Closing Arguments
S3, EP19 "Closing Arguments"
Callie questions her choices; Mariana interviews for a new job; Malika considers an offer away from DPN; Gael is forced to put his priorities into perspective; Alice must make a tough decision.
Original Air Date: Sep 08, 2021 • Freeform • 62m
S3, EP18 "Blindside"
Callie and Gael struggle to make time for each other; Mariana tries to redeem herself with the Fight Club Girls; Malika realizes there are other ways to help people facing incarceration injustices.
Original Air Date: Sep 01, 2021 • Freeform • 42m
S3, EP17 "Anticipation"
Callie receives an anonymous tip during the trial; Mariana lands a big client at work; Malika explores new feelings toward a co-worker; Davia's physique has her slipping back into old habits, and Gael introduces Isabella to his family.
Original Air Date: Aug 25, 2021 • Freeform • 42m
Opening Statements
S3, EP16 "Opening Statements"
As Tommy's trial begins, Callie sees Jamie in a new light; after running into some old colleagues, Mariana wonders if she can ever make amends; Malika learns to establish boundaries, meanwhile Alice and Ruby's relationship is revealed.
Original Air Date: Aug 18, 2021 • Freeform • 42m
Lunar New Year
S3, EP15 "Lunar New Year"
Alice hosts a Lunar New Year celebration at the Coterie; Callie and Gael address their communication issues; Malika and Tanya forge a new relationship; Davia struggles with her feelings for Matt and Dennis.
Original Air Date: Aug 11, 2021 • Freeform • 42m
Picks and Strikes
S3, EP14 "Picks and Strikes"
Callie and Mariana team up to find the right candidates for Tommy's trial; Dennis ventures into a new business; Gael and Isabella realize co-parenting is not as easy as they thought it would be; Alice decides to take the reins.
Original Air Date: Aug 04, 2021 • Freeform • 42m
Making a Metamour
S3, EP13 "Making a Metamour"
Callie and Mariana work together to figure out what really happened the night of Zack's death; Malika pumps the brakes on her relationship with Dyonte; Gael learns that his relationship with Yuri is not what it seems.
Original Air Date: Jul 28, 2021 • Freeform • 42m
S3, EP12 "Shame"
Callie wonders if allowing Mariana to work for Kathleen was the right decision; Gael reveals some big news to everyone; Malika opens up about Isaac; Alice and the CBTV comedians are surprised by a familiar face.
Original Air Date: Jul 21, 2021 • Freeform • 42m
Knocked Down
S3, EP11 "Knocked Down"
Callie and Gael decide to give their relationship a shot; Malika is blindsided by Isaac's news; Alice returns to the comedy program thanks to help from an unexpected source; Dennis' return has Davia questioning everything.
Original Air Date: Jul 14, 2021 • Freeform • 44m
S3, EP1 "Capoeira"
With Jerod's case on the line, Callie takes a job with a high-profile defense lawyer; after sleeping with Evan, Mariana has to make a decision regarding her relationship with Raj.
Original Air Date: Feb 17, 2021 • Freeform • 42m