24 "Disturbing Disturbance! Phantom's Gate!"Phelix and the High Prince have changed; just as tensions are ready to burst, Valt and Wakiya organize a tri-Blader tournament where all scores can be settled.
S1, EP23 "Aurora Bound! Chasing the Phoenix!"The chase is on as the Phantom.
S1, EP23 "Lonely Doomscizor!"The pressure of the tournament is making Daigo nervous about his upcoming match against Yugo; Rantaro and Hoji find out that they'll have to take on their close friends next.
S1, EP22 "Valtryek Awakens!"The Beigoma team is given a second chance to enter the National Tournament; Valt faces Ukio in his first match and manages to pull off something extraordinary.
S1, EP22 "Scarlet Flurry! Prominence Shaker!"Rashad watches Phelix and Phoenix take on foe after foe; Phelix meets the Dark Prince; having witnessed Phelix's power in the past, Bel hopes for it to give him an edge.
S1, EP21 "A Battle of Friendship!"Just before a match, Ken is rattled by Xander and his powerful new technique; Valt's must face Xander in a three-point match.
S1, EP21 "Rekindled Flames! Prominence Phoenix!"Payne challenges Ilya and Bashara to a 2-on-1 match; Phelix's true target is the High Prince, he's taking down Rashad's allies and rivals.
S1, EP20 "Reckless Panic! Bag of Tricks!"After losing a match to Valt, Bel succeeds in improving his launch power; this newfound ability enables the unveiling of a new blading club set to be captained by an old rival.
S1, EP20 "Bring It Together! Chain Launch!"Ken takes on the Sword Flames and with new found determination and his friends behind him, Ken appears more powerful than ever before.
S1, EP19 "Roktavor vs Unicrest!"Rantaro takes on Ukio in the team battle; Ken has something important to reveal.
S1, EP19 "Regnar's Wrath! Glory Pendulum!"Valt may be winning against Rashad, but it looks like Valtryek is damaged from a previous match; battling with Bey could lead to defeat.
S1, EP18 "Disbanded! The Dark Prince Goes Rogue?!"Bel and Valt both want a shot at Rashad, but Rashad has challenged Valt directly; with the showdown against the High Prince approaching, the team must make its choice.
S1, EP18 "Team Battle! It's Off the Hook!"A hidden member of Xander's team steps out of the shadows.
S1, EP17 "Reversal! Reversal! Great Counterattack!"Bel wants to go head-to-head with Rashad, but he's facing a team battle; if he, Valt and Ranzo aim to succeed, Bel must put aside his desire to defeat Rashad himself.
S1, EP17 "Extreme Xcalius!"Xander shows off his skills with Xcalius; the team tries to keep up with his intense training regimen.
S1, EP16 "A Group Lesson! Shakadera Special!"On a trip to Xander's village, the gang finds it to be full of ninja traps and interesting characters.
S1, EP16 "Ring of Light! Glory Regnar!"Rashad's ascension to High Prince begins with an intense battle against Valt; inspired by the battle, the Dark Prince challenges Rashad himself.
S1, EP15 "The Dark Prince Returns! Devastate Belfyre!"After a crushing defeat and a shattered Belfyre, Bel shuts himself away in Phantom's Gate and locks the door behind him; while the Dark Prince hides in solitude, Bashara, Ilya, and Rashad climb the ranks of the Blading world.
S1, EP15 "Fierce Fight! Valkyrie vs. Spriggan!"The District Tournament Final heats up, pitting Valt's fierce Flash Launch against Shu's new Upper Launch.
S1, EP14 "The Promised Battle!"Valt is stuck between following through with a promise and protecting his friend and he has to make a tough decision.
S1, EP14 "MVP! Great Aerial Tour's Landing!"The Great Aerial Tour is coming to an end with a final twist from Wakiya.
S1, EP13 "Shu's Test!"Orochi starts to lose his cool in the battle against Shu; Valt gears up for the district tournament final but soon discovers just how severe Shu's injury is.
S1, EP13 "Knight of Dragons! Guilty Lúinor!"Having scored a point against the Lui Shirosagi, Ilya's feeling pretty confident; Bel's completion of the L-Gear has him believing Belfyre can beat anything and anyone; but Lui might have something to say about that.
S1, EP12 "Dark Prince One Day! Minion the Next!"Bel and Ilya sneak away to have an unsanctioned battle with unusual terms; after getting intel on Lui's evolved Lúinor, Bel is inspired to work on an enhancement for Belfyre.
S1, EP12 "Shield Crash Menace!"Valt's battle against Wakiya continues; Shu takes on Orochi Ginba.
S1, EP11 "Spryzen's Despair!"Valt finds out about Shu's predicament as the semi-finals are about to begin.
S1, EP11 "The Dark Prince Strikes! Bel vs. Free!"The rules may say that Rashad's going up against Free, but Bel doesn't listen to rules; Desperate to prove the strength of Belfyre's S-Gear upgrades, Bel swoops in and challenges the Blading legend.
S1, EP10 "Get Over It! Trust in Valtryek!"After a humiliating battle against Wakiya, Valt becomes obsessed with winning.
S1, EP10 "Novas Collide! Bel vs. Rashad!"The Great Aerial Tour moves to its second destination, but only one Blader will battle this legend; a mystery challenger hopes to test the mettle of the Dark Prince.
S1, EP9 "Lift Off! The Great Aerial Tour!"Seeing something special in the new generation of Bladers, Valt has prepared the Great Aerial Tour; with the help of Wakiya, they will journey across the world and battle some of the greatest Bladers ever.
S1, EP9 "Wyvron in the Way!"The gang meets a musical Blader; Wakiya lures Valt to his mansion for an unofficial battle.
S1, EP8 "Dragon's Howl! Roar Balkesh!"Bashara challenges Bel to a battle and his newfound courage takes the group by surprise; Rashad and Valt also go head-to-head.
S1, EP8 "A Powerful Opponent! Hyper Horusood!"Valt and Hoji battle at the District Tournament; Hoji adds a new powerful twist to his launching technique; Wakiya shows off his skills in a match against Haruto.
S1, EP7 "Flipping the Script! Belfyre vs Fafnir!"Bel comes up with a new tactic against Free; it will take everything Bel's got if he wants to come out on top; watching the showdown makes Bashara doubt he'll ever be strong enough to defeat the Dark Prince.
S1, EP7 "The Flash Launch! It's Crazy Fast!"Valt is frustrated because he's unable to repeat his new launching technique; Wakiya demands that Hoji throw his upcoming match against Valt.
S1, EP6 "Get Ready! Crash Course"Valt's mom finds creative ways to help him train for his upcoming battles; Valt has to confront the Rush Launch's greatest vulnerability.
S1, EP6 "The Other Valtryek!"Bel's unruly antics cost him some training privileges at El Astro; with another battle around the corner, he has to find a way to help Belfyre unleash its true strength.
S1, EP5 "To the Skies! World Domination!"Bel drags others to BC Sol and Free De La Hoya to battle the strongest Bladers; Bel will need all the help he can get.
S1, EP5 "Into the Darkness! Dark Doomscizor!"Daigo pretends to be a fan of Valt and challenges him to a match; Valt vows to improve his Rush Launch.
S1, EP4 "Theater of the Abyss! Bel vs Valt!"Ranzo will only leave Phantom's Gate once he has defeated Bel; Valt Aoi arrives at the Theater of the Abyss to challenge the Dark Prince; Bel is in for a battle he'll never forget.
S1, EP4 "Beyblade Club: Let's Get Started!"Valt is excited to start a Beyblade club at school, naming himself club captain; his first challenge is to convince others to join.
S1, EP3 "Blast Off! Rush Launch!"Valt and his friends make their way through the first rounds of the District Tournament.
S1, EP3 "Mode Change! High & Low!"Bel challenges Ranzo to anything: eating, dishwashing or whatever they're doing; Ranzo swears he won't go home until he defeats Bel, and at this rate, he might never leave.
S1, EP2 "Kerbeus: Guard Dog of the Underworld!"Valt's recent win leaves him feeling invincible, but Shu warns him that greatness takes tons of discipline and training. An unofficial rematch with Rantaro forces Valt to consider Shu's advice.
S1, EP2 "Graveyard of Beys! Phantom's Gate!"Bashara is determined to battle the Dark Prince again, but Ranzo Kiyama arrives with a similar goal in mind; Bashara and Ranzo team up and challenge the Dark Prince.
S1, EP1 "Let's Go! Valtryek!"Valt Aoi and his friends seek out more and more intense Beyblade battles every chance they get. Their principal scolds them when they make a mess in the gym at school, but their dedication and drive catches his eye.
S1, EP1 "The Dark Prince! And Destruction Belfyre!"Valt Aoi and other Blading legends rise to the challenge to battle the Dark Prince, and the wielder of the incredible Quad Bey Destruction Belfyre.
Elementary-school student Valt Aoi is crazy about Beyblade and is best friends with Shu Kurenai, who is a prodigy at the game and has been named to the national Beyblade tournament's final four. Inspired by his friend's accomplishment, Valt makes it his goal to reach the tournament himself. The first step on the road to the big leagues is to win his district tournament, which includes some tough opponents. As he makes his way up the ladder, Valt reaches new heights and extends his circle of friends, eventually -- unknowingly -- dreaming of becoming the best Blader in the world.
Original Air Date: Apr 4, 2016
Genres: ActionTV Series
Rating: TVY7
Playback: HD
6 seasons available on demand (252 episodes)
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