The Deadly Phantom Coup

S1, EP10 "The Deadly Phantom Coup"

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The CIA uses covert radio broadcasts and a guerrilla invasion to overthrow the president of Guatemala in 1954.

Original Air Date: Mar 21, 2014 • American Heroes Channel • 45m
Castro and the Cold Cream

S1, EP9 "Castro and the Cold Cream"

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The CIA recruits a former lover of Fidel Castro for a mission to assassinate the Cuban dictator in 1959.

Original Air Date: Feb 27, 2014 • American Heroes Channel • 45m
Killing the Bombers

S1, EP8 "Killing the Bombers"

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The CIA hunts al-Qaida members believed to have been responsible for the 2000 suicide attack on the USS Cole in the seaport city of Aden in Yemen.

Original Air Date: Mar 13, 2014 • American Heroes Channel • 45m
Argo: The Secret Story

S1, EP7 "Argo: The Secret Story"

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CIA agent Tony Mendez helps extricate six American diplomats from Iran in a January 1980 covert operation that inspired the award-winning film "Argo."

Original Air Date: Feb 06, 2014 • American Heroes Channel • 45m
Operation Celestial Balance

S1, EP6 "Operation Celestial Balance"

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The CIA attempts to locate and eliminate a wanted terrorist suspected of being involved in the 1998 bombing of the U.S. Embassy in Nairobi, Kenya.

Original Air Date: Apr 08, 2014 • American Heroes Channel • 45m
The Beirut Bomb

S1, EP5 "The Beirut Bomb"

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CIA Director William Casey allegedly sanctions a 1985 covert assassination attempt on Mohammad Fadlallah, who was believed to be leader of Islamic militant group Hezbollah.

Original Air Date: Apr 01, 2014 • American Heroes Channel • 45m
The Hunt for Che Guevara

S1, EP4 "The Hunt for Che Guevara"

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CIA agent Felix Rodriguez is sent to Bolivia to capture Marxist revolutionary and guerrilla leader Che Guevara.

Original Air Date: Mar 25, 2014 • American Heroes Channel • 45m
The Real Zero Dark Thirty

S1, EP3 "The Real Zero Dark Thirty"

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Parties involved in the 15-year manhunt for Osama bin Laden share testimony on their pursuit of the terrorist.

Original Air Date: Feb 13, 2014 • American Heroes Channel • 45m
Fortress of War

S1, EP2 "Fortress of War"

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Two CIA operatives on the trail of Osama bin Laden put down a Taliban uprising in an Afghan fortress.

Original Air Date: Mar 11, 2014 • American Heroes Channel • 36m
Killing Mad Dog Gaddafi

S1, EP1 "Killing Mad Dog Gaddafi"

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The CIA works for decades to orchestrate a Libyan revolt that would remove dictator Muammar Gaddafi from power.

Original Air Date: Mar 04, 2014 • American Heroes Channel • 45m